First Time Ever I Saw Your Face


"Kyle, where are you?"


"Who else are you expecting?" she asked. "You're late."

"I can't be," he said. "I just sat down to look at some work..."

"Well, get over here, now," Paige instructed as she hung up.

Kyle put the bothersome papers to the side and left. Worrying hadn't fixed anything so far. He put them out of his mind and sped across town to pick up Paige. Just thinking of her made his heart pound and his body heat up. Had he lost his mind? Whatever it was, he wanted it never to end.

Paige saw Kyle drive up from her post at the window. She hugged her mom and ran out the door just as he stopped in front of the house. He never even shut off the car before she was slipping into the seat and grinning at him.

"Let's go," she instructed. "I have some unfinished business to take of."

Kyle tried to swallow as her fingers cupped his cock. She had him free of his shorts before he had gone a block down the road. Kyle felt the sweat drip into his eyes as he tried to pay attention to his driving. Paige tugged her seatbelt to the side and sucked him until he couldn't think. He could hear her moans as she slowly grazed her teeth over his swollen shaft. Paige didn't stop the entire drive and Kyle pulled into his garage at the same moment he filled her sweet mouth with thick white cum.

"Paige, I —" Kyle began to speak.

"No, that was fantastic," she whispered. "Check under my skirt."

Kyle felt the heat in her words in his entire body. One big hand snaked under the denim material and dipped into her creamy cunt. She wiggled in the seat to give him better access until he was fucking her with his fingers. He moved closer and pounded her pussy. The sounds echoed in the car and in his head. Paige whimpered and groaned as spasms took over her body. Kyle swallowed her wails while he continued to ravish her convulsing pussy. It was several minutes before either spoke again.

"I can't believe we did this," Kyle whispered. "My bed is right up there."

Paige laughed and took his hand. "Let's go. I could use a shower."

They ran like kids. The suds and hot water were a prelude to fluffy towels and the big bed. He made love to her in every way he could think of. Then it was her turn. She teased him until he exploded. Her hands brought him higher than he had ever been in his life. They explored where neither had ever gone before and loved it. The sun was setting when they headed to the kitchen for nourishment.

"What's all this?"

Kyle turned at her question and saw her flipping through the stack of papers he'd left on the table.

"That's some work I had home," he said over his shoulder. "Just shove them out of the way."

Paige wasn't a nosy person by nature but all the red marks caught her attention on the spreadsheets. Her college degree was in accounting and she loved solving problems.

"I'd be glad to help. You wouldn't know this but my major was accounting and I graduated at the top of my class."

Kyle was torn. He worked hard to build his small contracting business over the years. Yet he could lose everything if what he suspected was correct.

He sighed and made a decision. "I'm in trouble."

He didn't know she got up until he felt her arms slide around him. It was if a huge part of the burden lifted from him just knowing she was there. Kyle turned around and hugged her for dear life. He somehow knew this petite spirited woman did more than take his heart.

"Tell me everything," she demanded many minutes later.

Paige looked over the notes as Kyle talked. She remained quiet until the very end when she asked a few questions of her own. He had never told anyone this before and it exhausted Kyle.

"This man did a good job of making you look guilty," she finally said, "but he got a bit too greedy. I know just who to call for the best advice, too."

"I can't afford to lose my business or get in trouble with the law. If I can take care of this working with the authorities as the good guy it would be great," Kyle said.

She didn't reply to his comments as she dialed her phone. "Hi, grandpa, it's Paige. I have some urgent business I need help with. Can we meet tomorrow? My friend and I can be at your office at ten in the morning."

"You've heard of Carson Industries?" she asked Kyle after she hung up.

"Everyone in the state has heard of them," Kyle answered.

"Grandpa will help. Is this everything?"

"There are more files locked in the safe at my office," Kyle said.

She nodded before she took his hand and pulled him to the bedroom. Tomorrow they would deal with his business but tonight was for them.

Kyle was ready when Paige slid out of his bed Monday morning. He saw her tousled hair, flushed skin, and left the room. Never had he been so obsessed with a woman. Of course, no one else was Paige either. She grinned and reminded him she needed fresh clothes again. They stopped at her apartment before picking up the folders at Kyle's office.

Kyle swallowed when he pulled into the parking space reserved for Paige. She led the way through security and up a back elevator. A woman greeted them when they exited.

"He's waiting for you, Paige."

"You're looking great, Rose," Paige said as she smiled. "You must have a hot new boyfriend."

Kyle noticed the blush on the elderly woman's cheeks as she replied. "I'm too old for that."

"A woman is never too old, Rose." Paige winked as she opened the door in front of them.

Leo Carson sat in a leather chair near a wall of windows. His office was large but very homey and comfortable looking.

"Grandpa, hi," Paige called out. "This is Kyle."

"Hello, Kyle," Leo said. "I'd get up but I think my butt is stuck here for the day."

