tagErotic CouplingsFirst Meeting Ch. 01

First Meeting Ch. 01


"First Meeting"

"Now turn around," came Mark's voice from behind her.

Audra turned hesitantly, arms shielding her naked breasts from view, legs as close together as she could manage while turning. She felt a bit light-headed. Everything had seemed to happen so quickly.

She and Mark had met online after Audra had posted some erotic stories on Literotica.com. Her unusually seductive writing and apparent intelligence had intrigued him. Not knowing where it might lead, he sent her some positive feedback and his email address.

Audra wrote back promptly, beginning what both thought was an innocent internet flirtation, an uncomplicated way to vent their sexual frustrations. Flirtation, however, soon descended into steamy internet sex, then, eventually, phone sex. Intellectually and sexually, they seemed like a perfect match as each strived for ever-more creative ways to titillate and satisfy the other with words.

Now, beyond all Audra's expectations, they were both in the same room. Mark had called last week to tell her he would be in town for a conference, and would she like to get together for lunch? Though the rest had remained unspoken, she knew he would want much, much more than a meal.

Although lunch had begun a bit awkwardly, that was to be expected. It could be no less, to meet someone for the first time in the flesh after writing and saying such intimate things to each other. Tacitly agreeing to keep their public conversation in safe waters, they gradually grew more comfortable with each other. They discussed their careers, politics (they were on opposite sides of the political fence but were able to debate amicably), philosophy, anything that came to mind. Both held advanced degrees and had a wide range of interests in common.

During their spirited conversation, they surreptitiously sized each other up and compared the real thing to pictures and descriptions. Both were somewhat average in overall appearance: Mark was tall and lanky, his brown hair combed smoothly to one side, and Audra was petite and pleasantly curvaceous. But certain things had not been captured adequately in pictures. Mark's blue eyes, for example, were much deeper and more penetrating than she had expected, and his calm, almost lazy voice that was so familiar from their phone conversations manifested from an equally calm, confident exterior. Mark, for his part, was captured by Audra's fiery spirit: her green eyes sparkled with her lively personality, and she had the adorable habit of tossing her long, curly, golden hair over one shoulder as she spoke.

And speak she did. Mark had relaxed into his seat, one arm draped across the back of the chair, listening indulgently as Audra held forth on one of her favorite topics, education. He marveled as she chattered sentence after sentence that could just as well have come from his own mouth. It was incredible how much they thought alike on some things, despite their political differences.

He decided this would be the time. They had been talking for over an hour, and the waitress had refilled their drinks three times already. As Audra talked, Mark coolly drew a folded piece of paper from his jacket pocket and slid it across the table toward her. She paused in surprise mid-sentence and looked up at him questioningly. At his slight smile, she picked up the paper and read in silence. Mark hid his satisfied smirk as a deep, red flush crept into her cheeks. She looked around furtively, then re-folded the paper, absent-mindedly creasing it more tightly. Mark simply raised one eyebrow and waited.

Audra cleared her throat. In a slightly higher-pitched voice than before, she said, "Um, I'll be right back . . . ladies' room." Mark couldn't help a slight chuckle as, avoiding his eyes, she grabbed her purse and headed toward the back of the restaurant. He sipped his drink, waiting patiently for her return.

A few minutes later, Audra slipped between the nearby tables and took her seat again. A perfunctory look at her cream-colored blouse confirmed that she had followed his instructions – half of them, anyway. He'd have to wait for later to confirm compliance with the second half.

Mark carefully drew Audra back into their earlier conversation, and after a while, her blush receded and she seemed to relax again into the lively banter. When he felt the time was right, he signaled to the waiter for the check. Mark paid, stood, offered his arm to Audra. She hesitated a second before taking his arm lightly. This close, he could smell her light, fresh scent – not of perfume, but of shampoo and soap. Feeling his cock harden in response, he breathed her silently, deeply as they walked out into the cool October afternoon.

Since they had met inside the restaurant, he asked, "Where are you parked?" She pointed towards an out-of-the-way corner of the lot; unsurprising, given how crowded the place had been when they arrived. Looking around as they walked, Mark was pleased to note that they would have relative privacy.

Audra released Mark's arm as they reached the car and began fishing around her purse for her car keys. Grasping her upper arms from behind, he pressed his body against hers, his hardened cock nestled firmly in the small of her back. Audra gasped and stiffened but made no attempt to pull away. Encouraged, Mark lowered his head to nuzzle the nape of her neck, lightly kissing what he knew to be a very sensitive and erogenous region for her. She drew in a sharp, almost panting breath, then practically melted against him as he licked and nibbled her neck and ears.

He could see her hardened nipples clearly through her satin blouse. His fingertips slid slowly down her side and hip, then found the hem of her navy skirt. Shielding her from view with his own body, he caressed the front of her thigh, gradually making his way upward. With satisfaction, he discovered that she had, indeed, followed all his instructions. His fingers encountered no panties but instead brushed lightly against her soft, naked pussy. At this intimate touch, Audra shuddered and leaned fully against him, letting him lazily explore her moist folds.

