tagGay MaleFirst Time During A Ski Trip

First Time During A Ski Trip


I had an amazing experience last weekend that has changed my outlook on traveling alone.

I had gone skiing alone to Mammoth Mountain in northern California alone, as my kids are quite young and my wife doesn't ski much. The snow was awesome and very few people were there. This meant that I did little else but ski my legs right off.

My second night I took myself out to a nice dinner. I had a great meal and drank a few glasses of wine, which is a lot for me. After dinner I hung out for a bit at the club next door. The music was pretty good and the young ladies very enticing. I danced a little but was too tired to do much.

Once back at the lodge, it was very late and I decided to have a sauna. I put on the robe that came with the unit, grabbed a towel and walked to the sauna. Being so late it was really quiet around. My boots crunched in the snow but all else was dead silent.

I hung up my robe, stepped out of my boots and into the sauna. It being so late, I simply laid the towel on the upper bench and sat on it, nude. The sauna was already very hot. Someone had been in recently.

I sat there awhile feeling really hot and tired. I began to think about my wife and the terrific time we had in bed before I left for the mountains. She is very petite and curvy; super sexy with beautiful tits and a superb cock-sucking mouth. She brought me to a massive spurting and gulping finish in her mouth after a wonderful bout of sex. She remains the greatest lay of my life; and I've had a few.

The memory of that night was making my cock somewhat thick and full as I laid back reliving some of the hottest parts. I had to adjust my penis to give it some room to grow, and sat back in the very dim light of the sauna. I had been in there for about 15 to 20 minutes when the door opened and another man stepped in, wrapped in a towel.

I looked up to notice that he was a bit younger than me, about 30 maybe, and in pretty good shape. The towel around his waist was cinched tight enough to show some of his package. My wife would have loved the display. He asked if it was okay to join me. "Sure. No problem. I was just about asleep."

"I know what you mean. The heat is like a sleeping pill. I'm hoping that it will put me to sleep.

"Can't sleep?" I asked him.

He told me about his lying awake in bed, knowing that he needed rest from skiing but just couldn't get to sleep. We chatted awhile about his wife and kids, my wife and kids, what we did for livings, etc. We chatted about skiing, the rooms of the lodge we were staying in, and how his was on the top floor, at the end of the lodge, overlooking the mountain.

"The Gondola suite?" I asked.

"Exactly. You been there?"

"Not for years." I told him. "I used to stay there back when I could drop that kind of money on a ski trip. Now that I'm married with kids..."

"Yeah, yeah. It was a gift from the office, for closing a deal here on this trip. I'd never be able to get my wife to go for it nowadays, either." We both laughed.

He was sitting there still wrapped in his towel, which looked uncomfortable. This made me feel self-conscious about being fully on display. He kept glancing at me, so finally I said, "I hope that I'm not too immodest for you. I can out my towel on if you prefer."

"No that's fine. I was just thinking that you looked more comfortable without it, but wasn't sure if you minded if I took mine off." I assured him that I didn't. He stood and swept off his towel and with his position right next to me I couldn't help but watch. It was like a car crash, you just couldn't help staring. Plus it was a bit like a show anyway; performed with flourish. What I immediately noticed was that he was really big; very well endowed; like a porn star I had once seen.

He relaxed again and we continued chatting, about nothing in particular. We eventually began discussing sex with our wives and what we both enjoyed doing with them. We agreed that there was every likelihood that we would never meet again, and so why not divulge sexual secrets about our spouses. Mine loved the taste of cum, his didn't; his loved it in the ass, whereas mine only rarely could take it for more than a minute or two.

I mentioned that she must be rather elastic to be able to accommodate his size. He agreed that she was. Mine admitted that size was important, but thought that I was the perfect size. I told him that I thought she might enjoy someone more his size. He told me that he didn't think that we were all that different. I corrected him that he was unusually large. "You're way bigger than me. I can tell from here."

"I don't know about 'way bigger'." He told me. "You look pretty good sized."

"Maybe, but you're quite huge, it looks like. And you're not even hard."

"Not yet. Keep talking like that and I'm gonna get there soon."

I had noticed. He was increasing in size, steadily. He was quite huge in fact. "How big are you?" I asked him.

"Around 10", maybe."

"Well," I suggested, "that's huge in my book." He nodded a bit. "In anybody's book I think. My wife would stare in wonder."

"Like you're doing?" He asked me. I was staring. He moved to cover it.

"No don't" I blurted out. "I mean, I don't mean to make you feel funny."

