tagRomanceFirst Time Ever I Saw Your Face

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face


Author's Note:

Welcome readers and thank you for your votes, comments and feedback on past stories. I hope you enjoy this piece using the lyrics of "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" from Johnny Cash.


Note from Jake Rivers:

This is my fourth semi-annual "invitational." The initial one was based on the Statler Brother's song, "This Bed of Rose's." The second used the Marty Robbins El Paso trilogy: "El Paso" "El Paso City" and "Faleena." The third had stories based on the various versions of "Maggie May" or "Maggie Mae."

The current invitational has looser criteria: the stories are based on any Country & Western song.

Regards, Jake


Kyle stood transfixed as he saw more of the smooth skin appear under the petite blonde's skirt. The ladder wobbled as she leaned further for a book on the top shelf. He never stopped imagining touching her even as he found himself making his way through the maze of tables to her side.

Paige realized she was falling and softly shrieked. Her arms flailed as she tried to prepare herself to land on the cold hard floor. Instead, she felt a warm solid chest and strong arms.

"You saved me!" Paige let out her breath and held tight.

"It was nothing," he said as he grinned.

The librarian came around the corner just then and stopped in front of them. "Excuse me! This behavior is inappropriate, Paige."

"Mrs. Barnes, I—"

"Your mother will be informed of this," the stern woman interrupted as she walked away.

Paige buried her face in the stranger's chest and rolled her eyes. It surprised her to feel chills run down her spine as she inhaled his woodsy cologne. He shifted and she felt her nipples rub across his shirt. The thoughts in Paige's head at that moment did not belong in a library and she knew it. That fact didn't stop them.

"I wonder if this could be considered our first date," Kyle whispered.

Paige shook the images from her mind. "Will there be more?"

"You know there will be," Kyle said. "I don't take no very well."

"So if I asked you to kiss me now?"

Kyle took in the soft pink lips, flirty grin and devilish gleam shining in her brown eyes and lowered his head. Paige felt the warmth of his tongue running over her mouth and moaned. She tightened her hold around his neck while she absorbed his flavor. Paige swore she felt the earth move through her hands.

"Paige, Mrs. Barnes is coming this way." Kyle heard the words through the fog in his brain and lifted his head.

A redhead stood a few feet away. She looked down an aisle then back at the two kissing as she warned them of the return of the staid librarian. Kyle noticed her freckled face was beet red.

Paige slithered out of her rescuers arms but stood close to his body. "That guarantees a second date in my book." She spoke in a seductive tone that told Kyle she enjoyed that brief kiss as much as he did.

Kyle gave her a heated look and nodded. "Of course."

"I don't even know your name," Paige told him.

"Yeah, I know," he said.

Paige was astounded to see him turn and walk away. She opened her mouth to call out but stopped when Mrs. Barnes peered around the corner.

"I'm leaving."

She gathered up her books and papers and hurried to the door. Paige scurried through the hallway and scrambled out the exit. Her heart raced as she looked up and down the sidewalks for the tall man from the library. People blocked her view everywhere but he was nowhere in sight. Paige was disappointed and sat on an empty bench that caught her eye a few feet away instead of leaving for home.


Paige thought she was imagining things until that same hard body from inside the library slid next to her. "It's you!" she exclaimed.

"I suppose you think I forgot something," he said.

"I don't know who you are," Paige replied.

"Didn't we decide that already?"

Paige punched his arm and made a face. "Come on."

Kyle rubbed the spot she hit and let it go limp. "You hurt me."

"I did not," Paige remarked. "You're too strong for me to hurt."

"Are you so sure about that?" he asked in a serious tone.

She caught her breath at the look of desire that filled his eyes. This man pulled at her soul as no one ever had before. That fact alone intrigued her as much as it scared her.

"There you are," Paige heard her mom call out.

"Hi, mom," she replied. "How was work?"

Her mother sat on the bench next to Paige and sighed. "You know how it goes with the reading group here on Friday afternoon."

"You always have Mrs. Barnes to help you, mom."

"That reminds me, Paige," her mom said. "Mrs. Barnes told me something about you and a man and inappropriate behavior in the library."

Kyle coughed as he tried to keep himself from laughing. Thanks to the redhead in the library, he already knew this intriguing young woman's name was Paige. Now he waited to see how she explained about the episode earlier.

