tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFirst Time Posing Pt. 05

First Time Posing Pt. 05


Tammy was thinking about what Jamie had said. "I am getting closer to the realization that I will have to model with my legs spread, showing my very intimate being to keep my scholarship, but I don't know if I can overcome my conservative upbringing to model erotically." The young woman remembering the medical exam was still upset with Jamie. "What Jamie did to me when I had to go to the doctor's upset me also." Tammy looked at Jamie her face red and she had a worried look on her face, wondering if she should talk to him about what was bothering her.

"You have something on your mind what is it?" Jamie said, as by now he can tell when she is upset or worried, by her facial expression, or body language.

"Jamie, first of all I don't know if I can be an erotic model. For another thing I don't want to be threatened to do something like you did to me the other day. You ask me if you want me to do something, and we will discuss, most of the times, I will do as you ask. Okay!"

"We will work together to find a way for you to keep your scholarship, if you don't model as the professor requires. I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about that I threatened you?" Jamie said fearing he would lose this beautiful young lady. "I need to know, so I will not upset you again."

"Remember when I asked you to come with me to the doctors and you said you would, if I would go nude, if I had to have an exam? When I went there and found out I needed the exam to get my shot, you said you wanted to stay in the waiting room, instead of going with me because I was embarrassed to be nude, as I didn't want the doctor to think I was a slut. I am terrified of doctors and shots and you were only thinking of yourself, instead of helping me though my fears."

"I am so sorry Tammy I never thought about your fears and it will not happen ever again!" Jamie apologized to her, feeling bad he upset the young woman and also was confused. "You said that you liked to have the group of men see you nude, so I thought you liked it and I was helping you reach the point where you will feel comfortable about modeling for the erotic photo shoot?"

"Jamie you have your time line wrong I said I liked all the men looking at me, after I had the exam not before. For another thing Jamie, how do you feel when you need to go to the doctors?"

He didn't address the first part of her statement because he knew she was right. Thinking about the second part of Tammy's statement he answered her. "Concerned they will find something wrong with me and embarrassed that I will probably be nude and probed by the doctor."

"Exactly How I felt, and then you threatened to have me go in alone instead of offering your support. Don't you ever do that to me again Jamie you understand me?" Tammy said with fire in her eyes showing she is a real red head and with anger that Jamie has never seen before.

Tammy and Jamie felt better after they had the preceding conversation to understand the others viewpoint. Jamie realizes that Tammy has a temper and he doesn't want to get on the wrong side of that young woman.

Jamie and Tammy were becoming closer. The Carter family loved the pretty red head. She was spending at least three days a week at their home. Charlene loved the young woman as a daughter; they went out shopping together almost every Saturday morning, while the guys were doing their Saturday chores.

Backing up a little in the story we will go over the letters that were sent to Charlene and Tammy we will find out what will be done to address them.

Jamie brought a letter home the Professor had written to the older woman. The professor was having problems finding women, who were willing to pose for the erotic photo sessions, and the administration was getting, negative feedback, from the women who were approached to model. The professor, knowing he needs to get some women to consent to model, or the administration will cancel the program. Hence he sent out the letters to Charlene and Tammy.

Charlene and Tom went into the living room the night Jamie handed the letter to his mother. They opened the envelope. Charlene's letter from the professor stated, if she models it will reflect positively on her son's mark. Presently his mark is lower than needed to keep his scholarship.

Making a decision after reading the letter Charlene said. "Tom I am going to model, I don't have a day job, this is a way I can help the family, and make sure Jamie keeps his scholarship. The only class he has a low mark in is Visual Arts. Do you have any problem with me modeling?" She wanted to make sure he has not changed his mind since the Friday she modeled.

"No I am still on board, as long as I can go to the sessions with you." Said Tom, thinking how much he liked seeing his wife exposed when she did the audition photos taken by Jamie. The Friday she met with the Professor, and mimicked the other models poses.

