tagRomanceFirst Meeting at the Beach

First Meeting at the Beach


The sun's golden orange rays slipped slowly lower in the western sky, throwing the occasional long shadows from the tall Jamaican palms further down the long, curved beach. The heat of the day faded slowly as the calypso band's steel drums started their magical tropical beat from the other direction, closer to the bar and the cabanas.

Sitting up from my chaise, I look back over my shoulder, looking expectantly for my you, my lover, to return from your quick dip in the light surf and a brief trip to the bar for two more of the immense glasses of fruity strawberry frozen daiquiris that the bar was famous for.

I see your familiar shape, swaying gently in a languid, feminine, graceful stride. A sarong covers your lower body, concealing your bikini bottoms. My white button-down shirt covers your bikini top.

"Karin, You look radiant in the island sunset!"

You blush, and smile, your eyes twinkling. "Thank you." you say. "I've looked forward to this vacation with you for many weeks."

I smile, and run my hand gently across your cheek, and kiss you lightly on the forehead, mumbling excitedly that I'd been looking forward to it as well.

You offer me one of the fruity concoction sand sit down next to me. We exchange some small talk to cover our mutual anxiety about what the evening and the rest of the weekend would entail….would it be a success, would we have the spark, would it end in passion?

As we drink the daiquiris, we relax; and the conversation flows. My fingers find yours, and we intertwine our hands. The sun sinks lower and the band plays its catchy melodies a touch louder. I catch your eyes, and hold them, the intensity building. The spark flows, and you feel the heat starting to work its way down from the butterflies in your stomach, radiating outward and downward between your legs. I concentrate on you, working to seduce with my eyes; I too, feel the butterflies and the subtle warmth slowly engorging my organs.

As the sun sinks low, I gently raise your hand to my mouth and caress you fingers with my tongue. Seeing you lean your face back in please as the last rays of the day wash over your striking face, I stand and draw you upwards. Still holding the delicious strawberry drinks, I lead you tenderly away from the hotel and down towards the secluded are of the beach.

The sounds of the surf mix with the calypso as we near the waves. I motion you to sit near the water, then sit behind you, my legs spread. The warm breeze moves your hair gently against my bare chest as I carefully balance my drink in the sand.

Admiring the classical curves of your neck and shoulders, I lean forward and drop my hands to your waist. Caught slightly off guard, you place your drink in the sand, and then slowly relax a little, leaning back against my chest.

I lean down to kiss the top of your head, murmuring "Karin, my sweet Karin." You lean back against me, enjoying the feel of my strength as I kiss you hair…moving down to the nape of your neck. My lips caress the nape, working slowly around to the soft skin on the side of your throat. You sigh, and draw a sharp breath as I draw your lovely skin into my mouth and suck gently, allowing my tongue to glide and caress.

I move my lips slowly towards your ear. You can feel my breath coming quicker, the heat working on your throat in concert with the heat building between your legs. I nibble at your earlobe, while sliding my hands along your sides. My fingertips caress the sides of your breasts over the shirt knotted just below your waist, showing your bare midriff.

Your breathing is becoming ragged. You press your bottom into me, feeling my swell pressing into your back, as I kiss my way to your warm, red lips. Still behind you, I gently turn your head sideways and upward so I can taste the warmth and sensual softness… A cool mix of strawberry and rum and beautiful woman.

Our tongues touch. Electricity passes! Your eyes open momentarily at the rush of energy before you lean back to enjoy the tango; the tender, erotic dance that our tongues enjoy.

As the kiss deepens, my hands cup your breasts, and then slide slowly down to undo the knot of holding your shirt closed. Our kisses grow in intensity as I slide the shirt slowly off of your left shoulder, and then your right. It falls into my lap as my fingers touch the bare skin of your shoulders for the first time!

I lean back as I massage your shoulders, and then your back. Your head is back in pleasure. My fingers work in small circles over your back, shoulders, and your hair, lightly massaging your scalp. I lean in again to gently kiss and lick your shoulders as my hands stray to the clasp on the back of your bikini.

I whisper in your ear as I release the clasp, releasing your marvelous, womanly breasts from their restraints, free to be touched and caressed by my warm fingers. My tongue licks your earlobe gently as my fingers move forward to caress your breasts and your nipples, hardening swiftly in the in the warm evening air.

