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First Strike


This is my first post. I all of the sudden felt compelled to write. There is no one here to judge me and as I struggle though some challenges, writing helps me exorcise.

Please read my bio for some much needed context.

Thank you.



I had seen it in a movie once, though I cannot recall where.

A woman, blindfolded and tied to a bed. All you could see of the male was his hands.

After softly caressing her body, raising its temperature and nerve endings so it was primed for attention, after warming her breasts and she was relaxed, he produced a riding crop, the appearance of this immediately aroused me. He placed the flat end of the crop beside her cheek, and gently ran it to the base of her neck. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck ignite... I thought of my wife. I want to try this.

I am a 50 year old male, in reasonable shape and I had a full on erection in no time, thinking about what my wife would look like if I had control of her like that. We had done some things, some pretty adventurous things, but this felt: "dirtier" and powerfully arousing.

The riding crop made its way up and down the body of the woman in the movie/scene. He slowly raised the crop a few inches from her breast, and lightly smacked her, beside her breast. I was surprised at how much harder this made me.

I felt... perhaps; ashamed, maybe a bit guilty that I liked this so much. I am a Christian, but I am a man and the flesh... is the flesh.


I went to the local adult toy store. Every time I walk in there, I feel a rush of excitement.

It took me 45 minutes to find the right riding crop.

I was nervous. I had tied my wife before, I had spanked her, bound her and cut then ripped her clothes off, tied her to exercise equipment, God the blood is rushing thought my body as I write this... but tonight was going to take things to a new level, I hoped.


I set the bed harness up but hid it under the sheets and I let my wife know that something new was going to happen that evening.

I had bought her some new fishnets that afternoon, as well as a one piece latex outfit, midriff bearing. I asked her to go the bedroom, change, put on the red blindfold, the black high heels with the studs and call me when she was ready.


I restrained her hands, loosely, so she would also have room to move.

I began the same way the man's hands in the video did. I teased her, she was ready, her body was warm, willing and expecting whatever was coming... I hoped.

I had left her clothed. While still blindfolded, I placed the flat end of the riding crop under her jawbone, on her neck and began to slide down to her collarbone. When I reached the top of her breast, I followed the natural outer curve of her shape... when I did that, her nipple was already hard, I could see it through her top.... and she arched her back. I didn't need to do anything, her nipple was begging to be sucked. She had no idea what she was feeling against her body.

When she arched her back, it was as if her voice was inside my head saying "why the fuck have you waited so long to do this to me?" It was like she was opening up, a surrender, a relief: "he's gonna fucking dominate every inch of me tonight.

She fucking loved it.

I flipped the riding crop around to use the loop end. I moved to her other breast and pulled the cup of her top down, she let out a deeper breath when I exposed her breast to the temperature of the room, and the eyes on her, that she could feel, but not see.

Using only the noose, I let it fall on her and tease her breast, lassoing and pulling her nipple occasionally. She moaned and moaned some more, I could have cum just watching her. Her breath became deeper and I decided to push the limits, always with a reassuring word that would indicate "stop" if she felt uncomfortable.

I covered her breast again, which was torture for her, a denial - and then I un-cupped her other breast.

I raised the riding crop, just like the hands on the video did and I lightly smacked her breast... I thought I was going to faint. It was so fucking powerful. Her moan turned to an open mouth heavy breath and she released a deeply satisfying but quick "ahhhhh" her body writhed and communicated clearly, she was on fucking fire. And again, I got the sensation that she had been waiting to be taken this way.

I checked with her, asking about the intensity and if she could handle more, her cracking voice through her deepening breath whispered a long "yes."

This time, I raised the riding crop and when I landed it... I tapped her nipple, hard... her back arched and her "ahhhh" was far more intense, her breathing increased and her stomach expanded and retracted more vigorously. I was besides myself, the eroticism of the moment was powerful and it was I who felt dominated by her. Her power engulfed me.


She was on fire.

I spoke to her sternly:

"A slave must obey her master. Before I strike you again, I want your body to invite me. I need to know you want this, that you are aching for it."

She nodded.

I kneeled over her, I have always found it so fucking arousing to have her body bound and helpless, exposed to me, waiting for whatever I wanted to do next. Maybe it is because she is the picture of strength and fitness that I find such intense pleasure in subduing her. She knows men's and women's eyes are on her all the time online and out in the real world. I see this too when I am with her, but I am not jealous, I am proud and I know I am the only person who gets to hear her scream.

