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First Time Cuckold


They say if you write you should base it on personal experiences and so I shall.

Aged 38 my wife had left teaching to have a baby before it was too late, and he was now 4 months old. Jude was bored at being at home, bored of breast feeding, dirty nappies, sleepless nights, and a vastly restricted social life. To cheer her up I decided to take her out to our favourite Indian restaurant, the El Amir in London’s docklands.

The owner Hassam greeted us as always ushering us into the sort of empty establishment you get on a wet, Monday night in December. He sat with us at the end of the meal and commiserated with her, treating us to free alcohol and his own problems. He was in his late fifties and his wife had died some eight years before leaving him celibate, and with two sons aged eighteen and sixteen. They worked in the restaurant which by all accounts was not currently doing well. Jude commented at this point that they looked more like twelve and fourteen in fact so young she could wet nurse them. I must admit I wondered whether their ages were inflated so they could work legally in the place and not attend school.

The evening wore on and the conversation got quite racy as it always did with Hassim who as always complimented my wife on her appearance, particularly her ample breast size and elegant legs. He also dropped into the conversation that his youngest son Shazad [ who was always the one to serve us ] was also appreciative of her looks, had she noticed? Jude laughed, agreed she had and commented on how flattering she’d found it. Changing the conversation to the slow business at night she suggested he have a cabaret at the weekend to bring back in the lunch time trade, which consisted mainly of lone Asian business men.

At this point I nipped out to buy some cigarettes and was gone some thirty minutes as that part of the city is deserted at night. Having found a store and returned I was in time to hear that he had taken up her suggestion and was going to start the coming weekend. I took out my wallet to pay the bill but Hassim refused laughing and said he’d probably being paying me money.

Once home and the baby sitter departed, I asked what his comment was all about. In reply she disappeared into the bedroom and about five minutes later reappeared as a Sally Bowles and putting on the Cabaret mimed to Liza Minelli’s rendition of the same. I have to say the hat, stockings, suspenders, and black underwear was electrifying, as was the sex that followed! During the rest of the week she carried out continual arrangements by phone with the restaurant, arranged for our son to go to her mothers for the weekend, and purchased several sets of sexy underwear.

On the Friday night we arrived at nine and saw straight away Hassam has put together a small, tented stage by the bar with a backcloth plus a chair. The tables had been rearranged so that a part of ten quite elderly Asian business men could eat together facing it. Shazad immediately brought us a two bottles of champagne which Jude who had been nervous all day didn’t really need as she had been fortifying her courage at home. It was about ten when Shazad came and got her and Hassam sat down with me to watch the show.

The music came on, Shazad switched on some bar spots turned around to illuminate the stage, and Jude came out singing cabaret. At first she was largely ignored, until half way through the song she stepped out of her skimpy dress and stood there in black teddy. It didn’t leave much to the imagination barely covering her nipples at one end whilst being so tight between the crutch you could see her slit through it. Couple this with suspenders holding up sheer black, silk stockings, her natural ability to flaunt her body, and they became riveted. At the end of the song there was applause and cries of show us more! At this point I realised I didn’t know how she was going to follow it up. Signalling to Shazad to change the music she then started to dance very erotically revealing a breast playing with the nipple as she did so. Seeing their approval she left her platform and went across to their table continuing her gyrations for some five minutes before both breast were on show. Choosing the oldest, he must have been over sixty, she picked up his black coffee and held it to his lips for him to sip, which he dutifully did. Sitting on his lap she then put her left nipple close to his lips, on his lips, and with a hand on the back of his head gently forced it between them. He sucked, gasped with surprise, then instantly putting his hand on her shoulders plunged the nipple back in sucking avidly. When he withdrew it a trickle of milk ran onto his chin and raucous cheering broke out. I watched stunned as her she then moved on choosing a new lap but this time getting a pair of lips onto each nipple. Whilst they sucked she leant her arms back on the table so we could all see them at her breasts, before closing her eyes and issuing coy little moans. Everyone of them who wanted to have a go got one and several had seconds before she pulled away to great applause and disappeared into the kitchen.

There were loud demands for more and Hassam disappeared, shortly after sending his son Kabir for me. I entered the kitchen to see my wife very worried as to my reaction to all this. Did I mind, was I upset? For my part I didn’t know what I felt. Hassim had no doubt, your wife he told me was very sexy. If she did an encore he’d send out Kabir first for a collection. Without waiting for my opinion he despatched him with a large silver tray. I had to go with it, gave her a kiss and told her if she was enjoying herself and up for it - to go ahead. What the hell. The tray returned covered in twenty pound notes. It was clear what the clientele thought, so Hassan returned to my table with me.

My wife came out in a completely different set of clothes, a light blue dress, blue stockings with suspenders, and a smile larger than anything she was wearing. Instead of the chairs she got up onto one of the tables before starting to strip very slowly. It took tem minutes to get down to her skimpy panties. Once there she turned her back on them, knelt down and using a steak knife cut off one side, before throwing the remnants over her shoulder in their direction. Having done this she turned legs closed. Looking them in the eyes she slowly splayed her crutch wide open, a position she held for a good minute to loud applause, then she was gone. Hassam disappeared from my side to receive enthusiastic congratulations from his party whilst I waited for Jude to reappear.

A good twenty minutes passed before the last guest left and Hassam called Jude and his sons out to our table. She reappeared still naked except for a loose dressing gown borrowed from Kabir. We sat, drank and talked whilst Jude was given £150 as her share of the collection. It was then our restaurant owner asked if she’d change the act for Saturday night as one of the audience had offered a fee of £300 for her to perform again for a party of six. Something a little different, a more perhaps?

