tagFirst TimeFirst Time, Last Time

First Time, Last Time


Jennifer and I were always together the last year of school. I stood five foot, ten inches tall and she stood maybe four eleven. She was a beautiful dark red haired girl, not large breasted but was perfect to me, maybe thirty-four-B. Her body was small, very muscular and had hips proportioned to her frame. She had the deepest green eyes you ever seen, and everyone knew she had Irish heritage just from looking at her. I had been dating her for about a year and we made out a lot but we never touched each other sexually. Our high school graduation was several weeks away and she had invited me over for dinner, which I readily accepted. I had dinner at her parents several times over the last year and they always had some good food to eat.

My Dad was out with friends, which seemed to be often since my mother had died a couple years before, so time was not a thing to worry about at all. After dinner, we sat on the couch and watched a movie with her parents until finally I said that I had an early day and was heading home. Jennifer told them she was going to walk me home and would be back in a couple hours. Her parents hemmed and hawed but she told them she was going to help me with my homework and they finally agreed.

We left her parents' house and started walking back towards my dad's house, which had only been a couple blocks. We were holding hands and about half way, Jennifer stopped and turned to me.

"Carl, how come we never do anything other than kiss when we make out?" she said as she took my hands in hers looking directly in my eyes as she waited for her answer.

I looked at her oddly, as she waited. "Jennifer, I really love you and always will. I did not want to ruin what we have together. You are the first girl that ever showed an interest in me, and I admit that I always had a crush on you."

She thought about what I had said for a minute and cleared her throat. "It wouldn't have ruined anything Carl. I thought you did not want me. I mean, I thought you didn't want to have sex with me." She was looking down at the ground now. I reached my hand up to her face and lifted it so I could see her eyes.

"Honestly, since the first day we met I have wanted to. I must admit that I went to bed many nights and dreamed of you." It was my turn to look at the ground.

"Really, you dreamt of me? Can I ask you a question?" she leaned over so she could see my face.

"Sure. Anything you want." I looked back at her still holding my head down.

"Did you masturbate while you thought of me?" the look I gave her must have surprised her. "Carl did you get yourself off thinking about having sex with me? I really need to know."

I looked back to the ground and sheepishly began to speak. "Jennifer, I think of you every time I 'get myself off'. I cannot stop thinking of you." Her hand squeezed mine as I looked up to her face. My face must have been redder then Santa's red coat.

She smiled a deep warm smile and hugged me. When she broke the hug as she leaned back, she kissed me on the lips. The heat from her mouth was enough to melt ice.

"I have wanted to have sex with you too since we first met but I thought you weren't attracted to me in that way. I will tell you that I cannot stop thinking of you either and the way you kiss is so fantastic I get wet even with a small kiss on the cheek. I masturbate thinking of you all the time. Several times a day in fact. Do you do it often?" we started walking again and we had our arms around each other holding tightly.

With the newfound knowledge, I was feeling better and a little bolder I guess. "Yes. At least four times a day."

She stopped again suddenly with a shocked look on her face. "Fa-four times a day?"

"Sometimes more, what's the matter?" I asked.

"At least, what is the most you have ah, masturbated?"

I looked at her in surprise and was wondering why she suddenly was taken aback. "When we make out, I have done it seven times in a day. What is wrong Jennifer?"

"Seven times, Wow, I never knew a man needed to do it so often." Her feet planted to the ground where we stood.

I felt the heat of my face as my embarrassment took over again. "I am sorry, I shouldn't have told you."

"No, no, really Carl I am flattered, I just never knew."

"Well every time I can, is when I have been with you and always thinking of you." I wrapped my arm around her tighter.

"Carl, are you still a virgin." She was looking at me intently.

"Uh, well yeah I guess so. I never had a girlfriend before you."

"I had two boyfriends and they were a little rough and we had sex a couple times."

I did not know that she had but I was not upset about it. She always made me feel special and I was not jealous of her previous boyfriends' envious maybe, but not jealous. We looked at each other and started walking again. She reached up and kissed the side of my neck. Again, the fire inside me flared up just from her peck.

