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First Time Cuck


First time publishing after being a longtime reader. There are no descriptions because I didn't originally intend to publish it. Only doing so because the friend I sort of wrote it for said I should. So here goes nothing.


The couple sat nervously in the hotel. After weeks of discussing it, and months setting it up, they were finally doing it.

Lucas desperately wanted to see his girlfriend Jenny with another man. It had taken what felt like forever just to work up the nerve to tell her about his fetish. She was a bit surprised, but understanding.

They tried watching some cuckold porn together, and reading stories online. Jenny couldn't believe how turned on he got by it. Lucas had never had a problem getting it up for her. But watching and reading these things, imagining them in the places of the characters, seemed to get him harder faster than she'd ever seen.

If she was honest with herself, Jenny was turned on too. Porn and erotica were still porn and erotica after all. But the subject matter began to seep its way into her fantasies as well.

They tried role-playing first, and Lucas was surprised and pleased at how well Jenny responded to it. Then they tried going on chat sites. He'd sit back and watch her chat with strangers. Sometimes just stroking himself, other times fucking her like her rp partner was. Both of them were having fun though.

Lucas finally wanted more though. He wanted, needed, to actually watch Jenny fuck another man. He told her straight out and after a few minutes of nervous silence, she nodded and admitted that she had been thinking about it already. After a few hours or so of discussing it and looking at what other people had done, they finally had a plan.

And so they found themselves in a hotel room after months of planning. The room phone rang and Jenny answered it. The person at the front desk said there was an "Alex" there. She looked at Lucas and nodded, confirming it was the other man, and he nodded back. Jenny said it was okay to give him their room number.

Within a few minutes they heard a knock. One more look at each other, then Jenny got up to answer. She cracked the door first, confirmed again that this was Alex, then let him in.

They all exchanged pleasantries, Jenny and Lucas seated on the edge of one of the beds, Alex on the other. It seemed everyone had been truthful regarding appearance and such, and Alex was quite charming. He understood this was merely some fantasy fulfillment for the couple and would likely be a one time thing.

Finally it was time. Lucas kissed Jenny deeply and smiled, and told her to just do what felt right. She blushed and nodded, smiling back softly. She moved over beside Alex and the two began to make out. Jenny was a little rigid at first, still a bundle of nerves, but over time Alex helped her relax into it.

Lucas couldn't believe how hard he already was just from them making out. He was finally watching his fantasy come true and his heart was pounding in his chest. He watched Alex grope her large breasts, heard her moan into his mouth. He watched her hand move to Alex's crotch, squeezing the large bulge with genuine approval.

Jenny pulled down his fly and reached in, actually smirking as her fingers wrapped around the thick cock. Lucas was glad to see her finally really getting into it. She pulled it out, her eyes lighting up. Jenny unconsciously licked her lips as she stroked the thick, uncut member.

Alex was both longer and thicker than Lucas. Jenny delighted in watching the foreskin pull back over the head. On the other bed, Lucas rubbed his own cock through his pants. He was already leaking pre and was absolutely loving this. Alex wasn't even glistening yet.

Alex smiled as Jenny stroked him, asking if he was bigger than Lucas. Jenny nodded and pumped it a little faster. Her fingers just barely made it around his shaft. Alex leaned back, propping himself up on his elbows. Both men watched Jenny stroke his cock. She leaned over close to it and let a big glob of spit dribble over it, lubing it up. It also inadvertently gave away how much her mouth was watering. Both men moaned a little at the sight.

Alex laid down fully and pushed his pants off further, revealing his proportionately large balls. Lucas wasn't even surprised, and Jenny seemed pleased. She switched hands on his cock and began using her free one to massage Alex's sac. She commented how heavy they felt and Alex replied that they were full and ready. Jenny just smirked at that.

Lucas smirked too. Unlike most women, Jenny gave plenty of attention to the balls and he could tell she was loving Alex's pair. The way she fondled and caressed them, squeezed and tugged them. She wanted to know how much cum these big balls had for her.

Alex finally let out a moan, a drop of precum beading on his tip. Jenny glanced at her boyfriend and he just gave her a nod, his attention on the tip of Alex's cock as well. Jenny swallowed and leaned down, licking up the little pearly drop with the tip of her tongue. Alex's pre tasted rather nice, she thought. She gave Lucas a naughty grin and he returned it, knowing what she wanted now.

