tagLoving WivesFirst Time for Holly Ch. 02

First Time for Holly Ch. 02


Ever since our first encounter, Abbey has been bugging me mercilessly about getting together again with my wife Holly and I. Holly and I have been extremely busy lately though, so we've yet to set anything up. Holly and I were both thrilled with our evening with Abbey, and have every intention of doing it again. I have been pressing Holly for any other fantasies she might have been keeping to herself, but so far she has confessed any. It was almost two months to the day, after our first time with Abbey, when Holly and I were finally able to find a free Saturday night. We did originally have a wedding to attend, but the week before, the groom backed out. We found out on the Wednesday before, and Holly immediately told me to invite Abbey over again.

The next morning as I arrived at work, I ran into Abbey as we got onto an elevator. Unfortunately, we weren't alone, so I had to be discreet. "Stop by my desk when you get a chance," I told her, "I have something important to ask you."

"First thing!" She answered, smiling. As she answered, I gave her a wink; again she smiled.

I had only been at my desk for about 10 minutes, when I was greeted by a very excited Abbey.

"So what's the deal, sweetie?" She asked.

"Well, it turns out that Holly and I are free on Saturday," I told her. "We were wondering if you'd like to come over and hang out with us.

Her smile quickly faded before she replied. " Shit, I can't on Saturday, I have plans already" She said, disappointed. "How about Sunday, could we get together then?"

"Sunday we have to go visit my parents." I told her. "And I don't think cancelling so I can have a threesome is a good idea!" I whispered. Abbey almost choked, she was laughing so hard at my answer. "Why, what do you have on Saturday that's so important?" I asked.

"Oh, my sister is having a party and I helped her plan it, and she'd kill me if I cancelled." She told me. Abbey's voice trailed as she finished the sentence, and I could tell that her mind was racing.

"What?" I asked. She just shook her head. "What, what is it? Go ahead!"

"Well, I was thinking that maybe you and Holly could come to the party." She replied.

Still, I could tell that the wheels in her head were spinning. "Well, that's up to you and your sister." I answered. "You let me know and I'll talk to Holly about it."

"Okay, that's fine." She replied, still holding something back.

"Will you tell me what the fuck you are thinking!" I insisted.

"Well, it's not your typical party." She started, after a long pause. "You see about once a month or so, there's a bunch of us that get together to party."

It took me a few moments to realize what she meant. "What exactly do you mean by party together?"

She leaned in closer to me and whispered, "Um, you know, we party; we have fun."

"So are you telling me it's a swinger party?" I asked quietly, with a huge grin on my face.

Abbey just nodded her head, yes. I just smiled and shook my head.

"So are you inviting us?" I asked.

"Hell yes, if you're interested!" She answered enthusiastically.

"I think you know I would love to!" I answered, matching her excitement. "But I'm not sure how Holly would feel about it, I'll definitely have to talk to her."

"That's fine, there's no rush, let me know whenever." She told me. "I'll get you the info about where and when, and it's up to you guys if you want to come or not. I took tomorrow off, so I'll just see you there if you come."

"Sounds good!" I answered.

Not five minutes later, my computer chirped that I had new email. Sure enough, it was from Abbey.

"Here's the address and directions hon, hope to see you there about 8:00. Please, please, please convince Holly to come, I've been dying to see you guys again!" She wrote.

Holly called me later in the day to find out what Abbey had said. She was disappointed when I told her she had a party to go to. Apparently my voice trailed just as Abbey's had, because my wife pressed me for more.

"We'll talk about it when I get home okay." I told her. She continued pressing, so I told her I was busy, knowing that was the only way I could get her off the phone. I was dying to tell her, but I couldn't risk being overheard.

As soon as I got in the door at home, my wife pounced on me.

"She and her sister are throwing a party that night." I explained. "She wants to know if we'd like to come."

"I guess, why where is it?" Holly answered.

"It's at her sister's house, not too far from here, a half hour at the most." I told her. "It's kind of a special party though."

"What do you mean, special?" She quizzed me.

"Well, it's a swinger party." I stammered.

"A swinger party!" She replied, clearly shocked.

"Uh-huh." I mumbled.

"I've heard of them and all, but what exactly does that mean?" Holly asked.

