tagFirst TimeFirst Time Is Best Time

First Time Is Best Time


Thanks for sexygirl76, harleencandie and Slipperywhenwet_ for helping me to edit the story!! This is my first story. Feel free to give feedback. More stories to cum... Will extend this story sometime later... Write if you liked any part specifically... or if you have any specific fantasy/fetish... I'll make sure I'll include it in the next one. I have a fetish for pre-cum...


Hi, my name is Rocky and I'm 28. I'm married, but this isn't a story about my marriage. This is a story about my first time. I was only 21 at the time - Tall with a slender body. I guess you could say I was kind of nerdy. But then again, who isn't at that age? I had, still have, a tattoo of a snake on my waistline. I didn't really have much pubic hair but I admit I did love my cock and still do. I was curious about sex and the only exposure I had to sex at the time was through playboy and a porn cd which I got from someplace.

My first sexual encounter actually happened with my classmate Susan (Suzy for short). She was 19 at the time and pretty adventurous. Size zero with an hourglass figure and pert tits - Cute little butt that you just wanted to squeeze and bite. We used to talk about pretty much everything when we were alone, including sex. We really didn't talk much about sexual fantasies - However, she had told me about how her parents got married right out of college and she came along a year later, so it's no wonder that interest in sex seems to run in the family. (Well... Sooner or later, sexuality runs through all families for that matter. Isn't it?)

The exams from my first year of Master's just got over and there were 2 months of vacation ahead. I used to stay in the hostel as parents lived farther away while Suzy's home was nearby. On the last day after the exams, I was pretty excited and was secretly watching a hot orgy scene of 3 couples on my computer in the empty lab. It was late at night so I just had to ensure minimal sound.

Suzy walked into the lab shaking her proud butt. For some reason, she seemed to be very excited - it was visible by the hard nipples protruding through her t-shirt. I managed to close whatever I was watching without her knowing it but I was still flushed and smiling. So she pursued the reasons. Dropping some inhibitions, I told her that I was watching this hot scene of love making... Her curiosity increased by leaps and bounds. She was all grinning and blushing and it was obvious she wanted to watch it too - 'show me show me please'.

I showed her the scene and she got all flushed. Apparently, not the first time today though... as she had told me that she has earlier watched some of such things at home. While watching, she asks me "Are you excited?"

I say "Of course. What else do you expect to happen when you see two bodies butt naked fucking each other?"

Suzy: "Let me give a quick check" and gives a tight hold of my bulging dick from the outside. "Wow nice one..."

Anticipating problems, I soon close the movie. (She was still fiddling with my cock, and had moved her hand inside my pants and got her fingers wet with my pre-cum). I ask her, "Can I feel you too?"

Smiling and blushing, she gets up and says... "Well... see, I have to go soon. But I'll let you feel me. Be nice and quick."

I paused with my hand on the skin beneath her left breast, and pondered what to do next. Her blonde hair was tangled against my face, her eyes were closed, and her mouth relaxed in a dazed smile of contentment. Encouraged, I moved my hand until it lay over her breast. It was the first one I'd ever touched. She didn't move so I promptly moved my free hand to her other breast.

I began to massage her breasts and she didn't seem to mind; her lazy, dazed smile remained. I decided to move my hand below her bra and feel the skin of her breasts. It was the most amazing.

I put my arms around her and, not wanting to act like the excited, inexperienced virgin I was, put my hands back on her belly. My hands lay there, nonchalant for several seconds, before I moved my hands to cup her breasts again.

I kneaded her breasts as her nipples hardened even more against my palms. But of course, not content with this small victory, I began to think about going even further. I let my left hand drift down over her belly, slid it over the zipper of her jeans and rubbed my middle finger over what I hoped was her pussy. I rubbed up and down, a bit harder each time. Suzy reclined against me, unmoving...

I tried to slide my hand into her jeans, but found them far too tight. I gave the button an exploratory tug. She did not object. I unsnapped her jeans and drew the zipper down. Peeking over her shoulder, I saw pink panties with polka dots on the waistband. I slid my hand down, moving beneath fabric, and almost died when I felt pubic hair. Someone else's pubic hair...

Wow!! Confident now, I kept going until I felt a fold in her skin. From the various men's magazines I'd seen, I felt I knew a little about the female anatomy. I rubbed around what I hoped was her clitoris.

After a few minutes, she smiled and said, "That's nice, thank you." She sat up and zipped and buttoned her jeans. She shifted position on the rough bench until she was facing me, and she eyed my erection, now more pronounced than ever. I'm sure I blushed. She reached out and touched the fabric of my pants, tracing the outline of my penis with her finger, then covering me with her hand. She began to move her hand over me. Even through the nylon pants and cotton underwear, this felt wonderful.