Jenny kept up her actions, earning more moans and gasps from Alex. More precum began leaking down his shaft and Jenny's tongue caught it all. Lucas finally let his own out, needing to stroke it. She was having fun before, but now his girlfriend was into it.

Alex asked with a smirk if she liked his taste and Jenny nodded, replying that it was yummy. He then suggested she try the real thing. Jenny stood and undressed, feeling four eyes on her. She removed everything and let Alex get a good look at her for a few seconds.

When she went to climb on him, Alex stopped her, asking how she was gonna taste him like that. She looked down at him quizzically. Alex then asked if she'd ever had a guy who could go multiple rounds. She replied she hadn't and Alex smiled, figuring that was the case. He then revealed he could give her at least four loads before they finished. Jenny was taken aback and she looked at Lucas, who seemed just as surprised. But her boyfriend reassured her that this was more than alright and urged her to get all four out of him.

Alex stood up, removing the rest of his clothes, his hard glistening cock bobbing in front of him. He stroked it a bit and asked Jenny to kneel, which she did quickly. Alex glanced at Lucas and calmly stated that now he was about show Jenny real pleasure, a comment that sent chills through the couple.

Alex moved in front of her and told her to open her mouth as wide as possible. Jenny again complied, opening wide for his thick cock. Alex tapped it on her lips and tongue a few times, teasing her, making her want it more. Finally he began pushing in, holding her head with one hand. Slowly pushing her down, making her take it all bit by bit.

Lucas stroked himself, panting as he watched Alex make his girlfriend swallow his cock. Alex didn't stop until his sac rested on her chin. He looked down at her, her mouth, cheeks, and throat stretched to accommodate him. He could feel her tongue moving around. He told her to moan once if she liked this. Lucas almost came when he heard her muffled moan around Alex's cock.

Alex smirked and called her a good girl, earning another moan from Jenny. He began thrusting, starting slow. Jenny moaned and drooled around the thick shaft, reaching around Alex and trying to pull him in closer. He took the hint and asked her if she wanted her boyfriend to watch her get facefucked. Lucas couldn't hold back his load this time when she moaned again.

Alex dropped the civility. He had finally confirmed what kind of girl he was dealing with. He gripped her hair in his fist and began thrusting hard. Jenny was keeping up better than he expected and he gave her everything he had, his balls slapping her chin with each thrust. Jenny continued to groan and drool on his cock, staring up at him as he used her throat.

Alex grunted as pushed his cock in and out. Her throat was warm and tight. He needed release after the incredible handjob earlier. He kept thrusting, groaning as he got closer.

It was all the warning she got before he pushed in, holding her head still as he came down her throat. Jenny's nose was buried in his pubes as he shot a thick load into her stomach. After a few minutes he pulled completely out, stroking and shooting the few remaining ropes on her face. He turned to Lucas with a smirk, asking if he thought she looked good like this. He could only nod in response, his smaller cock hard again after cumming earlier.

Alex sat on the bed and told Jenny to get in front of him. He was ready to feel those big tits on his cock. Jenny grinned and obeyed, holding her tits up and wrapping them around him. Alex moaned as the soft tits enveloped his shaft.

He let her go at her own pace this time. This clearly wasn't new territory for her. Jenny gave him an expert titjob. She was clearly enjoying giving one to a cock that still managed to poke up past her generous bosom, leaning her head down to lick and suck the head as it appeared

Lucas watched his girlfriend service Alex so happily. She deserved this. He knew she was happy with him, but he wanted her to have the pleasure she deserved. He did his best but he knew she needed more. This may have been his fetish, but it was all for Jenny's benefit.

Alex smirked down at her and told her she was such an eager little slut, especially with her boyfriend right there. Jenny grinned back and said if this was a one time thing, then she was gonna give him a show. Alex chuckled at that and told her to speed up if she really wanted to give her boyfriend something to watch. She cocked an eyebrow and did just that, working his shaft with her fat tits like a pro.

Lucas got up and moved to a chair for a better view. His cock was completely stiff again as he watched Jenny give Alex an amazing titjob. Jenny glanced over and flashed a grin at him, saying how big and thick Alex was and how good it felt being able to taste him while she stroked him. Lucas only nodded, stroking himself slower to hold off as long as possible. Jenny was really getting into it now.