We got to my father's house and went inside. I walked in front of her holding her hand as we went up the stairs to my bedroom. I sat on the bed and grabbed the books as she sat down next to me. We studied for a bit and chatted about schoolwork. Neither one mentioning the conversation we had on the way home. After a while, her hand innocently came to rest on my leg and her thumb was making back and forth movements absently. That had me getting warm and my dick had started to harden behind the book in my lap that was hiding it.

We had finished with the chapter we were working on, and had been sitting there for over an hour, my dick was hard as stone the whole time. She closed the book and took it from me. When she turned back around I had my hands in my lap and she looked me in the eyes for several long minutes. She reached her right hand up and placed it on top of mine.

"Carl, do you want to have sex with me right now?" she smiled and waited for me to answer.

"I want to more than anything." I admitted shyly.

With that, she stood bringing me with her. She turned in front of me. I leaned down and kissed her deeply as our tongues tangled with each other. It was a long hot and very meaningful kiss. Her hands came to rest on my hips and I was stroking the small of her back. She moaned into my mouth as she pulled me closer to her. I could feel my dick pressing into the top of her abdomen. She apparently felt it too as she was pushing hard against it. Suddenly she pulled back and broke our kiss looking down at my erection inside my jeans. I knew that the head of my dick was sticking past my waistband under my shirt. Jennifer looked back at my face with surprise.

"Uh, is that you Carl?" she asked as her left hand hesitantly was reaching for it and stopped a fraction of an inch from touching me.

"Uh-huh." Which was all I managed to say.

She looked up at me with her eyes. She had a look I had never seen before. Her eyes were glossy and a fire was behind them the likes I never knew existed in her. Her look made my dick jump harder, if that was even possible.

"Can I see it Carl." She asked as both her hands reached for me. One to my belt the other was fumbling with the zipper. Even her touch through the denim was electric and without waiting for an answer, she opened the button and began pushing my jeans downward, leaning over at the waist simultaneously. The waistband of my boxers had been straining to hold my dick up but failing miserably. Jennifer noticed this, then lifted my shirt over my head, and threw it on the bed behind us. When she looked back around, an inch or two of my dick appeared above my boxers, her mouth hung open when she saw it.

Immediately she reached for it and her touch, soft and gentle as it was, felt like it was burning my skin. I never had anyone touch my dick before and sensations were shooting through me. Her left hand held the exposed shaft of my dick, and her right hand pulled my boxers down to the floor. She let go of my dick and stood back silently with her eyes never leaving my manhood as it pointed to her throbbing and bouncing.

"My God Carl, you are beautiful! I never knew your dick was so nice. Honestly you are bigger then both my ex-boyfriends!" she wrapped her hand around the shaft, her fingers barely touching. Her hand felt new, strange, and oh so good. She began stroking the skin back and forth when she looked up at my face.

"I have to know how big your dick is, is there a ruler?" She looked around to see one on the desk a few feet away. She reached her right hand for it but did not let go of my dick with the other. It was too far away so she pulled me forward leading me with my dick in her hand and I almost stumbled with the clothes down around my ankles. When she had the ruler, she turned and placed it on top of my dick. The ruler rested there with at least an inch still beyond the end of my dick.

"My God, you are eleven inches long." She gasped.

She turned the ruler sideways and measured the width, "over two inches wide, wow that is crazy. All this time I never knew, if I would have I would have raped you."

"Raped, what do you mean?" I asked stupidly since I never really compared myself to other people and never had an erection in the locker room at school.

"We would have been doing this a lot sooner Carl! Your dick is gorgeous! I want to taste it NOW!" with that, she dropped to her knees in front of me. Jennifer began a close and thorough inspection of my dick with her hands. She dropped the ruler and was moving my dick back and forth and lifting it to see the underside. She saw my balls hanging down, and then she reached up to cup my balls, rolling them around one then the other since they looked large in her tiny hand. Her inspection of my dick and the way she was handling it was getting me hornier than I ever knew possible as pre-cum began steadily flowing out the tip. She seemed mesmerized by the amount and began rubbing it into the engorged head of my dick. She stuck her pointed tongue out between her lips and licked at the flow. I never felt anything as hot in my life as her tongue felt when it touched me.