Feeling her body surrender to him in this way made him ache to take her right there in the parking lot, but he had plans already in place, plans he had no intention of ruining. Instead, he gave her one last, lingering kiss on the neck, then stood back and released her, first making sure she would be able to stand on her own. She turned to face him, eyes half-lidded with desire, a little confused at the sudden cessation of contact. He held her gaze intently, then drew a second folded paper from his jacket pocket. Pressing it into her still-trembling hand, he said in a husky voice, "I've enjoyed meeting you and talking with you over lunch. If you'd like to continue the conversation, this is where I'll be." He turned abruptly and walked to his own car without looking back.

Audra just stood there for a moment, watching him walk away. Her body still tingled from where he had touched her, kissed her. She looked down and unfolded the paper.

Room #1821, Omni Hotel. Knock, close your eyes, and wait.

There was still time to walk away from this. She knew it would be foolish in the extreme to meet him – she had no idea what kind of person he was, really. But the fact was, Audra was tired of always listening to that practical, responsible voice. That voice had led her into almost six years of celibacy. She desperately wanted to take the chance that Mark would be okay, would want just what she wanted – to indulge their frustrated desires, then walk away, reputations intact. Making her decision, she stepped into her car and turned the ignition.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Room #1821. Audra checked the paper again to make sure she had the right room, then took a deep, steadying breath. She had not driven directly here. Instead, she had gone home to change – and several times nearly talked herself out of doing this. There was still time. Closing her eyes, she paused, then knocked firmly on the door.

Quiet footsteps. The door opened. A hand took hers, drew her silently into the room. Click. The door shut quietly. She flinched slightly as she felt something – a scarf, perhaps – drape across her eyes. "Shh, trust me," came Mark's voice. She allowed him to tie the fabric around her eyes. Even with her eyes closed, she could tell the room was dimly lit; no bright lamps glared against her eyelids.

His arm wrapped around her back, Mark guided Audra some unknown distance into the room, then stopped. She heard a light clink, then he gently raised her hand and pressed a wineglass into it. "To us," he said softly, and tapped another glass against hers. "To us," she whispered in response, then lifted the glass to her lips. A light, sparkly champagne surprised and delighted her palate. Warmth spread from her throat down to her stomach, and outward to her fingers and toes. He gently took the glass from her when she finished.

He paused for a moment to drink her in. She had changed out of the professional but feminine suit she had worn to lunch. Now she wore a silky, black dress with delicate spaghetti straps. It clung deliciously to her curvy breasts and hips and flared slightly before ending an inch or two above her knees. Sheer black stockings and trendy black heels completed the outfit. Resting his hands on her bare shoulders for a moment, Mark drew his palms lightly down her sides, relishing the way her dress flowed against her skin. The gentle give of her breasts as he brushed past them and the smoothness of her dress over her hips told him she still wore neither bra nor panties. The idea of her soft breasts, nipples and pussy separated from him by a mere whisper of silk excited him.

Contemplating his next move, Mark gently entwined one of her long, golden curls around his fingers. Her face was motionless under the blindfold, waiting for some cue from him. Her slightly parted lips drew him. Lowering his head, he gently brushed his lips against hers. Instinctively, she tilted her chin up and parted her lips. Her mouth felt small beneath his, her lips soft and plump, tasting of the sweet champagne they had shared.

He slid his left hand underneath the mass of golden curls to the back of her neck, his right hand stealing across her abdomen and higher to cup one round, silk-covered breast. Her mouth opened wider, hungry against his, and he let his rising passion spill over into that fervent kiss, tongues sliding across each other in a warm embrace. She leaned forward to press her breast more firmly against his hand, hardened nipple tickling the center of his palm. She gave a long, yearning moan as he grasped her nipple firmly through the diaphanous fabric, pinching the hardened nub between his fingers and pulling slightly.

He closed the kiss gently, then released her and backed away, much as he had done at the car. Her fists clenched at her sides, but she remained still. He loved the way her breasts moved with each breath she took.

"Turn around," he ordered softly. Audra obeyed, slowly turning on the spot. He gently drew down the zipper of her dress, revealing the light, golden skin of her back and the upper swell of her buttocks. He backed away again.

"Stay there. Slowly take your dress off and let it slip to the floor." Audra hesitated, head turned a little as if to try and look over her shoulder despite the blindfold, then raised a hand to draw the strap off one shoulder. She paused, then removed the other strap. Both her arms wrapped as if either to hug herself or keep the dress up; perhaps even she wasn't sure which. Then, little by little, she let the silky dress slide down her body until it rested in a puddle at her feet.

She stood nearly naked, wearing only the blindfold, thigh-high black stockings, and her high heels.

"Now turn around," he said, his voice almost catching in his throat. She obeyed slowly, arms raised to shield her naked breasts, legs modestly close together.

"Put your arms at your sides," he said, even more softly than before. Slowly, she dropped her arms. He resisted the urge to catch her soft nakedness up in his arms and simply stood there, admiring the round, pink-tipped breasts, curving hips, and smoothly-shaven mound and lips just visible between her legs.

