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First Meeting


She thrummed her fingers nervously on the steering wheel. From where she was parked, she could see the hotel across the freeway. Her heart raced, knowing he was over there. She took a few deep breaths, willing away the last onset of nerves. She put the car in drive and pulled out, crossing the last distance to him.

She glanced down at the piece of paper on the passenger seat to look at the description he had given. She parked the car and slowly strolled through the parking lot along the row of rooms. As a hotel, it didn't offer much. As a place for this particular meeting, it was ideal. She barely noted the small diner attached to the building. Checking her paper one more time, she approached the room. The door was slightly ajar and with a trembling hand she pushed it open all the way. Movement within drew her eyes and for a single endless moment, she stood frozen staring at the shape of him. With a start she realized he was beckoning her to come in.

As she moved through the door, she saw him disappear deep into the shadows of the room. Her body trembled almost imperceptibly as she stepped through the door. Her heart was racing and she could feel the flush of color filling her skin. Her eyes adjusted from the bright sunlight of outdoors to the slightly darker interior of the room. She flinched when the heavy door swung closed behind her, the slam deafening in the silence. And there he was, sitting in the chair, one leg crossed over the other, a cigarette dangling from his fingers. Her eyes lifted until she found herself trapped in his gaze. He held her stare for a moment before his eyes traveled leisurely down her body.

While he looked her over, she saw herself through his eyes; skin flushed and trembling, green eyes glowing with the conflict of hesitancy and need, neck hugged by a black circle of leather with the word "treasure" burned into it. She saw his eyes light approvingly as he took in her appearance: her low-cut top skimming over the curve of her breasts, her short black skirt barely covering the roundness of her ass. His eyes reached the soft black suede of her heeled boots before he lifted them back to her eyes.

As he returned her gaze, she saw everything she always thought she would see in them: the affection, the lust, the hunger, and the darkness that promised worlds of pleasure and pain for her. Something inside her broke and she moved closer to him with an easy grace, rising up on her toes before slowly sinking to her knees in front of him. In the small space, his presence was overwhelming. She breathed in the rich masculine aroma of him and gave herself over to him. He saw the instant of her surrender and smiled to himself, watching as she lowered herself to her knees, her beautiful eyes veiled by down swept lashes, her hands placed lightly on her thighs palms up, her knees parted enough for him to see the tiniest of thongs covering her, her hair was held in a high ponytail on top of her head.

For a moment he merely looked at her kneeling in front of him. As yet there had been no words spoken between them. This was their first face-to-face meeting, and yet it seemed to him that he had always known her. Within himself he felt the same conflict looking at her that he had always felt online, the desire to gather her into his arms and hold her and cherish her matched by the darker urge to take her, use her, hurt her. His blood heated as he watched the faint trembling of her body and he knew which would be the first instinct he would follow.

Without warning his hand snaked out, grabbing her by the ponytail and hauling her up to his chest. He barely heard the startled gasp she made, but he couldn't miss the sudden heat flaring in her eyes. With his free hand he took hold of her shirt and ripped it open. Buttons flew everywhere. Before she had a chance to react, his mouth was plundering hers. She felt the barely controlled violence coursing through him and her kiss was the most curious mixture of sweet pliability and a hunger that matched his own. His hands mauled her breasts through the delicate lace of her white bra. Growling into the kiss, he yanked the straps down her shoulders until her tits tumbled free.

She whimpered into his kiss as he pinched and twisted her nipples, large strong hands squeezing and kneading her tits. He delighted in how her nipples grew and stiffened...pinching them cruelly between his fingers and stretching them out before letting them snap back against her chest. He loved the soft cry that accompanied each snap, the way her body stiffened, and the mewling sounds she made. He wrapped his hand in her ponytail and pulled her lips from him, gazing at her, his eyes hard and unforgiving.

Nipples throbbing from his torment, she met his eyes.... hers shining brightly with unshed tears. He spoke for the first time, "You're late." She opened her mouth to speak, then closed it again at the look of warning in his eyes. Lowering her gaze she nodded mutely. He stood abruptly, tumbling her to the floor before she could catch herself, his hand still wrapped in her hair. Using the ponytail, he hauled her onto the bed and positioned her on her knees, stretching her arms out and cuffing them to the bed frame. She heard the whisper of his belt as he slid it from the loops.

