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First Time Cuckold


My name is Irene. I am forty years old, five foot two, brown wavy hair and big brown eyes. I have kept my body in good shape, despite fact that I have mothered two adorable daughters, six and seven. I guess I am fairly attractive, because of the glances I get from men, especially at the gym which I attend weekly for and aerobics class.

We lived in a good neighborhood in Barcelona, Spain and have a nice apartment twenty minutes from the beach.

I have been married for thirteen years to my wonderful husband Oscar. He is loyal and devoted to me and the children. He is a good provider and works as an IT Consultant and helps me take care of the girls.

Oscar isn't the most handsome man in the world but he is intelligent, funny and interesting. We enjoy our time together. Our sex life is not really the highlight of our marriage. He is not very well endowed, his penis being a mere four and a half inches and he comes too quickly.

He has never given me an orgasm. This task I take care of myself when he is asleep. Sometimes a good love scene in a movie will turn me on. I don't like oral sex, either giving or getting. I know some couples have great sex lives from talking with my friends but somehow it just isn't that important to me.

However, lately he has revealed a secret fantasy to me which bothered me somewhat. He would like to see me make love to another man while he watches. At first, this fantasy upset me. The idea of having sex with someone I am not in love with, completely repulsed me. I also worried that being intimate with someone might change my feelings toward my husband and put our marriage in danger. Over time he has continued to try to explain his fantasy stating that it would turn him on and that I deserved to have a more fulfilling sex life. Although Oscar is the only man I have ever experienced sex with, the idea of broadening my horizons is a bit intriguing. I am concerned however with two things. One. How much could he love me if he is willing to share me with another man? And two, why is he willing to risk our love just to fulfill his fantasy.

A few weeks ago, my Regional Director, Jordi invited me and my husband to come to a party he and his wife were giving. Never have been invited to one of his parties before, I accepted immediately.

That evening, I told my husband about the invitation, expecting him to resist the idea. To my surprise he was very happy to go and even insisted I buy a new dress for the occasion. I'm not much of a clothes horse but liked the idea and to my surprise, he even insisted on coming along with me to help me pick one out.

A few days later, at the dress shop, I was trying on some nice, conservative dresses when he walked up to the dressing room and handed me a sexy black dress, cut low in the front and with a very short hemline. I was a little embarrassed trying it on. My breasts almost spilled out from the top and my legs, well above my thighs were plainly visible. The dress itself clung to me like a coat of paint and my bottom pressed tightly against the thin material.

Surely he couldn't serious, expecting me to wear such a revealing garment to my boss's party? When I protested he said, "I want men to look at you and drool with desire. Please, make me proud that I have such a beautiful, sexy wife!"

As much as I was against such open displays of brazenness, the dress did look great on me and if it would make Oscar happy, what the hell.

The night of the party we had taken the girls to our parents' home for a sleep-over and were getting ready to go. Oscar looked at me longingly in my new dress, black nylons, and high-heels. Then, noticing my make-up, said, "You need to add a little more eye shadow and maybe a brighter shade of red for your lipstick."

I was shocked because he had never intervened in my make-up before and also his suggestions would give me more of a sluttish look, but I decided not to argue with him. He is such a dear, why not give him a little excitement.

We arrived to Jordi's home that evening. He lived in a beautiful high-rise penthouse overlooking the Barcelona skyline and ocean. Jordi greeted us, giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek which surprised me because, although he was friendly and cordial to me at work, he was always very professional. He shook Oscar's hand and told him how lucky he was to have such a beautiful, sexy wife, as he eyed me in my new dress, causing me to blush.

He then gave us a personal tour of his penthouse. Jordi was several years older than my husband. He had piercing blue eyes and short dark hair. He was a bit shorter than Oscar but in extremely good shape and it was obvious he worked out regularly. You could actually see his muscles rippling under the silk sport shirt he was wearing. He was handsome, friendly, funny and very sexy. There was an air of authority about him. He was a real "take-charge" kind of guy but in an easy going way.

His home was beautiful! As he showed us his place he introduced us to his friends and beautiful wife who for some reason was very taken with Oscar and flirted shamelessly with him. Normally this would have made me angry but due to the fact that Jordi was paying so much attention to me, it didn't bother me at all.

