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First Time Oral Sex with My Girl


I am going to narrate the story of having first time oral sex with my college fellow girl; her name was Saima in short we used to call her Sam. We were studying in the same class in the college and had been attracted to each other; both of us were around nineteen years of age. She had a marvelous body with a hot figure to die for. Most of my classmates would envy me for having friendship with her, as while being with me she was not seeing any one else. We both have been quite good friends and going out together for quite some time and the matter of sex was only limited to hugging, kissing and occasional exploring each other with hands and in that too she would not let me feel her pussy for more than a minute or so. We both wanted to have sex but were not yet ready to experiment it. Therefore we remained sexually inactive for most of the tenure in the college, which in turn made us quite desperate.

Just before the yearly summer break in second year at college, which would last for about two months and being from outer city she was leaving for her home town during holidays. As she was to leave for two months I picked up courage and discussed the matter of having sex with her .She very politely denied it on the pretext that since she was not ready for it so it was not suitable to loose her virginity for one odd sexual kink. I tried to persuade her but she refused and finally after much persuasion agreed on having mutual oral session with me and applied a condition that it would be done once, to which I readily agreed as I never wanted to loose any opportunity of seeing and feeling her naked body .I have been imagining her naked body during my wild thoughts since the day we landed in the college and now the opportunity of oral sex was presented to me which could help me in fulfilling my all wild fantasies.

She promised to meet me at my home; being local my home was in the near vicinity of the college. I invited her for a goodbye coffee in the evening .We planned to have oral sex after the coffee. She came to my house at around 7 in the evening and was looking very sexy in a tight fit pair of jeans and tight fitted T shirt. Her 34 size boobs were looking marvelous and I could see her erect nipples as she was not putting on any bra underneath. We had casual chat and drank coffee and then she asked me that was I serious for oral or otherwise. I replied in affirmative and said that I was dying to do it with her. At that point she laid another condition that she would not let me ejaculate in her mouth as she thought it to be disgusting and she was doing it for the first time so she never wanted to spoil the pleasure of it. I took her to my bedroom which was upstairs and after locking the door we looked at each other and started laughing as we both wanted to do it and at the same time were afraid as well. Incidentally it was mine first time as well with a girl. But I had a very fair idea since I have been watching porn movies quite regularly.

We started by hugging each other, I wrapped my hands around her slim back and pulled her close to me. I could feel her boobs pressed in my chest and they felt marvelous. I then lifted her face and gave a kiss on her cheek and then moved towards her lips. I plastered my lips over her lips and immediately an electric current passed through my body. I assume same happened to her as well as I felt a tremble in her body while I was holding tightly. We very passionately kissed each other for quite a long time I even darted my tongue in and out of her mouth and she also picked courage to probe my mouth with her tongue. After kissing I took a step back and asked her to undress .She asked me to undress first my self and I did it with exception of underwear. She then slowly pulled her T shirt and completely removed it. Her beautiful boobs bounced out as soon as the shirt was off, she in a shy manner covered them with her both hands. I was amazed to see her naked upper body and she was white as snow and her pink nipples were too tempting. I stepped ahead and unfolded her arms to see her boobs closely. She had the best pair of boobs and her rose-pink areola and pink erect nipples were classic I fondled each boob with my hands for few seconds and then gave a kiss on each nipple and sucked each a little bit. I then asked her to remove her jeans.

She unfastened her belt and slowly opened the button and zipper of the jeans. She pulled jeans down to her feet and then bent to remove it from her feet. She was putting on black semi see through panties and these had some embroidery done on them as well. She then arched up and now we were standing in our underpants only. I asked her to remove my underwear and she did by pulling it down. At that time I was having the hardest erection and my seven inch cut dick was up as if it was made of steel or stone. She upon seeing my hard erect cock smiled and said it looked cute and probably I was dying to do it with her and I nodded my head in affirmative gesture to her remarks. I then placed my hands inside the elastic ring of her panties and pulled them down. I was surprised to see her pussy free of hairs and I really love the sight of her hairless pussy having pinkish upper lips. As I have written earlier that she had white color skin, hence her pubic area and thighs were white rather area was quite pinkish. I inquired her about hair removal and she replied that she has been getting her pubic area waxed since the age of thirteen and for this special occasion she got her pussy waxed earlier in the morning.