"Oh mom, "Paige began, "you know how she is. I thought she was going to have a heart attack the day she saw me reading a romance novel when I was thirteen. Everything rattles Mrs. Barnes."

"I know," her mom said with a chuckle. "It's not like you're a child anymore, either. Although it's still hard to believe you graduated from college already."

Kyle decided it was time to make Paige squirm a bit. He moved a bit closer and slipped his arm around her shoulders.

"Sweetheart, aren't you going to introduce me to this gorgeous vision here?" Kyle said as he nuzzled her cheek.

"Yes, sweetheart, aren't you going to introduce us?" Paige heard the sarcasm in her mom's voice when she repeated the question.

Paige didn't know what to do. She could see her mom glaring at her even as she felt warm fingers wandering over her skin. "Um, this is my mom."

Kyle leaned over Paige and made sure he brushed against her nipples with his elbow. "I can see where Paige gets her beauty."

"Ah, he's a sweet talker, Paige. Does he have a name, my dear daughter?"

"I don't know," Paige blurted out. "I fell and he caught me before I hit the floor and Mrs. Barnes saw us, and he left and now he's here and, I don't know, mom."

Kyle watched Paige as her face turned bright red. The blush was so appealing he couldn't resist dropping a kiss on her soft lips. He gazed into her eyes as he next spoke. "I'm the man you've been waiting for all your life."

Neither saw Paige's mom slide off the bench to leave them alone. She recognized their need for privacy even if her daughter didn't yet.

"Oh," Paige whispered. "I don't do these things."

"You don't blush?" Kyle asked as he nibbled her ear. "Or maybe you meant you don't kiss. Because I think you do both very well."

"Who are you," Paige asked again. "I'm so confused."

"Dinner tomorrow night at Shea's and you can meet me there at seven. I'll be waiting," Kyle told her as he stood.

"How do you know I'll be there?"

"You will," he said as he walked away.

Paige remained on the bench for another half an hour. She needed time to think before she drove home. Her thoughts went from one end of the pendulum to the other. The stranger's flavor was still on her tongue even as she blasted the nerve of him kissing her. He took advantage of her. Then why did her nipples tighten again remembering his elbow brushing across her chest. It was rude the way he nibbled on her ear. Yet her body still hummed from his touch. There was no way she would be there tomorrow but she tried to decide what to wear the entire drive home.

Paige woke the next morning in a great mood. Most days it took her a cup of coffee and a shower before her eyes stayed opened. Today she jumped out of bed and went to fix breakfast. When she caught herself wondering what her date would look like naked she knew she was in trouble. It took Paige forever to get dressed after her shower. Buttons wouldn't line up with the holes and the zipper on her jeans stuck. It was noon before she left to take care of her errands.

A new display going up at the lingerie store in the mall drew her attention. Paige stared at the way the pale blue panties fit the model and imagined them against her own skin. The employee cupped one of the fake breasts as she tugged the matching bra into place. Seeing Paige made the young girl blush as she went on with her work.

"Can I help you?" It took Paige a moment to realize the question was for her since she didn't even remember walking through the doorway.

"The blue set she's putting up in front is gorgeous," Paige said. "Can you direct me to where they are?"

Paige pictured the silky undergarments in the stranger's hands as he slid them off her body. She blinked just in time to keep from bumping into a shelf of corsets.

"The blue would look magnificent with your skin tone." The name on the tag told Paige the woman was Jill.

"Thank you," Paige told her. "This will be perfect for tonight."

"Ah, a special surprise for someone?" Jill asked.

Paige looked through for her size without giving an answer. She was mortified her thoughts came out to the woman in front of her. How could she be thinking such things anyway? He'd had the audacity to kiss her in front of her mother yesterday and she didn't even know his name. No way was she going to dinner tonight.

Yet she wondered what he would think of each piece as she chose them. Her imagination saw his green eyes darken when he discovered the lacy panties under her jeans. Would his hands shake trying to unhook the tiny clasp on the scrap of material holding up her lush breasts? Paige was in such a state of arousal she almost made herself cum as she walked out of the store.

She saw a restroom sign and hurried into an end stall. Paige ripped her jeans down and shoved her hand over her swollen pussy. Somehow, she swallowed the moans as she dipped her fingers in and out of her creamy cunt. Noises from the other stalls didn't stop her from bringing herself to a fast and hard orgasm that buckled her knees. It took her a few minutes more before she pulled her clothing up and opened the door to wash her hands.

