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First Time Cuckold


We have been talking about swinging for a couple of years and often use it in our fantasy play. My wife, Anna gets turned on by the idea but that is how far it would go. Until recently. We have been married for ten years and our life together was as good as it gets. We had good jobs and money to spend.

My wife is a stunning brunette. She is 33, fit and firm and could be mistaken by a 20 year old hottie. She is also very dominant in the bedroom and that works out really good for me, as I am submissive. I learned that during our first years together. She would dominate me all night if she was in the mood and it wasn't just about the sex. She let me lick her toes while she was speaking with her girlfriend on the phone, do the dishes naked while she was watching television and cleaning the car with my nipple clamps on and a butt plug up my ass.

I really loved being her slave in our sex life. But when it comes to day to day activity we are equal. I have been reading stories about cuckolding for a long time and have talked to her about it but when we where talking about swinging, I was really talking about cuckold and she was talking about a threesome.

One night I started talking about how hot it will be to see her with another man. How I would be cuckold, made to watch and serve them. But something was different with her, she usually use my cuckold fantasy as a way to start our night if I in the beginning starts to talk about it but tonight she wanted me to go online and find her a good stories to read. It didn't take me long to print out my favorite stories. I handed them to her and she said that while she would read them I would clean up after dinner, naked of course.

When I finished in the kitchen I opened one beer and with another one for her I went back to our living room. She admitted that the stories made her hot and she wanted to find out more, so she went into the office and told me to go to sleep, she would talk to me in the morning. It was hard to leave as I was hard as hell but I obeyed her.

The morning after she told me that she had decided to put an ad on a website and see what will come out of it. She told me the username and password and told me to look after it. She just wanted to know about answers that included picture of the man and only show her if he would fit her. "You know what I mean," she said.

I went online to see her ad and my cock instantly got hard when I saw the add

Good looking married brunette looking for a hung man. I am looking for a dominant lover, who knows what cuckold is all about. The limit is you...

When I went to work that morning I couldn't concentrate. My mind was on the ad and how many replies we would have that evening. But her ad got me also confused, dominant lover? Why would she want that, she was so dominant? And the limit is you text...what was that all about?

After I finally got out of the office I when straight home and turned on my computer. Already six answers but only two with pictures. After I looked at them I decided that only one would fit her. I printed out the ad and the picture and took it to her.

Hello. I am strong and fit who would love to play with you and cuckold your pathetic husband. I am dominant and can be very strict. Have good experience and hate timewasters so if you are one, delete this message and don't contact me again. If you are serious, show me your picture Brian

My wife decided to wait and see what would happen but after a couple of days and endless message from guys all around she decided to send him her photo. They decided to chat online first and I wasn't allowed to witness the conversation.

They chatted for a couple of hours for a few days and one day she came out of the office and told me they have decided to meet up and see what happens. Next Friday. They arrange a meeting in a bar nearby and I would go there with her.

This was all heating up, I was nervous but at the same time excited. What would happen? The time past and finally, the big day arrived. When I got home after work that day, my wife was already getting herself ready, we where suppose to meet him 8 o'clock and I could see that she was also nervous. Now would be a good time to back out. I asked her if she wanted to go through with this. She looked at me. "Do you want to back out?" I was nervous about all of this but quite excited as well. I told her I didn't want to back out. She just smiled at me and said that she wanted to at least meet with him and see how things would go.

It was half hour drive from our home and when we arrived we instantly recognized him from the photo. He was bigger than I expected. His head well shaven, tall guy and muscular black man. He invited us to his table and ordered us a drink. He told us he was 37 years old and was living near this place. He said that he had been seeing couples for four years and his latest had just moved to another city. "I had fun with the two of them though," he said with a smile on his face.

We sat down with him, got our drinks and start talking. My wife got her self some white wine but all I had was a bottle of Coca Cola as I was the designated driver for the night. We talked a little. He told us that he was a finance director and had his own company. He had done well over the past few years and was "to be honest, quite rich," as he put it.

"So, what would you expect to get out of this," he suddenly asked me. "Well," I stammered. "I have a fantasy about being cuckolded," I finally said, quietly. "I know but cuckold is one thing and submissive cuckolding is another," he added I felt embarrassed sitting there talking about my fantasy with this stranger. "I am submissive," I said looking down at the table. He glanced at Anna. "Your wife is a real beauty. You want me to fuck her?" This was too straight forward for me and I blushed and Anna noticed that and giggled. "Answer boy," he ordered. "Yes," I said and looked around to see if anyone had heard me. Nobody I thought. "When you answer me, you say Yes Sir. Understood? "Yes Sir," I immediately replied. "Good, now Anna, I know what you want and now I need answer from you two. Will you be my submissive couple?" Submissive couple I thought, that wasn't something I had talked about. "Yes Sir," my wife answered and glanced at me. I was stunned, my wife submissive? It couldn't be. But I could see it in her face that she wanted to be submissive to him. "Good, now go to the ladies room and remove your panties," he ordered and my wife excused herself. "You know boy. It always surprise me when a man wants her wife to be fucked by others. But I don't complain," he said and smiled. "But after a while you get bored of just fucking her. You need more and I have developed my things over the last few years and I will demonstrate it on you two. You will be my slaves, ready to serve when I want you two, doing everything I order you to do. This is the deal. We have talked about this; Me and your wife and she fully understand my needs. I hope you will not be a problem. As I understand, you are submissive and you clean the house naked, have butt plugs while you clean the car and more. So, you are submissive to your wife. You will still be submissive to her. The only change is that you are now submissive to me as well. Understand?" It took me a while to digest that but I nodded my head and said. "Yes Sir." At the same time that this speech scared me, it excited me as well. Anna came back from the bathroom. She sat down and handed him the panties, obviously scared that others might see her, she handed it to him and quickly sat down without looking around. He handed me the panties. "Now, you go in the man's room and put this on," he demanded. I was surprised but knew that this was the way for him to establish his domination. I stood up, put the panties in my pocket and went straight to the man's room. It was empty as I locked one booth and in a heartbeat my jeans where around my ankle and my cock throbbing hard. I wanted so much to jack off right there but didn't. Instead I put my wife panties on, mine in my pocket and got back to the table. They where gone, but after a quick glance around, I saw them at the exit. I went after them and he told me to drive them home.

