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First Time Flasher


(My wife gave me the idea for the "Late Night Drive Home from Work" story. After she read the story, this is what she did and what she wrote describing it.)

* * * * *

Earlier in the week my husband had asked me if I had any fantasies. I told him that I had this idea of a fantasy about driving down the road topless and playing with the truckers. He took the idea and wrote a story about it and posted on an erotic story site. He showed it to me and printed a copy for me to read. I was surprised how turned on I got reading it. I was scheduled to work late the next week after reading it; it was very exciting to think that would be my opportunity to act on the idea. I didn't say anything to my husband in case I lost my nerve and didn't do it.

Well, I drove to work that night thinking what I could do on the drive home and how to do it. It was on my mind as I tried to stay focused on the subject of the meetings. Finally, I was able to leave work about 1:45 AM. I stopped at a red light a couple of blocks from work; it was deserted, no people or cars in sight. The naughty little voice in my head was told me to play out my little fantasy. I quickly took off my jacket, shirt and bra, and then slipped my jacket back on. The jacket is a deep v-neck so the tops of my breasts were clearly visible even with the front of it pulled together.

I drove a couple of miles on a two-lane highway until I got on the interstate. As soon as I got on the interstate I realized that no one could see me in the car as dark as it was, so I reached up and flipped on the interior light and adjusted it so it was pointing down at my chest. I was feeling very sexy and free. After several miles on the interstate I encountered my first truck. I pulled my jacket back to fully expose my breasts. It made me feel slutty. The driver pulled almost past me but after looking down into my car he slowed and rode next to me. I lifted my left breast and licked the hard nipple and areola, hoping that he could see. My nipples got very hard and I could feel the moisture gathering between my legs. He stayed even with me for several miles watching while I exposed myself to him and played with my tits. I waved and pulled away from him when we got to a hill. He flashed his lights at me for what I feel must have been appreciation for the show.

There weren't as many trucks on the road that night as there usually are. I drove a few miles before I saw another truck up ahead. I accelerated to catch up with him. I gave him a good view of my tits. My nipples were so hard now that they were tingling. I could feel my pussy getting wetter. It was a great feeling of power and sexiness. My speed was a little faster than second trucker and pulled into the left lane behind me; so I slowed and moved to the right hand lane. He carefully eased by me on the left while I pulled and tweaked my tits for him. I felt very felt naughty! I loved it!

I was almost to my exit so I stayed behind him. I turned the interior light off but I continued to caress my breasts. My hands felt so good on my tits I couldn't resist touching them. I carefully turned off the interstate hoping I wouldn't be seen by anyone I knew as I drove the next mile and a half to our house. The roads were deserted and thankfully the local law enforcement didn't have a license/DUI checkpoint setup like they frequently do somewhere near the exit of the interstate.

As soon as I got home, I went straight to our bedroom. My husband was lying in bed but not asleep. I showed him how I was dressed and told him what I'd done. His dick instantly stood at attention, which only made me hornier than I already was, if that was possible. He stripped my clothes off and my pussy was literally dripping on the floor. I can't remember being that wet in a long time, especially without any physical stimulation down there. He moved me back, sitting me in a chair in our bedroom. He got down on his knees and pulled my hips to him. I was so wet his cock easily slid into me, stretching my cunt as it went deeper and deeper, not stopping until I was completely filled.

That was some very hot fucking! His hard, thick dick was exactly what my dripping pussy needed to satisfy it. Fortunately I came almost immediately because my husband was so turned on he came soon after I did. That night makes me think, maybe there is something more to exhibitionism than I had previously thought! ;)

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