"I don't feel funny. I getting hard here. I don't want to you get the wrong idea, man"

"No worries." I joked. "It's perfectly natural". He set his towel down slowly, acknowledging that he was actively leaving his erect penis uncovered. It was erect now, fully beautifully erect; every bit of 10". "Besides," I whispered, "it's quite a sight."

I stared openly, gawked even, at his gorgeous penis, which was standing straight up and pulsing hard. Very slowly, almost imperceptibly, he opened his legs wider, giving me a better and better view. We sat in silence as I just sat there and watched. I realized that I was rock hard also, and that he was staring at mine. Minutes passed as we just watched each other.

He finally broke the silence. "Well", he said, his voice shaking a bit, "I think I'm ready for sleep."

"Or ready for something..." I countered. "Cold shower?" He laughed.

We both stood and wrapped towels around us looking ridiculous with our erections poking out the fronts. "C'mon ladies. Let's dance." I joked, showing a shimmy as if I had a partner. We laughed again. Once back in the locker room, we made a final brief show of stripping towels and both donning our robes again. "Wait." I said. "One more look?" I asked. Very slowly he opened his robe again and gave me a long look at his semi erect cock. "I stared again for a long moment. "Gorgeous penis" I whispered. He smiled, slowly closed and tied his robe, said goodnight and we went our separate ways.

I had been back in my room for about 20 minutes and was pacing around nude. I was in a total quandary. I was completely erect, slowly fondling myself, and replaying the image of his cock in my mind. What was the deal? God I was pathetically horny! I climbed into bed, knowing that sleep wouldn't come. What was up with me? I was infatuated with his cock. I had never been this way before. I began to jack off, thinking of his cock. What would it be like to feel it, stroke, even... Wow! I was really fucking horny. I was even thinking about what it would be like to kiss it and take it in my mouth. What was up with me?

I stopped and laid there for a minute, completely hard. I flipped on the light. 'I must be out of my fucking mind!' I thought. I reached for the phone. I held it for another full minute. My heart was pounding. I called the operator. I asked for the Gondola suite, and almost hung up the phone when it began ringing.

"Hello?" He sounded awake. "Hello?" he asked again.

"Yeah. Hi. It's me. Umm We just met n the sauna?" Long pause.

"Oh yeah. Hey. What's up?" he asked.

"I have no idea. Were you able to sleep?"

"Not with the phones calls coming in." he joked. "Actually, I'm wide awake still. You?" he asked.

"No." I said. "Too horny." I blurted out, then immediately wished I hadn't.

"Oh, yeah." He countered.

After another long pause he asked, "So what's up?"

I swallowed hard. "Well..." I hesitated. "I just ... was ... I've never ..." I rambled. He just waited. "We don't know each other, and will probably never meet again, but I was just lying here ..." More silence. "You have the most gorgeous cock I've ever seen." I finally blurted out.

Dead silence.

"I mean ... I just ... it really ..." I was dying here. More silence. "It really turns me on."

"Yeah?" He finally whispered through the phone. His voice was tight.

"I don't know what I'm doing here. Feel free to hang up on me if you want, but ..." He listened. He didn't hang up. "It really turns me on, really."

"Thanks." He whispered. There was another long silence.

"I was just thinking ... if you couldn't sleep ... and I couldn't sleep ... and if you wanted ..." I was shaking now. "I could come there and ..."

There was a very long pause now. I was lying there shaking like a leaf listening to his breathing. He sounded like he was breathing hard. "I've never ... done anything like this ... with a man, but ..."

"Tell me." He whispered, sounding out of breath.

"I want ..." I could barely speak the words. "I want to touch it." I finally blurted out. He sighed heavily over the other end. "I want to feel it." I waited for him to slam the phone down. He didn't. He waited. "I want to touch your cock." I repeated.

After a long pause, he said, "Yeah?"

"Mmm hmm" I moaned. I was on fire now. "Would that be okay?" He moaned his assent over the line. "Yeah?" I said, sounding very eager. "Your cock is amazing! I'm lying here thinking about it. It really turns me on."

"Does it make you hard?" He asked, in a whisper.

"Harder than I've ever been." I admitted. I was. "Are you?" I asked.

'Totally." He admitted back. "I'm stroking it."

"Oh, God! I'd love to do it for you. I'd love to come down there and feel you. Feel your amazing cock."

"Yeah? Tell me more. I'm so turned on right now."