Part 2: My wife’s cabaret is a live sex act.

When we got home Jude revealed that after her strip and whilst in the kitchen, Shazad had claimed some milk touching her up in the process. She had let him do so but only to the extent of getting a couple of fingers in whilst she had explored his prick in his pants. Giggling and very turned on she described her shock at finding it was thin, long, with a banana shape, in fact apparently turning a complete semi circle back onto his belly. She added that he also a virgin according to him and his dad, who had also groped her at one stage.

We had great sex that night but she would not reveal what she was going to change the following night, demanding I give her both carte blanche and wait and see. What could I do, isn’t this how all wife watchers start?

We arrived Saturday to find the meal for the party of six was only just being served so we drank courtesy of the house and chatted to Hassam. The select clientele of Hassan’s friend plus five new Asian business men, was if anything, even more elderly than the night before. After sometime Jude disappeared to make arrangements ‘ for her new encore’. The next time I saw her was when the cabaret started and we were treated to a repeat performance of the singing and later the milk feeding strip all of which was hugely successful. The only difference was is that Kabir had been given a compact camera, to take photo’s, presumably to be poured over at some future date.

My host was as much at a loss as I as to the nature of the third act of this cabaret but he did grumble that it was costing him £400. We were a little taken back to see Shazad and Kabir add a small two-seater settee onto the stage close to the chair, formerly her ownly prop other than her own assets. Jude eventually came out onto the stage leading Shazad by hand. He was wearing a dressing gown whilst all she wore was a very tight black teddy, complete with integral suspenders themselves attached to black stockings. The music commenced and she started to gyrate against him before sliding him out of his dressing gown to reveal him naked except for a large bulge in a pair of small, straining underpants. With no sign of embarrassment they commenced a necking routing as his hands caressed her body, the right hand ending its run by massaging the area between her legs. Expertly the crutch fasteners came undone and his fingers started to delve deeper, until finding contact with her love button she gave an audible moan as they started to do their work. Once aroused she repositioned herself to allow them access inside, her bum moving out slightly as they obviously found their way into her. Lewdly putting one leg on the chair so we could all see them doing the work needed whilst she hung onto his neck and moaned towards an orgasm. It was clearly no fake when it came.

Pulling his fingers out she made great play of cleaning them with her mouth before kneeling in front of him and easing off his pants. Even I was amazed with the prick that sprang out. Nearly eleven inches long [ I measured it later ] it curved in a wicked semi circle back onto his belly. My wife made great show of straightening but needed two hands to keep it so as she sucked the shaft in her mouth. This however was only a momentary diversion as having shown us all its attributes she led him to the sofa and sat him down. Placing her knees each side of him she made great play of showing us a rear view of her inner recesses whilst positioning his weapons tip at the entrance to her fanny. With a glance towards us all she slowly sank down the shaft to his balls. Once there she set up a deliberate rhythm rising to its tip before skewering herself again and again, each time a little faster, a little harder. I was amazed at his staying power, though I later learnt she’d given him a blow job in the kitchen to assist his capacity. It was nearly ten minutes before she allowed herself to build to an orgasm obviously sensing that Shazad was close to coming by the way he was now using her hips to ram her back down from the top of each stroke. She eventually came very noisily at the bottom of a stroke and collapsed over his shoulder. We on the other hand were treated to the site of his balls visibly contracting and pumping his cum into her for what seemed an amazing amount of time. So long did it continue and so copious was the amount little waves of it squirted out around his shaft. Hassan was beside himself with joy not for the performance but for the fact his son was no longer a virgin. An abiding memory is him shouting out to him to spread her cheeks so he could take a photograph of the event, and watching my he and my wife comply!

Jude finally eased off his shaft which did not seem to have contracted at all and theatrically bowed to the audience. The response were cries which translated to spread them and show the damage she responded by bringing a cushion from the settee and crossing over laying herself onto a table facing them with legs wide open whilst Shazad received back slaps from all around. I didn’t realise there were so many cameras and flashguns in the place.

Over the next hour my wife shagged them all on stage. In this period she was on top, taken from behind, on her back, and even allowed one to mount her chest and held her tits together whilst he used them as a fanny. I was now amazed at her staying power particularly as she finished off by letting Kabir pound into her with legs akimbo whilst flashguns still popped. Needless to say her final withdrawal [ excuse the pun ] was met with great applause.

When the guests had gone I entered the kitchen to see Jude still naked. Hassam joined us and promptly tried to book her for the following weekend which she refused telling him perhaps after a couple of weeks. He went onto point out that he and I were the only one who hadn’t enjoyed her considerable skills and charms. Is she was to stay the night she could remind him of the delights of a wife perhaps the three of us in a bed? She looked at me and told him if she could shag Shazad whenever she liked he was on. I just nodded.

I’ve never seen anyone close up so fast and pile us into his car for the drive home. Jude didn’t even bother getting dressed but wearing only in his coat rode in the front of his car, whilst he took every opportunity to touch her up at every junction and light. Once at his flat she bathed and we climbed into his bed one each side of her. How does a good Asian Muslim woman do this she asked? She opens her legs and closes her mouth he replied and shagged her for fifteen minutes with her legs over his shoulders. Once finished she decided I could fuck her from the rear whilst she fed Hassan milk from her breast a position which grew to be her favourite when servicing us together. Over the night we each enjoyed her at least another three times.

It was clear when we arrived home on the Sunday that my wife had blown her own mind and mine with her new found sexuality. She was not going to do another cabaret she informed me but would be taking Shazad as a lover. Hassam had other ideas however and once besotted with his sons cock he used him to persuade her to go onwards and further in his little shows. But that is another story.

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