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First Time Lucky


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I've heard that men think about sex every 10 seconds but, when I was young, it was more often than that. It was all the time. Especially around Rob's step mum who, I realise now was 28, only ten years older than me and so beautiful and sexy that I could only stare and try to memorise every single detail so that I could picture her when I went to bed.

Rob was my best mate and his dad wasn't around and it was only years later that I found out he was in prison. I sometimes used to baby sit Holly, Rob's sister and that's what I was doing when Rob's step mum came home from a friend's birthday meal. She'd obviously had a few too many glasses of wine and her blouse was unbuttoned more than usual and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. You know what it's like when you're young. I could not only see the sides of her breasts but even underneath them when she leant forward -- which she kept doing as she talked to me.

She was not wearing a bra and I could see the shape of her nipples as they pushed against her blouse. And she noticed I was looking! She sat down next to me and as she talked I felt the warmth of her breath upon my ear, smelt her perfume and the light touches of her hand as she talked exuberantly of her night. She touched my arm, hand, shoulder -- tapping me with her finger for any special point and even resting her hand on my thigh. I had got so excited sitting next to her on the couch and my growing erection was trapped along the inside of my thigh.

She went quiet and, as I looked at the TV screen, I could feel her staring at me. After a little while I looked at her and smiled awkwardly. She patted my thigh, leant towards me and whispered in my ear. "You are a very sexy young man." I was stunned and as she rubbed my thigh she touched the end of my growing dick and her eyes lit up. "What's this? It's very big." She ran her fingers up and down my thickening shaft with squeals of delight.

For some reason I felt totally embarrassed to be caught out like this and she saw that in my face and my wide wide eyes. She took my hand and put it inside her blouse and guided my fingertips to circle her nipples. While I did that she felt up and down my erection, squeezing, tapping and scratching. It was fantastic but I was so excited that I came, spurts of cum that quickly soaked through the light denim of my jeans. How she laughed as she watched the spreading wet patch.

She suggested cleaning me up a bit before Rob got home and took me into the kitchen. I undid my jeans and she reached into my boxers and put both hands under my balls and then brought both her hands up along the whole length of my shaft. It was amazing and made me groan. She pulled my boxers down and squeezed my balls and stroked along me and said that I had a really beautiful cock. I was really hard again but we heard Rob open the front door.

I quickly pulled my clothes up and zipped my jeans and she went to the sink, ran a large glass of water and surprised me by throwing the water over my jeans and then shouted. "Oh sorry, how clumsy of me, it must be the wine I've drunk - so sorry." When Rob came in he looked at me and grinned. "Looks like you've just wet yourself." How right he was.

About a week later I went to baby sit again because Rob had football practice and his mum was going out. I was looking forward to seeing her when she got home but when I arrived, Rob had left and she was there. She opened the door in just a slinky silk slip which showed the shape of her whole body underneath. Her skin was smooth and the colour of honey, her hips and buttocks were beautifully rounded, her breasts and nipples again captivated me and I could even see her pubic hair pushing against the silk.

I hadn't realised my mouth had dropped wide open. "You're not used to women are you?" I just shook my head and tried to think of something adult to say. "Are you going out like that?" She laughed and took my hand, guiding me towards the kitchen. "No, I'm not going out, I'm going to teach you to hold onto your passion." I didn't know what she meant but I didn't care any more. I felt that stirring in my pants and my breathing became faster as I followed her and studied her buttocks rotating as she walked.

She'd put a soft cover over the kitchen table and she waved her hand at my clothes and said "Off. Everything off." I did and suddenly felt uncomfortable, like it was a medical examination and in some ways it was. She turned me so that my back was to the table and I was leaning, half sitting, resting with my buttocks against the table. She put her hands under my balls like she'd done before, she squeezed both individually and then pulled them away from each other. She ran her hand along my hardening shaft, teased her finger tip around the shiny head and then ran both her hands up my belly, stroking and squeezing each muscle she could find. Her hands ran up to my chest and she kneaded my sides and pinched my nipples. Nobody had ever done that to me before and it sent surges through me.

She noticed that I was now fully erect and pointing almost accusingly at her breasts. She squeezed my balls and then slid her hands up and down my shaft giving little finger tip flicks to my sensitive head. I knew I was about to come and started to groan as my body took over. Suddenly her hand with two fingers outstretched came down hard onto the end of my dick - thunk!

