tagBDSMFirst Meeting

First Meeting


I took a deep breath and gripped the steering wheel tighter as I stared out the window at the motel door in front of me.

Room 43, the number that was emblazoned on the old fashioned key you had left for me with a simple note. Wear only a white button up shirt, black short skirt and high heels my pet.

I gripped the hard plastic tighter. "This is it."

My hand moved to the handle, pulling and opening the door. It was time to see if I had what it took to belong to the Master of my dreams, the man who had wooed and courted me over the internet for the past year.

I put the key in the lock, my heart racing and I felt the wetness on my inner thighs. Looking over my shoulder I caught site of a man in a work suit staring at me. I blushed furiously knowing he could see the dark, rigid peaks of my nipples through the white blouse. I fumbled the key, turning it quickly and opening the door, wanting to be inside and away from the prying eyes.

The room was dark, the windows covered with the heavy drapes. I squinted, adjusting to the dimness and reached a hand up, running it through my carefully arranged curls.

"Hello?" I asked the question hesitantly, searching for you. I felt the presence in the room and finally found you. The chair pushed to the farthest corner, shrouding you in darkness.

"Greetings pet."

I shivered at the sound of your voice. We had spoken many times over the phone. You guiding me through various task, talking about your goals and expectations, walking me through my fears and doubts. I felt liquid warmth flood down my thighs and trembled.

"Greetings...um...Master, Sir."

My heart raced as I watched you, nervously standing in the center of the room, my hands trying to find something to do, crossing over my chest then falling to my sides, lifting to my hair then down again.

"Unbutton your shirt my pet and step to me."

Trembling fingers made the buttons hard to manage as I stepped forward, feeling like I had worn heels for the first time as I tottered towards you. The buttons finally slipped from their moorings and I let my hands fall, the shirt parting over my full breasts as I reached your chair.

Your hand reached out, sliding along my flesh and I shivered as you brushed one side off my breast to expose the dark, tight peak. Fingers closed around the flesh and I hisses as you pinched then rolled the nipple.

"Very nice my pet. I am pleased."

I blushed at the compliment. You had praised my breasts many times via our video chats and I never failed to find deep satisfaction in your pleasure. You didn't mind the heavy weight of them, the large dark nipples that had embarrassed me before you.

You shifted forward and I saw your face, the dark hair full and rich as you leaned forward and took the nipple you had exposed between your teeth and then closed your lips around it. Sucking and nipping me, sending a frightening streak of pleasure through my body. You moaned and I got hotter.

I felt the hot weight of your hand as you reached and gripped my thigh shifting the fingers up and under my skirt. I wanted to jump back and you knew, shifting your grip to my back and holding me in place as you worried my nipple between your teeth.

"Master." I gasped the word, it falling from my lips with ease as I reached for you.

Your teeth nipped my breast and you looked up at me. A hard slap landed on my ass, the bare flesh you had exposed without me knowing.

"Don't move."

I trembled but tried to hold firm wanting to please you.

Your hand moved back between my legs, slapping my thighs apart and finding the wet slit. I knew I was wetter than I had ever been in my life and the feel of your thick fingers sliding easily through my flesh was startling. I gasped and tightened my muscles trying to hold still with the foreign feeling of you touching me.

"Mmmmm....very wet my pet. Are you horny for me?"

"Yes Master" I groaned, you knew I was just from the wetness but you still made me admit it, say it out loud.

"Such a slut I have for a pet. Getting wet for a stranger."

I trembled and flushed beet red and heard you chuckle.

"That's right. My slutty pet."

I let out a little scream when you plunged two fingers hard and deep into me. The stretch and invasion was painful despite the moisture easing your way. You had not allowed me any penetration since we had begun our relationship and I was tight.

"MASTER." I reached out for you and touched your shoulder for balance as your fingers fucked into me in strong sure movements, your wrist twisting between my legs as you drove harder.

"I said not to move." The slap came to my ass again, hard and loud, stinging my flesh and heating it.

"Yes Master, Sorry Master." I whimpered.

"Good girl."

Your mouth went back to my breast, teeth latching onto the swollen nipple and I groaned, my head falling back. My body yours to use and use me you did. Your fingers slick with my juices continued the wicked torment as you fucked me and sucked my nipple till I thought I would explode.

"Please....please." I whimpered again.

Suddenly your fingers left my body and you stood. I felt your hand wrap in my hair and you pulled hard and strong, tears springing to my eyes as you pushed me to my knees before you.

"Do you remember what we talked about my pet?"

I shivered, knowing what you were asking. The conversations about your sadism had lasted for hours, you wanting me to be aware before anything happened. I knew your desires, how the pain and pleasure were mixed for you. How your need to control was more than a game but who you were. How you would hurt me, and please me at the same time. For your pleasure and my own, this was the moment where my choice was stay or leave. Staying granted you consent. Leaving meant I had tried and failed, but there was no shame in that.

"Yes Master."

"And...?" I heard the sound of a zipper in the room and closed my eyes, my heart was beating so hard I wondered at the fact you didn't hear it also. I let my mind register every aspect of what my body was feeling. My nipples, swollen, sensitive from the bites you had given them. Bites that were harder than the clamps you had mailed me. My pussy was still wet, dripping and I felt the burn of your penetration still. And I knew. Knew this was where I was supposed to be.

"I am yours Master." I opened my eyes and looked up at you, giving the words weight as I met your gaze. "Please."