Paige grinned all afternoon while she finished her shopping. Her body still hummed with desire but she'd taken the edge off with her little playtime in the restroom. She bought a new outfit for her date that was sexier than anything she owned. Yes, she admitted she was going to meet the stranger at Shea's. A last stop at the shoe store and Paige was on her way home to get ready.

Shea's had a little of everything. Rock groups played on the outside deck where the younger crowd congregated on the weekends. The upper level served a more elaborate menu and attracted a wealthier clientele. Then there was the main floor with live Jazz and private booths. This is where Kyle told the host to bring Paige when she arrived. He had no doubts she would show up.

Kyle looked up a couple of minutes before seven and felt his heart miss a beat. Paige strode confidently behind the host towards their booth. She wore a short black skirt with a matching jacket. He caught a glimpse of red under it to go with the red boots covering her legs and knew he was in deep trouble.

"Exquisite," Kyle said as she stopped next to where he stood to meet her.

"Thank you," Paige whispered. Seeing him again reminded her of the strength and intensity that attracted her the second he caught her yesterday.

"I hope this is acceptable to you." He held his hand out in reference to the area of Shea's he chose.

"It's perfect," she replied. "Jazz is a weakness of mine, too."

Paige saw his eyes roam over her body and stop at her face. Heat pooled in her belly and pussy as she thought of what she wore under her clothing. Their server came just then to take their drink orders.

"I'll stick with club soda," Kyle answered.

"White wine," Paige said.

"Does your mother know you dress like this?" Kyle asked when the server was gone.

Paige laughed at that idea. "You mean like this?" She slipped the jacket off to reveal a tight red tank top. Kyle felt his hands ache to touch the creamy breasts tantalizing him as she leaned forward. He felt his cock swell and shifted in the seat.

"Are you flirting with me, Paige?" he asked.

"Is it working?"

Paige felt his hand lift hers under the table and place it over his zipper. She gasped at the bulge there before running her fingers over it. He moved closer and laid one big hand on her thigh. They scooted together in the booth and continued their teasing even when their drinks arrived. Kyle asked for more time before placing their orders and the server left them alone.

Her legs parted as she felt the man's hand slip higher. Paige had his zipper down and freed his cock just seconds before he dipped his finger into her cunt. He covered her lips with his and swallowed her soft moans.

"Come home with me," Kyle whispered into her ear.

Paige didn't hesitate. "Yes."

They took a few minutes to straighten their clothing. Kyle threw some money on the table before they walked to the exit. He held her hand as he led her to his car and drove to his condo across town. Paige touched him all over as they made their way to his bedroom.

Kyle stopped and looked deep into her eyes. "It's Kyle and I'm the man you're going to spend the rest of your life with."

Paige caught her breath at his words but only nodded. She sensed that he didn't make promises lightly. She explored his body with her tongue and lips. Kyle almost lost it when she slurped his sac into her mouth. She swished it from cheek to cheek while she massaged his balls. He moaned when Paige did the same thing to his aching balls. Her fingers never stopped stroking his drooling cock. The feel of her teeth grazing his cock was too much for Kyle. He held her head and buried himself deep into her throat. Paige swallowed as he came hard from all her teasing.

The sight of her on his cock drove him wild. He pulled out and pounded her pussy with his still rock hard shaft. His mouth found her nipples and he bit first one then the other. Kyle couldn't get enough of her. The feel of her tight wet cunt kept him hard all night. Her screams when he plowed deep into her echoed in his brain. Paige was addictive and she was his forever.

He sunk his tongue into her pussy and nibbled on her lips until she cried for more. She begged him to leave his mark on her tender skin. Kyle spent hours exploring her body in every way. Paige loved touching Kyle and hearing his groans as she sucked his cock. The sun was up before they finally fell asleep.

"Hi," Kyle said with a grin when he saw she was awake.

"Hi yourself."

"Last night was the most amazing night of my life," Kyle told her.

Paige ran her finger over his lips and grinned. "Yeah, I know."

"Confident aren't you," he said.

"With you, yes. I've never felt this way with anyone else, Kyle," she admitted. "Some of those things I never did before."

"It's you and I forever, Paige," he stated. "I knew that the moment I saw you on that ladder."

"Yes, we are," she replied. "I looked into your face after you caught me and knew you were the one to make my days sunny and happy."

