tagBDSMFirst Master Ch. 04

First Master Ch. 04


First Master – Breaking in the Bed

The house was enormous! Everything about it was big; big rooms, big screen big tubs... big bed... There was an indoor pool, a dining hall, and a room which her Master called the "love room". The room was lit dimly and was covered in Persian-looking cushions.

She was instructed to stay in the bedroom while the staff was on duty, and those that came in to clean the room knew of her. They were also there to tend to her every need.

They had taken a bath together, but to her relief, it was without incident. Apparently, he had limits as to how much of her he wanted.

"I'm going to go out for a while," he told her as he climbed out of the tub. "I'll be back tonight. Remember what I told you on the ride home. And make sure you're thoroughly clean at all times, especially your ass.

"You may use the television in the bedroom. I have an extensive DVD collection you can use. Just don't scratch any of them." With that, he dried off, got dressed and left.

She got out and dried herself before checking the TV. 300+ channels on the digital satellite, and not a thing was on. After about an hour of surfing the channels, she decided to check out his DVD's.

There really was an extensive collection. One stack had over a hundred different movies, mostly action and sci-fi. She found one that was considered a classic – the one with the two governors. She found the violence repulsive and went for another movie about halfway. This one was one of Clint's many cop movies – something that she managed to tolerate.

About half-way through, one of the maids entered the door with lunch. It was a nice pork chop with a salad on the side. To drink were two small glasses; one had milk, the other one had grape juice.

"Here you go, my dear," the older woman said with a heavy Russian accent. "It is so good that the boss has someone to play with. I really hope you make him happy!"

After viewing one more movie, she noticed that the sun was almost down. Time for one more movie, she thought to herself. She finished browsing through the first stack and went on to the next stack.

This stack caused her to blush. They were all pornographic in nature! She knew they were dirty, and under normal circumstances she'd move on. But her circumstances weren't normal, anymore. Curiosity got the better of her and she put it in. This one had all scenes with two girls sharing a guy. The girls sometimes even shared each other.

She felt flushed all over as she watched. Try as she might, she couldn't look away at the spectacle. At one point, one of the guys took his cock out of one girl's ass and fed it to the other girl's mouth. The other girl sucked it eagerly, despite where it had been. Could this be the reason he wanted her to keep her ass clean? She wondered.

As the video went on, she found herself reaching once again for her tiny little breasts. The rubbing and fingering made her flush even more, and her other hand reached for her pussy. She started mimicking what he did to her in that limo. Parting her lips, dipping her fingers in, rubbing her clit; all of this while keeping her eyes on the screen. Almost there...

As if he knew she was about to come, he walked into the room. Her passions sank and panic replaced them, as she quickly sat up and covered herself.

He reacted to her with a hearty chuckle. "Getting in some practice, I see. Good, girl! It makes my job easier, then"

His smile quickly turned into a scowl. "Where is you collar!?"

Nervously her hand reached for her neck and found it was as naked as the rest of her. She quickly got up and bolted for the bathroom and fumbled the collar back on, then stood by the door to the bedroom, not daring to look straight at him.

He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the bed. There, he sat down and threw her over his knee, with her tight little butt sticking in the air.

"You disobeyed me," he said angrily. "I told you that you may only take the collar off when bathing. Now you get punished. I'm going to give you a good spanking, and I want you to count out how many whacks I give you. Understand?"

She just laid there across his lap. Her head was moving around looking for and escape. She tried to struggle out but he held her firm.

He grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head a bit. "Understand?!" he barked at her.

"Yes, Master!" she cried out.

He gave her cheeks a little rub. "Here we go. Remember to start counting or I start over."

He raised his hand and it came down with a resounding whack on her ass! She yelped in pain, but failed to start counting.

"I suggest you start counting, or it won't stop," he warned her. His hand came down again.

WHACK!!! "One..." she said shakily. His hands stung against her sensitive rump, and each strike hurt more than the last.

WHACK!!! "Two!" Tears started welling up in her eyes. Why did she have to suffer this humiliation?

WHACK!!! "Three!" She started fighting the sobs that threatened to come up. She just wanted this to end.

WHACK!!! "Four!" The tears started streaming down her face, the sobs could no longer be held.

WHACK!!! "Five!" She started crying in earnest, now. She was his toy, and there was nothing she could do about it.