Alex egged her on, telling her how great they felt around his cock, how soft and smooth they felt. How much he was gonna cover them with jizz. That seemed to be Jenny's trigger. She was a real cumslut once she got started. And Alex had plenty of fuel for that fire.

Jenny looked back up at Alex and begged him to cum. To cover her big tits in hot jizz. She wanted it badly and she wanted it now. Alex only smirked and told her he needed a little more convincing.

Jenny pumped her tits faster and told him how much she wanted his load all over them. How she knew he'd do more than Lucas could. Lucas didn't even make it past her tits, needing to jerk himself on to them.

Alex thrust his cock himself, telling her he was close. He looked over at Lucas and told him Jenny was about be painted white. Then it started. With a groan his cock exploded, the first rope hitting her face. She leaned back then and the rest of his load shot up, falling back on her tits.

Jenny didn't stop her titjob, milking Alex with her soft globes. A wide grin on her face, Jenny begged for more, for Alex to empty himself on her. She giggled as she told him that Lucas would be finished already.

It took several minutes for Alex to fully stop, his cock still hard and twitching between her breasts. He stood again and told her to open up. She did and he used her mouth to clean off any remaining cum on his cock. When he pulled back out, her lips slurped around it, not wanting it to leave.

Alex smiled and told her to get on the bed next, on all fours, facing her boyfriend. She followed his direction and quickly locked eyes with Lucas. Her face coated in Alex's seed, his cock achingly hard. Alex climbed behind her, lining himself up with her entrance. He smirked as he told Lucas how soaked his girlfriend was.

Before pushing in he wanted to make sure that Jenny was on some form of birth control. She confirmed she had an IUD and that it worked fine. Alex nodded and began pushing inside, holding her waist as he did.

Jenny groaned as the thick member spread her pussy open. She panted as she told Lucas how big Alex was inside her. That it was stretching her more than he could. Alex kept slowly feeding his cock into her, eventually burying the whole thing in her hot, wet entrance.

He leaned over her body and told her to tell her boyfriend what was about to happen. Jenny moaned and her walls squeezed his cock a little. She looked at Lucas and told him Alex was about to fuck her. Hard. She told him Alex was going to give her what her boyfriend couldn't. And she was gonna let him cum deep inside her.

Lucas moaned a little and told Jenny he loved her and hoped she enjoyed Alex's cock. Alex pushed himself back up and grinned, answering for her that she would very much. Then he started.

Jenny cried out as Alex started fucking her hard, driving his cock in and out of her tight hole. He asked her when the last time Lucas fucked her was for her to be this tight. She admitted that it had just been last night. Alex barked a laugh and said he never would've guessed from how tight her cunt was.

Jenny gripped the sheets as Alex slammed his cock inside her. She looked her boyfriend in the eyes as she begged for more. Begged Alex to stretch her cunt out. This told Lucas just how horny and turned on she was. His girlfriend never used the word cunt unless she was absolutely soaked.

Alex grunted has he gave her what she asked for, his balls smacking against her clit on the forward thrusts. Jenny couldn't stop moaning and telling her boyfriend how amazing Alex's cock felt. How great it was having such a thick cock balls deep felt in her stretched hole.

Lucas stroked himself quickly, panting as he looked back at her. Alex's cum clung to her face, marking her as his slut. Jenny watched him as she took as a bigger, harder cock. She told him to stop, that he couldn't cum until she said so. That a little dick like his didn't deserve to until allowed. Lucas let go when she said to and put his dick away.

Alex smirked at this and gripped Jenny's waist roughly, pounding into her hard. He asked her if she was ready to have her womb filled and she responded by slamming herself back against him. Alex gave a few more thrusts and drove his cock in deep, pulling Jenny against him as he unloaded himself inside her.

Jenny came hard with him, her walls squeezing and milking the thick cock. She drooled and panted as Alex filled her with his thick cream. Lucas could only watch as she convulsed on the massive member, his own aching for attention.

Alex kept himself buried to the hilt inside her until she finished, letting her enjoy her clearly intense orgasm. Once she stopped shaking he pulled out completely, causing their mixed cum to flow out of Jenny's well fucked hole. He let his cock rest on her soft, round ass and asked with a grin if she had enjoyed that. Jenny glanced over her shoulder at him and just nodded, still a bit out of breath at the moment.

