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First Night Of Term


As chat up lines went, it wasn't the most original that Emma had ever heard, not that she really minded. She wasn't looking for originality, she was looking for a good time and she had already got a free drink out of it at the very least. His name was Mark, or so he said. Emma was prepared to suspend her scepticism until she had a reason to believe otherwise. He was about 6'2"and powerfully built. He had short, lightish brown hair and intense brown eyes. All in all he seemed like a reasonably good prospect for what Emma had in mind. Best of all, he had a friend, Iain, who was almost as good a catch as he was. Both of them were clearly interested. Emma smiled as she slipped demurely on her drink. She knew that if she played her cards right she'd get what she was looking for from at least one of her admirers that night. While she had a slight preference for Mark, given the chance, she wouldn't pass up the opportunity to get to know either of them a bit better, even if it was just for one night.

There had never been any doubt in Emma's mind as to what her intentions were for that evening. From the moment she'd got back to her room and started unpacking her bags, she'd been making her plans for this evening. The Christmas vacation, which she had spent with her parents had, with the exception of a brief but satisfying fling on New Year's Eve, been four long weeks of frustration. Now that she was back on campus and free from the suffocating presence of her family, Emma fully intended to let a lot more than just her hair down. Not for the first time, Emma was glad that she'd managed to secure one of the few single rooms that the university made available to undergraduates.

Her preparations had been meticulous. After returning from her evening meal at the canteen, Emma had enjoyed a long, relaxing shower. She had made lavish use of the scented shower crème that her sister had given her as a Christmas present. The crème's subtle fragrance was long lasting and its rich, foamy lather had felt good as she'd massaged it into her skin. Her body still tingled as she walked, wrapped in her favourite silk dressing-gown, along the corridor from the showers back to her room.

Emma selected her outfit with painstaking care, choosing clothes that would display her her shapely body to good effect. At a little over 5'2", Emma wasn't tall but she was generously curved. Her legs were tanned and slender, rising from delicate ankles up to her firmly rounded 34" hips which tapered, almost immediately into a narrow waist. Her breasts were a firm and full 34D and Emma customarily wore tops that, while concealing them from view, still managed to display them to full effect. 'Might as well flaunt 'em if you've got 'em' as her equally well endowed older sister so often said. Her rich, auburn hair flowed down her back past her shoulder blades. Her piercing, ice-blue eyes shone out from behind long, dark lashes. Being small, Emma had learned from an early age to stand up for herself, she exuded an air of assertive self confidence that even without her stunning good looks and her attractive figure would have been enough to get her noticed.

Her choice of clothes for that evening was simple but effective. Her underwear comprised of a matching lacy, black bra and string knickers. Her tight, black leather trousers encased her legs and subtly emphasised her firm, shapely bum. On top she wore a black, low cut, short sleeved top that clung tightly to her breasts and left her midriff bare. It would be cold outside in the January night but it would be warm on the dance floor. Emma's long, fleecy coat would keep her warm on the short walk from her room to the Student Union building. Putting her thick, long hair into a French plait and applying a minimum of makeup, Emma stepped into her medium heeled shoes, checked that she had her purse in her bag and was ready to go.

The Student Union was busier than Emma had expected. Loud music blared from the dance floor as she made her way to the bar. Ordering her drink, Emma spotted some friends at a table in the corner. One of the group, Louise, waved to her and she made her way over to join them.

Sitting down with her friends, Emma quickly joined in the conversation. The group chatted about what they'd got up to during the vacation, who had got off with whom at New Year, the resolutions they'd made and whether or not anyone had actually managed to keep them and speculated as to how they'd done in their end of term exams. Emma enjoyed being back in the company of her friends. It was about an hour later, after she'd finished her third drink that she made her way to the dance floor with Louise.

It was Louise who first noticed the stares Emma was attracting from the men in the room as they danced. "You little flirt," teased Louise, leaning forward and shouting into Emma's ear in an attempt to be heard over the music. Emma shrugged and smiled innocently. Louise laughed.

It was when she was at the bar waiting to be served that Mark made his move. Louise had rejoined the group at the table. Emma had noticed the two men watching her closely for the last half hour as she'd danced with her friend. One of men, Mark, was now buying her a drink. She studied him closely as he waited to be served. While he might not have been aware of the fact, as far as Emma was concerned, he'd already pulled. When Mark introduced her to his friend, Iain, Emma already knew that she was going to be leaving with one of them.

