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First Meeting


I still remember the first time I met my other half in person, all those years ago.

We had originally met online, became friends and talked occasionally. But then one day something had suddenly clicked and we started talking to each other every single day. I have never fallen for somebody as fast as I fell for Patrick.

He was incredibly sexy, absolutely gorgeous to look at. He had the prettiest blue-grey eyes that I could just get lost in, the most adorable smile that made me melt every time. He had an adorable little nose that begged to be kissed. Cute little ears that stuck out slightly from his shaved head, which just made me want to wrap my arms around him and kiss him whilst I stroked his head.

The rest of him was very sexy too.. But it wasn't just his physical attributes that attracted me to him. He was very intelligent, he made me laugh, but most importantly he was honest and genuine. I learned that over time slowly. What you saw is what you got with him, and because I had been hurt, lied to and betrayed before, I appreciated this all the more with Patrick. I had asked him never to lie to me and always be straight with me and he always was.

Anyway, it was little wonder that I had fallen in love with him after only talking to him everyday for two weeks. The more we talked, the more he opened up to me and the more I understood the kind of person he was. He was very selfless, and considering his job was as a medic, you should be able to see how much he cared about other people. Even to this day, he seems close to perfect to me.

We had been talking everyday for 8 months, blissfully in love. You know how it is with a long distance relationship.. the moments we skyped made my day and the rest of the time we messaged back and forth constantly. He was the highlight of my day. We had talked about meeting in real life but for one reason or another it hadn't happened yet.

Finally though, he was coming to see me! I lived in England and he was stationed in Georgia, USA. So not only was it quite a trek for him but he also had to submit a bunch of paperwork to the military just to be able to go overseas for leave. Fast forward to the day he arrived in Manchester.

It was a slightly overcast Sunday and as I drove to the airport I felt excited and slightly nervous. Would he still like me? Would he think I looked different? Would it be awkward between us or would it feel as natural as it did when we talked everyday? A thousand thoughts and questions ran through my mind as I parked and walked into the arrivals area. I knew the plane had landed already, so I positioned myself outside the barriers that gave me a view of the entrance and text him to let him know I was waiting just outside the exit.

He text back a few minutes later with the words "just got my bags, be out in a few minutes." I scanned the people walking out with their bags impatiently.. and then I saw him. My Patrick is very tall, so he wasn't hard to miss. He looked around as he walked out and I waved to him, he spotted me at the same time and walked over to me.

"Hi!" I said, looking up at him shyly.

"Hey!" he replied, smiling.

God, he looked even more gorgeous up close. I just wanted to throw myself at him and not let go.

"You made it! How was the flight?" I asked as I leaned over to give him a hug, he held onto his bag with one hand and wrapped his other arm around me and hugged me. Mmm he smelled so good, I didn't even want to pull away.

"It was long!" he laughed, then let me go and looked at me. I looked back into his pretty eyes, blushed then reached down and curled my fingers through his as we walked back out to my car.

We talked about general things as I drove to the hotel he was staying in, and to be honest, it wasn't awkward at all. We laughed, we talked, and every so often we would look at each other a certain way. The sexual chemistry between Patrick and I had always been amazing, so it was little wonder that in real life that was multiplied. I knew we both felt it.

Patrick checked in at reception, his room was on the 7th floor so we got into the empty elevator. I looked at his gorgeous face and bit my lip unconsciously, thinking about how much I wanted to kiss him. At the same time, he moved a little closer to me.

"F*ck it!" I thought, pushing him back against the elevator wall suddenly and wrapping my arms around his neck as I lifted my head and pressed my lips to his. Patrick immediately dropped his bag, cupped my ass and lifted me up, kissing me back passionately. I wrapped my legs around his waist as I tried to wriggle closer into his body, biting his lower lip and flicking my tongue against it.

Just then the elevator dinged and the doors opened. Reluctantly, he put me down gently, taking my hand and leading me out of the elevator to his room as I touched my fingers to my mouth half dazed.

Patrick used his keycard to open the door, stepped inside the room, pulling me inside with him and then shut the door. He dropped his bag just inside the door then turned back and looked at me.

I looked at his mouth and licked my lips. He glanced at my mouth, took a step towards me, pressing me back up against the door and crushed my body to his as he reclaimed my mouth with his. He bit my lower lip gently, flicking his tongue into my mouth, kissing me deeply as his hands roamed over my body. I gasped softly, then pushed my body into his, running my hands down his back as I lifted my head to kiss him back eagerly, biting his lip and sucking on his tongue gently.

We stood there for what seemed like eternity, but was probably only about ten minutes in reality, kissing each other passionately, our hands exploring each other. I lifted my head slightly to nibble on his earlobe gently, then kissed my way down to his neck, biting into his neck softly at first then harder. I flicked my tongue across where I bit then bit again, hearing his sharp intake of breath I reached down and squeezed his ass as I kissed up and across his jawline softly back to his mouth and kissed him softly.

"You are so sexy, baby" I said to him, as I slid my hands up to his shirt, undoing his buttons and pushing it off. God, I love his sexy smooth chest.. I ran my fingers gently over his tattoos then looked up at him and grinned. "My naughty man.." I said as I lifted my hand higher and stroked his cheek.

"No, you're sexy" he told me. His usual reply to me when I tell him how sexy he is. Although i'm glad he's not arrogant at all, sometimes I wish he could see himself through my eyes.

Then he leaned down and bit my neck, hard. I moaned his name out loud as I dug my fingers into his shoulders, using one hand to pull the back of his head closer as I urged him to bite me some more. He bit me again, making me gasp then leaned back and looked at me smirking, and whispered "my naughty kitty."

