First Swap


Ann broke away from sucking Dave's cock and turned her face up to kiss Dan good-bye, swirling her tongue around his as they kissed. Then Dan turned his face to the side and sucked Dave's cock into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue for a minute before stopping.

"See you, Dave," he said with a grin.

"You bet," Dave said, reaching out and shaking his hand. "Till next time."

Wendy wrapped her arms around Dave, kissing him, then squeezed his cock and kissed it.

"I love your cock, Dave," Wendy said. "I can't wait until we do this again."

Leaning over, Wendy kissed Ann tenderly, gently swirling her tongue into her mouth and dueling with her tongue. Then reluctantly Dan and Wendy opened the door and left, leaving Ann and Dave sitting there, his cock in her hand and her tongue teasing it.

"Well, that was sure the party to end all parties," Ann said with a laugh. "I would never have imagined anything like that happening to me in my life. And to think it all started because you wouldn't give us our bathing suit tops back. Thank god."

"Yes, I have to say I think everything turned out just great," Dave said, grinning. "I loved watching you suck Dan's cock and eating Wendy's pussy. It was just great."

"I was thinking the same thing about you, Dave, baby," Ann laughed. "I'm still amazed at how the two of you took to sucking cock. And seeing that big bad boy of yours stuffed up Wendy's pretty blonde pussy, wow. I almost came just watching."

"We'll have to see what we can do in the future to keep things interesting," Dave said, a faraway look in his eyes. "I'll bet we can have a lot of fun."

"I'll say," Ann agreed, giving his cock another soft suck. "But I'm burned out for today. You'll just have to deal with this monster cock by yourself. I'm going to take a bath."

For the next week Ann fucked Dave's brains out whenever she could, wearing him out. She seemed completely transformed as a result of what had happened. Finally Dave told Dan at lunch that she was fucking him to death and that he didn't know if he could keep up any more.

"Funny, something just like that has been happening to me too," Dan added. "Wendy's gone nuts. She just wants to suck my cock and have me eat and fuck her all the time."

"Sounds familiar," Dave grinned. "Well, I've got an idea to help satisfy them and to help us out at the same time."

'What do you mean?" Dan asked.

"Well, I think we should arrange to have them both fucked but good until they can't take any more, then maybe they'll calm down with us a little bit," Dave said.

"But how?" Dan asked.

"I have this friend named Sam," Dave explained. "He's got the biggest cock I've ever seen. We play golf together. Anyway, I think we should invite Sam over without the girls knowing about it and get him involved."

"You mean have a stranger fuck our wives for us?" Dan asked in shock.

"Not for us, with us," Dave clarified. "With three of us fucking, we should be able to wear them out."

"Wow, that' crazy," Dan said. "They'd never agree."

"That's the beauty of it," Dave said, "they'll never know."

"How are you going to do that?" Dan asked.

"I've got an idea and I'm sure they'll go for it," Dave said. "But how about you, what do you think?"

"It sounds crazy, but it sounds like fun, too," Dan laughed. "How do we do it?"

"You just come over Saturday morning like you were going to pick me up for golf," Dave explained. "Bring Wendy so that she can spend the day with Ann. I'll take care of the rest. When you come over, just walk right on in. The door will be open."

"Okay," Dan said. "I sure hope you know what you're doing."

"Wouldn't you like to fuck Ann some more?" Dave asked with a grin on his face. "I know I'd love to stick my tongue up Wendy's snatch again."

"Yeah, I would," Dan said with a laugh. "Pretty crazy, huh?"

"All right, Saturday then," Dave said.

"Saturday," Dan agreed.

Saturday morning as Dave was getting ready to go play golf, Ann was rubbing herself all over him in an attempt to get him to stay home with her for the day. She followed him around the house, one hand rubbing her tits, the other rubbing in her pussy. Finally, a couple of minutes before Dan was supposed to arrive, Dave turned and grabbed Ann by the arms.

"I'll give you some if you let me blindfold you," Dave said, a big smile on his face.

"Oh, Dave, how nasty," Ann laughed, squeezing him tight. "But that sounds like fun to me."

"Okay, then," Dave said, grabbing a scarf and holding it out to her. "Go ahead, tie your eyes so that you can't see."

When Ann had tied the scarf around her eyes, Dave checked to see if she could see. Convinced that she could not, he removed all of his clothes too, then pulled Ann down on the carpet. Kneeling over her head, Dave lay his cock on her mouth, which quickly opened to suck him in. After a couple of minutes of Ann sucking his cock, Dave got up off her face. Moving to her feet, Dave picked them up and pushed them until they were over her head, touching the floor behind her, her knees resting on the floor by her shoulders. Positioned like this, Ann's pussy and asshole were sticking up in the air and Dave just knelt down and began to lick and suck on her pussy and asshole. Ann was moaning and squirming as Dave's tongue plunged into her pussy.

