tagFirst TimeFirst Rites Pt. 03

First Rites Pt. 03


Part 3, the final chapter.

Author's note: Read part 1 and 2 if you can, although I've designed this so you can jump right in here. Thanks for enjoying my work, and please let me know what you think.


In previous pages, I met Becky and became first her personal trainer, then her life coach. We grew close, but put our growing feelings for each other on hold. She began dating and lost her virginity at the end of part1 against my wishes with another guy. In part 2 we grew closer, and she shared an experience with another woman. Part 3 is all about the sex and moving on together. We start off with pegging. I realize this isn't everyone's thing. You can scroll to fixpack 7 if that is the case, and you won't miss any essential plot. This section is about trust, and where I start to be more vulnerable to her as well.

Fixpack 6: Taking charge and reversing roles.

My birthday was ten days before hers. I didn't include Becky in my own birthday plans. We weren't really a thing yet, and I had a date with someone else anyway. The problem was, it just wasn't a good date. Her name was Nicole, and our chemistry wasn't what it was the first time I had met her. I recalled I had a couple drinks in me already the first time we met. Anyway, after she treated the staff like shit at the restaurant and was kind of obnoxious and fake and exposed many personality issues, I called it a night. She was great looking, and the old me would still have taken her home and fucked her. Maybe I was growing up, or maybe I just didn't want this woman to define my 28th birthday.

When I got home, I made a stiff drink and settled into my recliner. I was completely satisfied being alone for my birthday, but someone who cared about me and was beginning to be more and more important to me was thinking about me.

Becky, via text: Hot date? Happy birthday.

I was touched. I had mentioned my birthday only once a couple months before.

Me: Date sucked. At home.

Becky: Do you need my services?

Wow, this woman knew how to brighten my day. I knew what services she meant.

Me: Report for duty. My place. ASAP.

I prepped for her services, taking a fresh shower and making sure I could safely take a finger in the tush if she decided to make that BJ extra special. She arrived within thirty minutes. I answered the door naked. She greeted me in casual clothes. Her smile was warm and genuine, and my mood elevated instantly. She gave me a soft kiss, then said, "I am here as your backup date. I hope I don't disappoint you."

"You should have been my first choice. It's great to see you."

"I want to fellate you on your bed, is that okay? Tonight I am here to serve, but on my terms."

I nodded, a little curious. We always did any sexual stuff in my den due to my often arbitrary boundaries for her.

"Can you go there now, turn off all the lights, and wait for me? I'm feeling shy tonight."

I knew that wasn't the whole story, but I didn't care. It was fun to see her take charge. I did as ordered, and she came into the room a few minutes later, dressed just without shoes. Then it went almost black as she turned off the hall lights. "Nice bed," she said as she joined me. "This is where the magic happens." I laughed. "Put a pillow under your butt so I can finger you if that's okay."

I nodded, then realized she couldn't see me. "Yes." I could barely make out her outline in the dark. I spread my legs to allow her to settle between them, my butt elevated by a pillow as requested. Becky massaged my foot for a minute, then worked her way to my quads, then kissed all around my privates before finally clasping my cock and licking the head to get started. The bobs of her head as she started were slow and controlled, with frequent breaks to lick my balls, talk, or delay in other ways. Becky was an expert at blow jobs now and could make me come within a couple minutes, but that was clearly not her objective tonight. She was taking her time.

She asked if I kept the lube nearby. I had it staged on my bedside table and handed it to her. I heard the flip top open, and soon her finger probed my hole with the cool gel. I gave a small sigh as the finger slid in no problem, having been fingered by her several times before. She slid in and out slowly while she pumped my cock, but the oral stopped. This is not her usual routine. A fingering was always near the end, a final nudge against my prostate to get me to come. She added lube, and when she re-inserted, I knew she had given me two fingers. "You okay with two?" she asked.

"Good," I said. Whatever she was doing felt great, and I was curious what her end game was. The fingers flowed in and out slowly. She lazily stroked my cock, definitely not trying to get me to orgasm. After a few minutes, she announced she was taking her clothes off. She got off the bed, and within a few seconds all her clothes had been hurriedly cast onto the floor. I could barely see her nude form in the dark, but my eyes were adjusting. She knelt between my legs again. The lube bottle was popped open again, followed by the squishy sounds as she squeezed some out.