I went over a litany of things that I wanted to do. Discovering for myself just how aroused and ready I was to do anything and everything with him; break all sorts of boundaries I never even knew about before. They had never occurred to me.

"You don't even have to turn the lights on. I'll come find you in the dark. I just want to feel that hard cock. It's so big! It's so sexy looking. Would it be alright to kiss it?" He moaned his approval. "I want to. I ... think that ... I want you ... in my mouth. He moaned again. "Yeah? That would be okay? Oooh, God! I do! I want to suck your big cock." I told him. "I want you gorgeous cock in my mouth, sliding in and out. Would that be okay?" Again he moaned his assent.

He sounded like he was on fire. I told him to get up, unlock his door, get back into his bed in the dark and just wait for me. "I'll be right there. Give me five minutes." I threw on my robe. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, it was pounding so hard. I practically ran to his room and was suddenly in front of his door. Now I was in a panic. What the fuck was I doing?! As quietly as I could, I reached down and tried the door knob. It was unlocked!! Holy fuck!! "Here we go!' I thought to myself.

As I opened the door, the light from the hallway fell into the room and lit the way somewhat, but once I closed the door it was pitch black. I made my way through the suite as best I could and then just stood there listening in the darkness. "I'm over here." He whispered. I turned to the right, took two steps and ran into the bottom of the bed.

"Which side are you on?" I asked just as quietly.

"On the right." I moved around the bed in his direction.

"Nervous?" I asked.

"Very." He replied. "I can't believe that you're here, ... or that I'm about to ..."

"I know. I can't either. I'm so fucking turned on and horny. I can't believe it!"

I sat on the bed next to him, put my hand out and felt his leg. He was on top of the sheets. I tired to imagine what he must look like, sitting there like that. "Is this alright to touch you like this?"

"That's why you're here. I was hoping you would." He whispered. I could barely hear him, but that made it almost more erotic. I stood up to remove my robe and sat down again, and began stroking his thigh.

"There. Now we're both nude."

"Mmmmmmmmmm. Sounds good. Are you ... aroused?"

"I'm harder than I've ever been, if that's what you mean." He moaned again.

I moved up onto the bed to where I was kneeling between his legs. I stroked both his thighs very lightly. "Are you hard, too?" I asked him. He moaned that he was. "I can't wait to feel it." I was stroking high enough on his thighs that I was gently brushing against his balls. He obviously liked that very much. "I can't believe that I'm gong to touch you gorgeous cock."

"God! You're making me crazy. Please do it. Touch it. Feel it." I began to gently stroke his balls. "Oh, yeah! Oh my god! That feels so good."

"Man you've got awesome equipment! What gorgeous big full balls! I bet you come a lot!"

"I come tons! Powerful come! Shoots all over!"

"Mmmmm. I can't wait to feel it." I was caressing the root of his thick cock. "God you're so thick, baby." I gently stroked to root of his penis for awhile, and then rather timidly, began to run up the length of his cock. "Oh man! What a penis you have!" I very tenderly teased his cock with just the tips of my fingers, until I reached the silky head. It was nice and big. "Oooh baby. I love this cock." He just laid there and moaned. I gently slid my fingers around his thick shaft and felt the girth for the first time. "So thick. Mmmmm. So fucking hard too. You're hard as a rock.

"Yeah? Well you make me this way!" he hissed through clenched teeth. "That feels so fucking good. Ooh yeah! Stroke it for me." I began using both hands to caress his balls while I gently stroked the full length of his cock. We sat like that for a long time, him loving the feeling and me loving the feel of him. Exquisite!!!.

The head of his cock was becoming lubricated and I was stroking the precum all over the head. "God, I want to taste this sweet cock." I whispered to him. "I'd love to feel the head of your big dick in my mouth.

"Do it then. I want you to. Let me feel you hot mouth, baby."

"Mmmmm hmmm. Oh yeah. Try this on for size." I bent and took a long lick of the head of his huge cock. He lurched wildly. "Mmmm hmmm." I moaned. "Your cock tastes so good!" I licked it a few more times. "I cannot believe that I'm licking your big cock, baby."

"That feels incredible! I've never been so turned on!" I took the massive head completely in my mouth and worked my tongue all over it. "I love it, baby!" I whispered to him. "I love your cock in my mouth. See how this feels." I took a great mouthful of his thick cock into my mouth and drove it in deep, over my swabbing tongue.

"Oh! Fuck yeah! Suck that cock, baby!" He said loudly. I was suddenly afraid someone might hear us. I was immediately taken by the thought that I would love to watch myself sucking this great big penis. "Fuck that's so good! You are a great cocksucker, man."

