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First Time Asian


He was a business competitor of mine. I'd heard his name many times, but had never actually met him. We competed for clients on an almost daily basis. Well, one evening we finally met, it was at a business fair. I strolled by his company's booth and there he was. I knew him by the name-tag on his jacket, so I walked up and introduced myself. "I'm Brad." I said.

"Mine's Pack." he answered. "No jokes please." he continued. "It's an Asian nickname. My given name is much longer and unpronounceable to most Americans."

"So, you're not American?" I asked.

He laughed, "Yes, of course I am, but my parents are from abroad. My father is Thai, my mother Vietnamese. I was born here after they moved and were here for a few years."

"I'm amazed we haven't met until now." I said.

"Me too, the few times I lost a client to you, I wanted to meet you and give you some shit."

I laughed, "You do the same to me all the time, most of our clients are pretty fickle."

He said, "Say, want to get out of here and grab a drink?"

I said, "This is pretty boring, I'm only here because my company insists on it."

"Let's go." he stated.

We went to his car. I noticed it was a grade up from mine, my competitive instincts kicking in. He drove us quite a ways to a bar I'd never heard of. The bar was clean and dark. He ordered a single-malt scotch on the rocks, I did the same.

As we sipped our drinks, I took a good look at him. He was about 5'9", and maybe 160 pounds, very slim and wiry. He removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. I noticed some intricate tattoos on his firm arms. He must have noticed my gaze as he said, "From my high school days, my friends and I pretended to be tough, gang types. We really weren't, but it was an excuse to get the tattoos."

I removed my jacket, rolled up my sleeve and showed him my tattoo. "Almost the same thing for me, but I got mine just before I was going to enter the Marines. I eventually changed my mind about the service and got into sales though."

He laughed loudly, "The tattooed yuppies."

We drank through the night, exchanging stories about our crazy clients. I could feel a genuine bond begin to grow between us when he asked, "Let's go to my place, grounds are closed by now and your car is probably locked in so you have no choice but to come with me."

"Sounds just fine."

We got in his car and drove to one of the 'burbs'. Once inside he asked, "Do you smoke?"

"Weed?" I answered, "Maybe too much."

He broke out his stash and rolled a 'fatty.'

I was getting really stoned when he said, "I've got a few more tattoos, want to see them?"


He removed his shirt, his chest covered with deep green tattoos of Asian-style dragons. "Wow!" I said, my single tattoo a far distant second place.

"One of the problems with getting this high is that I get so damn horny," I said.

"I've got some porn." he answered. "It's a little weird though. A gay friend of mine is a 'porn-junkie' and edits these amazing flicks for me. It's all straight porn except that every twenty minutes or so it flips to a gay sex scene. This guy has been trying to get into my pants for years and he thinks my watching stuff like that will open the door for him."

"Sounds fine, let's watch some," I said.

He got up and found the first DVD, popped it into the machine and turned on the TV. It was good porn, very, very hot ladies sucking huge cocks and getting ass-fucked.

It seemed to be getting warm and as he was still shirtless, so I shucked mine. He said, "I'm hurtin', is it cool if I jack off?" he asked.

"Yeah, fine. I'll probably do the same."

He slipped off his pants and briefs, then I did the same. We were both on the sofa, about three feet apart. We stroked our cocks, watching the hot scenes. I wasn't sure, but I think he was occasionally glancing my way. One time he got up to swivel the TV so that we had a better angle. When he sat back down, he was right next to me, our thighs touching. I could feel his motions as he jacked off. He pressed his thigh further onto mine.

Suddenly he said, "One of the gay scenes is about to come on, want me to fast forward?"

"No, I'd like to see it if that's OK. I've never seen any gay porn before." I answered.

The screen switched to two men, both well hung and attractive. One was feeding the other his huge cock.

He asked, "Do you think you could ever do that?"

I surprised myself by answering, "Yeah, I think I could."

He stood up and faced me and began to stroke his cock. It was long and slender. His body was incredible, hardly any body fat and those tattoos were wild.

He put one foot on the sofa and moved closer to me, his cock directed at my mouth. He said, "Then do it."

