tagGroup SexFirst Time for Everyone

First Time for Everyone


Anita Packard was out for the evening with her good friend and co-worker, 30-year old Karole Simpson. They had been enjoying the office Christmas Party, but as many of their co-workers were older males and tended to get grabby as the drinks flowed, they had opted to go their own way. As often happens when two women get to drinking a bit too much, the subject inevitably turned to sex. Anita was quite surprised to find out the long-legged, seemingly proper Karole was actually a very horny little thing who had not one, but two, much-younger boyfriends.

"I also really like sexy lingerie, you should see what I have on under these business suits I wear," Karole confessed as she ordered them another drink. "One of my boyfriends says I'm his secretive, naughty little slut."

To Karole's surprise, Anita confession was the fact that she had never been with a man sexually. Karole looked at the sensual, dark-eyed brunette. "You're really a virgin?" Karole asked with no small degree of surprise.

"I didn't say that, I just said that I'd never been with a man before," Anita said, using a bit of extra emphasis to convey her point.

Karole picked up on it that time. "Oh, really? You're a lesbian? It's cool, I just didn't know," Karole said.

"I'm not a lesbian, not really. I think I could enjoy a man if I wanted to; I've just never tried it. I've had women since my early days and I quite enjoy them sexually, I've had several women in my life," The 22-year old confessed, then added "Sometimes more than one at a time."

"I've never been with a woman OR had a threesome," Karole smiled, sipping her drink. "It does sound like a lot of fun."

"It is, you should try it sometime," Anita smiled.

"Hey, you know, we could solve each other's problem," Karole piped up, leaning close to Anita. She put her hand on Anita's knee and looked her friend right in her dark eyes.

"What problem?" Anita asked, not quite sure what her friend was intimating.

"My boyfriend Danny ... you know, the Hockey player I was telling you about ... is always telling me he'd like to have a threesome. If you were to join us, he could have his threesome and so could I, plus you could have your first man and I could experience my first time with a woman." Karole urged. "What a nice Christmas present this would make for the 3 of us!"

"Yeah, it sure would," Annette laughed. "I would never have expected you to be so open-minded," Anita tossed back what she knew would be her last drink. "Let me think about this ... I'm intrigued, I will say that, but you understand that I'd want the full-on lesbian experience with you?"

Karole nodded and sighed. From the second these thoughts had occurred to her, they had thrilled her tremendously. She wasn't the shy little naïf everyone thought she was, but she kept to herself at work and didn't want to succeed on the merits of looks or sexuality. The thought of being wrapped up in a carnal embrace with Anita was really turning her on. "It's such a turn-on for me, you can't possibly imagine," Karole confessed.

"Okay, and I must admit, this Danny guy you were telling me about ... he seems really hot and the kind of guy a girl would want for a first time," Anita said. "He'd have to understand that if I had any objections, he'd have to stop right there ... okay?"

"Oh sure ... Danny's young, but he's a really nice guy with a good head on his shoulders," Karole told her new friend. Karole had earlier confessed to another weakness, young cock. Danny was only 21, but he was tireless in bed and hung like a mule, Karole had told Anita. The younger woman got all tingly inside when she heard this.

"Okay, then let's set it all up," Anita said. "When do we do this? Christmas Eve?" She teased.

"What's wrong with now?" Karole wanted to know. "Everyone's taking tomorrow off because of how blitzed they are from the party, so we have a 3-day weekend. Danny's not playing this weekend, so I bet he's bored and looking for some hot, steamy action. I can call him and have him meet us at my place ... are you ready for this?"

Anita squeezed Karole's hand. "I think we're both going to have a night we'll remember for a long time. Yes, I'm ready. Go and call him and I'll settle our bar tab."

Karole went to place the call and Anita settled up, paying for the evening in full. She decided it was the least she could do after Karole was providing the "Christmas Present" and a place to indulge themselves. She trembled at the thought of her first, full-on fucking and then felt warm for the opportunity to enjoy Karole's leggy body at long last. She hadn't told her colleague, but sexing it up with Karole had long been a fantasy of hers. She smiled when Karole returned, as if she was seeing her friend in a whole new light. Even the way Karole moved when she was away from the office was sexier, bouncier, breezier.

