First Mate


It was so unfair; my first long space voyage as First Mate after my promotion and I had to draw Captain Walters as commanding officer. Ethyl Walters, the tough-as-nails commanding officer of the "Venture." had a reputation as being demanding. As the first woman ever to become captain of a Federation frigate, she had a lot to prove. But she had been proving it for the last fifteen years by making the lives of the men who served with her miserable.

To make matters worse, Captain Walters turned out to be a very good-looking woman. Although she was ten or fifteen years older than I was, she had a firm, youthful body and once we were underway, she didn't mind showing it. Constantly she wore the skimpiest cut of uniform that regs allowed, clothes that showed off her big boobies and a hard, round ass. She seemed totally unaware or indifferent at the effect proximity to her had on a young NCO like me.

I was scared to death of her, but too much a male not to dream of getting into her bed. At last one night I finally got a break. We had been traveling at top speed for several weeks when one afternoon (Navy psychs insist crews keep a 24 hour "day," even when our sun is an indistinguishable point of light in the sky) a fanfare suddenly blared out from speakers all over the ship. "What is that, Captain Walters?" I asked. "That's no alarm I've ever heard."

"It's not an alarm," Ethyl explained. "I set the computer to notify us when we passed from the gravity well of the Milky Way into that of the Spiral Nebula. This is the first time I have been outside our home galaxy. I feel like celebrating. What about you?"

"Well of course it would be a first time for me, too, Captain..."

"'Ethyl,' she smiled. "Now that we're outside our home galaxy, Tony, why don't you call me Ethyl."

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. Ethyl grinned at me. "I think a special dinner would be appropriate. Think you can arrange that, Tony?"

"Aye, Aye, madam ... I mean, sure Ethyl."

Needless to say, I was surprised at this display of sentimentality from my hard-bitten commanding officer. She even came out dressed up for the occasion, a slinky gown slit high and strappy spike heel sandals. I was even more surprised when Ethyl pulled several bottles of Syrah from her personal stash for the meal I prepared. It was a dammed good soy stroganoff, if I do say so myself. As the night wore on and I saw Ethyl having a little too much to drink, I started to wonder if I might get lucky.

Discretely, I helped her have a little too much more. And what do you know? As ice-cool Ethyl got tipsy, she started to thaw. In one way, I wasn't surprised. A woman with big squeeze-able tits like hers and wide, man-devouring hips just MUST need lots of sex. She had to be used to men feeling up those glorious knockers until she was crazy with lust and then putting the wood to her. She might have acquired an amazing collection of sex toys to help her avoid sex with crewmembers, but tonight I hoped she would find out she couldn't. The booze was working on her. The old minx was getting hot for a little screwing. Her inhibitions were slipping. I could see she was starting to remember just how good getting laid felt having a man push open those plump legs and insert a fat cock into her juicy pussy. She would soon go wild unless she got some.

She started giving me shy glances that gradually turned into hot, hungry gazes. When I suggested we watch a video together, she willingly agreed and soon she was sitting just a little too close to me on the couch. I pulled out a porn movie of a dentist who uses NO2 to get into the pants of his patients. Ethyl grinned when the doctor got a well-built woman in his chair, laid her back and shot her full of gas until she was giddy. Ethyl giggled along with the groggy woman as she watched Dr. "Hands" unbutton his pretty patient's blouse. The gassed-up woman squirmed with pleasure when the doctor slipped her boobies out of the bra and started playing with her nipples. I noticed Ethyl started squirming, too.

The movie brought out a bawdy side to Ethyl I could only have fantasized about. "That's it; feel the bitch up. Make her screw her brains out," Ethyl muttered under her breath. I noticed my tipsy commanding officer was slowly snuggling up to press her self against me and when I looked down, I saw her blouse had "accidentally" come unbuttoned, revealing that lovely pair of big white tits.

"Do you mind if I hold you like this, Ethyl?" I said shyly, putting an arm around her gently. "Do, and I'll bust you down to ensign! You'd better hold me like this!" she growled drawing my hand to her breasts and kissing me passionately. "Oh, God, Tony! It's been so long!" she sighed. "Oh, I thought I could do without it, but I can't. That feels so lovely!" she moaned as I kneaded her boobs and tweaked her nipples.

