tagMind ControlFirst Meeting Ch. 02

First Meeting Ch. 02


The bellman must have seen the look on my face; he reaches out a hand to steady me. I lift my gaze to look into his eyes. My emotions must show in my eyes as I see the pupils of his dilate. I break the glance and step away from the bellman, looking for the elevator as I cross the lobby. Finding the elevator, I press the button and wait for the elevator to arrive. Glancing at the key I realize I do not know the room number that I am to go to. I look inside the envelope again and discover the note you have included with the key.

Welcome pet. I look forward to our meeting. May I compliment you on your promptness? How do I know this, the bellman was instructed to only give you this message if you arrived before 2pm. Please come to room 1231.

Just as I finish reading the message, the elevator bell chimes and the doors open. I enter the elevator and I reach to press the button for the 12th floor and notice my hand shaking, I wonder to myself if it is from fear or anticipation. My thoughts drift to how badly I had lost time on the way to the hotel, and I remember how we talked about driving as being its own type of hypnotized state at times. I am amazed at how much I had let my mind take me away, yet I continued to function. I glance up at the numbers as the elevator climbs its way from floor to floor, 4,5,6,7…..

As the doors part, I exit the elevator, the fear in my stomach solidifies. I check the numbers and head toward the room that is indicated in the envelope. My heart is pounding and my mind is racing, my breath coming in short shallow gasps as I near my destination.

When I find the door I stop myself, and take a moment to breath. I begin to have a feeling of dejavous as my mind begins to spin, I have been so in and out of trance for the past few hours, and I can no longer define the line between reality and fantasy. I am both fearful and extremely excited. The swirling in my mind makes it difficult to stand, and even this feeling reminds me of my fantasy. I am, for a second time, standing at a hotel door and fighting the pulling of my mind, wanting to surrender to the feelings of dark delight.

Taking control of myself I knock on the door, I don’t really expect an answer but I feel strange just entering the room. I open the door, slowly, my mind searching for the candlelight I had seen in my fantasy. My eyes are greeted with a sunny hotel room. The shades are pulled back and bright sunlight streams into the room. I blink at the glaring affront to my fantasy and walk into the room looking to see if you are there.

The room is empty much as I expected. You love mystery and I know you like to use it to get into my mind and take control. On the small table by the window sits a note propped up with my name on it. Next to the note is a gift box wrapped in silver paper with a white ribbon. Because I know you, as an act of defiance, I open the box first, leaving the note until after I discover the contents of the box.

In the box are another note, a blindfold, and two wrist restraints. I open the note in the box with a distinct feeling of dread, I know somehow you have anticipated my actions; I should have behaved and opened the letter on the table first.

Oh pet, you have disappointed me, for that you must be punished. Put the wrist restraints on and then go to the closet. I want you to take the cd player and head phones from the closet and the disc that is blue. Go to the bed and lie down, put the blindfold on and then the headphones. Make sure you note which button is play on the cd player so you can hit play once your laying down. Now be a good girl and don’t disappoint me again pet.

I follow your instructions and lay down on the bed. My heart is racing, now more from fear than excitement. Not the same fear as earlier, this time its fear of having displeased you. I am ashamed by my behavior and much as a child would be fearful of a parent’s disappointment, I am afraid of yours. My shaking hand presses play on the player, and I hear the whir of the cd spinning up, then all of my fear melts away as I hear your voice say, “delicious pet”. Some part of my mind recognizes the words and I slowly slip down into oblivion as your voice begins to count the passing sign posts on the river I am floating on in my mind. I struggle to concentrate and follow you as you begin to skip numbers and I feel my “self” slipping deeper as the numbers get higher and higher, your speed of counting becoming more intense with each passing moment, and then I feel the darkness envelope me as I give up trying to follow your words and I slip into oblivion.

