First Time


The kid turned his cock toward me and my face moved closer. I was no longer in control of my own actions. I became a slave to the desire and opened my lips around the giant bulbous head of his cock. He gently pushed it into my mouth. It filled my mouth completely. I drooled all over it and used my tongue to taste the meat. I slid it deeper into my mouth until it touched the back of my throat. Slowly I licked the underside of it with my wet tongue. The young man placed a hand on my head and held me in place as he slowly began stroking himself in and out of my mouth.

I didn't want to let it go but he suddenly pulled it away from me with a long string of my saliva connecting it to my lips. He quickly slid it back into his loose grey pants and tried to pull me up to my feet in a bit of a panic. I was sad that he took my toy away and confused but then I heard the voices and the sounds of footsteps coming up the stairs. I stood up as quick as I could and tried to compose myself. The young fellow grabbed my hand and lead me to the open door of the empty bedroom. We raced inside and I closed the door behind me.

He was laying sprawled out on the bed. I felt so naughty as I approached him in a slow sexy walk. He was smiling with a Cheshire grin, knowing that he had what he wanted. I crawled onto the bed like a cat. I slowly moved my face to the crotch of his pants where the fabric was clearly strained by his huge unit. I softly kissed it through the cotton material. He reached down to my chin and guided me up to his face. Staring at me, he said, "You're beautiful. What's your name?"

"Mary-Margret," I answered confidently, not even remembering any other name I might have had.

"I'm Ethan," the young man replied. He pulled me closer and our lips met. I had never kissed a man in my life before. I didn't feel weird or uncomfortable at all. It seemed very natural. My mouth opened to his kiss and his tongue invaded my mouth. I sucked on like I wanted to suck on his cock. We made out as I placed my hand on his thick cock. I maneuvered my hand to unzip him again and find my prize. We continued kissing and his hands roamed over my body, feeling my tits and my legs and my ass. He moved his hand from my ass to the front of dress and reached up inside.

His hand was soon on my panties. I had a moment of panic, thinking, "What if he thinks I'm a real woman?" but that was soon alleviated as he squeezed my erection through the thin satin material of my panties and moaned his delight. My dress was riding up and my stocking tops and thighs were exposed. Ethan stroked my legs and ended up back on my bum. I unconsciously began humping Ethan's leg and pushing my ass cheek into his hand. Suddenly he broke our lip lock and had me sit up. He was teasing me again just as I was getting into it.

He started undressing, first removing his glasses, then unbuttoning his shirt. He had a toned, fit body with pronounced muscles. It was almost like a Clark Kent to Superman moment. He paused as he was about to drop his pants. Squeezing his cock through the material he teased, "What do you want Mary-Margret?"

I was so eager to get at it again. I couldn't believe he was torturing me like that. I made a puppy dog face and whimpered a little. "Your cock," I found myself saying. He continued to just squeeze it, teasing me more. "Please Ethan. I need your cock. I'm sorry I was being a bitch to you. I'll do whatever you want. I just have to have your cock again, please," I begged.

He giggled at me. "Anything?" he asked. I couldn't help myself. I was a slut and I knew it. I nodded in anticipation as he slowly lowered his trousers to the floor and stood before me naked as his birthday. Smiling, I moved my face closer to it again. Ethan lowered himself back onto the bed and lay on his back with a pillow behind his head. He looked so odd, he was half cock. I climbed back on top of him, straddling his small body. His stiff hammer was touching mine through my panties. As I went back to kissing Ethan, I slowly began grinding myself on him. He seemed to enjoy the feeling and kissed me hard.

After a few minutes, Ethan pushed me lower. Gladly, I kissed my way down his hard body. I paused at his nipples and gave them a little bite, followed by a gentle kiss. I was then back at my prize. I took the monstrous prick in my hand and admired it again. It was easily ten inches long and I couldn't close my hand around it's girth. I worshipped Ethan's cock with long slow licks up and down the shaft. I didn't know the first thing about giving a blowjob but I knew what I liked. I tried to pleasure Ethan as best I could with long wet licks, followed by sucks on the head. All the while I pumped the lower shaft with my manicured hand. I remembered to make eye contact too as that had an effect on me whenever I had the pleasure of getting sucked off. I concentrated my mouth mainly around the fat head, licking all around the rim and flicking at the underside with my tongue. I could only fit a small fraction of his cock into my mouth before the head was pressing against my throat and gagging me. Drool rolled out of mouth and down the long shaft and I used it to lubricate my hand as I pumped a little faster.