"Just what it sounds like." I answered. "A bunch of people get together and have sex."

Holly was clearly surprised, but I was intrigued by the fact that she didn't seem disguisted by it.

"And I'm sure you'd like to go, now wouldn't you?" She asked me, smirking.

"I didn't give her an answer, I said I'd bring it up with you first." I told her.

"When does she have to know by?" She asked.

My heart skipped a beat when she asked that question, realizing that maybe, just maybe, she might actually be considering this. I didn't have a chance to answer when Holly opened her mouth again to speak.

"I have to think about this." She said. "I'm not sure if I'm ready for that, that's a lot different from bringing a friend into our bed; I mean strangers, that's pretty out there."

"You're right it is." I agreed. "We could always just go there and be with Abbey again, you know."

"That's true." She answered. "Like I said, let me think about it.

With that, I dropped it. That night, when we climbed into bed, I tried to make love to Holly, but she resisted, saying she was "tired." She had been distant all night, and I knew the idea of this party was really weighing on her mind. She didn't bring it up at all on Friday, and I decided not to as well. I didn't want her to feel pressured. I knew that she needed to decide for herself.

Around noon on Saturday, as we were in the car running errands, she finally mentioned it.

"So you really want to go tonight, huh? She asked.

"I wouldn't say I really want to go, but yeah, I guess I'd like to." I responded.

"I'm still kind of nervous about it all, but if you really want to, I guess we can go." She answered.

Now, I know Holly. It was obvious that she wanted to go, but she always has to protect herself by putting everything on my shoulders so that if something bad should happen or whatever, then of course it's my fault. I'm used to this though, so I don't even bother to object anymore.

"Great!" I replied. "I think we'll really enjoy ourselves.

Holly smiled and nodded her head. I could tell that she was really excited about it, even though she was doing her best to hide it. We hurried through the rest of our errands, but didn't get home until about 6. Now like most women, Holly takes forever to get ready for a night out, so it was clear that she would have to hurry. I was ready in a blink, but it was about 7:45 before I heard our bedroom door open, and saw Holly start down the steps.

She looked absolutely stunning! Usually Holly uses little to no makeup, but tonight her cheeks were glowing and she wore dark red lipstick. Her curly brown hair was styled flawlessly, and accentuated her soft, slightly round face. She wore a flowing white silky-looking blouse and a tight knee length black skirt. She displayed her athletic calves by wearing high-heeled black strappy shoes; her toenails with a fresh coat of dark pink nail polish. I stood up to greet her at the bottom of the steps. She wore more perfume than usual and smelled magnificent. I could see in her face a mix of trepidation and enthusiasm.

After checking and double-checking to make sure everything was okay in the house, Holly was ready to go. We didn't arrive at the party until a little after 8:30. There were plenty of cars lining the street in front of the address we were given, so we were obviously at the right place. There was loud music coming from the house, but otherwise, you could hardly tell where the party was. The front door and all of the windows were closed, and the shades were down. The house was a large rancher, just like most of the other houses. It had a large driveway with a Volvo station wagon and a basketball hoop over the garage. There were a couple of children's bikes alongside the house, joined by a big wheel and a few other scattered toys. It looked like just another house on just another block. There was no way to tell that behind those closed doors and windows was a swinger party. It was kind of surreal.

We rang the doorbell three times to no avail. Eventually we decided to just go in. We saw a very interesting group of people when we got inside. I would say there was about 25 people or so. The ages ranged from roughly 20-50; there were skinny people and slightly overweight people; there were a few black people, but the majority was white. Most of the people were attractive, not incredible, just normal people you'd expect at a regular neighborhood get together. There were however a few exceptions. I immediately noticed a few knockouts, and saw Holly ogling one guy in particular. As we went to the make-shift bar to grab a drink, Abbey saw us from across the room. She ran over to greet us.

"I'm so glad you came!" She exclaimed. I greeted her with a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. She moved onto Holly and planted a huge kiss right on her lips. Holly was startled, and a little embarrassed. "Relax baby, this is the place to let it all hang out!" Abbey told my wife. Holly just giggled nervously.

