tagGroup SexFirst Time For Two Ch. 02

First Time For Two Ch. 02


About a week after I had helped Bob change out his old hot tub for a new spa he called and asked me to meet him for a beer. When I got to the bar Jan, our favorite waitress, was sitting at the table with Bob. They waved at me as I came in.

I pulled out a chair and sat down, “Hi Bob. Hello, Jan.”

“Hi Ross. The usual?” Jan waved to catch the attention of one of the other bar staff. “I just finished my shift.”

“Sure. Make it a pitcher.” I noticed Jan had an empty glass in front of her.

After the pitcher was delivered and our glasses filled Bob said, “I was just telling Jan about how we took out the old hot tub and put in the new spa.”

“Yeah. It was a lot simpler job than I expected. Tearing out the old hot tub was pretty dirty work though.”

Bob laughed, “Dirty work has its rewards though.” He winked at me.

Jan looked puzzled, “What’s that mean?”

“Well, I’ve got a new spa that’s great to soak in and relax.”

“Sounds nice. I haven’t hot tubbed for a long time.”

“Why don’t we finish the pitcher and then go over to my place?”

Jan smiled, “Sounds tempting but I’ve got to get home. And besides I just don’t happen to have a swimsuit in my purse.”

“I’ll tell you what. You’re off tomorrow, right?”

“Well, yes, but.”

“Why don’t you come over tomorrow afternoon around four. Bring your swim suit. I’ll put something on the smoker and we’ll have a barbecue and soak afterwards.”

“Bob’s smoked barbecue is a treat that’s not to be missed, Jan.”

“Thanks, Ross. Just for that you’re invited too.”

“I’ll bring the beer.”

Jan seemed to relax visibility when Bob invited me. “O.K. Sounds like fun. I haven’t had barbecue and beer in a long time.” Jan stood up, “See you tomorrow around four.”

The next afternoon when I pulled my car into Bob’s driveway, I parked next to Jan’s car. I got a case of cold brews out off the trunk of my car and carried them to the front door. Bob came to the door after I rang the doorbell. “Come on in, Ross. The party started without you.” Bob was wearing only a tight European style swimsuit. The pouch showed off his package nicely.

I followed him through the house and out onto the patio. “Smell’s like you’re using mesquite. Are you doing a beef brisket?” I put most of the brews in the cooler. I popped the top on one then pulled my t-shirt over my head. I was wearing sandals and a pair of light onion skin fabric shorts that I usually wore hiking or fishing.

Jan was leaning back on a chaise lounge. She was wearing a modest two piece suit. Her sandals wear lying on the patio. “Hi, Jan. Beer?”

Jan sat up. “Hi, Ross. Sure, I’ll have another.”

I handed her an opened brew. “Bob, how about you?”

“I’m good. And yes, that’s mesquite. We should be able to eat in about forty-five minutes or so.”

I indicated the several empty bottles setting around, “Good, that gives me some time to catch up.”

We ate dinner, cleaned everything up and headed for the spa. Bob moved the cooler closer. “Here’s some plastic beer cups. Don’t want any broken glass in the water.”

Jan slipped into the warm water. I poured and handed her a beer. Bob poured himself a brew and sat on the edge of the tub. I got into the tub and emptied a bottle into my cup. Jan was sitting in one of the recliner seats. I sat on one end of the bench seat. Bob slipped into the water and sat at the other end.

We all sat quietly and sipped our brews. Jan set her empty cup on the deck. “Boy, this is the life. I could learn to like this.” She stretched a leg above the water.

“Ready for another brew, Jan? Ross?” Bob was out of the tub and on his way to the cooler before we could answer. The pouch of his suit was almost transparent.

She glanced at his crotch as he handed her a beer, “Thanks.”

Bob handed me a beer. “Why don’t you drag the cooler closer?”

“Good idea.” Bob stooped to grab the handle on the cooler. The tight suit outlined the muscles in his butt and outlined the shape of his ball sac. Jan smiled to herself. Bob settled himself back into the water. He picked up a remote and turned on the jets.