They took there seat in the backseat and as soon as I drove off they where all over each other. I adjusted the mirror so I would have a look. She kissed him all over, he started playing with her tits, getting them out of the shirt, and they were exposed as he starts pinching her nipples. He moved his other hand between her legs. She had her eyes closed, enjoying this big mans hand all over her. After a while she got her hand on his thigh, moving slowly and rubbing his cock through his jeans. He sucked on her nipple and fingered her cunt with force. She was enjoying this. My cock was so hard it would have exploded with one touch.

When we finally arrived I was scared that our neighbor would see the two of them holding hands like a horny teenager when they where walking inside. I looked around and to my best knowledge, none of my neighbor saw this strange scenario. When we were inside he told me to get them a drink. I went into the kitchen and when I came back with three beers I saw my wife on her knees sucking on the biggest cock I have ever seen. I just stood there frozen, watching my beautiful wife on her knees in front of this black man. She was like a hungry slut, slurping on his cock while he laid back and relaxed. He gave me a glimpse to come over with the beer and as I approach them he took her head and moved it up and down, he was face fucking my wife. "You like that, don't you" he said as he moved it faster and faster. Suddenly he took her off. "Answer me slut," "Yes Sir, I love it," she said as she licked her sexy lips. "Now get your clothes off so I can fuck your married pussy and you boy, sit down and shut up." I was stunned; his voice was different from the bar. "Yes Sir," was all I could say. My wife got naked really fast and kneeled in front of him. He slapped her ass a few times, hard and she moaned. He removed his clothes slowly as he walked around my wife, kneeling in the middle of our dining room. I have never seen her liked that before. "You want me to fuck you?" he asked and immediately she said "Yes Sir". "You want me to fuck your wife hubby?" "Yes Sir," I said immedietly, my cock throbbing hard underneath my jeans. "Good," he said. "Beg me." I didn't know what to say. I was excited but at the same time a little scared. His dominant and harsh tone was different from the man we met at the bar. But my excitement about the scenario was too much, and my wife was really enjoying her. So I started to beg him. "Please Sir, fuck my beautiful wife," I said, feeling really humiliated. "So pathetic," he said laughing.

He went behind her and slowly started to insert his 8" cock in her dripping pussy. She started to moan as soon as he touched her. She was so excited and at the same time, so hot.

He started to fuck her slowly at first. Telling her how good a fuck she is. "You are quite tight slut. Is your hubby that small?" "Yes he is, so much smaller than you Sir," she said. I was surprised; she had never complaint about my 6 "cock. He looked at me and smiled. "You see, now that she has tried that big, she won't go back after your sissy cock." He started to move faster and the faster he goes, the sounds of my wife got louder. I just sat there with my hard on, not allowed to touch myself and watched as my wife got fucked harder and harder.

"Are you ready for my cum slut," he almost shouted and I could see he was getting close to Cumming. "Ohhhh yes, give me your cum, please Sir," she cried out.

He fucked her real hard and his hips slapped on her ass cheeks again and again. Suddenly there was a big groan from the big man as he came deep into my wife's pussy. My wife got at least three orgasm from his fuck and she was exhausted. After a couple of minutes he withdrew his still hard cock from her pussy but ordered her to stay still in her position.

"Get over here, boy and lay next to her," he ordered. It was hard to walk as my cock was still in the cage of my jeans. I did as he told me too. He ordered her to climb over me with her pussy in front of my face. "Now stand up and spread your legs," he ordered. She of course obeyed her new Master.

"Now I want my cum to drip into the face of your husband. It is your job to hit his face. Every drop that is not on his face, you will lick up," he told my wife. What will end up on his face, stays there."

I laid there, surprised but unable to move, watching my wife's well fucked cunt and she was aiming on my face! The first drops landed on my forehead and she adjusted her a little lower. Trying to hit my face "Open up," she ordered.

It wasn't my favorite position. I haven't tasted another mans cum before. But as degrading as it was it also turned me on and I opened my mouth as much as I could.

"See that cum slut," he said smiling as he sat on my chair, drinking my beer.

Next drops landed on my lips, then my chin and my nose. Soon my face had cum all over it. He told her to sit on the floor next to me but ordered me to stay still.

"Ok. You are a good fuck Anna and you are a true cuck hubby. That is good. You also follow order really well. I expect that to continue. Now that I have marked you two I will continue your training tomorrow. I will sleep in your bedroom, with Anna of course. Hubby will sleep in the guestroom."

My wife nodded her head to agreement.

Hubby, you have a task in the morning. First of all you are not allowed to clean up your face. My cum will dry up on your face. You may smear it around but not clean it up, is that understood?" "Yes Sir," I said tasting his salty cum as I opened my mouth. "Good. I like a good breakfast. So in the morning you will walk to your nearest shop. Get me fresh bread and make some coffee when you return. Then when everything is ready, you are allowed in the bedroom to wake us up. Not sooner."

This was going to be a long night. I was hoping I would be allowed to cum, but that wasn't his plan. He stood up, got his jacket and up came a digital camera. "Now I want a picture of my couple." I was going to object but he was fast and got a picture of my wife naked on the floor and me with my face covered in cum.

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