He wasn't at all what Kyle expected and he found himself grinning. "I don't have a problem with that, Mr. Carson."

"You can call me Leo, young man. Now tell me what you need help with," he said.

Kyle opened the first folder and took out a handful of files. He talked about his suspicions as Leo scanned the pages. Paige took the papers from her grandfather when he finished and made a few notes of her own.

"I've heard of your company, Kyle," Leo said. "You have a reputation for doing good work and getting the job done on time. Something like this will wipe you out."

"Grandpa, you must have dealt with dirty sub-contractors over the years. How can we take care of it without Kyle losing the business or being accused of guilt himself?"

Leo looked at his granddaughter and could tell this wasn't just a friend she was helping. She'd always been so easy for him to read.

"Rose, get George on the line," Leo said.

Kyle hadn't even noticed the small earpiece Leo wore. He chuckled as it just occurred to him that was how Leo could remain in his comfortable chair and still complete some of his business.

"Technology can be useful, too," Leo said as if he read Kyle's mind.

Leo took his call from George who Paige had whispered was one of the company's top lawyers. Several minutes passed with numbers and information given until Leo seemed satisfied and hung up.

"George will meet with you in an hour. Take all this with you and let him know everything," Leo said. "Paige, you know where his office is."

"I don't know what to say, Leo," Kyle replied. "You don't even know me."

"For my granddaughter to ask for help," Leo said, "you have to be special. Now go get some coffee and hold hands or something."

Paige leaned in for a kiss. "Thanks, grandpa."

She winked at her grandpa as she closed the door. Rose sat at her desk and smiled as they headed to the elevator.

"See you, Rose. Do what feels good!" Paige reminded her.

Kyle held Paige close to him as they rode down several floors to the cafeteria. His mind was still reeling from the meeting with Leo. He poured coffee and added some cookies to their tray. She led him to a table near the back with a bit of privacy.

Paige regaled Kyle with stories of her childhood as they waited for the time to pass. Her eyes sparkled when she was excited and he imagined that's how they would look when their babies were born someday. Business first, he reminded himself as he glanced at the clock.

George Briggs sat behind a pristine desk in a contemporary office. He reminded Kyle of a surfer with his blonde hair and dark tan. The few pieces of artwork complimented the modern furnishings with their stark appeal. Soft oldies even played in the background.

It didn't take long for Kyle to see that George was serious about his work. He shook Kyle's hand with a brief hello and lost himself in the files in silence from there. Kyle took his cue from Paige to remain quiet.

"I can take care of this," George said. "Give me a few days and I'll call you with the results."

"Thank you, sir," Kyle told him with relief.

George gave Paige a nod as he dismissed them. "It was good to see you, Paige."

Kyle tried to process what had just happened as he drove them back to his apartment. He had spent hours trying to find a resolution but Paige made one phone call to get an answer. His male pride stung a bit about that. It was a blatant reminder that she had money and resources he only dreamt of having. Kyle was also smart enough to accept the help offered to him when he needed it.

"Now that pesky problem is taken care and you can stop worrying," Paige said with a grin.

"When the guilty party is stopped and I'm proven in the clear then I'll know it's over," Kyle replied.

"You know I took the entire day off of work," Paige whispered to him. "I wonder what I'm going to do if you leave me here all alone."

Paige knew she wasn't being fair when she unbuttoned her blouse as she spoke. The silky material slipped off her shoulders to reveal a lacy pink bra. Already she could feel her dark nipples poke through the sheer fabric. Kyle moved behind her and circled her aching nubs with his fingers as he ground his crotch into her ass. Paige moaned as the magic began once more.

They lay together later and talked. Topics jumped from their favorite food to politics. Kyle was surprised to find that Paige enjoyed watching sports and she had already figured out he loved the outdoors. Both liked to keep in shape though Paige went to the company gym while Kyle just worked hard every day. He laughed when her stomach growled and she blushed.

"I suppose that means I should feed you," Kyle chuckled as he spoke.

"What time is it anyway?" Paige asked. "I should get my car before the lot closes and then we can grab dinner."

They decided that Kyle would shower while Paige checked for any messages on her machine at home. He just finished drying off when he heard her voice.

"No, grandpa, I didn't. Don't worry about me," she told him. "I'm fine. Yes, I'll be careful."

Paige hung up her phone and frowned. She didn't know how to interpret what her grandfather just told her. The information he shared didn't fit the man she had spent the weekend with. This Kyle was always gentle and caring with her.

"Who was that?" Kyle asked from the doorway.

"No one," she said with her head down.

"Paige, look at me." He felt the lump in his throat as soon as he saw the doubt in her brown eyes.

"Tell me it isn't true," she whispered.

Kyle thought nothing could ever hurt him again. He turned and fled to the living room before the walls caved in on him. Fours years without alcohol and he swore he could taste it this very moment. His hands shook as he ran them through his hair.