"I can't believe this, Ethyl," I gasped. "You are so beautiful, so sexy. I've been dreaming of..."

Another passionate kiss silenced me until she drew back. "Don't talk, baby. I've got more important uses for your lips," she moaned and pulled my face into her bosom. "You are doing such a JOB on me. You really know how to turn a woman on. You're getting me... so... damned... horny...," she panted. "I've got to get off! Diddle me, Tony. Diddle me good." she continued to moan and guided my hand under her skirt and up into her pussy.

When my fingers slipped between her legs, I could feel her pussy was wet. The woman was ready to be laid. As I rubbed her clit rhythmically, she began to yelp with pleasure as orgasm after orgasm hit her. I continued stimulating her, almost cruelly, until she was delirious with desire. "Give it to me, Tony! I've got to have sex; I've got to have a man. It's been too long since I had a real prick between my legs. I need to be screwed. Come to bed with me, Tony. I want you to fuck me."

Frantically, she led me to her Captain's chambers. "Come put me to bed; put me down and give me some cock!" she gasped and she ripped off our clothes pulled me into bed on top of her. I had never seen a woman in such a frenzy to get laid. "Put it here in my pussy, Tony! Cram your cock down deep in me. Pump me full of fuck until I burst. I've got to have a good dicking; I've got to have it!" she cried as I slid my prick in her steaming cunt.

"Yes! Yes! You're in!" she exclaimed as soon as my cock penetrated her pussy. "It feels so good, baby, your prick deep in my pussy, just where I want it," she said softly now with more determination than frenzy. Instantly, her legs locked around me and she began to gyrate. "In and out ... In and out," she whispered. "Just like it should be." Slowly I realized her body had taken control of my rhythm. I was no longer fucking her. She was fucking me and I couldn't have stopped her if I'd wanted to! Her powerful undulations were controlling my movements. She was bringing me to orgasm.

I had the feeling that something wasn't quite right, even if I had wanted to, I couldn't have pulled out. Her legs were strong and her movements felt too good. Instead, I gave in to her domination and seconds later exploded inside her. Nevertheless her writhing didn't stop until she had drained my balls into her ravenous cunt. "Yes, Tony, now I have you," I heard her say as, spent with passion, I dropped off to sleep. But several more times that night I half remembered being on top of Ethyl pouring cum down her pussy hole. "Wake up a little, darling. Just enough for one last time," she said. "I want to fuck you one more time!" This time all I could do was lie back as she coaxed my prick to erection. Then she climbed on, and rode me to orgasm that turned out my light again.

It was late afternoon when I awoke. I stumbled out of Ethyl's cabin and found her at the controls of the ship. When she saw me, she arose and took me in her arms. "Good afternoon, sweetie. Have fun last night?" she grinned and kissed me.

"Wow!" I replied. "I sure did. Didn't you?"

"Of course, honey," she said leading me to the couch in the control room. "Any woman would like spending time in bed with a man like you! You dicked me five times in one night. And it looks like we'll be having a lot more such nights just like it, Sure Shot."

"Sure shot?" I asked.

"Yes, look at this," she grinned, handing me a paper with a bright pink plus sign on it. "What does this mean, Captain Walters?" I demanded.

"When did I become 'Captain Walters' again?" she laughed. "It means just what you're afraid it means, darling. I've been in my most fertile period for a week. It looks like now, thanks to you, I'm going to be making us a baby. Sometime during these last few days that we've been screwing like rabbits, you got me knocked up sky high."

"Impossible!" I gasped. "Yeah? Well, just watch. In a few weeks I'll start looking like what I am -- a the girl you 'got in trouble.' My boobs will get bigger; my hips will spread out. By the time we get back to Earth my tummy will be blown up like a balloon and I'll be slow stupid and hanging onto you. Everybody will wag their heads and grin knowingly that while we were out alone in space, the Captain let her First Mate into her pants one night got herself knocked up. But according to the Space Code, you will have to marry me!"

"What do you mean 'last few days?'"

"Well, yes, I have another little confession. The night you may remember wasn't last night. It was about two weeks ago; you've been unconscious since I seduced you.

"But why don't I remember anything?"

