First She Showed Me


I switched on the black and white function of the program I was using and saw things I missed in color.

The way shadows played as a gray tone, highlighting angles or contours, the way light reflected off of an expanse of skin, the flawless skin of her body, the unblemished surface of her face, all changed when I viewed her in black and white.

Her toes were long and slender like her hands.

Her ankles were perfectly formed and blended naturally into her calves.

Her thighs were strong and though she rarely worked out, when she stretched in one or two of the poses, the definition showed she was beautifully toned.

Her navel was an "innie" and I thought I'd like to kiss it.

Her butt was perfect, but it was her pussy that caused me to catch my breath each time I viewed it from a different angle.

I didn't realize how many times I'd focused the camera on her pussy until I looked at the number of photographs I'd included in a group. There were dozens.

I wondered what it would be like to taste her. Uh-oh, I thought. That was my first sexual thought of my sister.

Up to that point, I'd been consumed by her beauty. But now, now I felt I'd violated her and I quickly turned off the computer.

I sat on the living room sofa and closed my eyes.

I drifted into sleep and in that sleep I dreamt of art and the feminine form, but most of the images I dreamt of were images of my sister.

In my dream I became a shill for my sister's beauty.

I was a barker in a carnival.

"Step right up," I shouted. "Step right up and view the only Wonder of the World. The most beautiful creation in the universe." And I meant it.

I was a curator in a museum.

"Ladies and gentlemen," I spoke. "Tonight our institution is proud to unveil the living Venus de Milo."

I was a talk show host with a panel of art critics seated around my table.

"So, we are all in agreement, this model, Marisol, is without question the most beautiful creature in all the firmaments."

I knew I was dreaming, but I could not have stopped if I wanted to stop.

If a bomb had gone off in our city, I would have missed it.

I dreamt again of her breasts.

If a car had crashed into my living room wall, I would not have left my dream.

I touched her perfect shoulders.

If an asteroid was headed to earth, I would just have smiled and stayed within the perfect warmth of my dream.

Her pussy. Goodness, how I loved her pussy.


Ah, and the beautiful way her mouth moved when she said my name.


The sound of her voice was my new favorite song.

"Louis, can you wake up please."

Uh-oh. Something's wrong. My dream is fragmenting.

"Louis. I'm hungry. Please wake up."

The Elephant in the Room

I woke up. I didn't want to, but my sister needed me.

"Oh. Hey. Sorry, I was a bit tired myself."

"Louis. It's seven-thirty. I slept for almost five hours."

I sat up immediately.

"Oh my god, Solly. I guess I crashed. I'm sorry."

"Uh, Louis, you may want to cover up a bit."


"I said, you may want to cover up a bit. You're sticking up, I mean out."

I looked down and saw my cock had somehow made its way out of my trousers and was hard as a rock, with a huge stain of pre-seminal fluid all over the front of my pants.

I quickly turned away from Solly. I heard her giggle.

"Solly. I'm sorry. I guess I must have been dreaming."

"Don't worry. I think it's probably natural after all you've been through today."

"Yeah. Probably. What do you want to do about dinner?" I said changing the subject.

"Let's order in."

"Okay. Chinese, Thai, what do you feel like?"

"I think I want to get some pizza and have a couple beers. Is that okay?"


We ordered in and ate in relative silence.

When we were done and had cleaned up the kitchen, Solly asked if I wanted another beer.

"Sure. Aren't you going out tonight?"

"No. I'm pooped. I thought I'd just stay here and hang out with you if that's okay?"

"Yeah. I guess it's okay."

"Do you not want me around?"

"No. It's okay. What do you want to do?"

"I thought we could talk."

"Talk? Talk about what?"


"Oh. Today. Okay. I don't think there's much to say, but sure, I guess we can do that."

"Louis. I think there's a lot to talk about. Let's meet in the living room in a few minutes. I want to get some lotion so you can put it in me."

"In you?"

"In me what?"

"The lotion. You said so I could put it in you."

"No I didn't."

"I'm pretty sure you did."

"Louis, that would have been a Freudian slip. I said, I want to get some lotion so you can put it in me, I MEAN ON ME. Jesus. I mean ON me."

"Solly. I know what you mean. But I think it's funny you said it twice."

