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First Time Experience


This is a story about my first gay sexual encounter, I was 19 years old and had decided to take a walk to my local park, the park itself was only a short 5 minute walk from my house and being unemployed I often went for walks to break up the monotonous long boring days and I sure as hell wasn't going to stay in watching boring daytime television.

The park itself was very quiet, it was a dull grey day but still warm enough to walk around in my short sleeved red gingham Ben Sherman shirt my blue Levi's jeans and my trusty cherry red Doc Martin boots.

I hadn't been walking around for more than 10 minutes when it started to rain, lightly at first then it gradually began to get heavier. I looked up to the heavens and cursed under my breath, thanks a lot this is just what I didn't need.

I stood sheltering under the branches of an old oak tree, after a few seconds I was joined by another man who was in his mid to late 30's.

Don't you just love our totally unpredictable weather he said as he wiped the water from his face with his hands.

Yeah, it's just great, I said sarcastically.

He laughed, my names Simon.

I looked at him, smiled and said, Hi Simon my names Steve.

Simon was wearing a plain white t shirt and a pair of dark Blue Cargo shorts with a pair of white Nike trainers, his hair was short and blonde, and he had a nice olive coloured tan to him and looked like he kept himself in reasonably good shape.

We shook hands and started to chat, I asked Simon what had brought him to the park.

It's my day off and I just decided to take a walk, Simon replied.

And what about you Steve, what brings you to the park?

The same as you, just killing time I replied.

The rain was starting to gradually get heavier, the drips from the leaves were slowly and gradually starting to cascade down on top of us, I looked around and the park seemed to be totally deserted now. I started to wonder whether to make a run for it and head back home.

Simon must have been thinking along similar lines because he then said, their's a public Bathroom about 500 yards to our left I think I'm going to head for there as at least it will provide more shelter than this old oak tree.

With that Simon said you're welcome to join me if you like but if you decide not to it's been a pleasure meeting you Steve, and he held out his hand.

I shook Simon's hand and said it's been a pleasure meeting you also.

Simon smiled and nodded at me, and with that he started to run through the rain, he rounded a corner and was gone out of sight.

I stood there watching his wet form run off into the distance and thought to myself, well I can't stand under this tree all day, either I headed for the warmth of my home or I take up Simon on his offer of joining him in the dry shelter that was only yards away.

With my mind now made up I decided to head in the direction Simon had went in, as I ran through the rain I could feel my shirt getting wetter and wetter, the puddles that had formed were now being pounded by my boots and the splashes of water were soaking the bottoms of my jeans. As I reached the public bathroom I saw the door that had a picture of a man on it and went straight in.

I was drenched through to my skin, my shirt was clinging to my well formed young toned body, the water was running off my shaved head, I blew the water from my lips that was running down my face and had decided to gather itself there.

You decided to take me up on my offer then, Simon said.

Yeah, it seemed like a better idea than staying out there under that tree, I replied.

As I stood there dripping wet through Simon passed me some paper towels that they had in a dispenser for drying your hands with.

Thanks I replied as I started to wipe the water from my head and face.

As I looked up at Simon he smiled at me with one of them smiles that could stop a charging Buffalo.

I coyly smiled back at him, my eyes wandering over his wet body.

Why don't you take that soaking wet shirt off and dry it under the warm air had drier that is on the wall, said Simon.

I don't know, what if someone walks in, I said.

Believe me no one will be walking in here now, there wasn't many people in the park as it was and the few that were have probably all headed back to there cars and gone home.

I thought about it for a few seconds, yeah you're probably right.

I unbuttoned the shirt and peeled it off my shoulders, the wet material slid from my body and a nice cool breeze washed over me. The hair on my chest had darkened in colour due to the wetness, my young toned body gave a welcoming shiver to the attention the slight warm breeze paid to it.

I walked to the warm air drier and pushed the big blue button, the drier kicked into life making a loud blowing noise, I opened the shirt up and held it under the warm air.

Simon's voice came through the noise of the drier, you are soaked how about letting me dry your back with these paper towels.

I looked over my shoulder to see were Simon was stood, he looked so handsome stood there, his own hair still damp even though it was obvious he had tried to dry it. His own wet t shirt that was now see through from the pounding the rain had given it clinging to his chest.

Yeah, ok, if you want to I replied.

As I stood there my legs started to tremble a little, butterflies churned in my stomach, my cock started to twitch a little, then I felt Simon behind me I felt the roughness of the paper towel start to rub along my back, I let out a quiet moan as he rubbed me knowing that the noise of the drier would drown out the pleasures that were running through my body.