"Hey, paying for me wasn't necessary, but thank you," Karole hugged Anita when she saw that her friend had settled their bill. "I called Danny; he's on his way to my place now. He'll meet us there." A bit too inebriated to drive, the girls called a Taxi and left Karole's car at the bar, knowing they could retrieve it tomorrow.

Karole didn't live far away and they made it there in record time, but Danny had still beaten them there. One look at the young college hunk and Anita knew her friend had chosen well. If she were going to lose her virginity at last, this was the kind of man she would have chosen herself. He was dark-haired, broad-shouldered and tall, but there was a merry twinkle in his green eyes and a nice smile on his face. He hugged Karole hello and shook Anita's hand as he introduced himself. Good looking and well-mannered, both of those mattered to Anita, despite the circumstances.

Once they got inside, it was already time for play. Danny picked Karole up and kissed her again and carried her to the bedroom. "Stay there, I'll come back for you," He told Anita. She thought it was silly, but he was back in 1 minute and when he lifted her, the 22-year old brunette felt very girlish and feminine. She found herself attracted to both his masculinity and his gentleness.

In the bedroom, she saw what Karole had meant earlier about what was under her conservative business attire. She was wearing lacy, white French lingerie and against her smooth, tanned skin, it stood out. "I'm nervous, is that okay?" Karole asked shyly. Anita nodded and moved close. She took Karole in her arms and kissed her sweetly.

"I'll guide you through this, we'll take it slow. Why don't you undress me and we'll give your boyfriend a little show, isn't that what he wants?" Anita chuckled. Karole nodded and began to remove her girlfriend's clothing, marveling at the light dusting of freckles on Anita's paler skin, loving the scent of her perfume and the fact she also favored sexy lingerie. It was La Pearla, one of Karole's favorites and she wondered if her friend might fancy a shopping trip in the future? Her lips grazed Anita's neck and the girl sighed. "You're off to a nice start Karole, more please," Anita begged softly. She looked over at Karole's boy-toy and smiled. "She has a lovely touch," Anita commented to Danny.

"Yes, she does. I told her once that she missed her calling, she should have been a Masseuse," Danny told Anita. Karole smiled.

"You've got the job handsome, no need to keep auditioning," Karole laughed as she kissed Anita's body. It didn't feel odd; kissing another woman ... it felt comfortable and relaxed. It was also reassuring that her touch seemed to be pleasing Anita, who was much more experienced with loving women. Danny couldn't take his eyes off of them ... a very good sign.

"My turn," Anita insisted. She showed her friend that she knew her way around a woman's body; she started at her friend's feet and massaged them which felt sooo good to Karole. Then Anita began working her way up Karole's legs and showing her the beauty of her own body, Karole felt as if there was no part of her figure that Anita found unattractive. She nuzzled her thighs and soon Anita's tongue was searching for Karole's pussy and clit. She rubbed it with her palm and frigged the clit between her fingers, causing Karole to cry out with delight. With the patience of a saint, Danny watched the women at play and bided his time.

"What next, coach?" Karole sighed as her friend moved up her body. Now they were face-to-face and could kiss, Karole also enjoyed the sensation of Anita's breasts mashed against her own.

"A little more of you and I together or I could ... finally ... let a man fuck me," Anita said, her voice dropping to a timid whisper. It was a tone Karole was unused to hearing from her sexy young friend.

"I have a 3rd solution, you listening babe?" Karole directed her comment to Anita and then to Danny, who nodded.

"I've seen enough porn films to know what a `69' is. Why don't you and I do that Anita and Danny can fuck me while we're doing it? That way, you can see just how gentle he is. Once we've all been at it for a while, I'm sure you'll lose all of your fears," Karole suggested.

