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First Time CFnm


I had been posting an ad on Craigslist for several months that started with the title "Free Nude Computer Repair". I am a retired network engineer with my own small computer repair business. I am also an exhibitionist with a strong desire to be sexually submissive to a Dominant Woman. In the ad I explained that I would come to a woman's home and fix her computer – a job I do for paying customers all of the time. The difference was that I wouldn't charge her for the repair if she would let me indulge in my fetish for being naked in front of a consenting stranger who remained fully dressed.

Several years ago, while perusing websites about Female Domination, I came across some stories on the theme of CFnm (Clothed Female nude male). These stories were very arousing and I found myself masturbating to them frequently.

The fantasy I wanted to live out with this ad would be very simple. I would arrive at the Lady's home, strip completely naked and proceed to work on her computer as she watched. The entire event at this point would be very professional and business-like, as if I were fully clothed.

When the computer was fixed, I would leave it up to her as to what happened next. It could simply be that I would get dressed and go home, there to stroke my cock furiously to a climax while reliving the experience. However, I would fantasize about many possible alternate scenes, including the Lady becoming turned on and requiring me to orally worship her, front and back, until she was satisfied. Cunnilingus and analingus are my two all time favorite activities, but I could never quite figure out how a real woman would respond in this scenario, so I didn't think this would happen. Several months went by without any responses to ads that I posted and I had given up on acting out this particular fantasy.

That was about to change.

One day I received a response to my ad that was very terse: there was a local phone number and the words "Call me at this number, Miss M." My hands were shaking so badly I could hardly dial the number. A smooth, mature and cultured voice answered the phone. I introduced myself as the computer technician and inquired as to what sort of problem she was having. After describing the problem she and I agreed to have me come over the next morning.

Her place was carefully decorated and comfortable. She lived alone, was middle-aged like me and about 50 pounds overweight, also like me. I carry my weight with a classic beer belly; hers was in her ass. I know some guys prefer slender women, but I'll take a heavier woman any day of the week. Whether she's truly obese or has just a few extra pounds, a BBW is intoxicatingly attractive to me, especially with a big ass, like hers.

She led me into a room that she used as a home office and pointed to the desk with the computer. Although there was no bed in it, the room had been designed as a bedroom originally and contained a small closet. She opened the closet door and handed me a coat hanger. She told me to strip and said I could put my clothes in the closet. She then sat down in a large comfortable recliner next to the desk and simply watched without a word as I removed my clothes and put them away.

Although this is exactly what I wanted, I was nervous and my dick hung limply between my legs. The room was a little on the cool side and my cock and balls had shriveled up as a result; not a very impressive sight!

I sat at the desk and began to work on the computer. It turned out that a virus had infected some files. Once I nailed down the virus and removed it, I installed protective software. As I was working, she sat nearby and asked me questions about the work I was doing. I always enjoy customers like this because it takes longer to do the work if I'm stopping to answer questions and explain things. More time results in more money since I charge by the hour. In this case, more time meant a longer experience of being completely nude in front of this elegant and composed stranger. The particular virus on her computer attacks image files. I asked her if she wanted to me to look at the pictures on her computer to see if any had been damaged by the virus and she agreed.

She had carefully arranged the pictures into folders with names like "Bondage", "CFnm", "Golden Showers" "Oral Service", and "Other Kink". The folders were in alphabetical order; I proceeded to open them accordingly.

As could be expected, every image in the Bondage Folder showed naked men in some type of bondage, ranging from handcuffs to being tied spread-eagle on his back to the four corners of a four poster bed. Sometimes the men had masks on or a cock ring or an Arabian strap around their genitals. Some had a vibrator or dildo up their ass. In other pictures, Miss M. (sometimes with one or more other women) was giving the guy a hand job, forcing his face between her legs or another woman's, or playing with his ass. I found the pictures very arousing and was soon sporting a full erection. The head was turning purple and it was literally throbbing. Miss M. was amused that I was so turned on and would occasionally reach over to play with my cock or balls, but only for a few seconds at a time. My hard cock would bounce at her touch and a shudder would run through my body.

