tagBDSMFirst Master Ch. 01

First Master Ch. 01


As she lays there in the hospital bed, she is aware of the pain in her entire body. She can't understand why it didn't hurt last night when the Toyota slammed into her driver side door, totaling her little Honda Civic. If the airbags hadn't gone off, she would probably be dead right now.

Feeling parched, she opens her eyes and tries to roll over to get some of the water on the bed stand beside her. It wasn't until then that she learned just how many muscles she had in her back and arms while she tried to reach for that water cup. Groaning a little, she hears a snicker coming from the other side of the bed. Worn out and fatigued, she tries to roll the other way, biting back the pain as she tries to see who is there.

Seeing him in her hospital room, she wonders if he has more feelings for her then he admitted online. They met in chat 2 years before, and continued talking off and on in the same room, day after day. He picked, she laughed, but never did they talk of meeting. When the chat room decided it would be interesting to get together for a BDSM play party, they both ended up being there. They met, shook hands, and again, he picked on her. Perhaps it was because she never lived the life of a sub, and he was a sadist, perhaps he just didn't like her.

When he speaks, the only part of her that isn't injured, he maims. "What the fuck, you just proved that women shouldn't be allowed to drive. You don't only get yourself a few days off from work, but fuck up two perfectly good cars too. Next time you want a vacation, just ask your boss for one."

Not sure if she can take any more, she gingerly reaches for the nurses call button and presses it. Waiting for the nurse to come in, she fights off the tears that so badly want to creep down her face. When the nurse comes in, she whispers in a gruff voice, "Please," and she pauses, "I don't want any visitors." She pauses again and tries to swallow. "Please make him leave."

The nurse turns to Ricky, and nods to the door, "I'm sorry sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave, my patient needs her rest." Then turning to Anna, she checks her blood pressure. A slight look of concern creases her brow as she jots down the numbers. "Miss Jasper, you need to make sure and relax. If you need anything, just push the call button and we will help you, it's important that you do not get up without assistance, your blood pressure is low, and will keep dropping if you don't rest, do you understand?"

Anna nods her head and winces when pain shoots down her neck and back. Sinking into the pillow she closes her eyes again, and begs for sleep to come, the sleep that she doesn't wake from.


As Ricky leaves the hospital he thinks to himself, "I was only trying to make her laugh, why does she have to take everything so personal?" He thinks about her moist eyes as he gets into his car to drive away. He thinks about how lonely she must be here, and that she looked like she wanted to cry. It took everything in him not to try and cuddle her up and protect her from the outside would, to tell her that he wouldn't let anything happen to her. "She actually believes I'm that cruel," he says to himself as he pulls out of the parking lot.

He gets hard thinking about what she would look like with the tears running down her face while slowly sliding a razor down her breast as her hands are cuffed above her head, and her toes barely balancing on small wooden blocks. Shaking the thought out of his mind, he drives back to his house and decides to come back in a day or two.


After three days of tossing and turning in bed, trying to get comfortable and sleep off the pain, Anna wakes up and notices Ricky sitting in front of her. "Hello Anna, you're looking a bit better today, how do you feel?"

A little perturbed that he knows her first name, and she only knows him by his online name, she answers him, "Thank you Drake, I am feeling a bit better. Thank you for asking. Did you enjoy the rest of the play party? I really wanted to be there."

"Actually, you didn't miss much, if you want to go to a good event, you should go to ShibariCon in Chicago. And why don't you just call me Ricky."

Anna smiles at him, and not knowing what to say, she tries to sit up. Ricky steps up closer and slides his had behind her back, helping her to sit up. Anna tries not to blush at him touching her, but thinks herself foolish that she would blush at him helping her. Knowing she has to go to the restroom, but dreading the idea of using the bed pan with Ricky there, she slowly slides her left foot out to the floor, followed by the right. Making sure the back of her hospital gown is closed, she steps onto the floor and says, "I'll be right back."

