tagBDSMFirst Time Cuckold Ch. 03

First Time Cuckold Ch. 03


Maybe it was because I was fucking Jordi in my husband and my marital bed. Maybe it was because Oscar was in the guest room next to us and could hear every sound we made. Or just maybe it was because I was falling deeper and deeper under Jordi's spell. I'm not sure but our fucking tonight was even better than the first time.

I lost track of how many times I came and Jordi kept flooding me with his semen. I didn't know any man could cum so many times and in such large amount. Like a never ending river of sperm.

I thought of poor Oscar in the next room listening to my screams and moaning. Hearing me beg for more cock and I suddenly realized that it was he that made this wonderful night happen. If he hadn't begged and pleaded for me to fuck Jordi, this never would have happened. I decided to reward him.

I excused myself to Jordi and went to the guest room. As I suspected, Oscar was laying on his back in I bed, holding his little penis. It looked like he had cum several times listening to us and imagining what was happening to his wife in the next room.

"I have a present for you darling," I cooed. "Let's call it treat for being such a good boy!" With that I climb onto the bed and straddled my little cucky's face. Jordi's cum started pouring out of my well fucked pussy.

"Open wide baby, time to clean up mommy! She's been a real bad mommy tonight and is all messy!" I teased. "Drink Jordi's cum. Maybe a real man's cum will make your tiny peepee bigger, but I doubt it."

Oscar frantically swallowed Jordi's thick juicy cum as fast as he could to keep from drowning in it.

As he sucked and swallowed I kept chiding him by saying, "Oh yes, that's it, clean mommy up real good, Jordi fucked me so long and hard and deep there must be a bucket's worth in there. Oh and don't forget to lick it off my thighs. That's a good boy!"

After a few minutes, I started rubbing my sopping pussy all over his face. "Now don't wipe it off. Just wear our cum like a dry glaze of honor for being a good cuckold! We want to see it on you when you serve us breakfast. Nighty Night!"

And with that I left him lying there, his face a gooey mess, and ran back to Jordi's arms.

Oscar knocked at my bedroom door in the morning. He was wearing his panties and apron and his face was caked with dried cum. He was holding a tray with our breakfast and coffee. Jordi and I were cuddling, laughing and giggling like a pair of newlyweds.

I asked Oscar about the girls. He said he put on his robe over his panties and explained to them that the stuff on his face was medicine because he had a rash. He had made their breakfast and got them ready for school and while they were waiting for the school bus asked him why he and mommy were making so much noise last night and he had told them we were watching a funny TV show in the bedroom.

While we were eating breakfast I had Oscar press Jordi's clothes and shine his shoes. After breakfast Jordi and I took a shower together and knowing that the girls were on their way to school we had a lovely fucking session in the shower while Oscar watched and listened through the frosted shower door.

I could tell that he had been playing with himself because when we got out, he quickly took his hand away which exposed his mini-erect penis. I gave it a little whack with my hand and asked him if he had been playing with himself. He said "yes" but denied cumming without my permission.

He then helped towel-dry us and we dressed for work. Oscar also showered and dressed for work but we had already left by the time he was ready.

Jordi and I decided to carpool to the bank together and as we were getting out of his car we noticed my ex-boss Bea had just pulled in to the space next to ours. Apparently she had come by for a quick visit. She and I had become friends since she left the bank and she often came by to see me for coffee or lunch.

Bea is in her late forties. She is blond, very pretty and has kept her body in good shape. She has big brown eyes and cute little perky tits. She is married but she had admitted to me that her sex live was less than desirable.

She walked over and gave us both a hug and said to me, "Why Irene you look so different, you have a glow about you today and you Jordi, I think it's admirable of you to carpool with your staff. What a boss!"

I blushed at her remarks knowing she had guessed what was going on. I quickly tried to cover by saying, "Yes, my car wouldn't start this morning so I asked Jordi if he could...."

"Yes I know," replied Bea, interrupting my feeble excuse, "If anyone can start your engine or give you a ride, it's Jordi!"

Once again I turned bright red and excused myself and quickly went to my office.

A few minutes later, Bea stopped by and said, "Don't worry dear, your secret is safe with me, if anyone knows about putting up with an unexciting, sexless husband, it's me! I just have one question. I have always liked Oscar but aren't you afraid that this quick thrill from Jordi, and believe me, he is not leaving his wife, could cause you to lose a husband who obviously adores you?"