"Mmmm, Karin, this is exactly what I've dreamed of. You, on the beach, with me, under the stars…"

I kiss my way to your cheek as you turn your head towards mine to kiss me with increased passion, your breasts warming and swelling at my touch…..

The kiss continues as our tongues glide over each other. My hands stray lower. I feel the warm, moist heat radiating out of your being as I reach slit in your sarong. Lifting gently, I slide it above your hips, never breaking the passion of the kiss. Still behind you, I stroke your pubic mound over your bikini bottoms, feeling the growing wetness. My hand descends lower, tracing the outlines of your lips before caressing the insides of your thighs.

I shiver with excitement. You moan my name gently, "Matt, please, touch me, feel me, kiss me." I slide your bikini off, pausing briefly to undo the clasp of the sarong. I kneel in front of you, pulling you towards me. You feel me, erect inside my bathing suit, throbbing lightly, and delicately feel my cock through the smooth fabric. As I kiss you, I murmur, "Not yet, your pleasure isn't complete." Reaching down, I gently remove your hand, and gaze at your now nude body under the stars.

I whisper in your ear, "Karin, you are so beautiful that my heart aches."

I lean into you as my passion rises. My kisses burn a trail down your throat. "I need to taste you, to take your nipples in my mouth." My lips capture the object of my fantasies. Your nipple grows erect, hard and firm at the touch of my tongue. I suck with a greedy need, my fingers tracing a path down your lower lips…firm and swollen, dripping with fluid. As I suck, I squeeze your lips together, feeling the nectar drip out over my fingers. I run my fingers up and down the slit. Your flesh fills my mouth, your nipple a delightful candy to be savored. My tongue begins a rhythmic stroking motion, matching the pace of my fingers, running up and down, and then slowly in and out.

Your muscles clutch at my fingers, your breasts swollen with desire. "I don't think I can…I can stay sitting up!" you gasp. "My legs are weak!"

I rise slowly, still working you with my fingers, and kiss you. "Let me lay you down here on the beach, on your sarong. I want to take you here, NOW!" Your eyes widen in anticipation as I lay you back onto the sand, the sarong positioned under your buttocks. I drink in the intoxicating power of your nakedness.

Your eyes are wide, your hips thrust, needing stimulation. Still kneeling, I notice a very delicious, but slowly strawberry daquiri still upright in the sand. My eyes glint. I smile.

"Karin, lover. It would be a shame to let this wonderful drink melt… Would you mind?"

Perplexed, you watch me pick up a glass and kneel next to you again.

I dip my strong fingers into the slowly melting beverage, and gently place a dollop on your nipple. You gasp at the cold and the shock of the sensation. I bend over you, and lick and suck the sweet, strawberry substance off of your now achingly erect nipple. The sensations drive you wild. You wiggle and thrash as the hot feel of my tongue replaces the cold of the daquiri. Seeing your reaction, I take another dollop and gently trace a path of the sweet concoction down to just above your clitoris. You writhe at the cold, moaning "yes, lick it, lick it all the way down, lick me!"

I slowly taste my way down….your navel….your mound. Your hips come up as I come ever closer to the heart of your womanhood…..

Finally, the trail is clean. Your legs are spread. I'm lying between your thighs. I look deeply into your eyes, making sure you're ready before I give my tongue to you. My excitement is at a fever pitch. I can contain myself no longer.

I lower my head and slide my tongue between your swollen lips. I lick and suck and prod…your lips, your clit, deep inside. My hands stray to your nipples and then down your sides to reach beneath you. I pull your hips to me, closer to my devouring, hungry, darting tongue. You moan and twist, trying to escape the pleasure radiating out from your center. Eyes clenched, you know only the pleasure, your vision a blur of colors reflecting the sensations of my tongue working inside you.

Your arousal rises inside, knotting and swelling as my tongue flicks faster. You can no longer contain your pleasure. With a shriek and a final gasp, the wave of orgasm overcomes you. Your back arches, the sweat on your forehead turns cold, and your being convulses in wave after wave of please as my tongue works inside you……..


As you come back to me, I lay beside you and hold you tight; whispering in your ear, stroking your hair, content in your pleasure. You smile in the afterglow as we become drowsy.

With a hint of mischief in my eye, I say softly to you, "Karin, you gorgeous, rapturous, beautiful woman…you're all sticky. When you're ready, let me take you down in the surf and rinse you off, and we'll make love in the shallows, under the stars, under dawn!

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