tagMind ControlFirst Meeting

First Meeting


I had talked to him for a couple of weeks now. Claimed he was in the lifestyle. He said that he was a dom. He would make all my fantasies come true. I would laugh him off, he talks of chains and whips. " What kind of dom needs to tie his sub down? Are you that insecure in yourself?"

He never did like when I would say things like that. He would try to convince me that he could handle me. Convince me that we should meet and find out. I asked him what made him worth it? Never really answering me, he would vaguely talk of all the pleasure he would give me. Talk dirty to me on the phone, making me wet. I could hear him on the other end stroking it hard, balls slapped against his thighs, his voice would get deep, muffled. I would always cut him off, hang up before he came. I never allowed him to cum for me.

Another week went by, he would make advances, I would dodge them. He was starting to get frustrated, this I could tell. Then one day when he calls, his starts the dirty talk. His voice is different, sounds more of a strained anger, more than pleasure. He talks of handcuffs, I say uh uh. Once again, he is showing controlled fury in his voice. "How can I dominate you, when you won't let me tie you up?"

I laugh, angering his little male pride more. " Why does it matter who is the dominate one, it is all for my pleasure anyways."

Silence on the other end. Minutes went by without him saying anything. I laughed a little on my line, asked him if he was all right.

Finally, he spoke. Voice choked he uttered one word. "Defeated."

Once again I laugh. " What do you mean by that?"

"I just realize now, everything you have been to me, all these weeks of torture, you was preening me. Getting me ready for you. Letting me know what you want and how you like it. All this, to prove a point, so you win. I am yours however you want me." As he says this, his voice has took on a bewildered, stunned quality.

"Good, so now you are up to speed. I want you to write me a story of how I dominate you. I expect it tonight before you can go to bed." I hang up immediately. Smiling to myself, pleased that I have found my next toy.

Through emails and text, I instruct him of the meeting time and place. He is also told to not allow himself to cum, untill meeting me. This is a week away and I hear some reluctance in his voice. "If you can not handle this small inconvenience, you surely are not ready or worthy for me. I have certain like and desires, if you can not meet those requirements, this is a waste of both of our times. I need you shaved, on time and obedient. Is that too much to ask of you?"


"Then do as I say and stop making me repeat myself."

Hanging up, I feel a bit of aggrivation. This is going to have more resistance then I thought. I just might have to beat the dom out of my new toy.

The week has past with speed, now moments before his arrival. I look in the mirror, adjusting the black laced up corset. Running fingers over the lace panties, dipping inside for a moment to tease the soft folds. Bending over to tie up my boots, loving the feel of the the thong pulling taut against my ass.

The door bell rings, once then twice. I leave the living room to go to the foyer. Checking my makeup in the mirror as I pass it to open the door.

This is the first meeting, although I have seen pictures, it's hard to get the aura of a man on paper. But oh what a man you are standing before me Much taller and wider shouldered than I expected. Your chest was hard and solid, legs thick and rough looking in your jeans. Shirt open at the collar, light hair wisps poking out. Tanned face, brown eyes, black/brown hair. I look him up and down for a moment, pleased at what I see. Watching his eyes roam over my body, somehow darkening with lust. "Do you like what you see my little bitch?"

His eyes snapped up to my face. I couldn't quite put a finger on the emotion, fear, intimidation, lust, and desire all lingered there. "Oh yes. Yes mistress."

"Good, now come in." I close the door behind him. Instructing him to go into the living room, sit on the couch. I linger in the kitchen, pouring two glasses of vodka with a few cubes of ice in each.

Vodka in hand, I walk back in to the living room. Feeling his eyes on me, making me wet feeling his need. I hand him a glass, taking a drink of my own. Enjoying the burn as it goes down my throat. I watch him take a drink of his, hands shaking just a bit. My pussy responding to his fear, starting to ache. I stand there in front of him, scantily clad, enjoying being on display. My large breast heaving out of their barely there restraints. I down the rest of the vodka, putting the glass down on the table. I click the music on, a soft seductive song, man and womens voice crooning in the house now. My hips start to sway to the music. I start to slowly dance around him, never taking my eyes off of his. I could see his cock pushing against his jeans, swelling. I cup my breast with my hands, other hand lowered in to my panties. He can see my panties move while I play, hiking one leg between his legs as i touch myself. I put slight pressure on his jean cladded penis with the tip of my boots. His sharp intake of breath floods my pussy with hot sticky juices. My panties are starting to get soaked, I can feel wetness slide on my inner thighs, making them slick against each other. I back up away from him. He is told to take my panties off and get on his knees.

On his knees, I take the back of his head, burying his face into my wet pussy. I climax almost immediately. Grabbing his head hard so he can not move as I ride his face and tongue. Moments after first, my body is convulsing with my second. As heat and pleasure wave over my body I grab his hair and jerk him away from me. My breath in gasp I leave him kneeling on the floor, my nectar all of his face. "Wipe your face, you have pussy juice all over you! Why are you so messy?"