"That's the weird thing about this. I have his blessings. He knows that his little peepee can't make me cum so he really set up the whole thing! It gets him off." I explained.

"Oh my god, I don't believe it! I must hear more, but not here. Why don't we plan a get together later and you can give me all the details!" Bea exclaimed.

"I have a great idea, I'll not only give you the details but I'll have Oscar tell you himself. Why don't you come by tonight for dinner? The girls are having a sleep over at their friend's house and we can feel free to talk!" I replied.

"I can hardly wait!" Bea said and then she gave me a big hug and I couldn't help but notice her nipples felt erect and excited as our breasts touch.

I decided to surprise Oscar with our dinner guest. They had always been friendly toward each other and this would be a great opportunity to test his complete obedience and have some fun.

Oscar was in a real good mood when he came home that evening. I had already packed the girls up and they had been picked up by their girlfriend's mother and taken to the sleep over.

"I'm so glad we are alone tonight," Oscar told me, "I really wanted a chance to talk to you about what has happened to us the past few days!"

He continued, "I have never seen you so hot, sexy and beautiful! It's like falling in love with you all over again. I love the way you take charge of me and flaunt your affair with Jordi, literally in my face! I hope you are getting as much out of it as I am!"

"Oh, I think I'm getting more out of it than you," I replied. "Are you sure you like the way I boss you around and humiliate you in front of Jordi?"

"Oh yes Irene, I mean Mistress," Oscar answered. "In fact I especially like it when you compare our size and how much more he comes. I know I'm small and I cum quickly and it's not very much but somehow hearing you tell me that and both you and Jordi laughing about it, makes it a turn on for me!"

"Ok cucky, if you can take it, I can give it. In fact it's beginning to really turn me on. I think we need a signal between us, so you can let me know if it is starting to be too much." I told him.

"It's called a safe-word," Oscar replied "and I already thought of one. How about, "More Please". It's a good safe word but I doubt you'll be hearing it from me!"

"Great!" I said, "Because I have a little surprise for you my little sissy cuck. I want you to go take a bath and shave from your nose to your toes. Then I want you rub some of my sweet body lotion all over to help ease the itching and the burning. When you have completed that, come see me for an inspection.

While Oscar was following my orders I went to my closet and found an old maid's costume we had bought for me a few Halloween's ago. It would be a bit snug but it will work. Next I found one of my blond wigs and a bra and panty set. I took out a garter belt and some black nylons and placed them on my bed.

I then went down to fix myself a stiff drink. I wanted to loosen up for the night's festivities. It was six now and we had about two hours before Bea would be by. Perfect!

I listened to some soft jazz for a while and sipped my drink.

"I'm ready mistress!" Oscar said has he walked down the stairs and into the living room.

I couldn't believe my eyes. There before me stood my husband. Pink and smooth as the day he was born. Oscar never had a real manly physique to begin with. But, completely shaven, his little boy's penis, standing straight out, made him look like a child.

I couldn't help myself. I burst into laughter. When I finally stopped, Oscar was two shades redder with small tears of humiliation swelling up in his eyes.

I was determined to make him say his safe word tonight. I told him, well you manhood, or lack of manhood is clearly on display. I much prefer you this way, you will keep yourself shaven at all times as a reminder of how much a man you aren't.

"Yes Mistress!" Oscar said as one tear ran down his cheek.

"Come with me!" I ordered. "We haven't much time and you need to dress."

As we entered the room, Oscar's eyes popped open when he saw the clothes I had chosen for him, lying on the bed.

"Start with the garter-belt, then the stockings." I told him.

Oscar was struggling with the garter-belt. I told him to fasten it in front of him and then turn it around. After accomplishing this he slid each stocking up his freshly shaven legs and fastened them to the belt. Actually he had some pretty nice legs and the transformation was taking place.

I had him slip on the panties and sat him down in front of my dresser mirror. I had him face away so he couldn't see what I was doing to him.

"First we have to do something about those eyebrows." I said as I plucked them into a high feminine arch.

"P-p-please Irene, I mean mistress," Oscar pleaded. "It's going to be hard enough hiding my hairless body from my buddies at the gym. If you pluck my eyebrows, they'll really think I'm a swish!"