He watched her trembling, dark hunger blazing in his eyes. He would tame this beauty. Tame her and make her his own, forever and irrevocably. He folded the belt in his hands, taking special precaution to wrap the buckle in the palm of his hand. He ran one finger of his free hand along her spine, bent and lifted her skirt and twisted his fingers into her thong. He took a moment to appreciate how the crimson silk rose out of the crack of her ass before giving it a yank, ripping it from her body. Her startled gasp floated up to his ears and he grinned savagely. She jumped as he laid his hand on the small of her back.

Drawing the belt back, he held it briefly, watching her body tense in anticipation, then let it fly. The leather met her ass with a resounding crack, her shoulders lifting off the bed, a cry of pain torn from her lips. He followed that stroke with four more, laying them neatly one next to the other, five perfect welts rising on her ass. The tears were beginning to flow from those lovely eyes. He moved his hand from her back, running one finger along her slit, nodding in satisfaction feeling the juices dripping from her. She shook with choking sobs; soft moans mingling with her cries. Her hips hunched against his finger. Pulling his finger from her soaked pussy, he reached around her and smeared her juices under her nose, across her lips.

Blushing brightly as she smelled the evidence of her own arousal, she moaned softly, acutely aware of the lines painting her ass. She shivered, his fingers tracing along the welts. Each one had seemed like someone painting lines of fire across her ass, each blow blazing a trail straight to her drenched pussy. Her hips rolled into his touch. She rubbed her wrists as he uncuffed them, her freedom a momentary pleasure as he rolled her over and refastened her to the bed frame. She writhed on the bed, pain and lust burning brightly through her eyes.

He stood next to the bed surveying his hot little slut. He had many things in mind for this day, but as he stood there, he shifted uncomfortably. His cock was rock hard in his pants and he needed relief now. There would be plenty of time later to explore her whore body, to bring her to the heights of pleasure and pain. Unbuttoning his pants, he watched as her eyes dropped to feast hungrily on the obvious bulge there, her tongue unconsciously sweeping across her lips. He almost chuckled at the sight of her. Her ass burning, shackled to his bed, she was still squirming on the blanket like a bitch in heat.

Her eyes locked onto him, she watched as he tossed aside his jeans and shorts, her eyes fastened to his cock bobbing in front of him. She had no idea of the picture of wanton lust she created. Swinging one leg over her, he straddled her chest. His cock waved in her face and she groaned aloud, wanting to taste him, to lick him, to feed on him. He laughed shortly, knowing that he had different plans. She would taste his cock all right, not on her terms but on his own.

He wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, fisting it in front of her lips, an evil glint in his eyes, a hard smirk surfacing, watching as her lips parted and her tongue darted out, desperately flicking around trying to taste him. He smacked her cheeks with his shaft, leaving a smeary trail of precum across her skin. Her moans of frustration reached his ears.

She wanted his cock so bad, wanted to feel it battering past her lips, over her tongue. With his hand wrapped around the shaft, he pushed past her sticky lips, his other hand curling around the slender column of her throat. He squeezed slightly, enough to make her feel the pressure but not enough to stifle her breath. Relentlessly he pushed his hips forward, a slow deliberate motion. He nearly groaned aloud as her lips closed around him, engulfing him in the sweet heat of her slut mouth.

His cock bumped the back of her throat and he paused for the merest fraction of a second, watching her eyes, needing to see. Then he thrust forward, burying his length in the tight confines of her throat with an animal growl. He watched her eyes widen, heard her gag as her throat fought to expel his invading cock. His hand tightened on her throat. He could feel his dick stretching her open. She twisted under him, her throat clenching around him, her gagging and choking bringing him indescribable pleasure.