We kissed again, and I felt that surge of energy that only my own hand had produced thus far. I was going to cum. My mind raced desperately as I struggled to keep the kiss going. Should I say something? Should I just come in my pants? Too embarrassed to do anything else. When her hand moved back toward the tip of my penis and pressed firmly against me, I was sure she could feel the pre-cum on my pants and the still pulsing shaft. I kept kissing her until she broke the kiss to see her wet fingers of pre-cum and looked at me with raised eyebrows.

"Thanks for that." I said. My face burned with embarrassment.

Then she looked down at her fingers and wiped them on her jeans.

"Sure," she said blushing profusely.

I told her - "You better get home. Your mom will be wondering where you are. And I need to get to my room too."

During the week that followed, I probably jerked off twenty times just thinking about the incident between us, and imagining what might happen on the next Friday/Saturday. I wanted to be more adept about opening her bra, so I planned a visit back to home. Inuck into my sister's underwear and practiced. Each foray into my sister's room ended with a major erection that had to be hidden.

But Suzy's mother had different plans. Suzy and I were just exciting adults.

Two weeks later, I returned to the university hostel, which was almost empty except a friend of mine, as all the students had left for the vacations. I just had a bath in the morning wearing shorts and a t-shirt (no underwear that day). I got a friend excited with a porn magazine. I wanted to know tricks to hold on without Cumming. He dropped his pants showing his erection and showed a couple of tricks by pressing below the scrotum. Wearing a latex glove, I gave him a nice hand job almost for an hour playing with his cock and balls while he watched the magazine and told me about the girl he liked in our class. The glove was almost sticky with pre-cum. That was exciting, however it was more of a learning.

Meanwhile, I get a call from Suzy telling me that she had a couple of hours free and that she would like to see the movie again. I pick up the scooter and move in the direction of Suzy's house. My crotch getting the warm breeze of the evening and almost dangling out of my shorts in anticipation.

By the time I got to the door, I calm down and ring the bell trying to hide my bulge. She opens the door in a bathing suit covering her body. She opens the bathing suit slightly and flashes her bra with a wink - giving a sharp rise to my cock... Only to be surprised to be introduced to her mom, Sue.

She says - "Rocky this is my mom Sue... And don't worry - we talk about everything."

Her mom then invites me to dinner. I sit near her and she asks about what the occasion is.

She says "See, you guys need to be careful doing such things at this age. It can lead to unnecessary situations. Besides we are pushing Suzy to get married and she's not decided yet. But obviously she'll have to marry someone a little older and settled in life."

Sue seemed to be stressed out, the worry showing on her face... By this time, my dick had fizzled from the surprise. Now however I started to get comfortable with Suzy's mom and the visual in front of me made my cock rise again. Sue had worn a very nice revealing outfit - a tight hugging top which held her huge breasts in awe with visible nipples and clearly no bra underneath. They bounced with her every move.. And for the bottom, she wore a long skirt which was tight until the knee revealing the curvy figure of 38 yrs. She was huge for my height at that time' very curvy figure and fleshy thighs. I just wished I could spread those legs and see within...

At this point, Suzy dropped the bathing suit, rinsing her hair with it. Underneath, I could see her underwear.

The temperature in the room was warm, the sofa was silky and my dick was protruding wanting to come out.

Suzy's mom was watching it keenly observing its movement.

"Oh don't worry about all the talk now, we'll all enjoy the nice evening today. Her father is on a couple of month's tour to New York and will be back after business only.." she says.

"Yes." I smile and start to feel comfortable feeling the silky feeling of my cock.

Susan is still standing out there right opposite looking at me and my cock smiling.

While her mom says - "Ok... so, like she mentioned, we'd like to see the promised movie today before we eat the dinner of different sorts."

"Are you sure?" I ask.

My cock is almost like a tent now and obvious intentions for a first time.

She says, "Yes - don't worry we are all in the same boat."

Moving her hand towards Susan, she says again "See what Susan is wearing..." and then muttered "Like a slut."

Sue: "We are both very comfortable with ourselves. So feel free to be comfortable too."

And then she gets up to move towards the computer.

While Sue moved, her bouncing breasts were a clear indicator of matching thoughts in my mind.

Susan, still standing on the other side starts to smile again and signals to me, pointing towards Sue without any words as if to say Look at her bouncing breasts.

I say "Are you guys..."

Before I conclude my sentence she says loudly... "Come on now... show us your movie!" and she looks at my crotch again

So I move towards the computer where her mom is standing on the left of the stool and Susan takes a place next to me kneeling on the ground as if keen to watch the movie - but looks at my crotch. Behind me now is Sue with her warm body touching me... breasts are near my ears and her crotch touching the hand. I slowly move the shoulders down as if to rub Sue's crotch. She does nothing.