“That’s pretty slick. I didn’t realize you could use a remote.”

“Yeah, it was a special offer with the spa.”

Jan got out of the recliner seat and moved over to sit between Bob and I. I turned to her, “How’s your dog doing?”


“A couple of weeks ago, you mentioned your dog had been sick and kept you up all night because of an emergency trip to the vet. I just wondered if it was O.K.”

“Oh, she’s fine.”

Bob laughed, “You know what Ross said when you said you were tired?”

“No. What?”

“He said if you needed a place to sit, you could sit on his face.”

She blushed then laughed, “You really said that?”

“Yes, and I was serious.”

Jan squeezed my thigh. “That’s the nicest offer I’ve had in weeks. Is it still open?”

“Non expiring.”

She leaned over and kissed me. “Unhook my top. I think it is almost sacrilegious to wear swimsuits in a hot tub.”

I hooked her top. She removed it and tossed it onto the deck. “Stand up, Ross.” I stood as she skinned my shorts down into the water. I worked them down to my ankles and off over me feet. I fished them out of the water and tossed them on the deck next to Jan’s swimsuit top as she turned to Bob. “You’re next. Stand up.”

She hooked her fingertips in the waistband of Bob’s suit. “This itty bitty thing hardly covers you. You might as well wear a jock.” She rolled it down over his hips. “But it does frame your equipment rather nicely.” She looked him in the face and licked her lips. Bob actually blushed.

I put my hands on her hips, “Your turn.” Bob helped me roll the bottom of her suit over her hips and down her legs. Jan balanced against Bob as she stood first on one leg then the other and then she tossed the bottom onto the growing pile of unneeded suits.

She was slightly bent over as she leaned against Bob. I kissed her in the small of her back then I sank down in the water. I licked her ass crack from the bottom up to the small of her back. She turned and touched my head. I watched as Bob lightly touched one of her breasts, “May I?”

Bob bent his head down and Jan lifted her breast to his lips. I moved around to where I could kiss her belly. I kissed Jan’s belly between her belly button and the top of her pussy hair. She was holding one breast while Bob cupped and sucked the other. I moved down and started to plant kisses on her pussy.

Jan put her hand on my head. “Oh! This is too much! I’ve got to sit down.”

“Good idea.” We helped step back and sit on the deck. Her feet were in the hot tub. I got on my knees in front of her. “May I continue?”

Jan grinned, “Sure. Why not? No man has offered to go down on me for ages.”

Bob put his had on her knees, “Allow me.” Jan leaned back on her elbows as Bob spread her knees. I crawled between them and put my face close to her pussy.

Her dark blonde pussy hair was neatly trimmed. I gently petted and kissed her. I alternated between kissing the inside of her thighs and her pussy. After several minutes of kissing, I licked her outer lips from bottom to top then using my fingertips, I parted her pussy lips.

Jan watched as I licked my way up to her hooded clit. I licked my way around and over it. She lay back onto the deck. Bob was on his knees beside her. He was sucking on a nipple. Jan had a hand pushed between Bob’s legs. It was gripping his rather hard looking cock.

Bob sat up. “Let’s go somewhere where we can get comfortable. This deck is killing my knees.” He got to his feet and walked across the patio. I helped Jan up into a sitting position and then up onto her feet. I got out of the tub and we followed Bob. He pulled the pad off the chaise lounge and dropped on the deck. “I hope I haven’t ruined the mood.”

I lay down on the pad. “Come on, Jan. Where was I?”

Jan stepped and put a foot on each side of my shoulders. She sank to her knees. Her pussy was just above my face. She laughed as she spread her pussy wide open. She wet her fingertip and placed it on her clit, “I believe you were right here.”