Ethan instructed me, "Suck on my balls too Mary-Margret." I had forgotten about them but knew they should not be ignored. I licked my way down to the base of his cock. He was smooth shaved all over. His balls were firm and tight under his cock. I licked them all over slowly, getting them dripping wet with my saliva. Then I gently took one into my mouth and rolled it around on my tongue. I felt so slutty and dirty doing it. I was turned on my cock was pushing over the top of my waistband on my panties. I gave the other ball the equal treatment as the first one and smiled at Ethan with my eyes. He was enjoying it. He pulled his cock up away from me and his testicle popped out of my mouth.

Ethan put his hand on my head motioning me to go lower. He arched his back so that I was face to face with his asshole. It was pink and crinkled and smooth. He wanted me to lick it. He said, "You promised me anything Mary-Margret. Lick my asshole." I gave into the fact that I was in for anything. I had become a slut. I stuck out my tongue and licked the wrinkled flesh. Ethan moaned his pleasure. It was the first time I had done that for anyone and I had never experienced it myself. He was enjoying it though so I licked circles all around his hole and lapped at it. I was starting to enjoy giving him the rim job too. I stroked his cock faster with my hand as I licked. Ethan used one hand to pull his ass cheeks apart while the other pushed my head closer. My tongue suddenly slipped inside. Ethan moaned again with delight. I was shocked but realized it was alright. I put my lips right on his asshole and pushed my tongue in as deep as I could. I tongue fucked him to his great delight.

Ethan was groaning, "Yes, yes!" as he rode my tongue with his ass. He took over stroking his own cock while I concentrated on licking his asshole. Suddenly Ethan pulled me up again and shoved the head of his cock back into my wet and willing mouth. Holding onto my hair he started face fucking me. The tip of his cock banged against the back of my throat and I could taste the salty flavour of his pre cum trickling down. I choked and gagged but Ethan kept pounding away at my painted face. He was pumping my lips faster and faster. He grunted, "Suck it slut! Deeper!"

My eyes teared up as I tried to force more of his monster meat into my throat. I couldn't breath but I managed to get about half his cock into my throat. Ethan held my head in place as he grunted and groaned and I felt his cock pulse between my fingers. "Oh God, I'm coming!" he yelled as I tasted the first spurts of cum fill my throat. Ethan let go of my head and I backed off so I could breath. His cock kept spurting big jets of hot, salty cum into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed as my mouth filled. My hand pumped his cock until the last drops of cum were drained from his balls. I greedily swallowed every last drop and licked his cock clean after. I smiled from ear to ear at receiving my reward. I kept on licking long after his orgasm.

Ethan caught his breath and regained his awareness. He looked down at me as I continued slowly licking his cock. I never wanted to part from it. He grabbed my shoulders and rolled me over onto my back. Quickly he climbed down me until his face was in my crotch. My dress was around my waist. My stocking clad legs and garters were exposed as were my panties with my strained cock peeping out. Ethan went straight for my cock. He pulled my panties down to my thighs and instantly took all six inches of my stiff penis into his mouth. It was so warm and wet. No one had sucked my cock in over a year. It felt so good. I was so overwhelmed with lust from sucking off Ethan that I was ready to explode. That was exactly what Ethan wanted. I could feel his talented tongue working on the sensitive underside of my cock. He deep throated me easily. I wanted the moment to last longer but I was too worked up. Within a couple minutes of taking my cock into his mouth I was ready to cum for Ethan.

"Oh fuck, I coming! I can't hold it, I'm going to cum!" I announced. Ethan kept my entire prick in his mouth as I released my load. He kept sucking me as I pumped his mouth full of my hot seed. Fuck, I was in heaven. Ethan diligently swallowed all that I gave him. After a few licks he rolled up next to me and put his lips to mine. We shared a salty, cum flavored kiss that lasted a good fifteen minutes. Then we just laid on the bed a while longer as we both caught our breath.

"Can I see you again Ethan?" I asked coyly. I honestly could hardly wait to get that huge cock again.