I pulled her close to me and we did french kissing again. Now my dick was resting exactly at her belly button and her soft boobs pressed deeply against my chest .I picked her in my arms and took her to the bed. I laid her in the middle and positioned my self next to her and we again started kissing her on lips. After kissing I moved towards her boobs and with one hand I kneaded her one boob while sucked on the other. Soon her nipple got erect and turned dark pink. I sucked and nibbled on each boob for a very long time and then moved lower to lick her belly button. I moved my tongue in circles around her belly button and also placed soft kisses on her tummy. I then introduced her hand to my dick and slowly moved it up and down along the shaft; soon she learned to jack me off with hand and started doing it in a rhythm. After a minute or so, I got down from the bed, placed a cushion on floor and sat, and then asked her to position her self on edge of the side. I adjusted her on the bed in such a way that her hips were right on the edge. I folded her legs towards her bosom and her delicate virgin pussy and sweet anus were right in front of my eyes. That was the most beautiful sight I could have ever seen, her anus was very tight and had reddish pink color and it was also hairless. I moved my head towards her pubic area and asked her to put her feet on my shoulders so that she could relax and enjoy the pleasures of being licked.

After adjusting her feet on my shoulders I lowered my head on to her pussy and gave it a soft kiss. I found her pussy very wet and her juices were trickling out. I licked the sweet juices from her outer lips and then darted the tip of my tongue in her pussy. As I touched her inner lips and clitoris she just jerked as if some electric current hit her. I opened her inner lips with my tongue and started licking her intact hymen. I pressed my head over her pussy and applied a concentrated effort on her clitoris with my tongue. She started to utter soft moans and I was pleased to hear those sounds. I licked and licked hard on her clitoris which was now swollen.

Ultimately after some time we both found rhythm and she started grinding her pussy on my face equally matching flicks of my tongue on her clitoris. With my both hands I cupped her boobs and started playing with her nipples by pulling and pinching them. I continued licking her clitoris and her movements soon became uncontrollable and she was lost in the forbidden pleasures. After some time she started jerking violently and her moans became quite louder and soon she reached the peak of climax and her hot juices flowed at a rapid rate. She reached orgasm with a big jerk and a loud moan. I kept licking her pussy till her jerks stopped and her hot body relaxed. I then pulled her hips apart with my hands and kissed her anus and then started licking it. It was some thing very new to her, she in a weak voice asked me to stop but I did not pay any attention at all and continued to lick her anus. I licked it for good two to three minutes and then after wetting my finger with saliva I pushed my middle finger in it. She jerked and a weak painful voice came out of her mouth, but I kept my finger buried in her anus. I pushed my finger in her anus to the maximum and the started to finger fuck her anus. I did it for few strokes and then pulled out and again gave some licking to her anus.

We both repositioned our selves in the bed and locked our selves in kissing. Now it was her turn to do the honors. I laid my self in the centre of the bed on my back and parted my legs. She positioned her self in between my legs and took my dick in her right hand and examined it. Then she lowered her head on my dick and gave a smooth soft kiss on the bulb. She then placed a series of kisses on the bulb and shaft and licked it as well in order to coat it with saliva. She liked my freshly shaved cock and pubic area. She then took the dick in her mouth and slowly started sucking it. She had best sensual lips and a hot wet mouth. I was in floating in the heavens of pleasure. She took my complete member in her mouth and with one hand she started playing with my balls (she later confessed that she liked playing with my shaved balls very much and it felt like playing with velvet). I placed my one hand over her head to guide her motion and she liked being pushed and pulled. I was moaning in a soft voice as I was having the best pleasure of my life. Grip of her lips around my cock and skin was electrifying and I did not take me much time before I started to feel pressure being build up in my balls and dick. Once I was about to ejaculate I told her to stop and pull out, but she was locked in such rhythm that she did not listen to what I said. I then ejaculated in her mouth, she kept sucking my dick and a major portion of my semen went down her throat. She then took my dick out of her mouth and I could see a small quantity of semen smeared on it. She played my dick for some time till it became soft. I took tissue paper and cleaned it.

We after having oral sex, laid our selves on the bed and french kissed for some time. I tasted the taste of my semen by putting my tongue in her mouth. We both kept lying in the bed for a long time and fell asleep in each others arms. Once we woke up we both went to washroom for a quick shower. We both had shower together and then dressed up. I took her to a good restaurant which was famous for fine dinning. We had a wonderful dinner and then I drove her to her place.

That's how we both did oral sex for the first time in our lives. We both are very good friends and are now indulged in physical sex. About first time physical intercourse I would tell you some time later.

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