Knowing the nurse told her not to move, she still has too much pride to pee in front of a man. Feeling light headed, and a bit shaky, she makes her way to the restroom and sits down. She thinks to herself about the stupid hospital gowns that leave the back wide open so all the world can see. When she is finished she walks to the sink and washes her face. Seeing how pale her face is, she thinks to herself just what a great impression she is leaving on a sadist. "He probably thinks I'm nothing but a big baby. Can't even walk to the bathroom without breaking out in a sweat. Oh I hope he just leaves."

Splashing a little more water on her face, she dries her hands and walks out of the bathroom. Ricky is right there to help her get back to her bed. "I know the nurse told you to stay in bed when I was here last time, and you didn't obey. Now, what kind of a punishment do you think that deserves?"

As her face begins to register what he said, a big grin comes across his face. "Well Anna, I'm not going to take advantage of you, but you said you were curious about the lifestyle. When you're ready to experience it, let me know. I think you will be a great submissive, when you find the guy you want to submit to. I have to get going, but if you like, I can come back tonight."

Anna nods her head, not really sure why, or what to say or think. Ricky raises a brow, but decides to talk with her about it later. He helps her sit down on the bed, and covers her legs with the sheets. He looks her in the eye saying, "Be well Anna, I hope your rest returns your strength to you."

Anna nods again, "Thank you for coming, be safe driving."

At that he grins, "Yes, with you not on the road, I'm sure I'll be safe enough." And at that he leaves.

Anna lays back in the bed, smiling a little and thinking to herself, "Did we just have a pleasant conversation, and he only pick at me in the end? And what did he mean 'when your ready to experience it, let me know'"? She shakes her head and thinks, "I must be crazy to even think about it?" Yet she knows she has thought about it long enough. Can she trust him, will she like it? Shaking her head she closes her eyes and tries to imagine what it would be like to actually endure the things she role played in chat. Then she wonders why none of her Masters from online had come to see her, she saw 3 of them at the play party. Shaking her head, she goes back to thinking about what it would actually be like to live her fantasies.


Another week passes and she is feeling much stronger, she asks the doctor to get her discharge papers ready. After some debate, the doctor produces her papers and she walks out of the hospital. Ricky is there to pick her up and drive her back to her hotel. He had visited her every night, watching her, and talking with her. He tried not to tease too much, waiting for her to get to know him better so that she wouldn't take it all to heart. They laughed a lot, and had some conversations about the lifestyle. He was the only one to come visit her in the hospital in the ten days she was on her back.

He found out her favorite food was Mexican, and he took her to a little restaurant near the river. He asks for a private corner and they are seated. She ordered the Chimichangas de Pollo, and he ordered the Red Snapper Fajitas. They share some nachos before their meals come, and he takes a jalapeño pepper in his fingers. "So Anna, just how curious are you about the lifestyle?"

She looks at him and the pepper wondering what he's getting at. "I'm curious. But I take my time in making decisions."

"Why not try this, rub this pepper on your nipples, and tell me if you like it."

"No way, I know it burns more then your taste buds, I used to make my own salsa until I couldn't get the burning to die down off my hands."

"Just do it, you want to know what it's like to be a submissive, submit and learn."

Feeling pulled in different directions, she doesn't know what to do. On one hand he is not her master so she doesn't need to submit to him, on the other hand he intrigues her. She takes the pepper and slides it up her shirt, rubbing it under her bra on her nipples.

At first she feels nothing, but then the burning comes and she can't do anything to stop it. She shifts in her seat and tries to cover her breasts with her arms, hoping pressure takes some of the burn away. It really starts to burn within seconds. Then the food arrives and she tries to sit perfectly still. The sizzling skillet with the peppers and snapper are placed in front of Ricky, the sound causes her to feel the burning more intensely, as she pictures her nipples burning in the same fashion. She asks the server for a glass of milk thinking she can take the burn away with it.

Ricky smiles, taking a nacho from the platter and holding it out for Anna to take it from his hand. She leans forward as he slides the nacho in her mouth. "Anna, I'm impressed, you are handling that very well. It must be very uncomfortable, but you are handling it like a true sub."

She blushes and says "Thank you." The encouragement from him keeps her from wanting to use the milk, and she finds that just that is enough to help her endure it and ease the burning.

He slides a hand up her waist, but she stops him from touching her breasts. Her nervousness surprises him, he isn't used to women who are modest. He whispers in her ear "now just imagine that you are on your knees and your hands are tied behind your back to your ankles, clamps on your nipples and a dildo in your cunt."