Simon rubbed the paper towels along the back of my neck and along my broad shoulders and then snaked the paper towels along the length of my spine, as he did so I forgot about drying my shirt and placed both of my hands on top of the drier itself. As I stood there drinking in the feelings that were washing over me I noticed that my legs had slightly parted and that the drier had stopped as it was on a timer, the roughness of the paper towels had also stopped and had been replaced with a smooth gliding feeling. I could feel Simon's warm breath on my still damp skin as he continued to rub my back, I shut my eyes and took in the moment that was transpiring.

As Simons hands slid up the length of my back I felt him lean in and gently kiss my back, his lips and tongue caressing my eager skin, the warmth and wetness of them sending shivers throughout me.

My head tilted back and a loud moan escaped my still moist lips.

Simon's hands moved around to were my ribs are and slid up and over them, he leaned in and said, mmmmmmm you taste so fucking good.

I turned my face to the side and met with his, you feel so fucking good, I said

Simon turned me around and leaned in and started kissing me, I opened my lips to his warm hungry mouth and let his tongue probe inside of me, our tongues flicking and dancing off of each other. We stayed like this for several minutes our hands roaming over each others bodies.

I broke away from the kiss and reached for his t shirt, Simon lifted his arms as I pulled it off of him, Simon let it drop to the floor, his smooth upper body was firm for his years and I ran my fingers over it. We started to kiss some more both of us locked into a passionate embrace, I found Simons nipple and gently started to pinch it between my fingers.

Simons head tilted back and a loud moan of acceptance rushed from his wet lips, I leaned into him and kissed his neck and started to kiss along his chest then taking his nipple into my mouth I licked it and sucked it and nibbled it.

Fuck that feels really good I can see you're really enjoying this, said Simon

I looked up at him and said, Yeah you really turn me on I want to taste all of your body.

Simon smiled down at me, Help yourself it's all yours.

I decided then to tell Simon that I had always fantasised about having sex with another man but had not actually been with another man, I had watched films of men having sex on the internet and had seen magazines and I had even gone as far as buying sex toys off the internet and experimenting with them.

Simon said to me, don't worry Steve, you don't have to do this if you don't want to I will understand, I didn't realise that this was your first time.

I smiled at him and said, its ok I do want to do this I'm just a little nervous.

I pulled Simon into me again and kissed him renewing the lust between us.

My hand roamed down to his shorts, I could feel his hard cock straining against the fabric, my fingers traced the outline of his cock, it felt big and hard and I knew I had to see it, feel it and even taste it, this was my chance and I wasn't going to let it pass.

As I continued to rub his hard cock, I could feel the soft moans from Simon move from his lips onto mine, I started to un do the button of his shorts and undo his zipper, I glided his shorts down over his hips until they landed on the floor, my hand found it's way back up to his hard cock, Simon was wearing no underwear.

MMMMMMM, no underwear eh, who's a naughty boy then.

Simon then explained to me that he often came down here cruising for sex, but very rarely did he ever meet anyone.

Well you have now, I smiled.

And I'm glad you decided to take me up on the offer of joining me in here, he replied. My hand curled around his hard cock and I let my thumb rub gently over the head of it, there was already a small trickle of pre cum on top of it and this let my thumb glide smoothly over it. His cock wasn't too big, it was around 7 inches in length and uncut but it was quite thick and had a large purple head.

I started to do what came naturally to me my fingers gliding up and down the thick hard shaft, I then spat into the palm of my hand to allow it to move up and down his thick cock easier.

I wasn't sure if I was doing everything as good as someone more experienced than me but I was just doing what I liked to do to myself and copying the things I had seen in films.

Oh yeah, that feels fantastic you're really doing well at this for your first time, said Simon.

Smiling at him I said, so you don't want me to stop then, and I smiled at him wickedly.

God, no, I want you to send me to a world of sexual ecstasy.

As I continued to stroke his thick cock he undid the belt on my jeans and then started to undo the button s on my flies, he then slid the jeans down to reveal my white Calvin Klein boxer shorts.

My own now rock hard 7 inch cock stood there the pre cum trying to seep out of the top of my foreskin my cock wasn't quite as thick as Simon's but his was very thick.

His fingers found my cock with ease and we both started to wank each other slowly, our lips kissing each other, our bodies grinding against each other.

Simon broke the embrace, are you really sure that you want to carry on with this he whispered to me.

I'm really, really, sure I want to do this, I replied.

Well he said, it's not very private here, how about we get in my car and go back to my place at least then it will be safe and comfortable for you.

OK, that sounds like a terrific idea, I can't wait to get back there and explore more of your wonderful body and to have you explore mine.

We kissed some more and then got dressed.

We left the building and it was still raining but not as hard as it had been, we ran the short distance to were his car was and got in.

My cock was still hard from the anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Unfortunately I do not have the time to carry on with this story at the moment, but if Literotica feel its good enough to post on there web page, then I will continue with it at a later date.

Yours Hopefully

Steve xxx

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