"Yeah? Good. I want to be your cocksucker! For hours and hours. I could suck you all night!" I went back to stroking my mouth around his fevered erection. My jaw was open to its maximum to accommodate his girth. "Your cock is fantastic in my mouth. I love sucking your beautiful penis, man." I continued up and down, gagging every now and then, he was so deep.

"Oh fuck! That's so good! You're gonna make me come."

"Mmmmmmm hmmmm." I moaned around a mouthful of delicious cock. "Oh yeah! Do it baby! Shoot that come for me. I want it in my mouth."

"Yeah?" he asked sounding surprised. "Okay. Get ready for it 'cause it really fires out." I couldn't wait to feel that.

'Oh yeah. I want to taste that hot, sweet come. Empty your big full balls into my mouth and throat." I went back to a feverish pitch of up and down motions with my lips. My tongue had a mind of its own as it danced wildly over the smooth skin of his penis.

"Oh yeah, baby. Oh yeah! Get ready. Oh fuck! Here I come."

He did better than fire it out. The first splashing glob went straight into my throat, which immediately gagged me, hard. I began to pull him out a bit, as I choked when the second spurt, bigger than the first flooded my mouth with his hot cream. I swallowed immediately, but that was followed by more spurting come. Blast after blast of his warm creamy load flooded me to overflowing. It was amazing! 'What a huge load of come' I thought. 'What a fucking come spurting stud'. I gulped and gulped, swallowing a ludicrous amount of semen from the biggest cock I'd ever seen, much less gotten off with my mouth. This was without doubt that greatest blowjob that I had any part of, ever!!

"Holy shit! What a load." I said gasping as I came up for air.

"Fuck yeah! Are you okay?" he said panting hard.

"Yeah, but ... Holy shit you come a lot! That was great! I fucking loved it." I dropped down onto his cock again for a nice full mouthful. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. God! I love your cock! It's fucking perfect! I want to suck you all night!"

"Oh, baby! Please do. That was awesome!! God, that makes me want to ..." I looked up at him quizzically. " ... I think I want to ... give it a shot."

"Have me suck you all night?" I asked.

"No. You know ... try it. Try ... doing you." My eyebrows went up. "You've made me so fucking hot ... even though I just came I don't want to stop. I want to feel what that's like too."

"Be my guest." I said rolling back on my heels a bit. "Do what ever you want. Whatever feels good. I know I enjoy it! You might also. There's nothing like it I've ever done."

"What's it like?" he asked quietly.

"I ... can't ... jeez .. It's just an awesome feeling. Sucking your cock is so amazing. To have your thick penis in my mouth ... It's so erotic. Try it. I think you might dig it."

I stood up and let him gaze at my painfully hard penis. It stood out straight at him. He glanced at it kind of shyly. "Don't be shy. Look all you want. Look at how hard you've made my cock." He finally turned his gaze completely to my penis, just a couple of feet in front of him. "How do I look?" I asked.

"Good." He breathed. "Really good." He just stared at it, examining every inch.

"Touch it." I whispered, not wanting to break the magic spell that was causing grown straight men to be so turned on by another man's cock. He hesitated. "Just touch the head. Feel how smooth it is." His hand raised and hesitated a second before actually touching the head of my cock. It was electric!! At that second I knew that he would try it, he would soon have my cock in his mouth and sucking me. I knew for sure that he would really enjoy it, too.

I stood there and let him caress my erection for a while, growing bolder. Finally, he practically fell off the bed, kneeling in front of me. "I want to see you." He whispered. "Wait here a sec." He stood and moved across the room and clicked on a tiny night light by the desk. It was a tiny amount of light but just enough to be able to see and yet remain dark and sexy. I watched him walk back to me, his huge cock swinging. I couldn't believe that I had just had that huge thing in my mouth. Incredible! He took his place on his knees in font of me and turned his focus completely to my erection. "Beautiful." He whispered, taking me back into his soft hands. His touch electrified me again, it was so soft and loving.

"You look so sexy down there." I told him. He just grinned never taking his eyes from my penis. He was now just inches away, working up the nerve to actually suck cock for the very first time. "Nervous?" I asked. He nodded, still smiling. "You'll love it, trust me." I whispered.

"I know I will." He whispered back. "Look how hard you are. What a luscious cock." He continued to gently caress the entire length. "Man, you feel so smooth." He closed his eyes, leaned in and kissed the tip.

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