His words instantly excite her, she feels herself getting wet at the images in her mind. He slides away from her and starts eating his fajitas. She is amazed at his ability to just turn off. She picks up her fork and tries to eat her food, but being so uncomfortable she reaches for the milk and a napkin.

"No," he says in a firm voice, causing her to drop the napkin. She doesn't know why, but she obeys him.

After about an hour of conversation over their meal, she insists on splitting the check. Only able to eat half her plate through the discomfort, she asks to have the rest to go. He drives her back to her hotel and walks her to her door and leaves.

Anna doesn't know what to make of the day, or the last week and a half. She goes in and sits on the bed, her nipples sensitive but no longer hurting. She takes off her bra from under her shirt and barely touches her nipples, amazed at how firm they are after the evening. She plays with them a little while lying on the bed, unable to get her mind off the image he produced in the restaurant.


When Ricky leaves, he feels like he could just kick himself. He thinks to himself "I know she needs more time, but damn" he shakes his head. Feeling a little shy with her, since she is so new to BDSM, he tells himself, "just go slow with her, or you will scare her away." Getting more and more frustrated, he pounds his dashboard with his fist. Seeing her blush in his minds eye, he tortures himself by thinking about it repeatedly. "Oh and that pepper, oh how I wish I could have been the one to rub it on her nipples, then suck them, ughhhhhh!"

When he gets back to his house, an hour drive away, the first thing he does is turn on a cool shower, letting the water pound on his head, shoulders, and back. Getting out of the shower but nothing helping he walks over to the phone, but when getting ready to dial her hotel he hangs up. "We'll see each other tomorrow."

He gets on his computer and goes straight to the chat room. Needing to get out some of his frustration, he sees a perfect target. He starts ripping into one of the other Dom's in the room. When others start ripping into him, he gets the room into a huge debate. When he is nearly forgotten, he leans his head back on his chair, closing his eyes, thinking of just what he'd like to do to sweet little Anna.


Waking up from one of the loneliest nights of her life, she doesn't want to get up. She thinks about Ricky again and the jalapeño pepper. She reaches up and starts rubbing her fingers over her nipples, they are already hard. She pinches one and slides her fingers down her ribs. Annoyed with her shirt, she slips it off over her head, and lays back down rubbing her soft milky white breasts.

Her pulse starts to quicken, her chest gets tighter, she can hardly breathe seeing his face stand over her. She pinches her nipples hard, knowing that he is a sadist, and probably likes to inflict pain. Pinching harder until her nipples are nearly numb, she slides her finger down the valley between her breasts and makes her way down to her navel. Tracing around it, she slides her finger over her soft mound, after shaving last night she has only a thin line of blonde hair leading to her beloved box. She always called it her love box in chat, and even now she thinks of it as just that. Sliding her hand under her panties and lightly tracing her finger over the slit, she pulls her hand up to her throat, roughly grabbing it and dragging her hand down firmly over her breasts. With her other hand she finds the button on her clit, fingering it vigorously, she arches up, and rocks as she tries to keep her finger on the spot. Bucking into the bed she grabs her breasts again, squeezing one tight and wishing it was his hands.

She removes the thin barrier blocking her fingers from her entrance. Then rolling over onto her knees, she puts her head on the bed. She slides a finger into her box, already hot and wet, she starts thrusting and curling her finger to her g spot. Her other hand makes it up to her face, sliding a finger in her mouth, she sucks on it. Wishing she could taste his man flesh, roll his milk on her tongue, she sucks harder on her fingers. Returning to her back, she pushes up on her feet, lifting her ass off the bed. Digging her palm into her clit, she slides a second finger in and rocks her hand over the clit, easing the fingers back and forth on the inside. Pulling her head off the bed, she fights to keep on the spot she loves, the intensity too much, she is sure she can't do it herself. Thinking of the jalapeño pepper on her nipples, she firmly guides her left breast to her mouth, biting on the nipple and holding it there, working the fingers harder and faster, moaning out, and biting it back so that the neighboring rooms don't hear her. Her hips buck up, and to the sides she tries to keep her fingers on her g spot and palm on her clit, the sensations making her legs shake as she continues to hold her ass in the air.