It all went smoothly. Karole and her new lover kissed softly, caressing and becoming familiar with each other's bodies and then Anita showed her friend how to get into the sensual position. Karole arranged it so her own body was accessible to Danny and grinned, the poor guy had been waiting long enough. She motioned for him to join them and sighed and moaned as his cock invaded her body. A cock in her pussy and a tongue licking there as well, plus her own playmate to enjoy -- Karole felt as if she had found the best of all worlds. Danny was fucking her with smooth, easy-paced strokes that made it simple for Anita to get a taste of his cock covered with pussy juice. She hoped that Anita would enjoy being fucked as much as Karole had enjoyed her first woman-woman experience. She also hoped this wouldn't be the last time the 3 of them would get together, because she was having a blast.

Danny always enjoyed getting it on with Karole, she never made him feel as if their age difference mattered. She was a cool chick who loved to fuck, that was what mattered most to him. Karole wasn't the kind of lady who put pressure on him for more; so long as he treated her right, Karole did likewise. He was doubly-thrilled that she had chosen to share him with her friend Anita instead of the other guy she saw on occasion.

Anita was enjoying herself, she wasn't afraid anymore, she was excited. She saw the care and kindness that Danny displayed while he was fucking Karole and wanted the same for herself, when the time came. She was glad she had been able to show Karole a new kind of pleasure; happy that she had been able to give this to Danny as well ... he seemed nice ... and thrilled that soon it would be she who was enjoying a new experience. She was getting impatient to try Danny on for size, so she disengaged herself from Karole. The blonde pouted a bit, but Anita knew it was all in fun.

"I want to suck his cock before he fucks me, I've never done that before," Anita told Karole. Danny wasn't 100% in on Anita's near-virginal status, so he had a look of surprise on his face. He adjusted himself so that Anita could attend to him while Karole cuddled close. Karole was glad to see how at ease Anita seemed, although she couldn't have been more mistaken.

Anita was terrified; this was a huge leap of faith for the 22-year old. She was making a change in her sexuality that she hadn't contemplated until now, but every time she saw Danny's handsome, smiling face, she was a bit less afraid. It helped alleviate her fears a bit that he was close to her own age. She inhaled and then wrapped her lips around his shaft and began sucking. Anita didn't know exactly what she should have expected, but she didn't expect it to feel so sexy. The flavor of pussy & cock was nice enough, but now as she licked and swallowed, she yearned to feel it in her cunt. Karole's fingers were stroking her down there, keeping her wet and aroused, but the time for her first fuck was now!

"Fuck me now Danny, I've waited long enough," Anita cried out. She knew what to do; she got on top of the younger man and impaled her pussy on his cock. Danny groaned, as he hadn't expected her to be this tight, what a thrill! Anita grunted and gasped a bit as her body adjusted to its first REAL cock, but as the warm sensations flooded throughout her body and Karole's soft, gentle hands massaged her from behind, she knew that she would enjoy all the rest.

Anita took her time, she didn't rush anything, she kissed Danny, she let her hands explore her body and she enjoyed the feelings of novice-Karole's lips on her neck and ears. Now all connected, the trio just wallowed in their own sensual explorations until Anita couldn't take any more and let herself go. Cumming all over Danny's cock, she wanted another kink, but she would have to share it with Karole. The blonde swooped down and lapped Anita's spend from Danny's cock and she then shared it with Anita.

"Well, how did you like it?" Karole wanted to know when Danny left earlier the following morning.

"He was a wonderful lover and a gentleman, thanks for that," Anita hugged her friend. "How did YOU like it?" She asked Karole about their girl-girl experience and the threesome as well.

"Well, I'm not bi-curious any more, that's for sure," Karole said, fondling one of Anita's perky tits. "You were loving and patient, I loved all of it. The threesome was so ... so intense. I want to do that again, but with a twist."

"A twist?" Anita asked, curious as to what she meant.

Karole nodded. "I'd like to do it with all girls. Hey, maybe for New Year's Eve, what a way to start off the year! You know anyone that might be interested?"

Anita grinned as she thought about some of their work-colleagues that she had bedded and how some had confessed the leggy blonde turned them on. "I might know a few," Anita grinned. "Yeah, I might just know a few."

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