Abbey took us around and introduced us to a few people, before she was grabbed by another woman. We started chit-chatting with another couple we'd been introduced to, all the while I was scanning the room, trying to pick my target. I quickly focused in on one of the knockouts I'd seen earlier. She was beautiful. She was tall, almost six feet and slender, dressed to the nines in what looked like a linen blue pantsuit. She was also black. I've never been with a black woman before, and I thought to myself that this might be the time. She was talking with another woman, and the two of us made eye contact twice before she smiled at me and nodded hello. I couldn't take my eyes of off this vision, but was brought back to reality by Holly chiding me for ignoring her and the other couple who'd apparently walked away. After scolding me, Holly excused herself to use the restroom. I took a long drink before I saw an attractive woman approach me.

"Hi handsome, how are you doing tonight?" She asked me, seductively. I hesitated before answering, so she continued.

"Let me introduce myself, I'm Lauren, Abbey's sister." She told me.

"Oh, hi, I'm..." I started, before Lauren interrupted me.

"I know who you are, Abbey pointed you out; said I might be interested in you." She said, smiling. " I saw that you were alone, so I figured I'd come over and say hello."

"Yeah, my wife Holly is in the bathroom, she'll be right back." I told her. I could tell that this woman wanted a little more than to say hello, but I had told myself that I would take it slow tonight and let Holly control what we did. I knew she was nervous and didn't want to be over-anxious and upset her.

"I hate to break it to you, but she's not in the bathroom." Lauren told me, while nodding across the room. I turned and looked in the direction she was pointing, startled to see my innocent wife Holly in an enthusiastic conversation with the stud I'd seen her eyeing up earlier. "That's my husband Bill, she's talking to." Lauren continued. I was amazed by how flirtatious Holly was being. It was obvious she was trying to seduce him. She hadn't said a word to me about it. What happened to my nervous wife that came here because I wanted to? Not only was I surprised, I was also a little hurt. Holly had never been with another man, I was her first and only, yet here she was trying to get this guy? Two can play that game, I thought. I turned back to Lauren and tried to work my magic.

Lauren wasn't gorgeous, but she was attractive, cute is the right word, I think. She was very petite, not much over 5 feet tall, and rail thin, not sickly, it fit her frame. She had short, curly, light brown hair, and small eyes and mouth. I could definitely see the resemblance to Abbey in her face. Lauren had very small breasts, an A-cup, and a tiny butt with slender, sexy legs. She was wearing a sundress and brown sandals, just as her sister had when she'd been with my wife and I that fateful night. I knew that this was a sure-thing, so I was relieved to not have to work very hard. After only a few minutes of talking, Lauren asked me if I'd like to retire to her bedroom. She took my hand and led the way, not allowing me the opportunity to answer.

She led me down the hall, past a few bedrooms which were occupied with various people in various sexual configurations, two girls together, two couples, one room even had at least six people by my count doing all kinds of things. We got to the end of the hall and came upon a locked door. As Lauren knocked on the door, she said, "This is the master bedroom." I was startled when her husband Bill opened the door. I'd just seen him talking with Holly a couple of minutes ago. It wasn't until Lauren led me into the bedroom that it hit me. Holly must be in here too! Sure enough, there she was sitting on the bed. She stood up and walked towards me giving me the hottest, wettest kiss we'd ever shared. As our kiss ended, we heard Lauren clear her throat.

"Sorry to interrupt you two." Lauren said, sarcastically. "We just wanted to let you know what is going on. Abbey told us that this was the first time at something like this, so she wanted to make it easier on you, since you were apprehensive about being here. She thought that it might be easier for you if your first time was with each other and with another couple you could be comfortable with."

"I think that's a good idea. Thanks." I answered as Holly and I nodded to each other.

"Great, then let's have some fun!" Lauren exclaimed.

Lauren walked towards me and Bill towards my wife, engaging us in deep, sensual kisses. The four of us stumbled our way onto the king size bed, Lauren on top of me, and Bill on top of Holly. As we kissed and fondled, I opened my eyes and looked over at Holly, who was lost in the moment with her new friend.

Lauren noticed that I was distracted, and whispered in my ear, "Would you like to watch for awhile? It always gets me hot to watch Bill with another woman."

"I think I would." I answered.