I regain some semblance of awareness as you bring me from my dark delight, still holding me deeply in trance, I realize that it is no longer a tape I am listening to, but I am unable to open my eyes, and then I realize it wouldn’t matter if I could, I can still vaguely feel the blindfold on my face. As you talk you bring my attention to your hands, which are on my ankles. You are spreading them apart on the bed. You tell me how wonderful I look, lying entranced on the bed, with my leg spread. You ask me if I was a good girl and wore only that which you told me to. My voice is heavy and thick and I reply, “Yes.”

I feel your hands at my thighs, slowly raising my skirt, raising it just enough that with my spread legs, you can see barely see my bare pussy peaking out beneath the fabric, the smooth folds of my lips swollen, just a drop of juice showing at the v at the very bottom where the lips join. You tell me what you see, and my mind spins as I see myself through your eyes. I feel so vulnerable yet I love that you look at me this way, not touching me, just looking at my sex.

You ask me move my arms, I am suddenly aware that they are bound over my head. Not bound by trance, but tied, I was ever resistant to trance bondage; you made sure I would feel this level control. I realize this is my punishment, that I will not be able to touch you or see you because of my single act of rebellion. You reposition my legs, bending them at the knees and spreading them apart, forcing my skirt up around my waist. You put two pillows under my hips and I think that you are going to play with me, yet you stop touching me and I am left, lying on the bed exposed to your view, and vulnerable, oh so vulnerable. I try to move my arms again and you chuckle at my attempts and then take me down deep into trance again, taking me down one level at a time, deeper and deeper, allowing me each time to experience the floating dreamless separation that you know I crave.

Bringing me back up from my deep dark delight, you begin to talk of arousal to me. You tell me, “I want you to think of a time when you were on the brink of an orgasm, just before you break over the top. Concentrate on that feeling, where you soul centers and becomes a pinpoint within your mind, where everything rushes inward and downward.”

“I want you to concentrate on that, that rushing feeling just before you go over the top, how wonderful that feels, don’t you agree pet?” you ask.

I try to respond, but my breathing is ragged and my mind is almost shattering with the need of release now…my whole body focused and highly aroused. I imagine the feeling, and with each breath my body responds and I am brought to that moment, simply with your words I am at the brink of orgasm.

“Stay with me delightful pet,” with those words, once again, I begin to drop deeply into trance. I try to fight it, but you have taken me up and down so many times that I can not resist, even in my highly aroused state.

As I climb again from the depths of unconscious drifting, I know that something has changed, though I am not sure what it is. I am still on the brink of orgasm but I recognize a change, then I feel myself break over the top of my extended ecstasy as I feel your cock slide into my pussy. Your cock stretches the aroused tight muscles of my pussy, causing me to shatter longer and harder than I ever have before. All with a single thrust, ripping me from reality, and sending me over the top and down into oblivion, this time in orgasmic ecstasy.


I jump, looking around me; I am shocked to realize I’m still in the elevator and have just now reached the 12th floor. My whole body shutters as I come to terms with reality, none of it was real. I shake my head as I remember watching the numbers of the elevator count up…I was always a sucker for numbers counting up…just thinking of it…I shake my head, fearful that if I am not careful I’m going to make the same mistake again. I pinch myself this time before I check the numbers for the room and head down the hall.

I am so wet from my self induced trance fantasy that I am afraid that I’m going to embarrass myself when I see you. I get to the door and this time I do not knock. I put the key in the door and open it. Instead of candle or an empty room I see you, standing by the window looking outward.

You turn to look at me and I am lost in the dark eyes that I had seen in my fantasy. You walk up to me, putting one hand behind the small of my back, you shock me when your other hand reaches under my skirt and you part my lips, feeling my dripping wetness. You grin wickedly and ask, “Did you enjoy your massage? How about the elevator ride? Are you going to be bad or good for me this time my delightful pet?”

My mind begins to spin the moment I realize the fantasies were all implanted trances from previous conversations. I feel your arms tighten around me as I sink into oblivion, no longer knowing or caring if this is real or a fantasy.

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