When Dan and Wendy arrived, Dave heard it and increased his assault on Ann's pussy to distract her so that she would not hear it when the door opened. Suddenly he was aware of Dan and Wendy standing right next to him, big grins on their faces as they watched him fucking Ann with his tongue. Stopping and standing up, indicating with a finger across his mouth that they should be quiet, Dave offered Dan to take his place.

With a grin, Dan fell to his knees, staring at Ann's bald pussy lips spread open, her clit swollen with desire, and buried his face in her pussy. Wendy was squirming as she watched Dan sucking on Ann's pussy while Dave stood next to her, his cock all hard and standing out in front of him. Suddenly Wendy could take it no more and fell to her knees in front of Dave and began to suck his cock. After just a minute, Dave pulled her to her feet and quickly helped pull her clothes off. Handing her another scarf, Dave indicated that she should put it on. With a nervous smile, Wendy complied, tying the scarf tightly around her head.

Pulling her down onto the carpet next to Ann, Dave pushed her legs up until she was in the same position as Ann, her beautiful blonde-fringed pink pussy staring up at him. Leaning forward, Dave began to lick and suck her pussy, slurping at the juices that were already pooling in her hole as he plunged his tongue into her. After several minutes, Dave stopped sucking Wendy's pussy and encouraged Dan to stop sucking on Ann's as well. Then they helped both women out of the positions they had been positioned in.

With Ann laying on her back, Dave indicated to Dan that he should squat down on her face, giving her a cock to suck, while at the same time helping Wendy up onto her hands and knees. Leading her over to Ann, Dave had Dan get up and quickly positioned Wendy so that her face was between Ann's thighs. Smelling her pussy, Wendy stuck her tongue out and probed, finding Ann's pussy, and began to lick and suck her. Then Dave helped Wendy to swing a leg over Ann's head so that she was kneeling above her face. Then as Ann's tongue probed the air above her, looking for Dave's cock, he pushed Wendy's hips down until she impaled herself on Ann's tongue.

At first Ann was really surprised, trying to sit up but unable to. When she tried to untie her blindfold, Dave stopped her.

"Go on, suck," he said. "It's nothing you haven't done before."

"But --" Ann tried to say as Wendy ground her hips down onto her face, jamming her pussy onto her mouth.

Then Ann began to lick and suck Wendy's pussy, in her mind having figured out what was happening. Both women were licking and sucking like crazy, the sounds of their tongues filling the room. Dave reached over and grabbed Dan's cock, gently stroking it as they watched the two women with each other. After a couple of minutes, they pulled them apart, Dave warning not to untie the blindfold, and positioned them on their hands and knees, head to tail next to each other.

Then Dave positioned himself in front of Wendy, letting her suck his cock into her mouth, while Dan did the same with Ann. Both girls were quickly sucking their cocks deep into their throats, hungrily trying to suck them. Then Dave pulled his cock from Wendy's mouth and moved over and shoved it into Ann's pussy from behind while Dan did the same to Wendy.

They were both fucking like this when the door opened and Sam walked in. Dan almost fainted when he saw Sam, a 6'4", hugely muscled black man, standing there. Dave smiled at him when he saw Sam's surprised expression, indicating that he should be quiet, not missing a beat as he fucked Ann. As Sam undressed, Dave pulled his cock from Ann's pussy and moved back to Wendy's face, rubbing it on her mouth until it opened and he shoved it in, all gooey and slimy from being in Ann's pussy. Eagerly Wendy began to slurp and suck it, tasting Ann's pussy all over it as she continued to suck him.

After Dan got over his initial shock, he too pulled his cock from Wendy's pussy and presented it to Ann's face where it too got sucked in eagerly. As they both got their cocks sucked, Dave turned to Sam and offered him his choice of where to start. With a grin, Sam got on his knees next to Dave and bent over and stuck his tongue into Ann's pussy from behind. When Ann felt his tongue slide into her pussy, she groaned around Dan's cock which was sliding in and out of her mouth. After sucking her pussy for several minutes, Sam positioned himself behind her, his huge black cock sticking out in front of him. Pressing it against her pussy, Sam slowly shoved his cock into her, sliding it in one inch at a time as Ann groaned around Dan's cock in her mouth.