As the evening progress, the wine was flowing freely and I, not being much of a drinker, was starting to feel its affects. Jordi asked me to dance with him and it felt wonderful being in his arms as he skillfully glided me across the floor. I could feel his warm strong body pressed tightly against mine and I was really starting to heat up.

I glanced around the room until I saw Oscar starring at us. He had a strange smile on his face and what looked like a bulge in his pants, although with his undersized penis it was hard to tell. "What the hell!" I thought to myself, "If he gets off seeing me with another man, I may as well give him his money's worth!"

I smile back at Oscar as Jordi took my hand and led me out onto the balcony which afforded a breath-taking view of the city, and before I knew what was happening, he took me in his arms and gave me a long, passionate kiss that made me swoon. I hadn't felt so turned on in years. I kissed him back and could feel his cock pressing against my thin dress. It felt huge!

I quickly pushed Jordi away. I was panicking, surprised at my own arousal. "No, please, we mustn't!" I gasped. I could feel my juices running down my thighs. "M-m-my husband," I stuttered.

"I'm sorry," Jordi interrupted, "You turn me on so much, I couldn't help myself!"

"I think Oscar and I had better leave now!" I said, feeling guilty that I let this man make me so hot and I had kissed him back. I was a married woman and had acted like a tramp. I quickly walked over to Oscar who was grinning at me. "We need to go now!" I said and gathered up my coat.

"But why?" Oscar asked. "It looked to me like the party was just getting started!"

I reached down between his legs and felt his small erect penis. "You're sick!" I said angrily. I'm not your whore who will just fuck anyone for your pleasure, now take me home!"

We drove home in silence. Sure I was angry at Oscar. I guess deep down I hadn't believed that he would truly be turned on by my infidelity, but I was really mad at me for allowing myself to get so turned on by a man who was practically a stranger.

When we got home, I threw some blankets and a pillow on the couch and told Oscar he was to sleep there tonight. I went to bed feeling guilty, embarrassed and hot. I lay there, trying to sleep but all I could do was think about Jordi. His smell, his voice, his touch, his cock.

I reached between my legs and felt my wetness. I started rubbing my clit. Jordi's memory was much more arousing than any love story I had watched on TV. I came hard, and loud. I wondered if Oscar heard me. Too bad if he did. This was all his idea in the first place.

The next morning we acted as if nothing had happened. He didn't mention it and I was glad. I promised myself that nothing like this would ever happen again.

On Monday I went to work. I tried hard to avoid Jordi. Fortunately his office was in a different area of the bank. About noon I received a call. It was from Jordi. He had asked me to come to his office. I was wondering if he was going to fire me.

When I got there he greeted me with a friendly smile. "Irene, so good to see you. I really enjoyed you and your husband's company at our party last Friday night. Sorry I got so carried away. I hope this doesn't stop us from being good friends!" He said with a broad smile, extending his hand in friendship.

I took his hand and immediately felt the electricity between us I had felt the night of the party. "W-why no Jordi," I said trembling slightly. "I guess I got carried away too. Sure, I would like to be friends."

"Great!" he exclaimed "I so glad to hear you say that. As a matter of fact, there are some business matters I would like to discuss with you. Are you free for lunch?"

Lunch? In all the years I had worked there he had never asked me to go to lunch or my opinion about business matters. Oh well, this will be a nice lunch break change.

At noon, Jordi came by my desk to pick me up. We got into the white limo and soon we were at the marina. The next thing I knew he was holding my arm as we boarded his beautiful yatch. I ask him if he was kidnapping me.

He just laughed and said, "Not a bad idea! No, I thought a nice little cruise around the harbor while my private chef serves us a lobster dish you won't forget was just what we both needed.

The food was exquisite! The yatch was spectacular. The conversation, witty and stimulating. I had forgotten what it was like to be wooed by a man. Oscar and I had fallen into a routine that was rather dull and repetitious. I felt like a high school girl on a date with her boyfriend.

I inquired about the business matters he had mentioned earlier.

"Oh, that," He replied. "Do you think we should have longer lunch breaks for the bank staff?"

"You're a phony!" I said, "This was all a ply to get me alone on your yatch. I ought to file a sexual harassment suit against you!"