It didn't hurt but it shocked me! My erection melted away and, as it disappeared, she kneaded me like dough and pushed her knuckles between my balls. I didn't realise how sensitive I was there and, after all these years, it is still my favourite! I grew hard again and she ran her hands over all of my body, and I mean all - everywhere! This was repeated and every time I started to groan "thunk" and I would be stopped. After about the third time, I didn't lose my erection but was stopped from coming and the head of my dick became ultra sensitive. It felt like it was glowing, it was gorgeous.

She held one of my balls in each hand and got me to slowly take her slip off over her head. She then made me place it against my body and started to touch me through it. I looked down and saw my shaft encased in silk sticking out so far from my body. I had never been so big and so hard.

She put aside her slip and poured oil on her hands and then on to me. She covered every part of me and worked it in and then slid herself right along my body. Her breasts looked beautiful with the oil and she lowered herself slightly and placed them round my shaft and held them there with her hands. It was amazing. As she moved up and down I could see the shiny head of my dick grow out of her and then disappear again between her exquisite smooth and full breasts.

She stopped and got me to move up and down. After a few strokes I went a bit crazy and was pumping up and down so hard that I was banging under her chin. Every time I did she let out a wonderful sexy grunt and I knew she was enjoying it and that made me start to come but, before I could even realise it "thunk", harder than before and then repeated because I was still groaning. I stopped and she gently slapped the end of my dick against her erect and oily nipples. Then slapped it against each side of her face and trailed the end of it across her lips.

Then she pushed me away and motioned for me to lie on my back on the table. I did and as I looked down along my body was amazed to see how it looked. Not just that I was big and hard but all my sinews and muscles, sleek with oil, looked so sexy and she was the most beautiful and sexual woman I had ever seen and would ever see. I was so lucky.

She started to touch me, stroke me, squeeze me in every way she wanted. She trailed her nipples all over my body, she showed me how to touch her. We explored each other and suddenly her chin was resting between my thighs. She looked up past my erect shaft, over my belly and chest and into my eyes. She opened her mouth wide and then looked up at my dick. A dream come true for me and she smiled as she saw the taut shiny head give a further twitch of excitement.

She lowered her mouth over me, I felt her lips and then her teeth and then she pushed down until I felt the back of her mouth. She bobbed up and down a few times and then licked right down my shaft, pushed her tongue between my balls and then sucked one until it went into her mouth. It was fantastic and then she did the same with the other one. Then, with the help of her hands, she took both into her mouth and probed with her tongue into my newly discovered sensitive spot. She shook her head from side to side, quickly and energetically like a dog with a bone and, as I felt the come begin to travel up my shaft, "thunk, thunk, thunk!"

She lifted off me and started again, licking and sucking me into action. She knelt on the table over me with my hands between her legs and sucked and pulled with lips and teeth. The phone rang and I couldn't believe that she climbed off the table, my balls tightly gripped in one hand and answered it. It was Rob on his way home. She asked him to pick up a few things on the way and, still holding my balls, showed me her kitchen timer.

You'll have 40 seconds -- you mustn't come before then, or after. This is it. Are you ready? I nodded and she kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue roaming round my mouth. She then put her mouth over the head of me, climbed onto the table so that she was straddling me and hit the timer.

40 seconds. She bit into me and pulled hard at my shaft and balls. It was as if she had suddenly gone mad. She was slapping my belly and pushing the lips of her beautiful wet cunt along my dick.

30 seconds. She took my hand and pushed my fingers into her as she pinched my nipples tight. She was so excited, she was moaning and thrusting her hips onto my arms.

20 seconds and her mouth came off me and her hands started to flutter all around my taut shiny dome that was seeping delicious streams of precum. She squeezed my balls tighter than ever and pulled them away from my body. I was on another planet and knew that I would not come until it was right.

10 seconds and she slowed down all her actions. She knelt over me, her mouth open, her hand gently stroking my length, my belly, my thighs. Her fingers pinching my balls and as we came to the end of the count she withdrew.

The orgasm I had was like nothing I had had before or since. It surged through my body and stream after stream of thick creamy cum slapped onto her face, in her mouth on her breasts and belly and back onto me. She too came and her body shook as we writhed together.

It was an age - our bodies slithering together. She spread my come over my chest, licked it and kissed me. I took my fingers from between her legs, licked them and kissed her. She then said "next time we are going to fuck." We did and that was just the beginning.

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