"George did some routine checks..." Paige said from the doorway. "Grandfather thought I should know..."

"I'm an alcoholic, Paige," Kyle stated without facing her. "My old man got me started in high school. I sat around and got drunk instead of graduating. His friends let me hang out with them and took me to the bars when I was old enough. Pam worked there and always flirted with me."

Paige already hated the way this conversation was going.

"I was twenty and she was probably thirty but we went out anyway. She came to her door naked on our first date and invited me in. You don't want to hear the details but I didn't leave for at least a month. That was the morning her husband came home from prison and found us in bed together," Kyle said.

He didn't see Paige move closer or hear her gasp at his words. Kyle didn't like to think about that time in his life anymore but now that he started, she deserved to hear it all.

"You can about imagine what all was said. I grabbed my jeans while he was screaming at Pam. My intention was to explain I didn't know she was married and back away. He had other ideas and began to beat up on Pam," Kyle continued to speak. "I tried to get him to stop but then he began to hit me and I just reacted. He moved and one of my punches knocked Pam across the room. The neighbors had already called the cops when they heard all the arguing. The first one in the door saw that punch and not much else."

Paige felt tears trickling down her face as she tried to picture what Kyle went through back then. She had a loving family where he had anger and violence. It was a struggle to comprehend his life at that time.

"I was arrested and sent to prison. It's on my record, yes, and it's never going away. I walked out a sober man and I haven't touched a drop since. No one would give me a job so I started out doing whatever I could on my own. It's taken me years to build my business to where it is now," Kyle said.

"You're an amazing man, Kyle."

"Didn't you hear anything I just said?" he asked.

Kyle spun around to face her and saw the tears. His bitterness over the past crumpled when she held her arms out to him. She held him close as he at last laid the demons from his past to rest. Paige led him back to bed where she curled next to him as he slept, exhausted from the emotions that had haunted him so long.

Paige left him a bit later to shower and find a snack. She called a tow truck to get her car and bring it to her at Kyle's place. There was a Chinese menu on the refrigerator that she perused. She ordered dinner to be delivered and then sat back to wait for Kyle to wake up. Her car came and she finished the paperwork just as the driver pulled up with their food.

"You've been busy," Kyle remarked.

"Oh, you scared me," Paige said as she grinned. "Yeah, I have my car and our food is here."

"It smells great. I order from there a lot."

"That's what I figured when I saw the menu left out," she replied. "So dig in."

"We have to talk about this afternoon, Paige," he told her.

"No, Kyle, you told me what happened," she said, "and that's all I need to hear."

"If we're to have a relationship—"

"Excuse me. We have a relationship now, Kyle, even though it didn't start out like a normal one does. You don't know me well, but I do not spend weekends with strange men."

Kyle raised his eyebrow and just waited for her to go on.

"Wait, I did that, kind of, with you, but you had already kissed me."

He laughed at her uneasiness until she threw her fortune cookie at him.

Paige devoured her dinner and sat back in her chair. "I was hungry."

"Since I went to the library I'm always hungry," Kyle responded with a smirk.

The ringing of a cell phone interrupted them just then. Paige grabbed hers from the counter and saw it was her grandfather again. She handed it to Kyle.

"Hello," Kyle answered.

"Well, young man, I'm not surprised to hear you," Leo said.

"Why is that, Leo?"

"My granddaughter has excellent taste," he remarked. "Her instincts have never failed her."

"Yet you didn't think I would tell her about my past," Kyle replied.

"Would you have?" Leo asked.

"Maybe not this weekend, but, of course, I planned on it. I don't share that information to many people and I just met Paige, Leo."

"She hasn't been home all weekend, Kyle, and that means it's serious. I know my granddaughter. Now it's in the open and you two can move on."

Kyle remained silent since he still wasn't certain of the point of the call.

"Tell my granddaughter she has my blessing," Leo said before he hung up.

He sat with the phone in his hand and closed his eyes. Kyle felt as if the earth moved when he realized the meaning of those few words. Leo found out about Kyle's record but still approved of Kyle the man. The enormity of it was overwhelming to him.

"What did grandpa want this time? Did he have more daggers to throw?" Paige asked.

"He said you have his blessing," Kyle told her.

Paige looked stunned. Her grandfather was very protective of her and never approved of her dates. Now it appeared that with one meeting he accepted Kyle. She wondered at the turn her life had taken in the last few days. It was several minutes later before either spoke again.

"Paige, what happened in my past..." Kyle hesitated, unsure how to go on.

"It can stay there," she stated.

Kyle smiled and held out his hand to Paige. "Then let's plan our future."

"Are you suggesting forever?" Paige asked quietly.

"You don't think I caught you to ever let you go, do you?"

"I knew the first time I felt your heart so close to mine that our joy would fill the earth and last till the end of time, my love," Paige replied as his lips took hers in a kiss that promised much more.

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