Panic filled her eyes, her heart racing. His cock was lodged in her throat. She bucked her hips up. Fighting for air, her hands twisted in the shackles. He pulled his hips back and she sucked in a great gasp of air before he drove into her throat again. His eyes were closed, taking his pleasure from her mouth. Animalistic groans filled the small space. His cock pistoned in and out of her mouth, using her throat for his pleasure. It wasn't long before he threw his head back and gave a shout, emptying his cock into her throat. She swallowed frantically to avoid drowning in his cum. He sagged down on her chest, letting his cock fall from her mouth. For a moment he didn't move, then he glanced down at her, noting her lipstick smeared across her mouth, her mascara running down her cheeks. He rolled off her and laid beside her. Fingers trailed down her body, pushing aside the ruins of her shirt, her bra up under her armpits. He gave a satisfied chuckle as he stroked her, whispering softly in her ear. "Just the beginning my filthy whore."

He laid beside her for several moments, idly stroking her flesh, an idea slowly dawning in his mind. Giving a final pinch to one nipple, he rose from the bed and looked down at her. "I'm hungry slut. Let's go over and get something to eat."

She looked down at the shredded remains of her shirt and lifted her eyes to him in disbelief. He rummaged around and tossed her a safety pin. She fastened it to at least hold her shirt closed across her breasts. She was trembling but it never entered her mind to refuse him anything. While she tried to pins together her shirt, he continued to poke around in the duffle bag she had failed to notice next to the chair he was sitting in. Finally he gave a grunt of satisfaction and threw something onto the bed.

She just stood there looking at it as he slipped something into his pocket. He looked at her, a hint of impatience in his eyes. "Don't just stand there. Put it on." She picked it up and figured out the straps, slipping her legs through the holes and pulling the contraption up until it nestled between her thighs. There was a hard plastic circle pressing against her clit. She closed the last strap around her waist and let her skirt fall, looking up at him expectantly. He nodded shortly and opened the door for her to go out. As she stepped from the room, a breath of wind lifted her skirt, revealing her bare ass to anyone who happened to be watching. She waited for him to follow her out, smiling shyly up at him as he tucked her hand into his larger one and guided her towards the diner.

After they were seated, he handed her a menu. Just as the waitress approached to take their drink order, he reached into his pocket with a sly smile. She opened her mouth to ask for a coke just as the contraption between her legs buzzed to life. A shocked gasp burst from her lips causing the waitress to look at her curiously. Her mouth opened and closed as she struggled not to moan. She looked over at him pleadingly. He merely smiled and asked, "Would you like me to order for you?" All she could do was nod helplessly. After he placed their order, the waitress walked away, still giving her strange looks.

As soon as she was gone he turned off the wireless vibrator she was wearing and she collapsed against the back of the booth, eyes hot, cheeks flushing. She reached a shaking hand for her glass of water, but just as she brought it to her lips, he turned it on again. She jerked and spilled water down the front of herself, gasping at the icy coldness. Just as quick it was turned off. His voice was low and powerful as he spoke to her. "Maybe we need to get some rules straight between us. When in my presence, you do nothing without permission. You don't eat, you don't drink, nothing. Am I clearly understood?" She nodded and lifted questioning eyes to him. He nodded his permission for her to answer. "Yes Master."

"Since that was not made clear before now, you will not be punished this time. Now that that is out of the way, let's enjoy our lunch and get to know each other better." The time passed quickly. She found him to be intelligent and witty and before she knew it the waitress was setting plates down in front of them. She was almost prepared when the vibrator buzzed to life again, but this time he didn't turn it off when the waitress left. He nodded at her plate and told her to eat her lunch. She struggled with each bite. She could feel her juices leaking from her pussy. He kept the vibrations low enough to keep her from cresting, but high enough to keep her on the edge in torment.

All through lunch he kept talking, asking her questions. She fought through the haze of lust to answer him, growing more and more frantic with each passing moment. All the while he had a growing look of amusement on his lips. Her face was flushed, her skin glistening. She could barely concentrate on her surroundings as the vibrator tingled maddeningly against her clit. She caught herself squirming against the seat, trying to angle it to push her over the edge.

She realized he was speaking and looked at him guiltily. Impatiently he repeated himself. "Is there something you need slut?" She spoke breathlessly, "Please Master. Please take me out of here."