Dave watched in amazement as Sam's huge cock slowly disappeared into Ann's pussy. The contrast of her very white pussy lips and thighs with Sam's hugely black cock was very exciting to see. Slowly Sam began to pump his cock in and out of Ann's pussy, fucking her. Dave could see Ann's pussy lips clinging to Sam's cock each time he withdrew it from her pussy before plunging back in. Ann was audibly moaning as Sam fucked her, stretching her pussy as wide as possible as he slid his cock in and out of her.

After several minutes, Dave indicated to Sam that he should move around to the other side and spend some attention on Wendy. With a smile, Sam pulled his huge cock from Ann's pussy, all glistening with her juices, and moved around to where Wendy's ass was swinging in the air as she continued to suck Dave's cock. Again, Sam bent forward and stuck his tongue into her pink pussy, slurping at the juices that were accumulating in her hole. Wendy began to whimper around Dave's cock in her mouth as Sam's tongue stimulated her, sucking with increased vigor. Then Sam placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy, and with one swift stroke, buried it deep inside of her.

Wendy groaned out loud from around Dave's cock as Sam's cock spread her pussy wide as it suddenly disappeared inside of her. She couldn't believe how stuffed she felt as Sam began to plunge his cock in and out of her pussy. Dan was watching mesmerized as Sam's huge black cock slid in and out of his wife's pussy right next to him. He could see the sheen of her pussy juices coating his cock each time he pulled back, only to disappear as he thrust back into her.

Then Dave indicated to Dan that he should come around next to him and fuck Ann. Soon the three of them were pumping their cocks in and out, Dave in Wendy's mouth and Dan and Sam sluicing pussies. Through sign language, Dave indicated to Sam that he was to cum in Ann's mouth when the time came. Soon they were all three building towards orgasm. When Sam was about to cum, he pulled his cock from Wendy's moist pussy and stuck it in Ann's open mouth. Ann had to stretch her mouth as wide as possible to suck his cock in, but very quickly she was slurping Wendy's pussy juices from it as she sucked him. When Dave could see that Dan was about ready to cum, he pulled his own cock from Wendy's mouth and let Dan shove his in while he just knelt there stroking himself.

Then Sam groaned as he began to cum, shooting his load into Ann's eagerly sucking mouth. At the same time Dan began to cum, spurting into Wendy's mouth at the same time. Quickly stroking himself to orgasm, Dave pushed his cock into Wendy's mouth next to Dan's, where Wendy quickly adapted and sucked like crazy on the heads of both their cocks as they filled her mouth with cum. Both girls were making choking sounds as they struggled to swallow the cum that was filling their mouths. Finally they succeeded in sucking all of the cum from all of the cocks, swallowing as quickly as they could to make room for more. Both Ann and Wendy were gasping from their efforts, panting, some dribbles of cum running down their chins.

Rolling them both over onto their sides, they quickly had their heads pressed between each others thighs and were sucking each others pussies with passion. Dave and Dan and Sam just sat there watching as they recovered. Quickly both Ann and Wendy began to cry out as they came, their bodies shuddering as they sucked the cum from each other. Then they fell apart, laying back on the carpet, their legs spread open and their pussies throbbing.

After several minutes of rest, Dave positioned them so that they were side by side on their hands and knees. Then plunging his cock into Wendy's pussy from behind, Dave encouraged Dan to begin fucking Ann the same way. Sam contented himself with letting them take turns sucking his cock. After about ten minutes, Dave indicated that they should all move on and he moved to their heads and began to get his cock sucked while Dan moved over and began to fuck Wendy while Sam plunged his cock back into Ann's pussy.

For the next hour they fucked like this, changing positions about every ten minutes. Ann and Wendy came over and over again, as well as having their pussies and mouths filled several times as the guys came again and again. Finally everyone was worn out and getting sore from all the fun and Dave again positioned the girls so that they could suck each others pussies once more. This time they had several deposits worth of cum to feast on as they sucked each other, not stopping until there was nothing more to swallow, then they fell over on their backs, their legs open and their pussies glistening and throbbing from all the attention. Their mouths looked swollen and bruised from sucking so much cock and their clits were swollen and sticking out from inside their pussies.

"Oh, Dave, that was so wonderful," Ann spoke up at last. "What a wonderful surprise. I had missed the taste of Wendy's pussy and I love the taste of Dan's cock."

"What makes you think that they're here?" Dave asked.

"Because I know you," Ann replied. "Besides, how could I forget?"

"I'm so fucked out," Wendy sighed, reaching down to rub her pussy. "I just love it."

"Can we take our blindfolds off yet?" Ann asked. "Or do you have some more surprises for us?"

"No, I'm pretty worn out. If you want, you can take them off," Dave said, standing with Sam in between him and Dan.