"Easy. Light tranquilizers and heavy sex. After the last fuck each morning when had to get up to run the ship, I gave you a drugged drink of water to keep you sedated. But when I came back at night, I had a way to keep you under control that was much more fun for both of us. Every time you stirred, I gave you my tits to suck until you were hard and rode you to an orgasm that put you to sleep again.

"But how can you be pregnant? Our contraceptives!" I asked.

"Ours?" she grinned. "I stopped taking mine weeks ago. Maybe it was just my biological clock, but I decided I'd never find a better combination of brains and body to father my children, sweetheart. And although I'm sure you're normally very cautious before you take a young lady to bed, First Mate Black was so excited about finally getting his 'frigid' Captain into the sack that night, he forgot to take his "before" pill."

I gaped, realizing what she said was true.

"It wouldn't have done you any good, anyway, honey. I switched them for placebos several earlier. I wanted to make sure that when I had you in me these last few days, you would be shooting with live bullets."

"But the celebration of entering the Spiral? Was that just coincidence?"

"I have NO idea when we left the Milky Way, darling. I programmed the computer that monitors our vital functions to alert me when I was to enter my most fertile time of the month," she grinned triumphantly

"You planned all this? That night was just an act?"

"A plan, yes, but not an act, darling! I really do get horny when I drink and the wine had me as high as a kite. Porno movies do get me hot. When I let you feel me up, I did get terribly aroused. I truly loved the way you put the make on me. You used my tits perfectly to make me want it, and bad! If I hadn't already intended to let you fuck me, I sure couldn't have stopped then. And I wasn't faking those orgasms when we screwed. Your fingers, tongue, and prick did make me come and come! All the screams of pleasure were the real me. You had me moaning with genuine ecstasy, but I had also made sure that the sperm you were planting deep inside me didn't go to waste."

"The act was earlier, darling," she continued, "Pretending NOT to want sex when I was dying to get you in me. From almost the moment I laid eyes on you, Tony, I wanted your prick and your baby, but it took time to come up with a plan to make you marry me. I had to grit my teeth when you brushed my tits or 'accidentally' bumped my ass when we passed in these narrow corridors. My body was crying, 'You're hot! Let him do you. Spread your legs and let him fill your pussy with his cum!' It was hard lying awake at night, listening to your breathing in the adjoining cot, wanting you cock planted in me. But now I've got you; my long horny nights getting off with my dildo are over!"

"This is outrageous, Ethyl. I refuse to let you get away with this!"

"On the contrary, my darling," she giggled, "You will let me get away with this and a lot more. You see, I made a couple of marvelous discoveries that first night. First, I found out you really don't need to be in the Navy for the money. Your father left you more credits than you know how to spend, something I think I can help you with," she giggled. "Second, once I'd got your prick in me, I discovered that I could do absolutely anything I wanted with you. The manly Tony Black has a secret vulnerability. You actually like being sexually dominated by a woman. And darling, I am going to take advantage of that to supply all the domination you crave."


"Tony, I have screwed around a lot, and I know what turns men on. I'll admit I never suspected it of you. I thought playing the frigid female who gets helplessly amorous when drunk would turn you on, and it did. But later when I had you in bed, I saw how you responded to my commands. You were helpless. I know a little bit about hypnotism, so I stayed awake when you slipped into that lovely semi-conscious daze that overcomes a man after a good fuck. I tried a simple induction, and you went under like a baby. I took you down several more levels and planted a post hypnotic suggestion that you crave sex with me. Each time I screwed you for the last week, I put you under again, tightening my control of your mind. By now I've got you in the most deliciously total bondage to me," she giggled.

"What mumbo jumbo! I suppose you have grounds for a paternity suit and are after a fat court settlement from my father's estate. But 'marriage?' 'Bondage?' Come on!"

"So, you are angry with me?" she grinned.

"Furious, you bitch!"

"And don't want to make love to me again?"

"After what you have done to me? Of course not."

"Then I guess if you now suddenly found yourself really horny and wanting me to screw you, that would prove I have some kind of hold on you mind, wouldn't it?"