Lauren rolled off of me and laid next to me on the bed, with me behind her. Our hands continued exploring each other's bodies, while we watched the other two. Bill is the athletic type, 6 feet tall, or so, with a strong, muscular body. His sandy brown hair shaved in a crew cut. His left hand was under Holly's blouse, and had found it's way atop her left breast. Holly's hands were rested squarely on his ass, pulling his crotch into hers as she dry-humped him. Bill pulled his head from Holly's and reached down to pull Holly's blouse off. Holly's white bra soon joined the blouse on the floor. Bill sucked on her nipples as he squeezed her breasts with his strong hands. Bill was much rougher with her than I'd ever been, and she seemed to be enjoying it. As he continued smothering her bare breasts with his mouth, he moved one of his hands down and rested it on her thigh. He slowly inched it higher and higher up his leg. It disappeared under her skirt, but I could see that he had reached her mound when he began rubbing it. It wasn't long after that Holly put her hands on his broad shoulders and pushed him lower down her body. Any fear she may have had was clearly gone. Wasd this the same woman who had trembled with fear only two months ago when with Abbey?

He tried to remove her skirt with his teeth, but failed, illiciting a giggle from my wife. Determined not to fail once more, he unclasped it with his hands, then flung it across the room. Now only wearing a pair of hot pink boy-short panties, Holly began to undress Bill. She pulled his black t-shirt over his head and then slid his pants down his legs. As she reached to pull his briefs off, Bill slapped her hand away. "Not yet." He groaned. Instead, he grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down very slowly, her brown patch becoming more and more visible until finally her pussy clung to the panties no longer; my wife now completely naked beneath another man. Bill grabbed hold of her thighs and spread them apart before lowering his mouth to Holly's pussy. She wriggled beneath him as he hungrily lapped at her; her legs resting over his shoulders. Either Holly was really hot or Bill is an expert, because after only a minute or so, Holly cried out in ecstasy as an orgasm overcame her. Not only did Bill continue, he lapped even harder and faster. I could see a look of pure bliss on my wife's face when she climaxed once more. I must admit, I have never gotten her off more than once while eating her out.

When her second climax subsided, Bill finally removed his mouth and licked his lips savoring each drop of her juice. "You taste amazing!" He sighed. Holly just smiled, then reached down and pushed his underwear down exposing his cock. It was about as long as mine, but much thicker, in fact I'd never seen one that thick, not even in a porno! Holly had gotten his briefs down just below his ass when Bill gently pushed her back down onto her back. Again he spread her legs wide. He placed his cock over her mound and rubbed it back and forth over her lips and clit. Holly was wriggling beneath him, his teasing seemingly driving her wild. For the first time, Holly looked over at me, maintaining eye contact as Bill finally pushed into her. A look of agony swept across her face as he eased his way in. I could see that he was pushing very slowly, trying to be as gentle as possible, but Holly's teeth were still clenched and tears filled her eyes as she struggled to accept him. Apparently unable to bear it any longer, Holly put her legs straight up into the air, her feet resting on his shoulders, then placed her hands on his butt. She turned away from me, looked at Bill, then pulled him into her. She screamed out in pain as his cock buried deep inside of her, stretching her more than she'd ever been before. Bill slowly pulled back and I could see my wife quivering as he did. Slowly, but surely, I could see her getting more and more comfortable, and Bill began quickening his pace accordingly. His breathing became shorter and quicker as his face became redder and redder, his climax obviously building up inside him. He gave one final thrust, then pulled his cock out, a loud slurping noise coming from Holly's pussy as he was out completely. His cock plopped down on her. He reached down and gave it a few tugs before exploding, his come blasting all over my wife's belly and breasts.

After cleaning herself off with a tissue, Holly turned to me and said, "Now it's your turn."

My mind was still reeling from having watched my wife fuck another man, but Lauren quickly snapped me back. Unlike Bill, Lauren had no intentions of taking her time. I guess she was as hot and bothered from watching them as I was! Before I even knew what was happening, she was removing my slacks, having already peeled her own dress off, as well as my shirt. I regained my focus and saw that she had worn no bra, her tiny breasts tipped by equally tiny nipples. Killing two birds with one stone, Lauren removed my boxers as well as my slacks in one quick motion. I wasn't totally erect, but that soon changed.

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