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First Time Dominant


Let me introduce myself first; my name is Suzanna, I am 28 years old and I am married for 3 years now with my husband Eric. Eric is the sweetest guy on earth and he is also very handsome. He is 28 years old, just like me, tall and athletic built; he has blonde hair and blue eyes and a wonderful cock. I am of average height and very slim; I have long blonde hair and brown eyes. my breasts are small but I don't have a problem with that. I think I look good and I am proud of my body; although I am way too shy to show it off. I have a very good marriage with Eric; we almost never fight and we are still very much in love. There is only one problem; we know each other for almost 10 years now and we sort of lost the spark in bed. We do have regular sex but it has become a bit of a routine; always the same position and always Tuesday and Friday night.

It is a rainy Thursday and I don't have to work today; I work three days a week at a lawyer's office where I do the administration. The household tasks are done for today and I decide to surf the internet a bit. When I type the first letter of the website I want to visit the browser gives a strange suggestion; curiously I click it. The website makes me drop my jaw; it is a website where men are tortured and humiliated by women. How is this possible? Eric must have visited this website otherwise it wouldn't be in our web browser. In a state of shock I search the entire browser history and I find at least ten more of the same websites. Confused and despaired I stare at the screen; the first emotion I feel is anger. This almost feels as cheating but when I think about it I realize that it might also be partially to blame on me. Apparently I am not able to fulfill his needs; on the other hand I realize that he never talked about it with me and I do blame him for that.

The oncoming days I watch the internet history carefully and I see that Eric visited the website regular. This has to stop but I don't know how. I think about it for a while and then I come up with a plant. I decide to give him what he wants.

A week after the fist discovery I sit behind the computer again and what a film on one of those websites. At first I am shocked; shocked of the violence and the moaning of those men. I manage to get over it and a few moments later I find myself fascinated; fascinated by the power of the mistress. The way that woman stands there; full of confidence and power. And most of all the way she enforces the respect she gets form her slaves. If I would have any doubts about my plan they are taken away right now. This is what I want! Not only to get Eric back but also for my own pleasure. One realization brings me back on earth; I don't know anything about all this stuff, what do I have to do? While I sit behind my computer I realize that the biggest source of information is right in front of me. I spent the rest of the day reading articles about BDSM and looking at all kinds of bulletin boards.

Again it is a week later; after a week of studying it is time for the next step. I have absolutely no BDSM equipment in my possessing so it is time to go shopping. I take a bus to the shopping district and I begin my search. The first thing I want to have is a nice lingerie set. I walk into a small shop where I've bought a few beautiful things before and I look around a bit. I am the only customer in the show and it doesn't take long before the girl in the shop comes over to me.

"Can I help you?" she asks polite.

The girl is very attractive and she is about 21 years old. My shyness strikes me immediately.

"I ... eh... am looking for something that... eh... makes me look strict."

The girl smiles friendly.

"I think I have something for you right here." She says

I follow her and she points me on a black set consisting of a bra, thong, and suspender belt and matching stockings; everything has lace edges. I immediately fall in love with it and I grab a set in my size and I want to go to the pay desk.

"I think it is better if you try it on first." says the girl quickly.

I agree with that and I head to the changing rooms. I take off all my clothes and put on the set. The feeling of new lingerie always excites me a bit; my nipples are getting hard already in the bra. I look in the mirror in the changing room and like what I see; it looks great on me, my breasts look great and the whole thing fits perfectly. Just when I am about to take it off again the girl asks me to come out of the room.

"I would like to check if you have the right size." She explains "it is amazing how many women are wearing the wrong size bra."

I am actually too shy to step out of the room but it is rude to refuse this and on top of that; I am the only one in the shop. I step outside and the girl checks me out.

"It looks great on you madam."

I blush of the compliment.

"Let's see if the bra is the right size."

She fiddles on the bra a bit and thereby also on my breasts; she has to feel my hard nipples in the bra. She also rearranges the tong and the suspender belt thereby stroking my pussy. This is too much for me and I feel the thong getting wet.

"Everything is alright." The girl says when she is done. "If you change back to your other clothes I will pack your new set."

I panic; she is going to notice the wet thong for sure. What would she think of me?

"I ...eh... keep in on I think. I like it so much" I reply.

I run back in the changing room and quickly get my other clothes back on. With my old underwear in a bag I leave the shop with a sigh of relief.