Jordi laughed and said, "Go ahead, it was worth it!"

We both laughed and I told him he was a very bad boy. He smiled and took my hand. He looked deep into my eyes and I felt a warm glow from head to toe. I was falling for this guy. "What about your wife?" I inquired.

"Let's just say, we have an understanding," He replied. We give each other space when we need it. Sometimes we even share our, extra-curricular adventures. She's happy, I'm happy."

It was hard to imagine a married couple living like that, but then I remembered Oscar's fantasy to watch me with another man. My head was spinning. Here I was, a married woman, enjoying flirting and holding hands with another man and knowing that my husband would totally approve.

I told Jordi that I needed to get back to work. I had a lot to think about.

Later that evening when Oscar got home I told him about my lunch date with Jordi. He became very excited and asked if we had sex. I assured him we had not and he seemed a bit disappointed. I decided to confront him.

"Do you mean to tell me that if we had sex, if I had sucked his cock and spread my legs to receive his huge cock, if he fucked me like you never have or could and gave me multiple orgasms, filling me up with his cum, you would enjoy this?"

"Yes!" He quickly replied. "I love you so much. I want you to be completely happy and fulfilled. I wish I had a big cock but I don't, so if you find someone who can satisfy you that makes me happy!"

"Amazing!" I said. "And for my happiness, you are willing to gamble our marriage and take a chance on loosing me?"

"Whoa, wait a minute!" He quickly answered. "Who said anything about losing you? We could still be husband and wife. He could just come over and fuck you when you needed it!"

"And what would you be doing?" I replied. "Watching TV, playing with the kids? What if we wanted to spend the night together? Would you sleep on the couch while we fucked and then snuggled in our marital bed? How would you explain to the girls why mommy and the strange man were making all those funny noises upstairs? I don't think you have thought this through. Think about it. Is your fantasy more important than your wife and family?"

I decided to give Oscar time to think about the consequence his fantasy may have. I told him to sleep on the couch until he had thought about it carefully and then let me know what he decided. I was sure if he carefully considered everything he would come to his senses. If not, well it might be exciting having the freedom to do whatever I choose, with whomever I chose.

Oscar approached me the next morning with his decision. He said, "I trust our love to be able to withstand anything. I love you very much and I don't think another man's sexual prowess can compare to the love we have.

I was shocked and disappointed. I felt I was starting to lose respect for my husband. I decided to see Jordi again and if it happens, it happens.

I told Oscar I would think it over but until I decided, I wanted him to move into the guest room. He didn't like the idea but it seemed I was in control now and he complied.

I didn't see or hear from Jordi for about a week. He was at a conference out of town. He did come by my office to see me as soon as he got back. He wanted to take me out dining and dancing on Saturday night and I told him I would love to go. He asked me what I was going to tell Oscar. I told him I wouldn't lie to my husband.

When Oscar heard about my date, he became very excited. I told him that we would be dining and dancing and I didn't know when I would be home, if I came home at all. This really made his cock hard and he wanted have sex. I told him I was saving myself for Jordi but he could help me get ready for my date on Saturday if he wanted. He wanted.

I wanted to make this as hard as possible on him. I was hoping he would change his mind and never ask me to do this again. He didn't.

First I had him pay for an entire new outfit. I made him pick out sexy lingerie to turn Jordi on. Then he accompanied me to the salon and paid for a complete body wax, hair and nails. I told the salesgirls that he was my husband and was helping me prepare for a date with my new lover. They thought this was hilarious and Oscar turned bright red with embarrassment when we all laughed at him.

On Saturday night, I had him help bath, towel dry and dress me. I could see he was hard as he rubbed the sweet lotions on my body. I kept telling him how excited I was to be going out with Jordi and how nice it would be in the arms of a real man. A man that didn't need a man to satisfy his wife but was more than happy to take care of that pleasure himself.

I was still hoping this chiding would cause him to change his mind, but no luck. I decided to lay it on thicker. "You know," I teased, "I've only felt his cock against my clothing when we dance or embrace but it feels huge! I wonder how it will feel deep inside me. I hope I can handle it. I so use to your tiny penis, I sure he will stretch me out. I probably won't be able to feel you after him, but maybe it won't matter anymore. Still no reaction.