Lucas couldn't believe how worn out his girlfriend was. She had never been rendered speechless with him. His dick throbbed, loving that she was getting the hard fucking she truly needed.

Alex rubbed his hands softly over her big ass, telling her to just relax, that he'd get his next load out himself. He began grinding against her ass, rubbing his cock between her plush asscheeks. He grinned when she picked up on what he wanted and began grinding back, giving him a buttjob.

Lucas smiled a little himself. He should be jealous of all this, but watching Jenny be a slut for another man was just too hot. He was certainly having his cuckold fantasy filled right now.

Alex sighed contently as Jenny as her ass rubbed his cock so well. He called her a good girl for doing this without even being told. Jenny moaned and replied anything for a nice, big cock like his. Alex chuckled and and kept thrusting between her asscheeks, and told her he was glad she felt that way.

Finally he needed more and took over the buttjob himself, pushing her ass together and fucking them like he had her tits. He panted and went faster, his balls slapping her pussy, making her moan softly for him. Jenny's soft ass and her moaning pushed him over the edge again and he shot a rope of cum over her back before pulling away.

Alex stroked himself desperately, aiming his exploding cock at Jenny's last unused hole. She wasn't sure why, but her boyfriend had a suspicion why Alex seemed intent on covering her tightest hole in his thick, slippery jizz.

As the last of it shot out, Alex grinned, stating he was sure he had one more load for such a good little slut. He had Jenny turn around to suck him back to full hardness. As she did, Lucas got a full view of how much cum Alex had pumped out inside and outside. He was sure now where Alex was planning on cumming next.

Alex let Jenny do the work this time, petting her as she sucked him hard and cleaned their juices off of his cock. He combed his fingers through her hair as he praised her oral skills. He mused that he was considering just cumming down her throat again, earning a lewd moan from Jenny.

Eventually Alex eased her away from his cock and directed her to face Lucas again. He gave her a playful spank and pressed his tip against her cum-covered rosebud. Jenny cooed and pushed back, letting out a small yelp when the head pushed inside. She looked right at her boyfriend and told him she was about to take Alex up her ass. That he was gonna get to enjoy the hole she had only let Lucas have so far. Lucas moaned and panted, his dick painfully hard, begging for any kind of release beyond leaking precum.

Alex grinned and pushed in deeper, stretching her ass just as he had her pussy. He held her waist tightly, easing his thick shaft inside her. Jenny moaned and cooed as it filled her, glancing over her shoulder to tell him to keep going, that she wanted it all. Alex chuckled and replied that he wasn't planning on anything less.

Jenny bit her lip and looked back at Lucas. She looked him in the eye and asked him for the first time if he was truly enjoying this. She told him they would stop right now if he wasn't. Even as she was taking a wonderfully large, thick cock, she still wanted to make sure Lucas was okay with it.

Her boyfriend looked right back at her and nodded, smiling as he told her to enjoy herself. That she looked amazing like this and it was so hot to watch her work from the outside. He knelt in front of her and kissed her deeply, not caring if some Alex's cum got on him.

As Lucas pulled away from the kiss, Alex bottomed out inside her. Jenny groaned and gave a small but exhilarated laugh. She had a wide grin as she told her boyfriend that Alex was balls deep in her ass. That she was about to be fucked hard in her last hole. And she couldn't wait to take his fifth load. Alex smirked and gave a few small thrusts, telling her that's exactly what was gonna happen. He had one load left, and it was going up her tight ass.

Lucas sat back in the chair and watched the pleasure on Jenny's face as Alex slowly picked up speed. She was panting hard, but the permanent grin she sported told him she loved it. She grasped at the sheets under her, balling them in her fists. Alex was fucking her for real now, and he wasn't holding anything back for his last one.

His fingers dug into her, fucking her ass just as hard as her pussy. His heavy balls slapped against her pussy and he talked dirty to her. He called her a slut, a whore, a cumdump. He told her a slut like her needed a big cock every day to fill her with cum. Jenny moaned and agreed with it all, begging for Alex to let out the last of his cum deep inside her tight cumslut ass. Lucas could only watch on, loving it. This had been better than he had ever hoped.

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