"It's not a Freudian slip."

"Okay. It's not. But it's still pretty amusing."

Solly just shook her head, stood, and said she'd be right back.

I opened my beer. There would be much to discuss.

When Solly came back in the room, she was wearing a bath robe. She'd pulled her hair up into a pony tail and had washed her face. She sat at my feet.

"Louis, could you please put lotion on my neck and shoulders. I think they got a bit more sun than I meant to get."

"Sure. Hand me the lotion."

Solly handed me the lotion. While I opened the top, she shrugged her shoulders and her robe fell down around her elbows. Again, I was amazed at how beautiful she was, even without any makeup or fancy clothes or anything. If I looked over her shoulder, I could see the swell of her breast. I thought it best if I kept my distance as I didn't want her to think I was getting some cheap thrills.

I began to apply the lotion.

"Ummm. That feels so good. So cool. Put a bit more on my right shoulder please. Oh yeah. Just like that."

"Damn Solly. I think you're enjoying this too much."

"Umm. I think you're right. If I didn't think I'd get in trouble, I'd let you do my whole body."

"Trouble? What kind of trouble?"

"You know. Temptation."

And there it was. The elephant in the room.

I knew exactly what Solly meant. I hadn't articulated it, but I knew it instantly. She'd turned me on and I think, posing for me had turned her on.

Now what?

"Solly, I think we should talk."

"I know."

"You do?"

"Yup. I don't think we need to beat around the bush. I think we should be open and say what we have to say in as straight forward a manner as possible."

"Okay. You first."

"Not on your life. I have seniority here. I want to hear what you have to say first. I'll respond and I'll be completely honest. But, I want to hear you first."

"Okay. But there's not much you can't guess. I'm a guy for goodness sake."

"I know. But I still want to hear you say it."

So I told her.

I told her how I was caught completely by surprise when she asked me to look at her naked.

I told her, when I got the camera, it was not to take crotch shots or other salacious images I could jack-off to, but instead, it was because I truly wanted her to see how beautiful she was, how perfect in every way.

I told her how I became enamored of her pussy. How the lips grew puffier as the shoot went on. I told her as I was looking at the images in her computer, how I kept coming back to her pussy over and over.

I told her about my dreams. How I'd wanted the world to see what only I had seen up to that moment.

I told her I was both embarrassed and glad she had seen my dick.

I told her, if she wasn't my sister, I'd ask her to marry me. She laughed heartily at that confession.

I told her, if she wasn't my sister, I'd seduce her and take her cherry and give her mine.

I told her things with words and I told her things with my touch as I continued to massage her shoulders.

She sighed and took both my hands into her own hands and pulled me into a hug.

She lifted her robe back over her shoulders and turned to face me.

She told me, she couldn't understand why she wanted me to be the first to see her totally naked. But she did.

She told me she thought getting the camera was a great idea and didn't realize how many different ways she could pose that would look like a statue. She thought the sculptress would be pleased.

She told me as the shoot went on, her nether lips (her term) got puffier because she became excited.

She told me that when I kissed her on the forehead she wished it would have been on her lips.

She told me that when she went to take a nap, she masturbated once and used her dildo immediately after she came the first time and exhausted herself with orgasms.

She told me that when she came back into the living room, she stood looking at me for a good five minutes. She realized I was dreaming, but looking at the flow of pre-seminal fluid from the head of my dick made her weak with desire.

She told me she wanted to get on her knees and lick me but was afraid I'd freak if she did.

She told me that when she thought back to the photos and how she looked, she knew there was something missing.

She told me these things and then told me the one thing we both knew to be the truth.

She told me she loved me and wanted me to be her first lover.

I nodded.

"How do you propose to go about this? I've never been with a girl and you've never been with a guy."

"I know. But I want to tell you why I want you to be my first."


"Essentially there are two reasons. First, the photos show a beautiful girl. Me. But I'm not a woman. I stand like a girl. I'm coy like a girl. I'm a bit of a show-off, like a girl coming into her own. But they don't show a woman. I want to be a woman."

"Second, I'm tired of the world for now. I want to model for this statue and then I want to retire. I want time to do nothing."

"I cocked my head in a questioning manner."