She rolls back to her knees, spreading them wide she pulls her fingers out and slides them into her mouth, tasting her own nectar, she puts her fingers back over her clit. Again she rubs fast and hard, arching down forward she watches. Never having watched her body before she stares seeing how big her clit has gotten from the stimulation. Sliding two fingers back in, she thrusts in hard hitting her g spot and causing her hand jerk away. She tries again and leans down again, head on the bed she thrusts. She forgets her neighbors and starts to whimper again. Not too loud, but enough to arouse her more. Twisting her fingers and pumping at the same time, she shifts her hips thinking of what it would be like if Ricky took her. That last thought pushes her over the edge and she clamps down around her fingers. Slowly working her fingers as she contracts in orgasm, she sighs, soft sighs between each contraction.

Pulling her fingers out she sucks them clean. Amazed that she was able to make herself cum for the first time, she just lays back on the bed. Shaking her head, she can't even think straight. The only thought in her head is "wow, did I really just do that?"

Getting off the bed, she takes a shower. Thinking to herself that she will see him today, she wonders what to wear. Feeling like she acts like a teenager, she wonders to herself, what do other 23 year olds do when they... meet with someone? Deciding for casual but nice, she thinks about whether or not to wear make up.


Later that day, Anna meets Ricky at the coffee shop. He seems a bit stand offish and she can not determine why. Having seen him nearly every day for two weeks, this is the first time he seems quiet. She drops subtle hints every now and again of how interested she would be in actually experiencing some of the lifestyle, yet he doesn't bite.

Getting home later she is frustrated. The day ended very poorly and she can't figure out what she did wrong. Thinking, did I come on to strong, does he really not like me, but what about those comments about when I'm ready to experience it? She paces around her hotel room and kicks the side of the bed, hitting the metal frame she starts jumping up and down holding her foot. She sits on the bed and takes off her sandals and looks at her foot.

Talking to herself, "Well, that was stupid." She puts the sandal back on and tries to think of what she needs to do. "I want to find out what it's all about," she whines to herself. "Do I just come out and tell him, do I wait and let him initiate? Why do men have to be so freaking complicated?"

She slips into bed trying to think of what to do tomorrow. Tossing in bed for about an hour, she gets up and opens her laptop. She signs onto yahoo messenger and sees him online. She decides now is a good and safe time to lay out the cards.

Private message

bluebell: hey there

FireDrake: hey, thought you'd be in bed

bluebell: i was, but couldn't sleep. how about you

FireDrake: i usually dont go to bed for another hour

bluebell: look, i just want to ask something quick

FireDrake: sure

bluebell: i want to experience what ive heard you talk about so many times, i want you to show me, is that ok

FireDrake: im waiting

FireDrake: oh

bluebell: is that asking too much, feel free to tell me the truth, dont lead me on, ok.

FireDrake: ok, but im strict, and you have to be sure about this

FireDrake: how many times do i have to tell you, if i dont like you, youll know it. i told you i wouldnt take advantage of you, you have to be sure this is what you want

bluebell: im sure

FireDrake: ok, tell you what, im off tomorrow, we can talk in the morning, and ill bring you back to my place, ok, we can work out the limits and talk over the contract

bluebell: that sounds great, i should get some sleep now, ill see you tomorrow

FireDrake: yeah, you still have a punishment coming for not obeying your nurses

bluebell: what

bluebell: oh, ok, nvm

FireDrake: Sleep well anna, your gonna need it.

bluebell: and you Ricky

Anna signs off yahoo and is completely excited, but anxious at the same time. She lays down to sleep, and her stomach keeps dancing, turning knots inside her with worry and anticipation. "Finally, I'll have my first true experience, and Ricky seems like a good guy, even if he is a bit of an extremist." She closes her eyes trying to imagine just what he will do to her.


Waking up to an annoying alarm clock, she rolls over and pushes the button on her cell phone to turn off the alarm. She rolls out of bed, rubbing her dry blurry eyes, and heads for the shower. She wants to look fresh, and feel fresh when they meet for breakfast.

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