"Spread your legs more, and lift them back," she commanded. I complied. "You probably know what's coming."

"I think so," I said. I could make out what looked like a dildo hanging between her legs. She must have had it on when she came in, carefully concealed under her clothes. I was so impressed that she would have the desire and the confidence to try to pull something like this off, I was powerless to stop her.

She leaned down, pressing her warm, soft breasts against me as she gave me a deep, tender kiss. It lingered for a few seconds, and I felt a blunt, slimy object press against my left butt cheek before she reached down to adjust her aim. Despite the fact she could barely see, the head of the dildo pressed against me right on target, centered perfectly against my prepped anus. Her conquest was swift and smooth. I hadn't been fucked in a while, but I knew I could easily accommodate an average-sized dildo. It hurt just briefly as she pressed through the muscles guarding my door, then she drove in effortlessly until her hips pressed against my butt cheeks.

"Uhhh," I moaned as my trainee took me anally. She leaned in again, leaving the penis fully inserted as she kissed me for a few moments. "Well, you're refusing to give me sex, so I thought I would be more proactive and give it to you." She pulled the dildo out until just the tip remained, then drove it back in and setup a steady rhythm. "Nice, baby, good job," she said. "That went in pretty easily. Not your first time, is it?"

"No," I said. "But it's been a while."

"Your first time with a woman doing it?" she asked.

"Yes," I said without really thinking.

She chuckled and kissed me again, as if she had always suspected. "You're such a perv. I love it." I had bottomed for many guys, mostly while in college. I am straight; my sexual orientation has never been unclear to me. I was just kinky and enjoyed all forms of sex. I had always loved women and had gradually stopped any sexual activity with men and hadn't done it in a long time. The revelation didn't seem to bother her. I thought what the heck, we've always gotten along great as we learned all about each other's dirty laundry. Did we need to keep secrets anyway?

Becky fucked me in and out, over and over. Her torso was upright now, having found the optimal angle for using the strap-on in missionary position. Her breasts dangled, and the nipples tickled my chest along with her hair. She leaned in for another round of kissing and slowed her strokes, and her tits mashed against me. The pattern repeated, and the sensations in me kept getting better. I knew my dick was completely hard now, and I was nearing orgasm without her even touching me. I would need an assist to get over the edge, but barely.

I was completely submissive and passive now. My legs were spread wide, and I bent the knees and pulled them back. My butt was loose and offered no resistance to the artificial shaft as it effortlessly slid in and out. That awkward feeling I had yielding to her faded for the rest of the act. This turned out to be a welcomed break from my dominant persona, and I never would have thought Becky would be the one to talk me into it.

Our eyes were used to the dark now. I could make out the features in her face, as well as enjoy the eye candy of her breast flopping around a little as she stroked me. "You're good at this," I told her.

She smiled. "Your friend left his strap-on, so I took it after they left and before you noticed. Would you hate me if I said I'd practiced a couple times? I'll tell you all about it later. Two of the guys I went out with this month took it, and I was waiting for the right time to tell you instead of putting it in the journal." She kissed me again. "It's more fun with you, though. You're taking it much better. They were a little whiny about it and complained about the size."

"I can't want to hear the details. I've created a monster," I joked.

"I was just using them to train for you. This is the moment I wanted. I'm so horny I can't stand it." Finally Becky's hand clasped my cock. She slowed her thrusting as she milked me slowly to give me the release I needed. Even her technique with her hands had improved. The tips of her fingers dug into the flesh on the sensitive underside of my cock and she pumped up and down, then she did some kind of twisting motion to get me near the point of no return. As my groans signaled the beginning of my orgasm, she clamped down and squeezed my cock hard for a few seconds, then slackened her grip and began a faster stroking as my load erupted out of me. The burn in my balls and pleasure as the copious amounts fluids were forcefully ejected were indicative of one of the best orgasms I'd had.