"Since Mom and Dad died, I've done everything possible to keep my mind occupied. I don't think I've had one minute of introspection or even reflection in the few years since they passed. I want that time now."

"How can I help?" I asked.

"You can be my protector."

"You mean like you've been for me?"

"Yes. Exactly. You don't owe me anything, but I'd feel so much better if you'd take care of things until I can catch my breath."

"I will. Do you want to pass on the being lovers thing."

"Lord no. I've never wanted anything more in my life. My pussy lips didn't swell because I was naked in front of a man. They swelled because I was naked in front of the man I love as much as I love life itself."

"You love me?"

"More than I can express."

"Hmmm. Then I guess it's okay to tell you how I feel."

Solly just squinted and looked at me.

"Solly. When I'm conscious and not working or role-playing on line, or when I'm not masturbating to some on-line porn or paying some girl to take her clothes off via the internet, I think of you."

"I think of your well being."

"I think of your protective manner toward me."

"I worry about you."

"I wait up at night until I know you're home safe and sound."

"I used to think I'd like to meet the man who won your heart. He'd have to be special."

"And now you find out it's you."

"Right. And now it's me."

"Are you okay with what I need?"

"I am."

"Good. Then there's one more thing I'd like to express."

"Go ahead."

"Louis. I want to do everything with you. Every kinky thing we can find on the internet. If we both agree it's intriguing, we'll try it once or twice."

I arched my eyebrow and smiled.

"I mean it. There should be no reservations between you and I. But, and this is my most fervent desire, I want to teach you to please a woman. I want to teach you to bring me pleasure."

I could only nod. In front of me was the most beautiful creature I could imagine offering me entry into the gates of paradise. All she asked in return was that I learn to bring her pleasure. There was no request for gold or jewels or song, just bring her pleasure. I could think of no greater gift.

"When do you want to start?"

"Tonight. I want to sleep in your bed tonight and until we're exhausted, I want to whisper all the things to each other we want from each other."

"I'm not sleepy yet. Can we start out here until we're tired."

"Sure. How do you want to start?"

"Can I hold your breast?"

"Can I kiss your dick?"

"Wow. Really. You want to kiss my dick?"

"Oh Louis. Let me make myself perfectly clear. I want to know your dick in every possible way a woman can know a man's dick."

"That's how I want to know your pussy."

"Then why'd you want to hold my breast first?"

"I'm saving the best for last."

We both chuckled.

Then Solly shrugged her shoulders again and again her robe fell down around her elbows. This time however, she undid the sash and let fall completely away from her. She took my hands and pulled them down to cup her breasts.

For the next two hours, we touched each other and kissed and licked each and every square inch of the others body.

Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore and said I needed to get up for a minute.

"Where are you goin?"

"Uh, Solly, I need to go take care of something."


"I'm about ready to explode. Sorry, but I can't last another minute."

"Put it in my mouth."

"But I'm going to..."

"Put it in my mouth. Now's as good a time as any to find out what it's like to suck your dick."

"I'm warning you."

"I'm okay. I want to know what it's like."

She told me to stand up and face her. She knelt in front of me and looked up into my eyes.

"Now Louis. Do it now."

I pushed forward and the head of my dick went into her mouth. Two seconds later I came.

The first shot caught us both by surprise. But she closed her eyes and swallowed.

The second was way more cum then the first and filled her mouth quickly. I pushed in just a bit more.

As she was swallowing the second shot, I shot a third time and this time, this time I was sure I was going to drown her. But she held on.

I pulsed at least a dozen times and soon cum was running out of her mouth and nose and tears were in her eyes, but she pulled me to her and forced more of my length into her mouth.

Then the pulses began to diminish.

I could hear swallowing sounds and sniffling, but I'd gone blind with rapture and was so weak I could not even muster enough strength to feel bad for the way I'd taken advantage of her mouth. I was feeling absolute bliss.

Solly cleared her throat a few times and the vibrations tickled my dick. It slowly began to deflate in her mouth. Then I withdrew.

"I'm sorry."

She coughed and cleared her throat. A minute later she cleared her throat again.


"I don't know. I feel bad you had to deal with all that."

"Are you kidding. I've always wondered what it would be like. That was the coolest thing I've ever experienced. Louis, you can have my mouth anytime you want. I loved it."