"Sure," he said with a giggle. We exchanged phone numbers with each other. I then got up and started fixing my clothes. I was a bit of a mess. I looked in the mirror and saw the mess that my makeup was. Ethan had already dressed and left the room. He left the door open. I pulled out my makeup bag and began fixing my face. I straightened my hair out and ran a brush through it. My makeup was presentable again enough to go back out into public but there was no hiding the look of satisfaction on my face. I straightened out my fake boobs and adjusted my cock back to where it should be and put my panties back over it. I finished my self check and turned around to return to the party. Then I stopped.

Standing at the door of the bedroom was Kate wearing just a short, red silk bathrobe. It was loosely tied up and her long legs, cleavage and even her landing strip pubic mound were exposed. She was holding a video camera in one hand down at her side. Next to her was her new black boy toy. He was stocky and muscular. with a bald head. He was also a university student as he wore a school vest over his white shirt and wore similar grey trousers that Ethan was wearing. He was eyeing me like a slab of meat with lust in his big brown eyes.

Kate spoke first. "Wow, well done Mary-Margret. We heard you through the wall. This is Jerome. We were in the room next door. You and Ethan were loud. It sounded like you both had a good time," she said.

I must have been red faced with embarrassment. "Ya, I think we both enjoyed ourselves," was all I could manage to say. I felt a little self conscious and began fidgeting with my clothes again.

Kate laughed. "Was that your first time?" she teased. Blushing, I nodded. She laughed some more. "Well Mary-Margret, you turned into quite a slut didn't you?" she continued.

"I suppose I did," was all I said. I kept looking at the still silent Jerome who never blinked at me as he stared with serious eyes. I wasn't sure if he wanted to fuck me or kill me.

Kate teased me some more, "So are you spent or are you ready for more, slut?" She was stretching out her magnificent long legs and she "accidentally" let one of full breast fall out exposed from her robe. I honestly was still horny and I was curious what Kate had in mind with Jerome there and with a video camera.

I looked over at her and Jerome and answered, "Okay, sure." With that, Jerome instantly shut the door and marched over to me. I was frightened for a minute. He looked like a line backer and probably could really hurt me. His expression looked like he wanted to. He grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up easily in one arm. He carried me over to the wall next to Kate and pinned me against it facing him. Kate had brought the camera up to her eye and began recording.

Jerome had my wrists pinned to the wall. I couldn't move them if I tried. I didn't though. Jerome pressed his mouth to mine and forcibly shoved his tongue into my mouth. His lips were big and full unlike Ethan's and more like my own. We kissed hard and he was very aggressive. I melted as he kissed me. I graciously sucked on his tongue like it was a cock. I could taste the sweet juicy taste of pussy on it which I had to assume was Kate's. It was yummy. He let my wrists go and began feeling me up with his big hands. My dress was up around my waist again and Jerome was feeling up my panty clad crotch. He stopped kissing me for a second. Staring at me, he spun me around to face the wall. He bent down and peeled my panties off my ass. He slid them down to the floor and I stepped out of them.

Jerome stayed down there and pulled my hips out toward his face. I arched my back with feminine style and pushed my bum back into Jerome's face. I smiled as he pulled my cheeks apart and slammed his face between them. His tongue shot out and immediately penetrated my asshole. I finally understood why Ethan enjoyed it so much. I cooed with pleasure as Jerome's long, wet, muscular tongue rooted around inside my butt. I smiled and purred like a kitten. I opened my eyes and saw that Kate was right next to me filming it all. She had one hand on the camera and one on her pussy. She pleasured herself as she watched me being taken by this dominant lover. I noticed that my own cock was standing out straight in front of me at full mast again.

Kate was commentating for the camera, "Look at her, she's like a bitch in heat with that tongue up her asshole. Eat it good Jerome, get it nice and wet sugar."

Jerome rimmed my asshole for several minutes. Meanwhile he began taking off his clothes, taking a break from eating my ass for just a few seconds while he took off an item of clothing. Eventually, he was buck naked. He stood up and spun me back around to face him again. Our stiff cocks were rudely pointing at each other. His was much thicker and a little longer than mine. It wasn't as large as Ethan's but it was still impressive. Jerome spit in his hand and grabbed both of our members. In his palm, he rubbed his meaty brown cock against mine. It felt great. Looking at the two different coloured penises sliding against each other was a real turn on.