Before I left I said to Oscar, "Okay Oscar, this is your last chance. If you tell me not to go, I won't, but we will never discuss this sick perversion again. If you tell me to go, there is no turning back. I will do what I want, when and where I want, for as long as I want. Your call.

"Have a lovely evening!" He replied.

Just then the doorbell rang. Jordi! I turned to my husband and said, "Answer the door. I want you to see the man who is going to cuckold you tonight!"

Oscar walked over and opened the door. There stood Jordi in his white dinner jacket which contrasted beautifully with his handsome tanned face and dark hair. He smiled at Oscar and held out his hand. Oscar shook his hand and invited Jordi in. Jordi walked over to me and took me in his arms and gave me a long and passionate kiss on the lips.

He turned to Oscar and said, "I'd like to thank you for lending me your wife tonight. I promise I will do everything in my power to make sure she enjoys herself completely!"

He then took my arm and escorted me to the waiting limo leaving my speechless, pathetic husband standing in the doorway while he whisked me away for our evening of pleasure.

We made small talk on the way to the restaurant. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Oscar. Maybe I was a little too rough on him. I know I was trying to hurt him. He had hurt me. He had given me away like I was nothing!

Jordi sensed my distraction and said, "Don't worry. We don't have to do anything tonight but eat, dance and enjoy each other's company. Oscar will be alright, in fact he will appreciate you more when you get home. Just wait and see!"

His words comforted me and I decided not to think about Oscar tonight, just Jordi. This was our night and I intended to enjoy it.

Our first stop was a Romantic French Restaurant called Taix. It was just a dimly lit hole in the wall but the champagne was delicious and the food even better. I sipped my drink slowly. I was determined not to drink too much so I could stay alert enough to completely enjoy and experience everything.

Next we went to the Casa Madrid. A beautiful nightclub set high on a mountain top with a full view of Barcelona. Jordi was an excellent dancer and was familiar with many different types of dances. I use to dance before I was married but Oscar wasn't much of a dancer and I had had forgotten most of my dance steps. This didn't seem to bother Jordi. He just held me in his arms and swayed me around as if I was light as a feather.

We danced for hours, I became lost in the arms of a beautiful man while the music swept us away to another world. I felt like a queen in the arms of her king. Soon it was closing time and Jordi ask me if I wanted to go home.

I told him, "No, I want to go somewhere with you where we can be alone."

Jordi instructed the driver to take us to his yacht and I nuzzled in his arms while he stroked my body with his skillful hands and whispered sweet words of love in my ear.

When we reached his yacht he lifted me up in his arms and carried me aboard and down to his cabin where he laid me down softly on his bed.

"Would you like a drink?" He asked.

I told him no and sat up on the bed and slowly started undressing. Jordi sat across from me in a big captain's chair sipping on some Sangria, while he watch me disrobe. I undressed slowly, teasingly, until I was totally nude except for my gloves and stockings.

This seemed to please him. He sat his drink down, stood up and started to undress. I could see the fire in his steel blue eyes as he gazed at my naked body. Finally he stood nude before me. His huge ten-inch cock at full attention as if it were saluting me.

I have never liked sucking cock but as I looked at his magnificent, perfectly shaped member, I was totally mesmerized. I fell to my knees in front of him and cupping his balls in one hand and grasping his shaft in my other hand, placed my tongue to the tip of his penis which was glistening with a drop of pre-cum, I then licked the shimmering droplet from his pee hole and savored it like fine wine.

I then placed a dozen kisses on the tip of his phallus as if I were worshipping it. I stretched my mouth wide, unable to resist the pleasure of tasting this magnificent specimen of manhood. It was so huge I could barely get the head and a couple of inches in my mouth.

It tasted wonderful. The skin was soft and satiny. I could hear him moan as I moved his cock in and out of my mouth. I could feel my own drool sliding down my chin, neck and on to my tits.

He then stopped me and lifted me onto the bed. He placed me on my back as I spread my legs wide to allow him to admire my glistening cunt. He placed his mouth against my labia and kissed my lips softly. He then slipped his tongue between my folds and licked me from my taint to clit. His tongue expertly rolled over my clitoris making me cry out and buck my hips.

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