I heard a deep moan from her throat when she withdrew her tongue into her mouth. She swallowed, then opened her lips and engulfed the head of my dick in her mouth. The heat and the feeling made me jump as my dick throbbed hard. She was moaning louder now as she slowly sucked the entire head in and started on the shaft. I was looking down to see the first couple inches disappear into her wanton mouth. Withdrawing slightly only to push down further on me taking a few more inches in, the shaft of my dick was a deep dark purple and I could see the blood pulsing in the veins. Again, she withdrew only to engulf me more. About half of my dick buried in her mouth, when she moaned and the vibrations went through me like a tidal wave straight to my core.

She looked up at me with her eyes, I saw the most erotic, and beautiful thing I have ever seen before hoping that I never see anyone else. Her eyes were on fire and the look of total abandon and love. She pulled back, and then pushed herself back onto me when I felt the back of her mouth. She gagged, from the size of the head, but only for a second as she relaxed her throat. The tightness surrounding me was better than anything I had ever felt. The more my dick went down her throat, the more she moaned and the louder she got. Back and forth, she moved her head each time taking more and more in but in smaller amounts each time. When she stopped, she still had a couple inches outside her lips and she held it there reveling in the feeling of my dick in her mouth and down her throat. I did not know it then but would soon find out how much she loved having my dick where it was at this very minute.

After several minutes of just resting there, she began to move slowly back and forth on my dick. The sensations like no other were shooting through me and I felt my balls lift themselves as they tightened close to my body in her hands. She felt it to and began moving her head faster. My balls began to swell in her hands, which made her hold them tighter. I could feel my dick expand harder as I was reaching the point of cumming causing her sucking furiously on me.

"Jenn, I am close to..." I said hoarsely between gasps of breath.

She did not slow down, moving more intently. Frantically I grasp her head trying to get her to stop but she would have none of this as she suddenly grasp my as tightly pulling me into her throat.

"I am cum-cumming!" I screamed as the first shot forced its way out and jettison into her throat causing her to gag. She pulled back until only the head was in her mouth catching the second shot and swallowing twice to get the amount down her throat. Her moans echoed through the rooms of my father's house, as she drank the next shot and swallowed it immediately down. Every time I shot a load of cum into her mouth, she had to swallow twice with each one fast as more and more cum shot into her mouth. Five, six, and then seven shots fired. Repeatedly, until finally my balls stopped emptying into her mouth and a steady flow of cum poured into her as she drank it down. With the amount of cum, I gave her that day, and she never missed a single drop.

She kept sucking me into her mouth and throat until I started to soften a little. When she was satisfied there was no more, she withdrew my dick from her mouth and held it in her hands lovingly.

She looked up at me and said, "Now that is a meal made for a queen."

"Jennifer you are the only queen I want or need." I told her with my breath slowly starting to come back to me.

"Carl, you have no idea. You erupted more cum than anyone else I know of. Each time you gave me more than I ever hope to have. The one thing I can't live without or want to live without is the taste of your cum. It is like nothing I ever tasted, sweet with a hint of salt and so damned delicious." She never let go of my dick and I did not want her to. We both felt it start to harden again as it expanded in her grasp. Jennifer sucked my dick back into her mouth as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She guided me over to the bed and sat me down without releasing my dick from her mouth. I lay down and she continued to suck on me until I was fully hard again.

She climbed on the bed and then straddled me still holding my dick pointing to her pussy that I had seen for the first time. Her juices were pouring out of her. When she was directly over my dick, her juices dripped onto the head of my dick thoroughly coating it. Slowly she lowered herself down until the outer lips of her pussy parted with the steady pressure. I felt the tight resistance against the head of my dick as her face contorted in pain with the pleasure. Slowly the bulbous head enter her and the skin of her pussy stretched around the large invader into her canal. I never felt anything so hot, so tight, and as pleasurable as she released more of weight down onto me.