Emma danced with them both, accepting drinks from either of them, whenever they offered. She danced as she always did, her body swaying sensuously in time with the music. Her movements, expressing her inner self confidence, announced her intentions more plainly than any words could. Without removing a single item of clothing, the effect that her dancing had had on Mark and Iain was as strong as if she had performed a private striptease entirely for their benefit. As she danced, Emma would casually brush her body against Mark and Iain, smiling to herself as she noticed their growing erections. It was clear that they both wanted her. What became increasingly clear, to Emma at least, as the evening progressed, was that she wanted both of them too.

After about three quarters of an hour, Emma excused herself briefly. Returning from the toilet, she passed the cigarette machine and paused and reached into her bag for her purse. "What the hell?" she said out loud as she started feeding coins into the slot, "Resolutions are made to be broken." She pressed the button. There was a mechanical thump as the machine dispensed the packet into the tray below. Reaching out, Emma removed the packet from the dispensing tray and unwrapped it. It was only when she raised the cigarette to her lips that she remembered she had nothing to light it with. "Damn!!" she muttered to herself, angry at such a basic oversight.

"Need a light?" came a voice. Emma looked up. It was Mark.

"Thanks," she said brightly as her held the lighter towards her. Emma almost choked as she inhaled deeply. "Oops," she said with a small smile, "Out of practice," She looked up. Mark was still leaning towards her. She moved towards him, smiling, her face upturned. Suddenly, his lips were on hers, his tongue probing inside her mouth. Emma felt a thrill of excitement tingle up her spine as she felt Mark's hand slide down her back.

They broke away from each other. Emma took another long draw on her cigarette. Mark smiled down at her. "This way," he said, a note of urgency in his voice as he took her hand and led her down the corridor. They came to a fire exit. Mark reached forward and pressed the bar. "It's OK," he said reassuringly, "this one isn't alarmed." Emma followed him quickly into the deserted fire escape hall. The door swung closed behind them and Emma found herself gathered into Mark's embrace. Their lips pressed firmly together as their hands roamed all over each others' bodies.

Mark's hand slid easily up the front of Emma's tight top. She felt her nipple stiffen as he squeezed it through the material of her bra. She sucked on his tongue as it explored her mouth, her fingers deftly unzipping his jeans and reaching inside to release his straining erection. She felt a familiar warm tingling feeling as Mark's hands cupped and caressed her breasts. She moaned softly as he teased her nipples. Her fingers began to stroke back and forth along the length of his shaft.

Finally, Emma could restrain herself no more. She broke away from Mark's embrace and pushed him firmly against the wall before dropping to her knees in front of him. His cock was thick, heavily veined and about eight inches long. It twitched in front of her face as she ran her fingers along its length.

Emma leaned forward and lightly kissed the tip of Mark's knob. He sighed and Emma swirled her tongue around the head, pausing occasionally to lick it with lapping strokes of her tongue. Mark groaned appreciatively as Emma kissed and licked every inch of his shaft. "Oh fuck!" he moaned as she gave his balls a gentle squeeze. With her saliva lubricating the surface of his thick rod, Emma's fingers slid easily along its length. She returned her attention to the head, flicking her tongue rapidly over the slit, savouring the salty taste as the first drops of pre-cum began to leak out.

Emma paused briefly before parting her lips and taking Mark's cock into her mouth. "Ooooohhh!" he gasped, entwining his fingers in Emma's hair as he felt her warm mouth engulf his shaft. He began to thrust, rocking his hips back and forth as Emma's lips slid up and down the length of his cock. Her tongue swirled around the head as she sucked. Her fingers stroked the base of his shaft.

"Oh fuck," cried Mark as he thrust his cock into Emma's mouth with increasing urgency. Emma increased her pace, her head bobbing rapidly to and fro as she worked his cock between her lips. She pressed her tongue firmly against the underside of his cock, feeling the head rub against the roof of her mouth.

Pre-cum wept copiously from Mark's slit as his breathing deepened. Giving his balls a squeeze, Emma could feel the tension mounting in his body. Digging his fingers into Emma's hair, Mark thrust his cock deep into her mouth. "Oh fuck... Oh shit... I'm cumming... I'm cum... Ohhhhhh!" he moaned as his cock erupted, shooting its load of thick, sticky cum down Emma's throat. Emma swallowed rapidly then pulled her mouth back, letting Mark's cum pool on her tongue before swallowing it down.

