tagLoving WivesFirst Time at Swingers Club

First Time at Swingers Club


We are a happily married couple who have been exploring our kinks and fetishes for years. With time, I've become more submissive in the bedroom and she's become more dominant. Recently, we've played more with humiliation and with cock and ball torture. She gets a rush out of making me squirm and I get off on her humiliating me. With time, she's talked more and more about her fantasies of being with other men.

She had to travel to NYC for work for a Thursday and Friday, so I came along to make a long weekend out of it. We had been talking about visiting a swingers club for a year, but never really made the leap. I suggested it before we planned our NYC trip and she was into the idea.

We decided to go on a Friday night, which was had a kink theme. It also happened to be a night where they allowed single men to attend. We discussed before hand that she makes all of the decisions, I'm her sub for the night and there were no expectations in any which way.

We arrived to the club and most people were just hanging out, talking, and having a drink. We immediately got drinks and soon the nervousness started to wear away. We decided to explore the club, which was broken into a few sections and rooms. When we walked past the locker area, she ordered me to strip down naked and put my clothes away. She did not disrobe. She was wearing a black dress that showed her petite figure and amazing ass.

She handed me a white towel and said, "You can wear this to hide your sad little penis."

I immediately became aroused and felt my cock begin to grow. We walked into a room and there was a threesome with two women and an older man. On the bed across from them a man was fucking a woman doggy style. In the room across the hall, two large lesbian women were in the middle of fisting one another. In a third room, two male & female couples were having sex next to one another with a fair amount of space between them.

"I bet you want to fuck me between those two couples, don't you?" She asked.

"Yes Mistress, I do."

"It isn't going to happen. At least not at this point."

We went to the basement, which is where the dungeon is located. It was darker than the rest of the club. There were a few red light bulbs and some screams coming from the distance. As we entered the main room, there were a number of women getting paddled on spanking benches. One was a woman spanking another woman. The other was a man spanking a woman. My wife sat on an empty bench and ordered me to the floor to massage her feet while she watched what was going on in the room. A feminine young guy entered the room with another man who was a little bit bigger and more masculine than he was. He chained his submissive feminine partner to the Saint Andrews Cross that was in the middle of the room. He tortured his nipples and cock while I served my Mistress. When they were finished, she ordered me to stand against the cross. She pulled my towel off and I felt the clasping on my wrists and ankles. I was there, naked and fully submissive to my beautiful wife. She tugged on my nipples and rubbed my cock. A couple sat across the room, watching. He was fingering her under her towel and they would kiss passionately as I was tortured. Then she whispered in my ear that she would return.

I was stranded, hard, naked, vulnerable and absolutely comfortable. My mind started racing wondering what she was going to do or where she went. I started to imagine her coming back with another man. Meeting horny men at the bar, fucking them in front of me while I was trapped and humiliated. Right in front of me, a woman was being spanked by another woman. On the floor just within my view. I wanted to watch them, but I was too focused on where my mistress was and what she was doing.

What felt like a very long time passed. The spanking session ended, spectators came and went, but I was still there, bound and helpless.

Then I saw my wife. My Mistress, walking into the room holding the hands of a large brown skinned man in a towel around his waste and a petite white woman with short hair and pouty lips, also wearing a towel. My wife was still dressed as they walked into the room. She had a fantastic smile on her face, but she didn't even look at me. She led them to a couch across the room. The couple sat down and she, with her back to me, undressed for them. She took her dress off and then her underwear. The three of them were naked and kissing on the couch. Hands were all over each other, mouths were on tits and necks and other lips. From the distance it looked like his cock was enormous. Once my wife wrapped her hand around it, I realized it definitely was. He stood up and she got on her knees and slowly put it in her mouth, as much as she could fit. This made me so hard and was extra humiliating. She never gave me head when we were in bed. Here she was, putting his enormous cock in her mouth while his lady fondled her and I was chained up, ignored, and watching.

She stood up and held his cock in her little hand, exemplifying how big it really was. The spanking box in front of me became available and she led him in that direction. His partner followed them. My cock began to ache like never before. He reached back and took his lady by the hand and directed her to the spanking box. Smack after smack, he spanked her. Sometimes hard, sometimes with pure power. She would yelp or scream after the harder hits. My Mistress turned around and acknowledged me while this was happening.

With her lips to mine, she grabbed my balls and whispered, "You are next, bitch boy."

I looked her in the eye with pure lust and desire.

She unshackled me and within seconds, I was on my knees, chest on the table and I felt my first crack. Then my second one. I felt something in front of my face and I opened my eyes. There was my Mistress, looking at me in the eyes from the ground. Then another crack. She smiled and I whined.

"Did you see that cock. I'm going to fuck him. I haven't decided if you are going to watch or listen or participate."

Crack. Another hand cracking on my ass. I didn't know if it was the man or the woman who was spanking me.

I sensed movement and then saw his cock up close. She was going to make me watch her put it in her mouth.

She tried to talk to me with his cock in and out of her mouth. "Look how big it is" is what it sounded like she said.

She took his cock out of her mouth and told me to stand up.

"Turn around and walk around the cross."

I walked past the Saint Andrews Cross, which had the female half of their couple restrained to it.

My Mistress spun me around and restrained me to the back of it, with long chains coming from the ceiling. My back and ass were up against the woman's. It was still burning from being spanked by the man with the big cock and felt nice against her ass.

There was a small mattress on the floor in front of me and my wife crawled towards it. The man with the big cock walked over and got down on the bed with her. He started to rub her pussy as she moaned. She was rubbing his large cock and she pulled it to her pussy and tried to slide it in. It was bigger than she had in years, so it didn't just slip in. She spread her legs and I watched as inch by inch he penetrated her pussy. He was fucking her missionary style for what felt like forever as I watched from where I was restrained.

"Get on your back. I want to cum on your big cock" is what she said as she moved him to his back and got on top of him.

I watched even closer as her pussy devoured his big dick. She was facing me and I could see the look in her eye as she bit her lip and started riding his cock. I wanted everything at that moment. I wanted to taste her. I wanted to be him. I wanted to touch myself. I wanted her to touch me. I reached back and touched the hands of the woman I was restrained against.

"Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuck Yes Yes Yes."

My wife had an explosive orgasm. I was holding hands with another woman, but my wife was cumming on the cock of another man. She climbed off of him and laid down on her side. She reached for his cock and pulled him to her. She lifted her leg and had him slip it in scissor style. They both started grinding and within minutes, she came over and over. She was screaming, "Fuck me. Fuck me. Yes! Yes!" as his big cock gave her orgasm after orgasm. As soon as she was done cumming, she rolled over on her back.

A minute later, she grabbed a towel got up and left the room...

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