"Well aren't you? I mean what real man would allow his wife to fuck other men and then get off on sucking their cum out of her pussy?"

"But you made me do it so I could hear the details of you and Jordi, I didn't enjoy it!" Oscar said defensively.

"You seemed pretty enthusiastic to me. You're missing the point. You are not a real man!" I said as I started to apply his base make up, then some lipstick.

"Hmmm, you're starting to look pretty good!" I told him as I fastened down his wig and powdered his nose. "Now let's finish getting you dressed. " I said as I hooked his bra and slid the maid's costume up his body and into place.

I looked at him from head to toe. "Just two more things." I added as I stuffed panties into his bodice and pined on his maid cap.

He looked adorable! He made a better looking woman the he did a man!" I spun him around so he could see his new feminized self.

Oscar was stunned. He just stared at his reflection in amazement.

"Aright, enough of this primping, time to fix dinner." I said, breaking his fixed gaze at the girly-boy facing him.

We went downstairs and I informed him he was to heat up the leftovers from the night before after fixing bacon and date hors d'oeuvres. I explained that we were going to have a friend over and he should prepare for two. I explained that now he must watch his girlish figure so he would be eating a salad later. "And chill some wine. When you hear the doorbell, you will answer it and invite whomever is there to come in with a nice little curtsey."

"Who's coming?" Asked Oscar.

"You'll see, not get to work but first bring me another drink!" I ordered.

After sipping my drink and relaxing in the front room for about thirty minutes, I heard the bell ring. Oscar quickly answered it and welcomed Bea with a curtsy.

"Oh my god! Bea exclaimed. "I don't believe it! "Oscar, she had turned you into her maid! This is hilarious! Excuse me for saying so Oscar but you are very pretty! Where's Irene?"

Oscar led Bea into the living room and then excused himself to go finish dinner.

"I can't believe it Irene. You have him eating out of your hand!" Bea said.

"It's not out of my hand he's been eating out of," I informed her as I rubbed my pussy.

Bea let out a huge laugh. "But you said you didn't care for that sort of thing?"

"Let's just say, something or someone changed my mine." I told her. "But get this, he not only eats my pussy, but cleans Jordi's cum out at the same time. That's his job if he wants to hear all the details of Jordi and my love making."

Bea let out a scream and said, "I'm so jealous. I can't get my husband to do it, let alone allow me to have a lover! What's you secret?"

"That's the best part. It was all his idea. Being poorly endowed, cock wise, he became obsessed with me having an orgasm and since he couldn't do it, he helped me find a man who could!" I explained.

"That's one of the sweetest things I've ever heard," Bea said. "What an unselfish act. You're very lucky to have a man like Oscar. He's loyal, hardworking, a good father and a completely devoted husband. I hope you do lose him over this. I wish I had a husband that would do for me, just half the things he does for you!"

Just then Oscar came in with the hors d'oeuvres. He offered them to us and we each took one. Oscar started to go back to the kitchen but I stopped him.

"Oscar Darling, be a dear, Bea had a long day on her feet today and they both ache. Give her a nice foot rub."

Oscar set down the tray and getting down on his knees, started removing her shoes.

Bea sighed a soft sign and stretched out each foot for him to rub.

"Since this is the first time you have ever touched Bea's feet, I think it would be nice if you gave each foot several kisses just to show them you care.

Bea watched in amazement as Oscar placed loving kisses on each toe, in the instep and across the top of each foot.

"Oooohhh, Oscar," She sighed, "this is heavenly!"

Realizing he was pleasing her, Oscar set about his task in earnest, making love to each foot with his hands, mouth, lips and tongue. Bea started to respond more.

"I think Bea would like you to kiss her pussy too, wouldn't you Bea?" I asked.

"Are you kidding? I would love it!" Bea quickly replied, "Would you do that for me dear Oscar? Would you lick and suck my pussy?"

Oscar moaned with desire, his little penis straining against his panties. "Yes Bea, I would love to taste you wonderful nectar, may I please?"

Bea reached down and pulled off her sweater. She was not wearing a bra and her firm little breasts popped out exposing her large brown areola and a half-inch of erect nipples.

Oscar reached up and taking the pants and pantie waste band in both his hands, stripped off her clothes leaving her smooth shaven cunt glistening just inches from his face.

(To Be Continued)

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