I put the CD disk into the computer and start the movie while continuing to rub Sue's crotch.

My cock is now a full tent inside my shorts and Susan is keen to catch hold of it.

It was a 20 minute movie featuring a naked woman lying on a dressing room bench and a man fucking her from the front while he lies down and she takes his cock from above. At this point my cock is protruding out of the shorts. Considering my age and body size, it is not very thick but pretty long.

Susan says to me pointing there... "I can see it... Don't worry... Make it feel comfortable"

Before I move my hand to free the dick from the shorts, Suzy pulls up the right side of the shorts so that the dick and balls get some free air exposing it to everyone's full view. It is obviously throbbing and a drop of precum over it.

Susan holds the cock in her hand and says "Yumm..."

Sue keenly observes Susan exposing the foreskin and precum while my shoulders are still rubbing Sue's crotch actively.

Sue says to Susan laughing aloud as if surprised - "Susan, you are such a slut and this boy is such a pervert".

Susan speaks to me "Oh don't worry she's a whore of sorts... We see such movies together and I get to see much more of her."

In a swift move, Sue gets hold of my cock, gently squeezes my balls and says "I see you are well prepared with cologne on your balls... Keep on it guys; the fucking movie is awesome... I'll get something to for you guys to eat"

She comes back with a bunch of fresh peeled oranges, grapes, and 3 glasses of Avocado juice or something. It was as if it was ready before I came. In the meantime, Susan picks the precum and looks at it keenly and says "Just as sticky as ..." stops short of saying something.

Sue approaches with a tray in hand.

Susan says "Mom, keep the tray down on the floor, I'd like to show rocky, our secret movie - his dick is rock hard already".

Sue bends down completely and keeps the tray down giving a nice curvy view of her bottom and a faint view of her pussy.

The below part of the story is slightly twisted... Otherwise, actually, this resulted in Susan giving mouth to my cock followed by Sue.I came in Susan's hand. She must've been seeing it for the first time I guess - she briefly smelled it and applied on her breasts. Sue explained to Susan how that stuff could be dangerous etc. while I had the avocados and almost went to sleep.

Below is a twisted extension.

Susan says to me -

Look here Rocky and I turn around, she holds her mom's skirt and says

"Mom, you know very well what I'm am going to do."

Sue says 'I guess so'... and Susan quickly yanks down Sue's skirt to the floor - revealing a naked bottom.

I say "Fuck Susan, what are you doing?"

Susan says "Rocky, It's not fuck Susan it must be 'Fuck Sue'".

I stare at the movie unfolding in front of me. A curvy naked shaved cunt shaped like a perfect apple in front of my dick. And I thought... 2 of my dicks could have gone in there.

As Sue continues to squeeze my cock of precum and holding the sticky gel in her other hand, her fingers pull me towards her and she says, "Rocky, this sticky thing in my hand is very warm and similar to what you see on her cunt here. She puts 2 of my fingers inside her mom's cunt and pulls out."

Sue says, "Now what are you waiting for? Get your dick in the right place.'

Susan gently guides my cock towards Sue's already wet cunt

It slides in smoothly and my cock gets to feel Sue's dripping cunt. I go in and out for about 5 times each time touching the innermost part. I then remove it and say

"Wait, let me see this thing first." I am looking at an actual pussy for the first time!

My hand touches her huge thighs. The sides of it are wet with her juices. I slowly spread it and touch her whole bottom and thighs keenly insert my finger into her.

I then ask Susan "Wait show me what is the Clitoris".

Sue says "Rocky fuck you! Now, you better get your dick inside me first and then you can get to know my clit when you eat my pussy."

Susan says "There you go, I told you - she's such a whore and I am her - slut." She guides my dick into Sue's cunt. Oh it was such an easy warm feeling again.

Sue says "Oh, it was such a long time ago that I've had a cock inside me... fuck Rocky fuck... such a fresh cock."

Within 2 minutes, I started feeling my climax. I pulled my dick out and said, "

Come on ladies, let's go to the bedroom and do it properly. Fuck, what a day!

We get onto the bed and Susan says, "You cannot fuck me yet, cutie. I haven't broken my cherry yet. I'll let my future husband have it. You can have a bit of pleasure though and give it a tongue fuck on my clit."

Sue says - "That's a good daughter!!"

We three get completely naked and I have hot steamy sex with Sue, eat Susan's virgin pussy and went home at 4.

And enjoy another 2 weeks of vacation with them.

Susan gets married within 6 months later and moves out.

Sue also stays very near to them now. It seems interesting to think that Susan's hubby would also have a field day with Sue... maybe or maybe not. She may want to have a family relationship. But who knows. There was a call a month ago that she's doing well and would like to come over some time.

To be continued as a fantasy story...

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