Stepping closer, he tilted her chin up with one finger and gently ran his tongue over her trembling mouth. They kissed again, passionately but softly.

He caressed her shoulders, ran his fingertips lightly across her collarbone, then cupped and gently squeezed her breasts for a moment, eliciting a small gasp. Her flesh was pleasantly warm and supple against his hands.

He continued exploring as they kissed, hands drifting over her hips, her outer thighs, back up her inner thighs and now, up to her sex, wanting to know just how much she desired him at this moment. Not satisfied this time with merely caressing her soft lips, he plunged two fingers directly into her wet, waiting cunt, thrusting upward firmly. Anticipating her reaction, he supported the middle of her back with his other hand.

When she felt Mark's long fingers drive into her hungry, wet pussy, Audra gasped; legs nearly giving way, she sagged against him, grateful for the firm hand at her back. Ecstatic pleasure radiated from her pussy outward to her fingers and toes, much as the champagne had done. She gripped his arms in sudden, desperate need.

Mark had not planned on pleasuring her so quickly, but her intense reaction was irresistible. His own ardor threatened to spiral, but he forced himself to remain in control. Whispering hotly in her ear, he said, "Mmmmm, you have such a nice, warm, wet little pussy, just like I knew you would." Audra gave another gasping, panting little moan, and he felt the walls of her pussy twitch slightly around his fingers. God, she was incredibly tight. "Do you want to come?" he said, a little breathless, a little taunting, as he slid his fingers halfway out of her.

She was so far gone already that she was barely coherent. "Oh God!" He could barely hear the strained, high-pitched whisper. "Please . . . oh God . . ."

"Is this what you want?" he asked, then thrust his fingers upward again, hard. She stiffened and gasped again, fingers digging painfully into his arms. He had to hold her firmly to keep her body from sliding to the floor as she trembled uncontrollably from head to foot. Her slippery juices coated his fingers completely and began to trickle toward his wrist. He knew she was an instant from coming hard. For a second, he debated pulling away and making her wait for it, but her sweet, trembling body was too irresistible. He began thrusting in earnest, his fingers penetrating deeper and faster with each urgent plunge.

"Oh . . . God . . . oh . . ." She was silent for a moment, but he could feel her entire body tensing, drawing toward that wet, hungry center. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh . . . GOD!" she gasped in a sudden burst, and her soft walls clenched spasmodically around his fingers, her whole body shook and flinched and jerked with the force of her orgasm. He continued thrusting, determined to draw her beautiful orgasm out as long as he could. It was becoming nearly impossible to hold her up, however; carefully, without allowing his fingers to leave her pussy, he guided her to the floor with him. From this easier position, he renewed his assault on her pussy. "Oh yesssss," he hissed. "Come for me . . . you're so sexy when you come . . . yes, baby, I want you to feel good . . ."

Audra panted in rapid, sobbing gasps, half-raising her hips to meet those long fingers and invite them deeper, ecstatic spasms gripping her whole body in an uneven rhythm. Mark marveled at the intensity and duration of this ecstasy. She had told him in their many conversations that she could "come and come and come," but the reality was beyond his wildest imaginings. The compulsion to drag open his zipper and plunge his hard and eager cock into that spasming wetness was almost overpowering.

Instead, he paused and added a third finger, fucking that tight little pussy as fast as he could. Her mouth was open wide, as if in a soundless scream, occasionally letting slip those desperate gasps that sorely tested his control. Her hips were now raised completely off the floor, opening that delicious pussy and pressing it upward against his long, invading fingers. "Oh . . . oh God . . ." she breathed again, but now the tone was different, lower, deeper, almost grindingly urgent. He sensed that she was about to hit an even higher peak and kept up his pounding rhythm, curling his fingers slightly, relishing the wet, squelching sounds her pussy made.

Again she subsided into tense stillness. Then, the breath exploded from her body, and with a fierce sense of victory, he felt her juices gush over his hand. He continued thrusting for a moment, then finally slowed his hand, trying to bring her down gradually. Her hands were half-clenched at her sides, fingernails digging into the carpet. His hand slowed finally to a halt, fingers remaining inside that velvety wetness, now gently caressing. Audra's panting gasps also began to calm. Her breasts trembled fetchingly with each breath. Mark's erection was now almost painful, but he simply lay down alongside her naked body and brushed sweaty, gleaming strands of hair back from her forehead.

Her head lolled toward him as her body relaxed by degrees. Gently removing his fingers from her sex, which still, incredibly, radiated little shocks, he drew her into the circle of his arms. She curled against him, head resting on his shoulder. He could feel her naked form still trembling slightly against his own still-clothed body. A fierce protectiveness rose in his chest, and he held her possessively, rubbing one hand on her back, her arm, her leg to warm and comfort her. He couldn't believe he was here with this incredible woman lying naked and replete in his arms. She nestled closer as he pressed his lips against her sweet-smelling hair.

To be continued.

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