Lower she went until I felt the head hit something, we both looked down to see that we still had a couple inches of my dick outside of her. She rested and lifted herself up quickly as if she were in pain. Then she lowered herself down until we felt my dick hit bottom again.

"Jennifer, I don't want to hurt y-." I almost screamed to her when she raised a finger to my lips in a shushing manner.

Then she rocked her hips forward and back until we felt her open. Once there she lowered herself suddenly down onto me taking the rest of my dick inside. I buried into her womb and her pussy muscles were shaking violently around the shaft of my dick like a vibrator. She stayed there with me buried deep in her as she started a moaning that increased to a scream as her entire body began, shaking and trembling. Her muscles were expanding and contracting so tight around me it felt like her hand did when she was grasping me, but now I felt it all around my dick. She fell forward onto my chest as her body shook. I held her close, as I was running my hand up and down her back. When the orgasm she was having slowed, which it never really stopped, she lay there on top of me catching her breath.

"Oh my, that never happened before." Short breath, "so intense and feels so good Carl!"

"Jennifer, I never felt anything like this. Are you okay?" I asked concerned since I never really had experience anything like this before.

"Oh, my dear, I am more than okay." She said as she lifted herself up.

Slowly she rose up on her legs withdrawing my dick from her insides but not out of her cervix. Back down slowly then repeatedly, and faster with each stroke. She was seesawing her buttocks back and forth on my dick. The felling was increasing the more she drove herself onto me. I felt her pussy clamping down and relaxing each time she pushed herself down on me. Tighter and tighter, her pussy became until it felt like it was trying to peel the skin off me. The violent shaking inside of Jennifer began again and more intense. Her body was a quivering mass as she pummeled herself onto my dick. She leaned over to lie on my chest again continuing to rock back and forth onto me.

I felt the pressure building and suddenly released deep inside her as shot after glorious shot fired deep inside her. Cum shooting out from between the seal her pussy had around my dick landing on the bedspread beneath us. The mixture of our juices let off an odor that we both smelled for the first time driving us on as I pounded myself into her and her down on me. Our orgasms seemed like it would never end and I did not want it to. The way Jennifer was driving herself onto me, I am sure that she did not want it to either.

When we both came down from our high, she stayed there not moving a muscle with my dick still buried inside of her. The blood inside my erection held tight inside my engorged shaft and every time Jennifer felt my dick soften, she would clamp her muscles tight around me. I found out that we would experience her ability to keep me hard like this for hours on end.

Later in our lives, we often would fall asleep this way. It was part of our lovemaking that she enjoyed the most with one exception. Jennifer was addicted to the cum which I only gave to her, she could never have enough of it to satisfy her which only made our love and need for each other grow stronger.

That night after making love several more times, my father walked in on us. He was upset and made us swear to tell her parents as well or he would. Jennifer and I looked at each other and at the same time turned back to him, and said together, "OK!"

He looked at us funny as we separated and got dressed, walked past him and out the front door. We walked hand in hand to her parents' house and they both were up since she was late in getting home. As we walked in together arm in arm, I looked at her father straight in the eyes.

"Sir, I apologize about bringing Jennifer home late, but we have good reason. You see, I made love to your daughter. I love her more than anything in the world. My father caught us together and insisted we tell you, so here I am telling you that I want to marry your daughter. I promise to never hurt her and never let anything bad happen to her. I will always love her for the rest of my life and beyond that as well." I never let go of her the entire time I was talking to her father and the more I talked the tight her hand got in mine.

"Sir, with your consent, Jennifer and I would like to get married shortly after graduation." I stood with my chest sticking out.

Her father looked at me with an astonished look, then to her mother then to Jennifer. Several minutes of his thinking what I said, my father walked into the open door. Jennifer's father looked at him, and then began to speak, "Son, you two have been inseparable and probably know more about each other then most couples married for years. You have never done anything to treat her wrong and always respected us. However, you do not have a job, how will you two live? What if you have children, how will you support them?"

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