Mark felt his knees weaken as Emma skilfully sucked every drop of cum from his cock. He had to struggle to stay upright as she let it slip from her mouth. "Hell, that was fantastic," he groaned.

Emma stood up. She smiled mischievously as she licked her lips. "Hope that's not all you're going to give me tonight," she said coyly.

"Hmmm, I hope so too," replied Mark as he tucked himself back inside his jeans. They allowed themselves a few minutes to regain their composure before making their way back through the corridors to the dance floor.

Iain greeted them with a knowing look. "What kept you?" he asked.

"Oh, nothing really," replied Mark in an offhand manner. Emma simply smiled and kept quiet.

"So, are you two planning staying here or what?" enquired Iain.

"Dunno," replied Emma with a shrug as she lit up a cigarette.

"Why don't we finish our drinks and take things from there?" suggested Mark.

"Fine by me," agreed Iain.

"Yeah, sure. Why not?" said Emma, "I'm sure I can count on you both to see me safely to my room." Mark and Iain smiled.

A few minutes later Emma stubbed out her cigarette and drained the remains of her drink. She exchanged glances with Mark and Iain as she gathered up her belongings. "Right," she said brightly, "I'm heading off. Either of you care to join me?" Iain and Mark smiled, finished their drinks and got up out of their seats.

"Where's your room?" asked Iain.

"Bryce Hall. Why?" replied Emma.

"Mark and I stay in Fulton Hall. It's closer," was Iain's response.

"OK then," said Emma, smiling warmly, "unless there's any objections, your place it is."

It was a five minute walk from the bar to Mark and Iain's hall of residence. Fulton Hall was only marginally closer to the Student Union than Bryce Hall where Emma had her room but she wasn't caring. The night was already shaping up to be better than she's hoped for. She felt a slight twinge of guilt that she'd left without saying goodnight to her friends but the anticipation of what lay ahead quickly pushed it to the background. She walked, huddled close to Mark and Iain, a firm, warm male body on either side of her. Their hands were already beginning a surreptitious exploration and Emma felt a growing thrill of excitement begin to spread through her.

By the time they reached the door to Mark and Iain's room the intensity of Emma's arousal was almost too much for her to bear. The five minute walk had taken almost fifteen as she'd stopped to allow herself to be kissed and fondled on numerous occasions by either or both of her companions. Her excitement, intensified by four weeks of frustration, left her trembling with anticipation. When Mark unlocked the door they tumbled into the room. Emma let her jacket be removed and found herself being smothered with kisses as Mark and Iain's hands roamed over her body. She found her clothes, which had been chosen with such care, being quickly and efficiently removed by two pairs of hands. It was only a matter of minutes before all three were naked, Mark and Iain's clothes joining Emma's in a discarded pile on the floor.

Emma let Iain lead her towards one of the beds as Mark pushed the second bed up against the first. With that task completed, he quickly joined the others. Emma sighed and wriggled as she found herself sandwiched between the two men, one on either side. Mark leaned over and began to lick her left breast, sucking occasionally on her nipple. Iain's tongue flicked over the smooth surface of her right breast. "Yessss!" moaned Emma as Mark and Iain feasted on her large, firm breasts. "Oh yesss! Suck them! Suck my tits!" she cried.

Emma spread her legs slightly as she felt Mark and Iain's fingers slide up the inside of her thighs. Someone's fingers, Iain's she thought, brushed lightly against her moist lower lips as the two men continued their mauling of her breasts. Emma surrendered herself to the skilful touches of her lovers, moaning and squirming with pleasure. "Yessss!" she murmured softly, "That feels soooo good."

"Glad you like it," said Iain, removing his mouth from her swollen nipple. "You're going to like this even more," he added as he positioned himself between her legs.

"Ohhhh Fuck!!!" cried Emma as Iain's tongue flicked out and slipped between her moist labia. He began to lap at her pussy, savouring the taste of her juices that flowed freely from her cunt. "That's soooo fucking good," she moaned, her eyes screwed shut.

Emma felt something press against her lips. Without opening her eyes she realised that it could only be the head of Mark's cock. She opened her mouth and accepted it between her lips, flicking her tongue over the slit and sucking it as Iain's tongue darted in and out of her tunnel.

Iain's tongue worked its way into every fold of Emma's cunt. Emma shivered in response to the touch of his tongue and sucked hard on Mark's cock. "Fuck, you taste good," said Iain, pausing momentarily from feasting on her cunt. He returned his attention to her clit, lashing it with broad strokes of his tongue. Emma's body writhed before him.