He took her back in his arms and gently caressed her red bottom. "There there," he whispered. "It's all over, now. Just make sure you put your collar back on after you bathe, and this will never happen again."

He placed her on the bed and lied down next to her. "Remember what I told you what I was going to do to during the ride home? Well, as part of your punishment, the kissing and licking part is cancelled."

He got up and went to the DVD collection and replaced the disc. Then, he went to the bathroom and came out a couple of towels. He got back on the bed and shifted her so she could watch the moving putting the towels under her.

"Can't have you making a mess on the on bed as you orgasm," he kidded.

She blushed as he gave her neck a quick kiss and started the video. It starred various porn starts. Kitty Carson, Juggalicious, Rita Ruiz... the list went on. The first scene showed Juggalicious in a couple's scene. Her breasts were enourmous! There was no way those things were natural!

He quickly moved on to the next scene. "Those things just make me sick!" he said. The next scene held to men sharing a woman. "Here we go," he told her. "Now, show me what you were doing when I came in here."

He guided her hand to her pussy as she blushed even more. His hand manipulated hers to start her off. After a few minutes she was moving on her own. Her eyes never left the screen.

She didn't believe she was doing this. She was playing with herself with her master watching. Somehow the thought of someone watching her pleasure herself turned her on even more. She became more into her task.

He got off the bed and started undressing as she continued. When he finished, she looked and saw his cock again, standing tall and proud. It looked more and more desirable each time she saw it.

He lay back down next to her and kissed her deeply. She moaned into his mouth as her passions kept increasing. Feeling his member resting on her thigh raised them even more.

"Keep going," he instructed her. "You look very beautiful, especially when aroused." He started playing with her little breasts, laying his palm flat against her nipples. The feeling in her loins threatened to burst.

On the screen, the woman had one man's cock in her pussy in a sitting position and the other's in her mouth. .The sight was enough of to take her over the edge. Her breathing grew rapid and heavy as she attacked her clitoris furiously.

When her master lowered his head to suck on her nipples, the feeling burst inside her. She cried out in ecstasy, and her wetness gushed out of her. This time, her hand was removed by him, so there was nothing in the way and the master got to see how it came out. It squirted out a bit, but to his relief, it didn't go beyond the towel.

"Excellent! Good girl!" he exclaimed, then gave her another kiss.

The scene that was playing ended in messy cumshots and faded into the next one. This one had Rita Ruiz in it. Rita was a Latina who had wonderful looking breasts and a nice round backside which nearly swallowed the thong she was wearing.

The slave felt quite jealous as she was much smaller in those areas. Her master, however, didn't seem to care. He wanted her just the way she is. She found comfort in that knowledge.

"Get up on your knees, facing the TV," he commanded her. "Time for your next bit of training."

Nervously, she did as she was told. She remembered what he told her on the ride here. He was going to take her anally. He was going to take her harder than last time, and it was going to hurt.

"We'll start by getting you good and ready," he instructed. He spread her cheeks, revealing the puckered spot in between. "Get your finger in your mouth and get it all nice and wet, then put it in your asshole."

She reached behind her, inserted her finger as far as it would go, but it could only go as far as the tip. It gave her a very distinct, yet erotic feeling. With her master watching her and herself watching the video in front of her, her aroused feeling came back.

On the video, Rita was taking the man's cock so far, that she had to be putting it down her throat! There was no end to the shock that would be presented to the poor slave girl! But it served to heighten her arousal even more.

The master took one hand, placed his thumb and forefinger on either side of her inserted finger, and pulled on the skin surrounding her opening. He then took his other hand and pushed her finger further in. He could feel her sphincter trying to push her finger back out.

"Try to make yourself relax," he instructed her. "I will slide right in if you're not nervous."

After about another minute of trying, he got her finger past the first knuckle. A little more work, and it went just above her second knuckle.

"Good girl," he complimented her. "Now move it around in a circular motion. Stretch yourself out some."

Aided by his hands, she could feel her opening expand inside her. The stretching sensation was a mixture of pleasure and slight pain. That dark perverted sensation she had on her first night with him started to come back.

His hand started guiding her finger in and out of her. She looked up at the screen and saw Rita now on top, humping the man's cock madly. The sensation in her ass was getting heavier and she turned away from the sight to concentrate on her task.