Becky slowed her strokes as I finished. I could feel the semen pooled up mostly on one part of my chest, with a few drops that had gotten away spread over a wider zone. She released my penis, then leaned in and took a large portion of the load into her mouth. Her cock slipped out of my ass. When she came up and went for the kiss, I didn't have much time to react or even think about what was happening. Her tongue pressed between my lips, seeking access. I opened my mouth as her lips met mine, and she pushed a good amount of my own semen into my mouth. She always swallowed after blowing me until now. I'd never tasted my own load before, but I had taken plenty of other people's in an age long gone. I never really felt the urge to taste it after I ejaculated and lost interest, but tonight was different. I enjoyed it a lot now, mostly because my lover was into it. She kissed me long and deep, returning a couple times to get more semen, leaving my face and chest a sticky mess as the strong taste slowly dissipated.

"I love how you don't turn away. You always kiss me after I take your load," she said. "I mean, when I'd actually swallow first. Most guys don't even do that. It's a huge turn on, and it tells me I am more than a cum dumpster to you."

"You are," I said.

"Close your legs," she commanded. "Give me one second." She went into my bathroom and quickly took off the strap-on, probably leaving it in the sink to avoid getting lube all over my bed or floor. She returned, turned on the bedside lamp, and straddled me. My penis had softened to a semi, and she put her pussy right on top of it and ground herself against me with some sporadic kissing. I had enough swell in my unit to give her something to grind against. She was dry humping me, feeling her slick crack ride forward and back against the underside of my cock. Within a minute, She moaned and shuddered, a very familiar sign now to me that she had reached orgasm.

She laid on my chest for a minute, and I could feel her heart racing. "I'm dead. I have a new appreciation for how hard you guys work." Her performance had left her sweaty. "Do you want to fuck me?" she asked softly. "You're hard enough now to make it work." She raised her torso and reached back to grab my cock. When she squeezed the base, blood forced its way into the first few inches and made it hard enough to get us started. She brought the tip to her pussy and leaned back, just giving me a glimpse of her wet lips caressing the tip. I knew it was just a tease, and I wasn't ready to complete her education yet anyway. She knew it, and she rolled off, and we just relaxed for a few minutes without saying anything, both spent and a little sweaty. Finally, she spoke. "Happy birthday."

"I enjoyed my gift," I replied. Even if I had had no experience on the receiving end of anal before, I would have let her try it. I believe in trying anything once, and after taking her anally many times before, it was only fair. As I matured over the past decade and became more an more masculine and sure of myself, things like pegging and being fed my own load seemed like less of a big deal.

Becky said goodbye and left shortly thereafter, saying she had something to do and wanted to not take up too much of her coach's time and impose on his birthday. But really she was playing me, using my own teachings against her. She sensed I wanted her to stay, but she knew absence would make the heart grow fonder on this night.

Fixpack 7: Consummating our relationship. Moving on. Happy endings.

I would have given Becky just about anything she wanted on her birthday. It was getting harder to deny the true extent of my feelings. If she wanted to be alone or spend it on a real date with someone else, I would have selflessly obliged. But all she asked for was to be welcomed at my place with a nice dinner and my company. Nervous energy built up in me all day. I was going to fuck her. I was good at that, and it wasn't a problem. But I knew as soon as my dick slid inside her, my soul would be left bare, and there would be no turning back.

She arrived early, coming straight from a workout. She knew I would like that more than her spending hours with make-up and choosing a nice outfit. I got hard as soon as she walked in the door and took off her overcoat. She was wearing very tight compression shorts and a sports bra. The nipples poked through the sweaty bra, and her toned midsection was gleaming. Her ripped physique conformed well to the tight shorts, with her well-defined pubic bone showing, tucked between a flat belly and her muscular quads. And, of course, there was the often-present camel toe formed by her puffy outer lips. The guys must love her at Crossfit. Becky dressed conservatively even as her figure improved. Perhaps this was the influence of her Indian culture. I though it made her more attractive and classy. The exception was while working out. That was the one time she felt free to slut up her outfit. "You're early," I said.

"I missed you, and it's my birthday. Problems?"