"So what's next?" Kyle asked. "It's Sunday afternoon..."

"Oh no," Paige cried out. "I was supposed to be at my parents for brunch. She's probably called a dozen times already."

"My robe is in the bathroom," he said. "Slip it on if you want and I'll shower while you're calling your mom. Although, maybe I should explain why you're late."

"You wouldn't dare!" Paige yelled as he started to reach for the phone.

Kyle felt alive and happy and knew it was because of Paige. She brought the sun into an otherwise dark and endless world for him right now. A pang of guilt hit when he was getting dressed at what he would have to tell her eventually. Seeing her at his table in his robe pushed that all out of his mind.

"I know mom, I know. Give me an hour and I'll be there," Paige said into the phone before she hung up.

"So spending the day together is out," Kyle said with a sigh.

"I'm sorry," Paige replied. "My parents are going away for a few weeks and wanted to see me today. I'll make it as quick as I can and then call you, though."

"Does that mean you want my number?" Kyle asked.

"I guess it does," she said with a grin. "Oh lord, the idea of putting that outfit on in the daytime is a bit embarrassing."

"I have some sweats you can wear," Kyle told her. "They belong to my sister and she's about your size. She always keeps a few things at my place in case her luggage gets lost when she visits."

"You have a sister? I don't know anything about you, do I?"

"We have time, Paige," he told her as he went to the closet.

Paige dressed in the borrowed clothes and stuffed hers in a bag. She kissed Kyle and turned to go when she realized she didn't have her car there.

"My car is back at the restaurant yet. I forgot all about it last night."

"I'll drive you there to get it and follow you home," Kyle said as he grabbed his keys and wallet off the table.

She smiled and followed him out to his car once more. They held hands but didn't talk on the short drive. Paige was shocked to see the parking lot empty when they pulled in several minutes later.

"Kyle, it's gone. Someone stole it!"

"You don't know that. Maybe they had it impounded when it sat here overnight," Kyle explained.

"What am I going to do? My mom and dad expect me in less than an hour and now I have to find my car," Paige cried out.

"I can just make a call to the city impound lot and see if they have it," he replied. "Then I'll take care of it if it's there while you go see your parents. Tell me where you live and you can get ready while I check it out for you."

Paige knew he was right. She took a deep breath and decided to let him take care of it for her. Her address was in an area Kyle wasn't familiar with so she gave him directions as they went. They pulled into her driveway and she ran to unlock the door for them. Kyle followed behind but stopped when he saw her strip off her shirt on the way to the shower. He gulped at the thought of her naked once more.

"Ah, Paige."

"Come on back where I can hear you better," she called out from the shower.

He could smell the rich vanilla scent floating through the air as he stepped into her room. His body tightened as he imagined the water beading on her skin. Kyle began to sweat but not from the heat in the room. The shower curtain moved open just a little as Paige peeked around the edge.

"Did you find it?"

Kyle's hand slid the curtain over until her saw her soapy body under the spray. Their eyes locked as his finger made a circle on skin. Paige arched her back to fill his hand with her now aching breast.

"Oh god," she moaned. "Kyle, we can't. Later, though, I promise."

He took his hand back and retraced his path into the kitchen. It didn't take Kyle long to figure out he couldn't do a thing about Paige's car. Without information like her plate number, the car make and model and her last name, he was out of luck. He felt stupid for not asking her that already.

"Do they have it?" Paige asked as she bounced back into the room.

"Ah, I'm not sure," he hedged.

"What do you mean?"

"I didn't call yet," Kyle replied.

"Kyle, I need to find my car."

"I didn't know the plate number," he mumbled.

"That's all they wanted? Let me write it down for you, then."

"Well, can you add the make and model, and maybe your last name, too," Kyle told her.

Paige burst out laughing at the dejected look on his face. She jotted down the information he would need and handed him the paper. "That should cover it."

Kyle read the list and roared when he saw her bra size at the bottom.

"I'll keep that for my own use, thank you," he remarked.

He dropped Paige off at her mom and dads and went home. It took only one call to find her car and get the total for her fees. Kyle spent the rest of the time going over some issues for the coming week. He was in a tricky spot with his business and didn't quite know how to handle things. It was great to be the boss until things began to fall apart. The ringing of the phone at his elbow drew him away from the documents in front of him.

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