This was my first cock. I leaned forward and brought his cock to my mouth. I started to suck him, keeping my mouth wet with saliva. I really tried to do my best. All night long we had sort been competing and I wanted to do this right. I softly massaged his balls with one hand and stroked his asshole with the other. I could feel ropes of saliva dripping down my chin. He face-fucked me for some time. I finally pulled away and said, "Switch, I want some action."

He sat on the sofa as I got into place. My cock was much larger than his, the one thing I was really kicking his ass at. He attacked my cock, doing a much better job than I had. He was acting like a nasty whore, slobbering and sucking.

He was jacking me off with one hand and giving me 'cheater's head' with the other, sliding his hand up the shaft in unison with the motions of his mouth.

I said, "I'm going to pop."

He increased his motions. I grew taught and leaned back, my hands on my ass and spurted my cum down his throat. He didn't let up until I was bone-dry. He was jacking off at full speed and then shot his own load, his cum landing on his chest.

"Hot man, really hot." he said. "Let's go into the bedroom."

We walked to his bedroom and lay down. We were both breathing hard when he said, "I'll be right back."

He returned with two iced mugs of beer. I downed mine immediately as he did the same. "Fucking incredible." I said.

"The beer or the sex?" he asked.

I laughed and grabbed his cock, "Both!"

We drank another beer, then he said, "Let's try a little sixty-nine."

I was on my back as he reversed himself and got on top of me. I took his medium-hard cock into my mouth and began to suck, feeling him doing the same thing to me. The competition was back on. I think we were both getting really turned on and at the same time trying to outdo each other. The sucking and licking continued for what seemed like hours. I would reach up and stick my tongue up his ass, then he would do the same to me. We were both breathing hard, taking deep breaths between our oral assaults.

"Let's take a break." I suggested.

"Sounds good."

I said, "Say, I've got an idea. How about you and me play a little backgammon to see who gets to fuck who in the ass?" (I had noticed a dusty set in his living room).

"OK, but we've got to play naked." he answered.

We went into the living room and set up the game. We decided to play 'tournament style' using the Doubling Cube, first one to 21 points gets the other's ass.

He had no idea of course that I had played often with my friends and was considered by them to be quite good. He played well, for a 'beginner', but I just plain kicked his ass. I said, "Time to pay up ... bitch."

"Fuck your bitch." he laughingly answered.

We returned to his room where he went along with the bet. He got on his hands and knees and stuck his ass in the air. "All yours." he said and handed me a tube of lube.

I got behind him and lubed my growing cock. "Hard or easy?" I asked.

"Up to you."

I thought 'fuck it' and lined up my now fully hard cock. I gave him slow steady pressure, my cock disappearing up his hole. He didn't complain, but instead pushed back at me. Once inside, I began my ride, I fucked him silly. I grabbed his hips for leverage and just banged away. He met each one of my lunges, really getting into it, his back was arched as I watched my cock slam into his ass, his hole becoming loose and stretched. One time I accidentally pulled all the way out, his asshole wide open and I could see the hot pink flesh inside. That really set me off, I slammed back in and just pounded him.

I was getting close. He must have sensed it as he slipped away from me and turned around to face me. He shoved my hands away and grabbed my cock, jacking it as fast as he could. I actually screamed as I blasted a huge load onto his beautiful Asian face. He continued to stroke me as I came down.

I collapsed onto the floor where he looked down, his face covered with my cum, and he said, "Wimp."

I was spent, but laughed. He pulled me up by the hand and led me to the shower. We soaped each other, sharing the occasional kiss.

I spent the night in his bed as we watched old WWII flicks from the sixties before falling asleep.

We got up in the morning and shared a large breakfast of sweet bacon and greasy eggs.

We got dressed and were just out the door when I realized I had left my briefcase on the table. I said, "I'll be right back, forgot my briefcase."

"Cool, I'll warm up the car."

I went back inside and grabbed my briefcase. As I left, my gaze was caught by some shiny things on the fireplace mantel, backgammon trophies. The motherfucker had sandbagged me, he had intentionally lost.

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