"I suppose," I admitted, warily. "Then get ready to test your bonds," she said and rubbed her breasts. As her hands moved over her breasts they seemed to expand to fill my field of vision. "You are staring at me, darling. It's rude to stare at a woman's boobs unless you are planning to do something with them," she smirked. "In fact, you'd better not look at all if you don't want to get horny. I've found that young men who stare at my big, soft boobies soon get an urge to feel me up. They get so turned on they just want to undress me and take my big titties out of my bra and kiss them and suck them."

"Could that be happening to you, Tony?" she asked knowingly and started unbuttoning her uniform. I shook my head, but continued to star at her as she stripped. "I wouldn't mind that happening, darling. I haven't had you in me for several hours so if you started playing with my titties, that could get me excited. Oh, yes, very excited," she hissed as she sidled up to me.

"No, no!" I protested as I fell on those magnificent milk jugs

"Oh yes, baby! I hope you know what you're doing to me. When a man sucks my tits like you are, I get really wet down here. See?"

I didn't see, but I sure felt as she guided my hand to her very soppy crotch.

"Why not come with me to my cabin again for another romp."


After that night there was no question. Ethyl owned me, body and soul and I really couldn't complain. At first there was not much change in routine; most of the housekeeping chores were mine anyway, although she insisted I learn how to care for her clothes. That was not much of a chore because she preferred that we went naked to make it more convenient to fuck at her slightest whim.

By the time we were on the way back to base she was really starting to show - and to slow down. We were spending more and more time in bed. She still liked me to fuck her several times a day, but had decided that doggie style or riding me was more practical than missionary position. Even more, however she liked me to massage her belly as I fingered her to orgasm or to eat her to one soft come after another.

Our baby girl, named Andromeda, what else, was born just two weeks after we arrived. (What HADN'T this woman planned?) There was barely time to organize the wedding before Ethyl went into delivery. Although many of my friends and classmates were surprised I was marrying my commanding officer and a woman considerably older than I, most of them shared ribald congratulations for having seduced the "sexy old bitch." If they only knew! Actually, several of them soon found out. Ethyl told me several of her like-minded friends had found new toy boys that day on my side of the aisle.

As the time for her maternity leave drew toward a close, I started to feel worried. First I knew I was going to miss Andromeda terribly when we had to take the "Venture" off on the next mission. Second, Ethyl was having such fun nursing and playing with our daughter - such a beautiful little girl, how could you blame her - she had not started making any arrangements for day care while we would be gone.

Finally the day for Ethyl to report to FedNav headquarters to pick up our orders arrived. When she returned she didn't want to talk about orders, but was boiling with lust. She didn't even let me put dinner on the table but insisted we go straight to bed.

When I woke up next, she was in a much better mood. "I love you so much, Tony," she confessed as she lay in my arms after what must have been an early morning roll in the hay.

"And I, you, darling."

"You're not resentful at the way I tricked you into marrying me?"

"Tricked me into having the smartest, the sweetest, the sexiest wife in the galaxy? Not very! You know I'd do anything for you."

"Oh, Tony, I love you for saying that and meaning it. I have a really big request to make."

"Say it, sweetheart."

She looked at me carefully, judging me. "Tony, I don't like the idea of strangers taking care of our baby."

I was confused. "Neither do I, love, but we can't take her into space with us until she's eight or she'll never develop balance."

"I know, love. That's why I think it's best if a parent stays with her. We can't both go on the Venture when she blasts off."

"No, Ethyl, darling. It's too big a sacrifice. You can't give up your career, even for our little Andromeda. You've worked a lifetime to get where you are."

"OH, Tony. I knew you'd understand," she squealed. "You won't regret it, I promise,"

"'Understand what?' 'I won't regret what?' Now I am confused, Ethyl"

"Don't you see darling? I will go on the Venture. You will stay home and take care of Andromeda. And when I come home..." Well if I didn't calculate wrong, stud, some time during the last week we have been fucking, you made Andromeda a little brother or sister."

The End


Comments please to the address in my profile.

In particular, this story almost begs for an alternate ending in which Ethyl leaves Tony home with the new baby, but goes off with another man promising to bring him home another baby to take care of. After all he was just her FIRST mate, not the only one. Indeed, with a little tweaking, we could probably discover that the first baby isn't Tony's either. But I'm just not in a nasty enough mood right now to write it. Any takers?

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