The switched flipped and I saw the flash of satisfaction in your eyes, realizing for the first time that you had been just as nervous as I, worried about my response and need for you. It put me at ease as I felt your hand brush the back of my head before tightening again and pulling on my hair, bending my head back.

"Suck me pet."

You moved forward and I saw for the first time the length and breadth of your cock. The sight made me tremble and clench my legs tight. This was the reason you had kept me from more than the smallest of penetrations, so I would be filled to bursting when you placed the very impressive length of your cock inside me.

I opened my mouth and looked up at you as you ran the head around my lips before feeding it between my lips.

"Open wide slut."

I did as you asked, opening my mouth wide and taking in the heavy length. My tongue played along the underside as you pushed deeper, chocking me before pulling out and pushing in again. We both knew there was no way I would take all of you but you forged deeper each time. I coughed and you held me to you.

"That's it slut...take me pet...mmmm....such a hot little mouth." Your words soothed, excited and made me hunger to take more of you. The wetness in my mouth coated your cock and I wanted to wrap my hands around you, wanted to control the invasion but I knew that would only lead to punishment.

I sucked harder, closing my lips tight around you and was rewarded with the first taste of pre cum as you moaned and thrust harder, going deeper into my relaxed throat.

"God yes Pet."

You pulled on my hair, pulling me from your cock and lifting me up.

You pushed me to the bed, my belly landing on the edge, elbows on the mattress.

"Stay still."

I didn't move, my feet not touching the floor as I felt your hand smooth down my back, sliding over the swell of my ass and parting my legs with your fingers.

The first hard spank made me jump and tighten.

"Good girl. Hold still."

You spanked me over and over, each one harder or in a different location until my ass felt like it was on fire and tears streamed down my face. I wanted to beg you to stop, but bit my tongue.

Your hand gripped my shoulder, rolling me to my back and then you lifted me to the middle of the bed. I could see the gleam of sweat on your body. Your clothes having disappeared as you spanked my ass.

"Very good pet but I am not done with you yet. Does the bed feel good on that red ass?"

I nodded, sure that if I were to speak I would sob.

"Good girl." You moved between my legs, and I was distracted from the throbbing pain of my ass with the heat of my embarrassment as you spread me wide, exposing my pussy fully to your gaze. I knew I was wet and very swollen. I couldn't tell from your expression if that pleased you or not.

"Do you remember the night I made you slap your pussy till you came for me?"

I trembled at the memory, wanting to close my legs against the knowledge of what I knew was coming.

"Yes Master."

It had been one of the most erotic moments of my life. You had mailed me a small paddle, and had me spread before the camera. As you watched, you spoke to me on my phone, telling me to spank harder, when to rub, when to insert the small dildo you had allowed me, when to thrust it and when to spank again until I begged you to let me cum. You had laughed, long a low into the phone as I begged. Watching me writhe on the dildo as I spanked my own pussy for you, calling me a dirty slut, a wicked pet and telling me how hot it made you. Until you got me so hot I exploded in a gasping, clutching climax that wracked my body.

"Good girl." The first spank of your hand on my pussy was startling despite my expectation. I screamed and felt the wicked sting of it. You smiled and did it again and I trembled, on the fifth smack I was whimpering wanting to close my legs against the new pain.

As if you sensed my limit, you let off and then next slap was gentle, your hands staying, soothing and rubbing.

"Ohh...God...please." I whimpered as your fingers raked over my clit.

"Beg me slut."

I pleaded, begged and whimpered, my hips lifting from the bed to push against you hand. I watch you as you looked at me, that wicked gleam in your eyes. You shifted and I felt the head of your cock at the slit to my dripping pussy.

"Please....please Master."

I was incoherent with need, so beyond any level of excitement I had ever experienced. I welcomed the invasion of your thick head, felt it part my flesh, felt the burn of it as you forged inside. It took just the first two inches of the think length before I felt the heat of the stretch.


"That's it baby.....so tight my pet."

I whimpered, and twisted below you, trying to ease the burning invasion.

"Hold still." You slapped me hard across my breasts, gripping my face in your hands as you leaned over me and pulled out.

I trembled and froze below you, gasping and whimpering, real tears in my eyes that I knew excited you.

"Good girl...good girl." You soothed then, still holding my face captive in your hands, you shoved the full hard length of your cock into me in one hard, powerful thrust. Ripping through the tight flesh and my back bowed, my hands pushing at you as I began to whimper and fight as you started to fuck me in earnest.

The bed creaked with each thrust and I sobbed. Knowing this was the claiming, the taking I had agreed to. My body was so sensitive to your touch I could barely maintain my sanity.

I whimpered and you kissed me for the first time. Your tongue and mouth eating at mine as your cock destroyed my sanity, filling me like I had never been filled. Your hips slapped my clit, the sensitive folds of my pussy still engorged from your careful slaps. I couldn't hold back. The orgasm crashed like a tidal wave over me. I screamed into your mouth and tightened my whole body as I shuddered and came.

"Fuck yeah....that's it...give me everything baby...everything my little fuck slut."

Your strokes were harder, faster as you powered through my orgasm. Crashing me into another almost instantly, my pussy sucking your cock into me as the orgasms raced through my body.

I felt you tense, felt the hot jets of semen explode into me, your cock swelling and pulsing deep in my womb as you groaned loud and long above me.

When you had finished, I felt the wet length slide from my stretched pussy as you fell beside me. Pulling me close into your arms your hands soothed my body. I trembled and cried for long moments until the fire had passed. I looked up at you.

"Thank you Master." I whispered and you smiled down at me.

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