A bit down the road I take a seat at a terrace. That almost went wrong and this is the part that should have been the easiest. I decide to drink a glass of wine for some extra courage before I head to my second and final shop.

After a short walk I stand in front of a sex shop specialized in BDSM. I found it on the internet and they do not only have a lot of stuff, they also have a lot of information for me. I take a deep breath and with my heart beating in my throat I open the door. The smell of leather and latex fills my nose. The shop looks nice and tidy; the lights are a bit dimmed and there is some music playing in the background. I walk in and look around a bit. I amaze myself over all the stuff you can buy here. I made a list in my head with what I need. First of all I need a whip. I spot a horse riding crop; it looks beautiful. It is made completely out of black leather and after I tapped myself on my thigh with it I decide to take it. The next step is a strap-on. It doesn't take me long to find them but I don't have a clue on which one I should buy. After a few minutes staring at them a lady from the shop approaches me. She is a beautiful woman of about 40 years old; she wears a long black dress which fits her perfectly.

"Can you make a choice?" she asks

I do my best not to get shy but I fail again.

"Well...eh...no, not really." I stutter while I nervously move the crop around.

"Then please let me help you." She says while she looks at me with and calms me down.

"Even the most experienced mistresses where nervous their first time."

How can she possibly know that I want to be a mistress? Again she reads my mind.

"After 20 years in this shop I developed a 6th sense for dominant or submissive feelings. Don't worry I will help you to get everything for an amazing night."

Her words make me feel confident and they also make me a lot less nervous.

"Before I can help you I need to know what your plan is."

Still a bit nervous I tell the story with Eric. I also tell her what my 'punishment' he would get for his actions. At the end of the story the lady knobs.

"I think I know what you need." She replies "come on, let's walk around the shop. That crop is already a very good choice."

Together with the lady I spent two hours in the shop. I get overwhelmed with tips and advice. When we are both convinced I have everything for an amazing night I want to go to the pay desk. Halfway down there I remember something; I have lingerie but I don't have anything to wear over my beautiful set. The lady guides me to a separate room where all the clothing is kept. When I made a round through the room but couldn't make a choice I see the lady coming over with something.

"I think this will look perfect on you."

She holds a short latex dress in front of me and it looks perfect indeed.

"Can I try it on?" I ask.

"Yes of course, the changing rooms are over there in the corner."

I walk to the room and take off my clothes; immediately I see myself in my beautiful lingerie. I put on the dress en enjoy the feeling of the tight cold latex embracing my body; the dress matches the lingerie perfect. The edge of my bra sticks out of the top and at the bottom the suspender belt is clearly visible. I was wearing black pumps already and match the whole thing perfectly. Before I put my normal clothes back on I decide to show the outfit to the lady. She compliments me with the lingerie and thinks I look great.

"Let me add the finishing touch."She says.

She ties my hair in a ponytail and hands me the riding crop.

"Look at yourself in the mirror now."

As I stand in front of the mirror I see a woman that looks like one of the mistresses from Eric's movies and who will certainly act like one. After I changed again I thank the lady and head home full of self confidence.

It is now Saturday night two weeks later. Me and Eric are watching TV on the couch; we are changing channels and drink a glass of wine. There is not much on TV and after half an hour Eric says he is going to the study, where our computer is, to look around on the internet a bit. I act like I'm interested in a show on TV but meanwhile I know that this is my chance.

When Eric is upstairs for about fifteen minutes I have gathered the courage to start my plan. I sneak upstairs as quite as I can en look through a gap in the door in the study. Eric is behind his computer with his headphones on. His right hand is between his legs and I can guess what he is doing. I see a small bit of the screen which confirms my thoughts. I sneak to the bedroom where I get my stuff out of the hiding place in my closet. I change as quickly as possible but I'm careful not to make too much noise. I grab my crop and walk back to the study. As I stand in front of the door my heart beats out of my chest; I take a deep breath and throw the door open.

Eric turns around in shock ant throws his headphones away; he tries to hide the website but he knows it's too late. He stumbles some excuses and is too much ashamed to look at me. When he does look at me and realizes what he sees his jaw drops; he doesn't say anything and I realize I have to take control.

"Yeah; that is not what you expected."I say with a smile on my face.

"Follow me on your hands and knees like a good slut."

Eric realizes that he doesn't have a choice and follows me to the bedroom. As we walk along I realize that those words came out very easy; where is the insecure and shy Suzanna?

We enter the bedroom and I order Eric to lie down on the bed.

"Lay down on your stomach, arms and legs spread!" are my orders.