Still kneeling over her, I teased her nipples lightly with my fingertips and lightly traced my fingers down the sides of her body and she fucking bucked like a wild animal.

I continued, as my confidence increased:

" I want you to arch your back and offer your body up to me. I will pull the top off your breasts and I expect you to raise them towards me as high as you can. This is what will convince me that you want me to whip my slave, that you want to please me. After your nipples feel the sting (of your master's implement), I expect your nipples to become harder and your back to arch even farther...so you can beg, so your body begs, so I can strike you again. So I can know how fucking badly you are aching for this."

As she was told to do so; she arched her back and the riding crop came down, harder, flat ended on her nipple which became even more erect and she started to shake. It was impossible to resist. I brought my mouth to her raised breast and bit her nipple just hard enough to heighten her frenzy.

Returning to tower over her, the speed and intensity of my riding crop strikes increased, and so did the shaking of her body. Now I tapped her in rapid succession, like the rapid fire of an action movie sequence. Short controlled bursts.

I remember saying over her moans "you're my fucking slave, you are driving me crazy. You are my fantasy. I want to go deeper with you."


The next command I gave: "stay arched!"

I stopped striking her, and her obedient body, arched as ordered, was shaking. There were beads of sweat on her flat stomach and her breathing was almost uncontrollable.

I had denied her. I had taken her ecstasy away and her body was out of control...

"BE STILL" I commanded and "Shut your mouth, slave."

Then, with her body still arched and fighting to swallow her moans, I placed the crop stick between her breasts and slowly slid it very lightly down... above and below the top of her ribcage... to the middle of her shaking stomach... tracing to below her navel, with a light smack - extracting a gasp of delight from her and finally... I rested the crop stick flat over her panties... and against her mound, draping over her pussy.


Do I dare discipline my slave this way? I could tell she thought it might be coming. We had never been here before and not knowing how she would react nearly caused me to back off from what I had planned next.

Why were her panties still on? It was my choice, my preference. I have always had a thing for her panties being soaked... I think it was probably the seeds of this desire to dominate I had for her since the first times we made love.

One night we came home from the movies. I brought her to the adjacent bedroom and tied her to the chair. I then informed her that I would leave her clothed, but undo her pants and make her cum through her panties. But that is another story.

Back to the riding crop, and her suspended, aching body.

I smacked her mound. She is very flexible, but her arch turned into a near walkover. Her moan surged into a half scream and her heart rate must have been north of 160.

The tapping on her pussy intensified again both in speed and impact, there was no controlling her, she was going to orgasm, so... I stopped. You can imagine what her body did, what she sounded like as I kneeled over her again, just taking her all in, thinking... this is my slave, my wife, my love and her trust is intoxicating.


I commanded to place her heels on my shoulders... the metal of the studded heel stung me a bit, enough to leave some marks to remind me of the night before, on the morning after. I reached for the outside of her things and she obediently raised her hips so I could take her panties off. Her pussy was swollen and wet. Her whole crotch area was soaked.

Calling upon her flexibility; I grabbed her legs behind the knees and thrust them back up towards her ... the tops of her legs were now flat on the bed and she was completely exposed... there was nothing left to do, but tease her clit briefly with the tip of my cock before slamming into her.

She was still tied and blindfolded. Legs pinned, breasts now exposed and I fucked her as hard and relentlessly as a man who wants to dominate his slave would, with the vigour of a teenager who was just about to have his first orgasm. I was surprised how long I tasted that night.

When she came, it felt like she shook the room. Her throat was hoarse and dry and she screamed so loud it rattled my eardrums. I came right after her and we were both spent. It took several minutes for her body to calm down.

I was amazed. Stunned because I did not know how much I wanted this, nor how much she would enjoy it and I was assured again that I do not need to look anywhere for a fantasy, she is right there. That knowledge is perhaps the most arousing of all.


A willing partner is an intoxication to anyone who wants to dominate. Who loves to watch. Who admires as his own fantasy come to life. But, many men are afraid to try something different and yet, they frequent porn sites and have affairs because they want someone more adventurous...

Don't be an idiot. She is right in front of you most of the time, you just have not invested the time it takes to earn her trust. The change you must make are not in the way you make love, but in the way you love her every day. That is how this type of intimacy is cultivated.

FYI we are both devout Christians. We pray together, we read together and we go to fantasy land together.

Fucking hot. I can't wait to see what's next, but I bought a new toy I have been nervous about for the longest time. She has no idea what it is.

Please come back again if you enjoy reading about my experiences.


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