He chuckled softly, "No." She simply stared at him. "If you want to cum, you'll do it right here, writhing in that seat, people all around you, looking at you, knowing what a wanton whore you are." His voice grew harder as she shook her head. "You'll beg me to let you come right where you sit, or I guarantee you will not for the remainder of our time together. And believe me, I can keep you in this state for a very long time."

Tears filled her eyes, but her need was too great to allow her to refuse. Her voice was soft, needful pleading filling her words. "P-please Master...please allow your slut to cum." She bit down on her lip as the vibe shifted, tormenting a new area of her sensitive clit. He pursed his lips, as if mulling it over. "Not the best I've ever heard but it will do for now."

She dug her fingers into the table as he increased the speed of the vibrator, a long pleading groan falling from her lips. She bit down on her tongue to keep from crying aloud as the vibrations rolled through her. He watched her closely, whispering. "Cum for me slut, now."

She arched her back and tasted blood as she bit down harder on her tongue, trembling and shaking as the pleasure washed through her. He turned off the vibrator and she slumped against the seat, panting heavily. As her eyes came back into focus, she noticed several other customers leering at her with knowing grins. She blushed fiercely as Master rose and held out his hand to her. "Let's continue this back in the room, shall we." She tucked her hand into his and followed him out, feeling her juices running down her thighs.

Once they were outside the door of the restaurant, he laughed and scooped her up in his arms, holding her close to him in a fierce embrace. His lips nuzzled her hair as he whispered over and over how proud of her he was. She glowed in his arms, her embarrassment forgotten in his loving words of praise. He carried her all the way to the room, shifting to throw her over his shoulder so he could open the door. She was laughing in delight through all this, right up until he tossed her onto the small bed. The flush of her cheeks glowed in the dim light, her eyes bubbling with joy. He bent over her and rapidly dispensed with her clothes leaving her naked and writhing on the bed. He laid her gently onto her back...stretching her arms over her head and cuffing her to the bed frame once again. Then he spread her legs and did the same with her ankles.

For a moment he stood staring at her, splayed out for his pleasure. Her breasts rose and fell with each deep breath she took, her wrists spun in the grip of the cuffs, twisting back and forth. She would rub them raw if she kept that up. Gently he wrapped his hands around her wrists and stilled her with a look. Her restless movements ceased as she met his eyes and she felt herself falling into his gaze. Even when he removed his hands from her wrists and stood up, she couldn't look away. Deliberately, he took off his clothes, folding them and putting them neatly to the side, a sharp contrast to the disheveled remains of her own.

The bed sank in as he sat on the edge next to her. His powerful, callused hand running from her throat down to her hips. This was the moment he had been waiting for. This time to touch her; explore her, her body open and available to him. He inhaled deeply, the sweet scent of her earlier arousal filling his nostrils. Her skin felt so soft under his rough touch. He ran one finger over her lips, heard her breath catch in her throat, smiled when her lips parted, sure that she was unaware of the action.

His finger pushed past her soft lips, his lips curling into a hard smile as he watched her close her mouth around the thick digit, her tongue curling around it as he pushed it deeper, fucking her mouth with his finger. At the same time he used his free hand to explore her. First he stroked along her throat, watching her eyes closely as he squeezed and relaxed, varying the pressure. He saw nervousness dancing in the depths of her eyes, and buried beneath it, unwavering trust. His hand nearly shook as he was finally confronted by the depths of her faith in him, always having sensed it, now seeing it for himself.

She groaned around his finger as his hand moved lower to her tits. Uttering a low chuckle, he pushed a second finger between her lips, idly fucking her mouth as he squeezed and twisted the soft flesh of her tits, moving from one to the other. She nearly came off the bed as his fingers found her nipple. She broke her seal around his fingers with a gasp. As a warning, he pinched her nipple tightly, at the same time thrusting his fingers deep into her mouth, tickling the back of her throat. Obediently she closed her lips around them again, sucking them. He lowered his head as she watched wide-eyed, his tongue darting out to flick rapidly over the instantly rigid nub. She hissed in a sharp breath around his fingers as his teeth closed over the nipple.

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