tagIncest/TabooFirst Time In Mum

First Time In Mum


I had always wanted to fuck mum, ever since I saw her naked in the bathroom that time. I had come home early from work and as I walked past the bathroom door, there she was... Completely unaware of me! I watched her showering her curvaceous body revealed in it's awe!

That was when I knew I had to have her.

Now all I had to do was plan my next moves quickly, I must explore her body... Soon.

Weeks passed then the fateful day came to pass, it was just after lunch when I arrived home, mums car was parked in the drive, was this my chance I thought? As I walked in to the kitchen mums lovely round ass greeted me, she had her head buried in the cupboard sorting through the pans, my heart was in my mouth as I surveyed this wonderful sight... Was this to be the chance to make a move.

I called out "Hi Mum" as my eyes feasted upon her full arse... She shouted back "Hi darling come in and make yourself comfortable" was she kidding? I walked up behind her and bumped into her ass! My bulging trousers pushed firmly between her cheeks causing her to jump, hitting her head hard against the door. Hell I thought as she fell onto her side... Out cold! This was it, my chance had come... I picked her up and carried her to her room.

Placing her down on the smooth sheets, her legs slightly parted. I could see her thin white panties and that bulge of flesh almost bursting through the flimsy cotton material. God was I ever horny so I removed my now very tight trousers and tee-shirt... I wore no pants as usual so it was not long before I was standing over her, my aching cock now fully erect. I began to move her long white legs, so I could peel her knickers off, slipping them slowly down to reveal a well shaven pussy, her folds pink and wet with motherly juice. I couldn't wait to expose her luscious rounded breasts... Carefully I unbuttoned her blouse, she never wore a bra so her tits fell in to my gaze...

My heart pounded, I had to get inside that most secret of places... Slowly I began to part her legs as wide as I could... This in turn caused her pussy lips to open sending a trickle of love juice dripping from her hole. Her moist inner lips were like velvet as my fingers ran over them covering them with a thick clear liquid which now bubbled out of her. Would it be right to fuck this women, my mother for Christ's sake! What if she came round? So many thoughts spun in my head, as I explored her pink flesh, how could a person produce so much juice whilst out cold? I was overcome with lust, lust for this female, the channel that brought me into this world, was overflowing with such sweet fluid. I ran my finger in circles at the entrance to this hole. I was so hard it ached, pre cum was forming under my foreskin, so I pulled it back and let it spurt out... It landed on her cunt flaps...

I mixed it in with her juices, I slowly massaged it in. Lust overcame me I had to push further... Further into this place I yearned for, I felt some resistance as my finger tip met her cunt ring, uhhhh... It slid in, her tunnel walls closed around my finger. It felt so good!! As I gripped my cock I felt it pounding in my hand... I had to fuck her now, now before she woke. All I wanted to do was fuck this hole, fill my mothers cunt violate this sacred place... I moved closer and squatted between her wide open legs, slowly raising her legs over my knees. Now I sat inches from her soaking wet hole, her pink flesh exposing her tight little cunt hole. Juice dribbled down the crack of her cheeks. I rubbed my cock over that mound slowly running down over these parted lips, so hot and moist it felt against my exposed tip. I pulled the foreskin back pressing it tightly at her entrance...

Shall I... Shall I push now and violate her... No turning back I thought... So a firm push... Uhhhhh... I felt some resistance... Harder... Uhhhhh I was in!! Her cunt ring tightened around me... Slowly her insides gripped my cock... Her walls felt soft, yet slightly ribbed as I push home... Ohhhhh so good. My cock was now buried half way up its 8 inches... Her walls stretch as my girth forced its way in. I slid my legs back and hovered over her... Now halfway in that juice soaked tunnel. I was bathing in a juice soaked pussy... I shuddered... My god I almost shot my load there and then... Holding back somehow wanting to savour this special moment... Then I began to push home, wanting to sink deep inside until I hit her most deepest parts... I want to slam up against her cervix... Push into her womb from where I once came. Oh it is so good...

I had no choice now incestuous urges took over... Pushing hard down on her, my cock forcing folds apart, she gripped me so tightly... Unable to resist her sons manhood... Juice squirted out against my balls... She was so wet... I hit home her cervix greeted my now steel like tip... I had more to give so without thought I pushed once more... I could feel a tight ring slowly open over my head... I was almost inside her womb!! AHHHHHHH... I slipped inside... Into her womb... Mums tight cervix ring gripped the bulb of my cock pushing the foreskin back. I could feel it stretching over my shaft, as I forced deeper. Now it began to roll back over my shaft as the bulbous tip entered her womb... I was in...

But I couldn't sense anything touched the tip... Was I now inside... YES... I began to rock back and forth... Her ring sliding back over my tip... Then UHHHHHHH... Push deep again... This was it I could feel the incestuous seed beginning to rise inside my cock! I pushed as hard as I could into her. Her cervix ring now well up my shaft... I must be 3 inches into her womb! How long could I hold back my sack full of impregnating seed, powerful thoughts of her defenseless body beneath me flashed through my head, this seed I wanted to spend into her womb, was it right? Should I cum inside... THINK!! She has been on her own for years now, I know she stopped taking the pill...

MY GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING! I could make her pregnant, but I wanted to cum, I needed to cum... NOW... INSIDE HER WOMB... My lust for my mother overwhelmed me as I felt her juices squirt out all over me, so my final push, deep within mums motionless body! Her cervix ring almost tearing into my shaft as it clenched down tight making my cock want to explode! Now for my seed, I felt it rise inside my cock... UHHHHHHHHH this is it, I AM CUUUUUUMING!! Impregnating my mother... With jets of steaming hot cum shooting deep into her womb, stream after stream squirted into her, filling once more, I shuddered as the last of my seed drained into her... I had filled her, my mothers womb, filled it with my seed, Squelching sounds rang out as she overflowed with her sons cum... I fell onto her... Aching with the grip of her ring. Almost sore I pulled out and it snapped shut over my tip.

Slowly so slowly I pulling out of those velvety cum soaked walls... A final squelch sounded as I slipped out. I sat back and watched her gapping hole twitching as cum mixed with her juice dribbled out. Would this moment ever end I thought... I grabbed my cock firmly I wanted more of her, I was so horny but still very erect... I began to jerk my tool... It was slippery with her juice... To much I thought I arched over her and forced myself inside her sopping wet pussy! Pounding her cum soaked birth hole, my balls bouncing against her seed soaked body... Uhhhh... Uhhhh I cried out as I slammed into her again bouncing against her cervix then once more I let go deep inside her... Arrrrgh...

It felt good as more jets of cum spurted out, my cock was pressed up against that wall, inches from the womb where I began my life, I wanted to start another life within her... Filling her cunt till it ran out past the sides of my cock. I had fucked mum twice... Twice into her love hole filling her with my seed... Mmmmmmmm... It felt so good. Since she was only young would I be lucky enough to get her pregnant... I could only hope that I would bring life again inside her. Still shaking I stood up and admired my work... Her legs wide open exposing her gaping hole now overflowing with her sons hot milky white fluids... Her lips still wide apart and that motherly hole gapping almost 1 inch in diameter... I leant forward and licked her pussy she tasted so sweet, but this would wait for another time I left the room... Thoughts of how will I deal with this when she awakens??

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