He slid his hands down to my ass, squeezing as he lifted me up, nibbling on my neck. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. Then he carried me over to the bed and sat on the edge of it whilst I'm wrapped around him like a spider monkey.

He ran his fingers through my hair gently, kissing me softly then looked into my eyes, almost as if he's asking for permission. I looked back into his beautiful eyes and ran a finger across his lips lightly and nodded slightly.

He wrapped his mouth around my finger and sucked gently, his other hand sliding down to my top and undoing my buttons slowly. He pushed my top off then kissed down my neck, alternating between soft little kisses and little bites. I arched my neck as I pulled his mouth closer. He lifted a hand to unclasp my bra, sliding it off then laid me down on the bed gently, crawling on top of me.

Slowly, he kissed his way down my chest, flicking his tongue over my nipple lightly then wrapping his mouth around it, biting lightly then sucking gently.

I moaned softly and he reached down to unzip my jeans, pushing them off me, sliding my panties down at the same time. I ran my hands across his shoulders and down his back to his waist and tried to push his jeans off. He hesitated for a second then sat up and unbuttoned his jeans, pushing them off but leaving his boxers on.

He then moved his mouth back to my breasts, licking and sucking softly with occasional bites as he ran one hand down my belly, across my thigh and down my leg.. then back up lightly, cupping me between my legs and rubbing me there with his palm.

Gently, he circled my clit with his finger then rubbed it gently making me moan, whilst he took my other nipple into his mouth and bit, tugging on it as he ran a finger up and down my slit feeling how wet I already was for him.

I gasped softly and lifted my hips slightly wanting more. Very gently, he slid the tip of a finger inside my tight opening, slowly pushing his finger in, inch by inch.

I moaned his name as he buried his finger deep inside me feeling my pussy clench around his finger, as his thumb brushed over my clit, making me shiver then rubbing it in circles lightly.

I arched my back lifting my hips as I rocked my hips into his finger, whilst it slowly slid in and out of my wet pussy. He alternated between fucking me with his finger then rubbing my clit, each time he did both simultaneously, I gasped and moaned his name digging my nails into him as I writhed under him.

He kept going, pushing his finger deeper inside me each time, persistent in his determination to make me cum. He lifted his head and bit my neck hard as I felt my pussy tighten around his finger and held onto him tightly, gasping his name as I came, shivering.

But he wasn't done yet. He slid down my body, kissing me until he got to my crotch then slowly dragged his tongue from the bottom of my slit to my clit. He flicked his tongue across my clit lightly, back and forth then curled it around in a circle making me moan again.

Finally he wrapped his mouth around my clit, sucking gently as he slid his hands under me, grabbing my ass and squeezing, pulling me closer into his mouth. He trailed his tongue back down to my opening and pushed his tongue into me gently, tasting me.

He pushed his tongue in deeper, whilst I moaned "oh god! baby, oh baby, don't stop!" I felt him pressing his nose against me, inhaling even as he rubbed the inside of my pussy with his tongue.

God it felt good.

He slid a hand up to pinch my clit gently and then rubbed it as he licked me, sliding his other hand down between my ass. He found my opening and very gently pressed the tip of a finger against my tight hole. My rosebud he calls it. I gasped as he pushed his finger in gently, until it was buried inside me then he began to move it. Slowly pulling it out then pushing it back in.

I widened my legs as I pushed myself into him, giving myself to him completely as I rocked into his finger and mouth, every sensation driving me closer and closer to another orgasm.

He continued to push his tongue deep into my mouth, licking my juices then licking and sucking on my clit then going back to my pussy, but his finger continued to push in and out of my ass. I kept rocking into him, harder and harder until I couldn't hold on any longer.

I dug my nails into his shoulders as I arched up moaning his name over and over as I felt my body tense, and then came again, "F*ck, Patrick, oh god!" I gasped. He continued licking gently as I writhed on the bed panting hard, until I slowly calm down. Then he gently pulled his finger out and kissed my pussy, sliding back up and kissing me, then smiling at me. I blushed and kissed him back softly.

"My turn baby" I grinned, as I rolled over on top of him, straddling him and bit his neck. I slowly kissed my way down his chest, biting here and there, flicking my tongue across his nipple, sliding a hand down to stroke him over his boxers. I rubbed his crotch, teasing him, then pulled his boxers down and then off.

My Patrick has a beautiful cock, just the right size, big and thick and he is completely shaved down there. Just the way I like it.

I slid down between his legs and kissed up his inner thigh slowly. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and squeezed gently as I flicked my tongue across the tip, I stroke his shaft slowly as I curled my finger around the head, running my tongue around the tip in circles then across it and blew across it lightly.

I flicked my tongue into his opening then slowly ran my tongue down his shaft to his balls, I flicked my tongue across them, gently squeezing them as I slowly dragged my tongue up his hard cock and wrapped my mouth around the head gently.

I sucked slowly at first, licking and sucking as I took my time exploring every inch of him. Then I took him deeper into my mouth, kneeling between his legs as I moved my head up and down his cock, rubbing and squeezing the base of his shaft, playing with his balls as I took him as deep into my mouth as I could.

I could feel his cock get harder in my mouth, his precum spilling into my mouth and I licked it up, tasting him. I continued to lick and suck harder, urging him to cum in my mouth, I alternated between long deep sucks, then short shallow ones as I changed up the routine.

I could hear him moaning softly and then I heard him say "I'm going to cum baby!" I immediately clamped my mouth around his cock, pulling him closer into me and flicking my tongue out as I felt the first spurt of his cum in my mouth. I licked then swallowed, as he filled my mouth with his seed, tasting him as I continue to gently suck and lick, until he finished and collapsed back onto the bed panting softly. I licked his cock clean then climbed up and snuggled into his chest, kissing him softly.

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