"Really. I can't tell you how feminine it made me feel. The first three cum spurts were unbelievable. I wish you could cum in my mouth in slow motion. It's such a power thing."

"What do you mean?"

She cleared her throat again. I reached out and wiped some of the cum away from her nose."

"Taste it."


"Taste it."

"Taste my own cum?"

"Yup. You'll see. It's not bad."

I licked the glob on my finger into my mouth. She was right. It wasn't bad.


"Yeah, but I came so much."

"Do you always cum a lot?

"Usually the first cum of the day is a lot."

"The first? How many times a day do you come?"

"Two or three. Sometimes four or five."

"Wow. I had no idea. From now on, at least once a day you're going to cum in my mouth. Preferably the first cum of the day so I can have a lot of it."

"You really like it?"

"Dear, sweet brother. I loved it. I had no idea it would be so warm and so salty. I loved it."


"I bet. Now that I've take the edge off of your needs, I'm ready to go to bed and talk dirty."

So to bed we went.

We talked until way past midnight.

I asked her if we could do anal.

She asked if she could hold my dick while I peed.

I asked her if she would teach me at least five different ways to eat her pussy.

She asked if she could sit on my face.

I asked her if we could sixty-nine.

She asked if I would pose nude for her.

I asked her what it was like to have a period.

She asked me if I would lick her anus.

I asked if she'd lick mine.

She asked me if I would let her make a clay mold of my erection.

I asked if I could cum on her breasts.

And so it went, each of us pressing for just a bit more kink and of course, just a bit more surrender from the other.

I asked her when I could taste her pussy.

She put her hand between her legs and stuck fingers inside herself. After a few seconds, she brought her hand to my mouth. It was dripping with her juices.

I took each finger into my mouth and licked them clean.

She asked if I liked it.

I told her she tasted heavenly.

She told me I could taste directly from the source tomorrow after she'd had a bath.

I told her I was tired and needed to sleep.

She snuggled into me and within seconds, I was out like the proverbial light.

In the morning she sucked me off again. Then she held my dick while I took my morning pee.

After breakfast, we looked at the photos once again and decided she didn't need any more help posing. Then she took her bath.

She called me into the bath room to dry her off. She said she was excited and needed me to be with her all day.

I stood with her while she took a pee and when she offered me the tissue, I bent down on one knee and wiped her.

We went to her bed at 1:00 in the afternoon and for the next nine hours she taught me everything she could teach me about pleasing a woman.

She showed me each of her erogenous areas; her ears, her neck, the backs of her knees, her toes, (she asked me to suck her toes), her breasts, her fingers and finally, her pussy.

I could not get enough of her taste. I was ravenous.

She taught me how to lick, how to suck, how to use my tongue and lips. She showed me the many different ways a person can use their mouth to bring pleasure to another person, but mostly she showed me the joy to be found when two people take their time and offer their services, one to the other.

When she had to get up to pee, I told her not to wipe. I used my tongue instead of tissue.

When I had to pee, she went with me and knelt then licked off the last few drops.

She didn't offer anything to me in the way of relief. This time was hers.

When it was time to get up and eat something, we both walked to the kitchen naked.

I got some peaches and cream and had her lay on the dining room table. I ate them off of her body.

She crushed some grapes and smeared the mess all over my butt. She ate the grapes and licked me clean, even sticking her tongue into my anus for a couple of minutes. I was so hard I thought I'd burst. "Hold that thought," she joked.

We showered and got back into bed.

I was still hard and needed to cum.

Solly propped herself up on some pillows and said she wanted to watch me jack-off on her breasts. I did. Then I scooped up the dollops of cum and fed her first one scoop, then I'd eat the next and so on. When she was mostly cleaned off, I kissed her rolled over and told her I loved her.

"Tomorrow, Louis. Tomrrow you're going to make me a woman."

I dreamt of tropical rain storms.

The next day we made love for the first time.

Though she'd broken her hymen with her vibrator, she still suffered for the first few minutes I was inside of her. But then, as she adjusted to my size, she took complete control and rode me senseless.

We tried every position we could think of. When it was time for me to cum, I pulled out and came in her mouth. Three times, I came in her mouth. Then I couldn't have cum again if you'd paid me. We lost count of the number of times she came.

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