Iain sucked Emma's swollen clit between his lips and began to flick the tip with his tongue. Mark thrust his cock between Emma's lips, feeling her tongue drag along his shaft as he slid it in and out. Emma's body was on fire. As the pressure in her pussy mounted in response to Iain's tongue she sucked harder and harder on Mark's cock while her hands cupped and squeezed her breasts.

The pressure grew steadily as Emma's arousal soared higher and higher.. Finally, unable to endure any more, she came. Her back arched. Her body shook. Mark's cock slipped from between her lips as she gave voice to her release. "OOOHHHH YESSSSSSS!" she cried as waves of pleasure surged through her body. Emma pinched her nipples as Iain's tongue lashed her throbbing clit. Her body flinched with his every touch. Emma savoured the sensations, holding on to her orgasm for as long as she could.

At last, she could bear it no longer. The contractions pulsing through her pussy and womb were painful in their intensity. "Stop!" she cried, "Oh stop! I want a cock! I need a cock in my pussy!"

Mark and Iain swapped places. "Get on your hands and knees," urged Mark. Emma forced her still trembling body to comply. She opened her eyes and saw Iain kneeling before her, his cock hard and proud. She felt Mark's hands grasp her hips, felt the tip of his cock slide between her moist lower lips and push against her entrance. "Uuuunnnhhh, yessss!" she moaned as Mark pressed forward, slowly sliding his cock into her pussy. Emma rocked back and forth, accustoming herself to the feeling of Mark's cock inside her, letting the walls of her pussy stretch around his thick shaft.

Mark began to thrust in and out. Emma reached forward with one hand and wrapped her fingers around Iain's prick, guiding it towards her mouth. As she rocked forward in response to Mark's thrusts from behind, she opened her mouth and sucked the head of Ian's cock between her lips.

Emma savoured the sensations as the two cocks fucked her mouth and pussy. The evening was turning out to be even better than she'd hoped for. She sucked hard on Iain's cock as Mark drove his into her cunt with long, powerful strokes. Emma bobbed her head up and down, taking Iain deeper and deeper into her mouth. Mark's cock pounded in an out, filling her cunt with every thrust, his balls slapping against her enflamed lips and swollen clit.

In and out, over and over, one cock in her mouth, the other in her cunt. Emma felt delirious with pleasure. Iain reached forward to play with her breasts as his cock slipped between her lips. "Mmmm," purred Emma from around Iain's cock as Mark increased the pace of his thrusts. She gripped his cock tightly with the walls of her pussy and was rewarded with a lust filled gasp.

"I want to fuck her too," said Iain, his voice hoarse with the effort of containing himself.

"Yeah, OK," gasped Mark as he reluctantly pulled his cock from Emma's cunt.

Iain lay down on his back. "Get on top!" he demanded.

"OK," replied Emma. She moved up Iain's body, letting her breasts rub over his thighs and chest as she got into position above him. She reached back between her legs and gripped his cock with her fingers. She flicked the head rapidly up and down her slit. As Iain's knob made contact with Emma's clit she let out a low moan. Her body stiffened and shook as a small yet intensely powerful orgasm gripped her. "Mmmm," she sighed as, still cumming, she guided the tip of his cock towards warm wetness of her awaiting entrance. "Ooooohhh, yessss!" she cried as she lowered herself onto him, taking every inch of his shaft into her cunt.

She began to move up and down, gripping Iain's cock deep inside her as she impaled herself on it. Grabbing her breasts with his hands, Iain leaned forward to attack them with his mouth. "Shit! Yesss!" she cried as his tongue flicked rapidly over her nipples. "Oh yes! Lick them! Make them wet all over," she moaned.

Lost in the sensations that Iain was giving her, Emma had almost forgotten about Mark. She let a surprised "Ohhhh!" escape her as she suddenly felt his hands on her hips and the tip of his cock, still slick with her juices press against her tight rear hole. Emma slid up Iain's cock and held herself steady as Mark began to press forward, pushing the head of his cock past the tight resistance of her arsehole. It yielded slowly to his pressure and he began to sink, inch by inch, into Emma's back passage. "Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh mmmmm," she moaned as Mark buried his cock in her arse. She felt his pubic hair brush against her rear opening, stretched and tender as it accommodated his cock. Slowly she sank back, letting Iain's prick fill her cunt once more.

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