“I believe you’re right.” I put my hands on her hips and pulled her pussy down to my face. After licking, kissing and sucking her inner and outer lips I returned to teasing her clit with my lips and tongue. I heard Bob groan. I rolled my eyes back to watch Jan guide his hard cock into her mouth.

He started to put his hands on her head then he changed his mind and placed them on his hips. I’d take short breaks to rest my neck and I’d watch as Jan fondled Bob’s balls and she sucked her way up and down his cock.

Jan pulled his cock out of her mouth, “I’d like to lie down.” Bob got a second lounge pad and laid it beside the first one. She swung her leg over me and sat down on the new pad. Jan scooted around and lay on her back. Bob got on his knees between her legs and buried his face against her pussy.

She propped herself up her elbows and looked at me. “Come closer. Let me taste that dick of yours.” I moved over and got on my knees by her head. Jan grasped my cock. I tried to put one knee behind her shoulders to help support her as I watched my cock slide into her warm sucking mouth.

It was an awkward position for Jan. She lay back, “I need a man inside me now!” Bob looked up from his place in front of her pussy. I nodded at him. He pushed himself up on his knees and crawled up between Jan’s thighs. He held his hard cock as he guided the cockhead up and down Jan’s wet slot.

Jan groaned as Bob entered her. He picked up her legs as he began to move. I stroked my cock as I watched the two of them fuck. Bob stretched over her. He propped himself up on his forearms as she folded her lower legs over his.

Jan was moaning softly as Bob stroked her pussy with long, but quick, strokes. Her hips were rising to meet his. He picked up his pace as he pushed himself up into what was almost a pushup position. Jan squealed as Bob pulled his cock out. He pumped in several times then shot a stream of cum across Jan’s belly and breasts.

Bob lay down beside her. She rolled over and leaned over him, “I wish you hadn’t pulled out “

Bob spoke softly, “I didn’t want to but I wasn’t safe.”

“You needn’t worry. I’m safe.” Jan grinned, “Both my dog I have been spayed.”

“Now you tell me.”

“I didn’t think anything would go this far. Beside, no one asked.”

“Jan, I’m going to eat your beautiful freshly fucked pussy unless you object.” I pulled her leg pack and leaned into her crotch.

Jan touched my head, “Any sounds you hear will not be objections.”

It took just a few minutes and her thighs and belly were quivering and she was mouthing little mewing sounds. I placed my lips around her clit and sucked and licked as she thrust her pelvis against my chin. I tried to pleasure her until she relaxed.

Bob was propped up watching us. I moved closer to him. “I’m going to suck your handsome freshly fucked cock unless you object.”

“I don’t object.”

Jan watched as I licked and sucked Bob’s cock clean of her pussy juices. She put her face right next to mine as I squeezed and milked his cock for the last drops of his cum. We shared them.

As we rested, Jan said, “I’ve never seen a man suck another man’s cock. For real, I mean. I’ve seen it done in videos, pictures and movies.”

Bob looked at me, “Lie down, Ross.” He positioned himself over me and we performed a 69 for Jan.

She fondled her breasts and rubbed her pussy as she watched us suck each others cock and balls. “Don’t make Ross cum. I want to fuck him.”

Bob rolled from over me and Jan straddled my hips. Bob held my cock as she settled down over me. She pumped and down a few times then shifted into what I call a cinder sifting movement. It didn’t take long between Bob’s earlier sucking and Jan’s fucking.

“I’m gonna’ cum!”

Jan drove her pelvis and pussy down hard. My balls exploded and blew my hot cum deep into her pussy.

Afterwards, Bob and I cleaned her pussy. She and Bob cleaned my cock and she and I sucked Bob off for a second time.

We went back to the spa to rest and recover. Jan looked at both of us, “I’ve never given myself to a man on a first date, let alone to two men.” Then she smiled, “I wonder why I’ve taken so long to do it.”

Bob and I talked about how we enjoyed giving each other head and having Jan watching and participating made it very exciting.

We agreed that sharing each other in a threesome was a natural and comfortable thing to do.

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