As Ann and Wendy reached up and pulled their blindfolds off, blinking as the light hit their eyes, Ann gasped out loud and Wendy's mouth fell open when they saw Sam standing there naked in front of them, his huge black cock dangling in front of him.

"What are you doing?" Ann asked in shock. "What is this?"

"Well, we've done it," Dave laughed. "And you both liked it, too."

"Oh, my god," Wendy said, her hand to her face. "You shoved that big thing into me?"

"And then you sucked it real nice," Dan said with a laugh.

"God, I wondered how your cock had gotten so big," Ann said. "I felt so stuffed."

"This is Sam, a good friend of mine, and I believe yours now," Dave said with a smile, performing the introduction.

"It's my pleasure to meet you," Sam said, reaching down to shake hands, a smile on his face. "I usually try to meet people before we fuck, but today I made an exception."

"Well, hello, Sam," Ann said, offering him her hand. "I'd have to say the same it would seem. I'm very pleased to meet you. You have a truly magnificent cock."

"Well, I did find your pussy very tasty and my cock sure didn't complain either," Sam said, laughing.

"I can't believe that big black thing was shoved into me," Wendy said, shaking her head. "I never would have thought it would fit."

"It fit just fine, I'd say," Sam said, smiling at Wendy as he offered her his hand. "It was my pleasure."

"Well, thank you," Wendy said, shaking his hand and blushing. "I did love all of it."

"You two were just magnificent," Dave said. "Watching you fuck and suck like that was just great. You really love it."

"I'll say I do," Ann said, reaching up and gently caressing Sam's cock. "I've discovered that my pussy likes a lot more attention than I thought. And I just love sucking cock and eating pussy, too."

"Man, you sure got one crazy wife," Sam laughed, turning to Dave. "But I do love her attitude."

"You never stop learning, that's for sure," Dave agreed. "But I have to agree with her, the last couple weeks have been the most exciting of our lives."

"Us too," Wendy added. "There's definitely an excitement about everything that wasn't there before."

"I feel like my whole world's been turned topsy-turvy," Dan added. "But I am getting used to it."

"Well, I need to be going," Sam said, gently disengaging his cock from Ann's hands and her exploring tongue. "I'm plum wore out and I need to get home."

"Thanks again," Dave said, shaking his hand. "We all appreciate it."

"Yes," Ann agreed, getting to her feet and kissing him, pressing her body against his as she slid her tongue into his mouth. "Thank you."

"Me too," Wendy said, scrambling to her feet and wrapping her arms around Sam, her face tilted up to receive his kiss.

After shaking hands with Dan, Sam pulled his clothes on and left, amid a flurry of promises to visit again.

"We should go too," Dan said, gathering his clothes and starting to dress. "I'm sure we could all use a bit of space and some rest.

"Um, I'll say," Ann agreed, sprawling on the sofa, one leg hung over the back, the other dangling onto the floor. "I am absolutely fucked out."

"I can see that," Dan laughed, looking at her swollen pussy spread wide. "Your clit looks like it's ready to explode."

"It's just overload," Ann laughed, lightly running her fingers through her pussy.

"Bye, Ann," Wendy said, leaning over to kiss her. "It was great, wasn't it?"

"Just wonderful," Ann agreed, kissing her back.

Dan too leaned over to kiss her, one hand cupping her pussy at the same time. Then Wendy kissed Dave and Dan shook hands and they were gone, the door shutting behind them.

"So, how are you doing?" Dave asked, standing beside the sofa Ann was laying on.

"Just wonderful, Dave," Ann replied. "I can't thank you enough, not only for Sam, but for just in general being so understanding."

"Hey, I'm having plenty of fun, too," Dave protested. "It's not as one-sided as you seem to think."

"I mean not being jealous of Dan or Sam," she replied.

"No more than Wendy," Dave said. "I understand that it's just sex with different cocks and pussies, nothing more.

"Oh, Dave," Ann said, sitting up. "You're so wonderful."

Then she reached out and grasped his cock in her hands, gently massaging it as she leaned forward to lick it with her tongue. Then she was softly sucking on it, nursing it as it began to grow to its full size from her ministrations. Then when it was fully hard again, Ann began to fuck herself in the mouth, bobbing up and down on his cock, sucking it into her throat as she worked on him. Dave just stood there with his hands tangled in her hair, his mouth hanging open as he watched his cock disappearing into Ann's mouth each time she went down on him. Then all too quickly he felt that familiar sensation and then some cum came dribbling out of the end of his cock, encouraged by Ann's teasing tongue, her lips glued around the head of his cock as she sucked his cum from his cock.

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