First Time During A Ski Trip


"Oh, yeah, man!" I hissed through clenched teeth. I had never been so hot and hard in my life. "Do it. Suck it, baby. Take it deep."

He pulled back a few inches and regarded the hard cock in front of him again. Finally, he took one more look into my eyes, smiled and then, opening wide took a great mouthful of my cock in his mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." He moaned loudly. He attacked my cock with a fervor I had never seen. He bobbed up and down taking almost my full length repeatedly. This caused him to gag a lot but he seemed not to care. It was the finest cocksucking that I had ever received, and the aggressive way that he went after it turned me on even more. I came furiously and quickly, spurting more than I ever had. He just kept going like a madman, sucking and gulping, moaning and bobbing. "Mmm hmm. Mmm hmm. Mmm hmm." He kept moaning like crazy, his mouth filled with cock and hot come. "Yeah! Give it to me, baby. Mm hm. Yeah! Shoot that come!" Finally, I had to pull away, too sensitive to continue. He jumped to his feet and I noticed that he was fully erect again. My hand went straight to his cock.

He put his hand on my shoulder, pushing me to the ground. "Suck me again, baby. I need it bad right now!" I dropped to my knees and had his full length as far in my mouth as I could get him. He placed both hands on my head and began really pushing in hard. "Take it all. Give me your throat man." Tears immediately squirted out of my eyes, but I wanted it as badly as he did. 'Don't vomit' I told myself, cause I was gagging so badly. Finally the huge head of his cock worked passed my esophagus and into my throat for the first time. We both just held it there for a second. "Oh yeah, stud! Swallow that big cock, baby!!!" He withdrew and did it again. In it went. "Oh baby, yeah!" he shoved a bit more in. Down it went. 'Cool!' I thought to myself. Deep throat. Maybe I can do this. We spent another minute trying to get more and more in and then he exploded powerfully!

I choked and sputtered, neither of us caring. He just kept driving it home, and I just held on for dear life and took it. "Fuck yeah, man! Take that come! Drink me down." His thighs were trembling as he finally pushed every fucking inch he had completely into my swollen throat. Again we both just held it there, reveling in the sensation. Finally we both simply fell apart and collapsed, me on the floor and him flopping back onto the bed. I realized that I was completely hard again, but for the moment ...

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by Anonymous04/21/18

Beautiful story!

Wow. Such a beautiful, great fantasy. Keep the stories coming, Mac. This one gave me goosebumps.

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