Wiping his face on his shirt, he starts to get up. Pushing him back down, I tell him to crawl to my bedroom and pleasure me more. Pleasure his mistress. That is his sole purpose for being there."

Following me in to the bedroom, still on his hands and knees. "Stand up, strip, then assume the position."

He immediately jumps to his feet. Jerking his clothes off, distinct sound of buttons popping as he went. HIs hard tanned body coming in view in the dim light. Just as quickly, he was back on his hands and knees.

"Now I want you to recite your story to me."

He starts to begin his story, his voice was sexy, husky. You could hear the desire in his every word. I told him to look forward as his eyes roamed the room searching for me. Standing behind him, I grabbed my silver bullet. Nestling it against my clit, I climb on top of his back, legs straddling each side. He stops talking as I do this. My wet pussy moistening his back. "Did I tell you to stop?" To emphasize my point, I slap his ass hard with my hand, making it sting at the fingertips. He bucks underneath me, rubbing the bullet against my nub hard, causing me to cry out.

He takes that as his cue and starts to continue his story. I turn the bullet on, low at first, getting faster and faster till it is on full power. As he talks in that sexy voice, words turning me on as much as his voice, I start to slowly ride his back. Grinding my pussy into his back, grinding the vibrator harder against me. I grab his shoulders, using my grip as leverage to slide against him. Heat rising, I feel myself about to cum. My nails digging it to your back as I climax hard on top of your back . My juices running down the sides of him. Still he talks finsihing his climatic end to his story. Voice is lower and breath is coming in shallow gasps.

Bending over, pressing my lips to his ear, "Did you like pleasing me my little bitch?"

"Yes! Yes, mistress."

"Would you like to please me again?"

"Oh yes, Mistress!"

I climb off of his back. I stand in front of him, making him arch his neck to look up at me. "Take off my boots, now bitch."

He scrambles to get to the zippers, sliding them down and off of me. I shrink several inches losing my heels, although at 5.9, I am still tall. "Now take your hand and feel how wet you make me?"

I close my eyes as his fingers probe my pussy, inserting one finger in to me, I hear him groan.

"It is wet, eh? Would you like to feel my wet, hot, tight pussy surrounding your cock?"

"Yes, please mistress."

"Lie down on the bed, now!

His member was hard, jutting out. I straddled his knees. Rubbing my hands on his chest, stroking his hard cock. I hover over him, leaning down I kiss him hard on the mouth. My hands between us, guiding his pulsing cock in my opening. Stroking it faster with the head, just barely in the opening. So he can feel the heat and wetness emanating from my pussy. No longer able to wait for sweet penetration, I lower down on him fast, taking both our breaths away. His cock, slams into my tight pussy, stretching it, burying inside of me. I cry out in pure pleasure as I start to bounce hard on him. My mind whirling, I am climaxing all over his penis. He starts to tighten up. I immediately stop. His eyes flashing to mine.

"Not yet, my dear. You have to control yourself. You are not allowed to cum untill I say so. You are not allowed to cum no where but where you are allowed! Understood?"

"Yes" The one word came out strangled, almost painful sounding.

I start to move again, riding him slow and hard. Pulling groans and moans out of him. He starts begging to let him cum. I do not answer, I just pick up the pace, grab his shoulders and grind into his hips. He is suddering under me, barely breathing, breaths are so shallow, barely audible. I cum again, screaming out, pressing him as far as I could inside of me. I roll off of him, just laying next to him, pussy pulsing and throbbing. I start to rub my clit. " Kneel over me, I want to watch you touch yourself and cum."

After what could only be described as a whimper, He kneels before me, touching his self. Stroking it hard, eyes locked on my fingers in my pussy. I rub my clit faster, urging him to pick up the pace. His stroking, matches my fingers thrusting. His dark eyes never leave my pussy. Him watching me turns me on even more.

"OH yes, does that feel good? You are so hot, standing there. Touch yourself and please me. I want to see you cum, I want you to cum on my tits, all over my tits. I want to watch you spurt all over me."

"Please mistress, let me feel your wet insides again."


I raise up a bit, still fingering my pussy, so close to the edge. I grab his balls, pulling on them. I order him to cum, now!

He moans loudly, cum starts coming out of his hard cock. He spews his cum all over my chest. I start to rub my hands over them, massaging his cum on my tits and stomach. I lean up suddenly, taking his cock into my mouth. I hear his strangled cry, as I deep throat his penis, swallowing all the cum. I grab his ass cheeks and ram his dick deeper and harder in my throat, gagging on his cum, as he cums down my throat. I push him away from me, coughing, choking a bit. I laugh. "Well then, you have seemed to make a mess. Now come and wash your mistress, bitch."

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