"No, not at all. I missed you too. You're the queen of the camel toe, you know. I love your workout clothes."

"Happy to see me then?" She asked as she put her hand on my crotch briefly before walking past me. I was stripped down to my boxer briefs, which I felt was great dinner date attire. "It helps that I am not the only girl there wearing these shorts. I love how sexy I feel, that's for sure. But you're not supposed to wear panties with them, and sometimes the toe is unavoidable. This is the only pair I have with the seam going up the middle that is a problem."

"Well, I like them," I said.

"I'll bet you do. My breasts are a bigger problem. The nipple rings make them get erect easier and show through clothes even worse. Thanks for that." She went straight for my shower while I finished making dinner. When I heard the water shut off, I left the food on the burner on low, not sure when we would actually eat.

I peered into the bathroom and admired her beautiful body before meeting her smile in the mirror. She was blow-drying her hair. This appliance was the only thing I let her leave at my place while coaching her. "Is that definition I see in your abs coming through now? You've come so far," I said.

"Favorable lighting," she said. But that wasn't it. She had really cut her body fat down while building a fit, healthy physique. She was instagram-follower worthy now. Her butt in particular had the filled-out, muscular look the fitness models sought. It was so perfect, I suspected some people accused her of getting butt implants. Her confidence showed through in her smile, gorgeous even without a trace of makeup. She was a new person. I could hear her phone notifications going off in the other room. Every guy she went out with pursued her like crazy after meeting her now. Men at her work, including members of senior management, were trying to get down her pants. She looked like the women that were very dedicated in the gym, but she was also a successful professional with other interests and a great heart. It was time to close the deal. She was the love of my life, and now she was almost out of my league!

"Your outside has caught up with the inside. You are a beautiful woman all the way through. I am so lucky to know you." She smiled and offered no objections. She could believe that now. I was laying it on thick, but it was from the heart. I handed her the birthday card and motioned for her to read it.

"Dear Becky," she read, "I hereby resign as your coach. You've met your goals, and I am madly in love with you. I will remain dedicated to your success and happiness, but as your partner in life, if you'll have me."

She was already tearing up. It was about time I told her what she already knew and had told me many times. I reached around her waist to pull her close. Her bare butt crack pressed against my boxer briefs. "It might take me a while to get out of coaching mode," I said.

"You don't need to change much," she said. "I thought about it last night. I sensed you would be ready today. We already have a great relationship that I love being in. Call me old-fashioned, but I trust you completely with all that I have. You are the man in my life, the head of household. I know that whatever you do will always be to lift me up, because you do love me. You showed it to me a thousand times before you said the words."

"I do," I replied.

"I've waited so long for you to say this. But you don't do relationships, remember? You are a player. Monogamy isn't your thing."

"That was before I met you," I said.

"You know, if you keep talking like that, you're going to get some. The kind of something you haven't had from me before." She grinned big at me in the mirror and gave a subtle wiggle to her tush, feeling for my penis and already triggering a swell again. Her plump butt alternated between a soft, pillowy cushion and rock-hard muscles as she clenched and relaxed.

"Tonight is about you, birthday girl. What do you want?" My hands cupped her breasts gently.

"Your complete love and adoration. But that's not all. I have physical needs that must be met tonight." Her crotch pressed harder against me now, and I was at half mast and rising. "Make me a proper woman. I don't mean one of my other orifices that you thoroughly plundered already." I laughed, adoring her blunt humor as always. I turned her head to the side so I could kiss her from behind. Her tongue quickly found its way into my mouth as she deepened the kiss. I held her for a few minutes and just kissed her, knowing that if she wasn't wet before, this would definitely do the job. Becky responded to a simple kiss on the lips better than any woman I'd been with.

"Take me now," she said, bending at the waist. "You're ready, and I'm already soaked after that speech you gave. I want it to be you. I have wanted it to be you for a long time. Put it in me, please."

"Say it again, with the accent," I said.

She said a few sentences in Hindi, then said in English with a thick Indian accent, "Please. Fuck me." She reached back and pulled her left butt cheek to the side for me to open her crack.

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