The moment he lays down I start tying his wrists and ankles to the corners of the bed with some thick ropes. He lies with his feet on the pillows so it is easy for me to access his head. I place a chair in front of his face and take a seat; Eric has to struggles to look at me. Without saying a word we look at each other; eventually he starts talking.

"I am really sorry of what I did; I promise I will never do this again."

I see in his eyes that the truly regrets his actions but I decide to teach him a lesson anyway and also have some fun for myself.

"Please untie me Suzanna I will make it up to you." He looks at me with begging eyes.

"Untie you? But what about all my toys? I am going to have some fun with you first. Oh and by the way; you call me mistress from now on."

These words are accomplished with a devilish smile; I feel butterflies in my stomach and want nothing more than to start my game. When I look at him I realize I make a mistake; he has his clothes still on. Untying him is not an option so the only think I can do is use some scissors; he is not wearing expensive clothes anyway. I quickly head downstairs to grab a pair of scissors and when I start destroying his clothes a storm of protest unleashes.

"Those are very nice cloths Suzanna; stop that."

I ignore him and continue cutting. When I'm done I spank his ass a few times. Eric keeps protesting but now I've had enough. I grab a ball gag from the bag and quickly place the ball in his mouth. I pull the strap tight and now his protests are nothing more than some mumbling. I just show him the crop before I blindfold him.

I rub his ass before gently tapping it with the crop. I don't get a reaction from underneath the ball gag so I deceit to tap him a bit harder. Again no reaction. I really hit him hard now and the result is a moan. I hit him a couple more times and I notice I enjoy it; I enjoy the whipping, I enjoy the moaning but most of all I enjoy the power I have over him. After about ten hard strikes I walk back to his head. I remove the ball gag.

"Did you enjoy that slave?"

"Yes mistress."

His answer sends shivers through my spine.

"Great then we can continue." Before Eric can response I put the ball gag back in his mouth.

I decide Eric can have some fun now too. I remove his blindfold and stand in front of him. I slowly take off the dress and drop it on the floor sensually. I spin around to show off my lingerie before taking off my bra and thong. I place a chair right in front of him and walk away to get the strap-on. It is a double strap-on actually; there is also a bit on it for inside my pussy. I take a seat on the chair and place my legs on his shoulder so he has a good view on my pussy. I put my part of the dildo in my mouth to get it nice and wet; the moment I place it against my pussy I realize that wasn't necessary. I start to fuck myself slowly with my part of the strap-on. I look at Eric and I see pure lust in his eyes. The horny look in his eyes makes me realize I'm not here for his fun. I slide my part of the strap-on all the way up my pussy before tying the straps carefully. I walk to the other side of the room to get some lube. While I walk the dildo move around because of the movement of my body; this movement also translates to my pussy. I carefully put lube on the dildo. When I'm convinced the dildo is lubed up properly I take my place behind Eric and place the dildo against his anus. Eric turns his head and looks at me; I see fear in his eyes as I slowly, very slowly slide my 'cock' in his anus. From underneath the ball gag I hear an increasing louder moaning; I see a look of pain in his face and I want to whisper some calming words in his ear. I bed over towards his ear but when I'm almost there I hear a scream coming from underneath the ball gag. I surge when I realize that because of my bending towards his ear the dildo got pushed up all the way in his anus.

"I am so sorry; I didn't mean to do that" I apologize.

I quickly pull the dildo back a bit. However I immediately realize myself that a real mistress never would apologize against her slaves. My pussy interrupts me because with every single movement she brings me close to an orgasm. I slowly start to fuck Eric in the ass. I figure that he has to gotten a bit used to it by now. The part of the strap-on which is in my pussy brings me closer and closer to an orgasm. Without realizing it I increase the pace. I lose myself in my own excitement; I go faster and faster. I have no idea what is going on around me. The climax is something I've never felt before; I lose control over my body. I can only scream and moan. I collapse exhausted on top of Eric. I regain awareness because of Eric's moaning; he looks at me with tears in his eyes. This look makes me freeze; I hope I didn't hurt him to much when I fucked him. I quickly undo his ball gag but before I can apologize he says:

"Thank you mistress."

I look him in the eyes and realize that his tears are not those of pain but of pleasure. I quickly untie him and the moment Eric climbs of the bed I see a big sperm stain on the sheets. I take of my strap-on, suspender belt and stockings before heading to the shower. I walk proud with Eric crawling behind me.

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