"Kiss her again," instructed Kate to Jerome. He obeyed and place his mouth back on mine. I could taste the musky flavour of my own ass as I sucked his tongue. "That's it slut, taste your own skanky ass. Mmmm good, isn't it?" she added. I couldn't answer because I was engaged in tight lip lock with this sexy black man. We continued to make out for a few more minutes while Jerome continued to stroke our cocks together. I was over the top with lust.

Kate piped up. "Okay, enough of this lovey-dovey shit princesses. I want to see some hard core action," she demanded. Jerome took her queue and broke our kiss. He forced me down onto my knees in front of him. I knew what to do without prompting. I went straight to Jerome's thick, dark meat and wrapped my bright red lips around it. I sucked it as deep as possible right away. It was much easier than Ethan's and I managed to get most of it into my throat. "Look at this horny fucking slut. She loves the big black cock," commented Kate for the camera.

I did love it. I tried to best my blow job skills that I had learned only a few minutes earlier. I slobbered all over Jerome's fat cock. I made it nice and wet. I sucked hard and fast on it which made Jerome's knees buckle. I let up for a bit and went down to his big, fat balls and took one in my mouth. They were as big as eggs. I rolled one around in my mouth, sucking gently and licking it all over. I then moved to the other one and repeated the deed. After a good five minutes of ball washing, I went back to his cock and licked it all over, covering the dark meat in my saliva.

I wondered if Jerome would be interested in a rim job. He had given me one and I knew how good it felt. Ethan had loved it too. I wasn't sure how to ask so I continued sucking his cock as I let my hands roam over his bulbous, muscular ass. I let my fingers run down the crack of his butt and gently teased his tight back door. He moaned his approval. I sucked him harder as I pushed my finger into his asshole. He grabbed hold of head and started face fucking me. I probed deeper with my finger and he seemed to really enjoy it. At one point, I pushed myself off of his cock and withdrew my finger from his butt. I made eye contact with him as I slowly sucked on my finger. He got the hint as I savored it.

Jerome quickly turned around and stuck his beautiful, athletic butt in my face. I went straight for his asshole without hesitation. I licked it all around several times getting it super wet. I reached around him with my hand and stroked his cock while I rimmed his arse. He loved it. He grabbed my head and pushed it deeper into his butt. I stuck my tongue out as far as possible and pushed it into his tight ring. He gasped and moaned his approval. Kate was getting a close up for her video camera and was really into too. "Fuck ya, lick his ass you fucking slut.," she coached.

Jerome grinded his ass on my face until he couldn't stand it any longer. He turned around and picked me up. I one quick motion, I was thrown onto the bed. The covers were still askew from my romp with Ethan. I was on my back. Jerome crawled on top of me. He pulled my stocking covered legs over his shoulders. He had a fierce look in his eye. He was positioning his cock up against my asshole. I was a little panicked but I dared not fight him.

Kate was close by. She commented as she filmed, "Mary-Margret is about to get her cherry popped by this hot black stud. Make sure you fuck this princess right baby." Jerome did as he was told. He slowly pushed his cock into me. My back door slowly eased open to accept the invasion. It hurt but I didn't care. I wanted it to happen. I tried to relax and breath as he pushed forward. My ring expanded with some difficulty and he forced his length into me up to his balls. I threw my head back in pain and pleasure. I felt so violated and so full. He held his cock there as he watched me adjust to the fit. I breathed and breathed until the pain subsided and my muscle relaxed. Jerome noticed it too and began a slow in and out motion. He fucked me slowly and I began to enjoy the feeling. He never pulled the head out before plunging all the way back inside my hole.

Jerome was grinding himself into my butt with his big fat cock. Kate was filming the whole thing as she fingered her pussy, enjoying the show. I moaned my pleasure and Jerome started stroking my hard cock while he fucked me. He leaned down and kissed me on my mouth. I sucked his tongue again as we made out. Jerome began pumping my ass faster and with more force. I threw my head back and yelled, "Yes, that's it Jerome. Fuck me!"

I loved it and the sensation of his cock rubbing against my prostate gland was so intense that I couldn't hold back my orgasm. I spurted cum all over Jerome's hand and his abs. He felt it too and smiled at his conquest. He brought his hand to my mouth and shoved his fingers in. I sucked all my sperm off of them and swallowed it down. Jerome was really pumping me good. He was working up an orgasm. I licked my lips in anticipation.

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