She told me to open the CFnm Folder next, saying that she already knew that was an interest of mine, but she wanted to show me what she had done with other men. There were shots of naked men serving drinks to a room full of clothed women. Others of one of more men standing in the middle of the room masturbating as the ladies were seated around, laughing & pointing. My favorite was of a man on his back on the floor, a fully dressed woman sitting on his face with her skirt covering his head and shoulders and his massive erection pointing straight up in the air as other woman sat around and took pictures. My own cock was leaking pre cum at this point and agonizingly hard. Miss M. was using her finger to wipe up the goo on the head of my cock and bringing it to my lips so I could lick her fingers clean.

She must have known that I was about to burst because she ordered me into the bathroom to get a towel. She had me lie on my back on the floor, with my ass on the towel. She sat down on the floor beside me and grabbed my cock with a firm hand and began to stroke up and down. All the while she was talking to me in a firm, business-like tone, telling me that if I agreed to become one of her slaves, she would allow me to live out the events in the pictures. I readily agreed and started to ejaculate so hard that some of the cum landed on my chest and face.

She continued to milk my cock until I was completely drained and then scooped up my cum with her fingers. As she fed it to me she said I would have to satisfy her next before I could leave. She also said she was pleased that I had followed her orders without hesitation and was willing to eat my own cum. She said that I would have to submit to many other indignities and perform many humiliating acts if she was to accept me as a slave. The acts were detailed in the pictures I hadn't seen yet, but she said that would have to wait for the next visit.

In the meantime she had me get up and wash off the sticky residue from my climax. She led me to the hall outside of her bedroom and told me to wait there until she called me inside. After a few minutes - which seemed like an eternity - she called me in.

When I entered the room it was very dark and I walked tenatively toward the sound of her voice until I was standing beside the bed. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I began to discern her form lying on her back on the bed, her head propped up on pillows, looking at me. Soft music was playing in the background. She was wearing a negligee that had thin spaghetti straps. It covered her breasts and came down to her navel. My eyes followed the gentle bulge of her belly from the bottom hem of the negligee on down between her legs, which were spread wide apart. She had an incredibly hairy pussy and I found myself focusing on it as I licked my lips in anticipation. She ordered me to climb onto the bed and to worship her pussy with my tongue. I was instructed to lick her exactly as she would tell me to and not to stop until she pushed me away. As I climbed up and brought my face closer, I could detect the heady aroma of a woman aroused, that indescribale scent that is the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world. Despite having a most powerful climax only twenty minutes before, I felt a familiar stirring in my loins as I began to get erect once again.

As I said at the beginning of this narrative, I love a larger woman, particularly one with a big ass and hips. I placed my hands on her hips and snuggled my face into her hairy mons. I used my nose to gently work my way in and separate her pussy lips. I worked my tongue slowly up and down the length of her vagina, licking the juices that were seeping there. At her command I concentrated the tip of my tongue on her clit, tapping a light dance upon it as she started to moan and buck her hips. She grabbed the back of head and pushed my face deeper into her pussy, ordering me to lick harder or softer, faster or slower, always controlling the pace and teaching me how to pleasure her with my tongue. I was now laying on my stomach with my recently spent cock hard again and caught between my belly and the bed sheets. This continued for some time until I felt her hips thrusting with greater intensity and she was jamming my face into her cunt so hard that I almost couldn't breathe. Suddenly, with a powerful shudder and moan she climaxed. The intensity of it almost threw me off of the bed and I grabbed her hips to hang on with all the strength I could muster until she was spent.

She commanded me to keep my face there but not lick or otherwise move until she instructed. Several minutes went by until she had recovered from her orgasm and she directed me to start licking her again, slowly and softly. Naturally, I did as she wished and within just a few minutes brought her to another climax. This continued for several more orgasms until she roughly pushed my face away and told me to get a wash cloth, run it under hot water and come back to wash the juices from her vagina and thighs. As I stood up I realized my face was completely coated in her her juices and I licked the traces of her essence from my lips, savoring the taste.

After gently cleaning her, she instructed me to clean myself up, get dressed and leave, saying she would be in touch when she wanted me to service her computer, and her, in the nude again.

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