To her surprise, her master started licking and drooling on another of her fingers. "Let's see if you're ready for a second finger," he explained to her.

The stretching feeling became more painful as he tried to coax her next finger in. "Ah! It Hurts!" She cried out. "Please stop!"

He reached out and pulled her head up by a handful of hair. "'Please stop', what!?"

A new pain leapt into her skull. "Please stop... Master!"

He let go of her hair. "No. Not until you're good and ready."

It took quite some doing, but he started to get her finger in with the other one: first the tip, the first knuckle, then stopping at the second. Tears came out of her eyes again, in pain and humiliation. She just wanted this to end...

"Good girl!!" He reassured her. "Now just keep it there, for a moment. Let you get used to the feeling." She shuddered in pain, hoping she'd be able to take her fingers out, soon. As she laid there in agony, his hands started caressing her bottom cheeks. A couple of minutes later, the perverted feeling rose again, and the pain started subsiding. She kept panting as her sphincter started getting used to the intrusion and stopped trying to reject it.

Again, he guided her hand into fingerfucking her ass. The feeling was intense. The dark pleasure became even greater. She wanted more. Her fingers started moving on their own. A moan escaped her lips.

"Good girl," he told her, "you're almost ready for the next step."

He let her go for a couple of minutes before easing her fingers out. Her disappointment showed in the way she sighed.

"Don't worry," he reassured her. "Things are about to go up a notch."

In preparation, he dripped a rather large amount of saliva into her now loosened opening. He licked and drooled into her, trying to get her as wet inside as he could. His gentle ministrations coaxed another moan out of her. When he thought there was enough, he got up, and to her surprise, entered her pussy.

She was really beginning to love this sensation. It was the sensation of him wanting her, desiring her. No one had ever wanted her for much of anything, before. Now here she was.

He told her last night that she was beautiful. She was beginning to think she believed him.

She looked up to the video and saw Rita getting pounded, anally. It looked so easy for her and she seemed to enjoy it!

Only after a few strokes did he take his cock out, glistening with her juices. Arousal and disappointment turned to anxiety as he positioned it near her puckered opening.

"Now I want you to relax, just like your fingers," he instructed. Then, he tried to ease his cock into her.

Anxiety turned to pain and near panic as she was once more intruded by his manhood. It was almost like last time. Almost...

The pain wasn't quite as bad, this time. It was probably because of the finger work he made her do. Nevertheless, his cock was still thicker than her fingers. It hurt... greatly...

She cried out as the head penetrated her and worked its way further in. He didn't stop halfway in, this time. This time he worked his shaft all the way to the root. Once there, he stopped for awhile.

"I'll give you a minute to get used to it," he told her. "Then the fun begins." He bent over her and whispered in her ear. "I really love the way your ass feels."

She felt her self blushing in embarrassment at his words, despite the pain she felt. When he flexed his cock inside, she couldn't help but give little yelps. In her agony, the perversion in her grew even stronger.

He started moving cock inside of her. Slowly at first, but pulling it out almost to the head, before pushing it back in all the way. It only took a few strokes before the feeling inside of her exploded. It was the most intense thing she ever felt. Her screams resounded around the room in a mixture of anguish and ecstasy. She could feel her wetness running down her inner thighs.

Even after she came down, he didn't stop, and the feeling started growing again. She never knew she had this inside of her! She didn't know whether to beg him to stop or keep going. All she could do was cry out over and over again.

He started increasing the pace, stopping occasionally to drool on where they were joined. Orgasm hit her again soon after, with more juices flowing out of her. She lost count of how many times she came, but she was sure the towels would not be enough to keep the bed from being soaked.

Eventually, he came inside of her. His intrusion had mercifully ended. Wearily, she looked up and saw the video had gone to the next scene. She didn't get much of a looked before he turned her over. He straddled her and inserted his now limp penis into her mouth.

It tasted nasty, but she was too tired to resist and too weary to care. After a short face fuck, he pulled her to him and lay on his back with her on top of him.

"Good job," he said lazily as he stroked her hair. "From now on, after every time we have sex, I want you clean off my cock with your mouth."

He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. "Go to sleep now, my pretty little slut. You earned it." She didn't need him to tell her that. Sleep fell upon her all too soon...

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