"Okay it is settled then, the letter states that you have to call the professor, to let him know you're on board with me modeling, and to give him a schedule of when you will be available to attend my modeling sessions." Charlene said to her husband.

Tom took the letter from his wife to read it. "The letter states the professor wants Jamie to work with you on the poses needed for the erotic modeling session, and take photos to bring in, so the professor can critique them. This will bring his mark up. I think this is something you should think about doing?"

"Okay I will talk to Jamie about it and see when we can start. It will probably be after the Family weekend."

Tom sent an email to the professor stating, his approval of his wife modeling, and she has consented to pose erotically, as long as he attends her sessions, attaching a copy of his work schedule to the email.

Charlene being nervous about modeling confided in Tammy. "I'm going to model for the erotic figure studies. The professor sent me a letter stating, Jamie is in jeopardy of losing his scholarship, if he doesn't bring his mark up in the Visual Arts class."

"I received a letter from the professor also, if I don't pose for the course. I will lose my scholarship, but I don't think I can. I would be humiliated to expose my bottom and vagina, to a group of people I know. Although I need to keep my scholarship in order to stay in college. My parents can't afford to pay the tuition, and I don't want a large loan to pay off, after I get out of college." The young woman stated with tears in her eyes.

"I am going to suggest something that could benefit both of us, if you're willing to go along with it? How about we pose for Jamie, to become comfortable with the erotic poses, I could also have my husband there. By the time we are put on the schedule to pose for the class, I believe we will be more comfortable with the poses needed," Charlene said watching the expression on the younger woman's face.

Tammy's face turned red and then she smiled. "I have been practicing the poses with Jamie taking pictures for a few weeks now in my room here, 'that was the studying' he was helping me with. I think it is a great idea Charlene, if your husband is okay with the arrangement?"

"Between you and me Tammy, my husband would give his right arm to see you naked."

Both women laughed at Charlene's last remark, breaking the tension in the air.

Tammy thought for a few minutes, before she continued talking to the older woman, to formulate the words to properly express her thoughts, she then said. "Mom, Jamie came with me when I had my contraception shot on Tuesday, I thought they were only going to give me the shot and I don't like them, but I had to have a complete physical and I was glad Jamie was with me, because I detest a medical exam more. They also had three medical students observe my exam."

"Jamie went with you? If you asked me, I would've gone with you. Didn't it embarrass you having my son there, when they told you it was a complete exam?"

"I didn't think I would need an exam when I called. They said to come in and we can give you the shot. Nothing was said about an exam. I am very comfortable with Jamie, he has been taking pictures of me and he is a gentleman, he isn't like most of the men I have met in college. You did a good job raising him" Tammy said with a dreamy look in her eyes, showing she really enjoys Jamie's company.

"Why thank you Tammy, He never gave us any trouble and I think he really likes you." Charlene stated with pride.

The Family weekend, the Carter's meets the Phillips for the first time.

The Family weekend is upon them and when Jamie and Tammy arrived at the Carter home, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips are there to greet their Daughter on the Thursday before. The young woman is surprised, happy, and worried. Tammy is surprised to see her parents, as they didn't mention coming to the Family weekend, when she talked with them last. Tammy is happy to see her mother and father, but is worried that Charlene has told them about her modeling.

Tammy ran to her parents to give them a big group hug. "I am so glad to see you, where will you be staying and for how long?" Said the young woman, realizing how much she missed her parents.

"When I called Mrs. Carter, to thank her for letting you stay at their house. She invited your father and me for the Family weekend to stay here." Deloris said thankful that the Carters invited them to stay at their home, so they can spend more time with their daughter, not having to pay for a motel room.

"Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips my name is Jamie." The young man said as he went to shake the older couple's hand, but they each gave him a hug instead. He enjoyed the hug from Mrs. Phillips feeling her breasts against his chest.

"You're the young man we have been hearing about." Deloris stated, giving the young man a smile and her daughter a thumb up.

Tom Carter found out Steve Phillips liked to play golf, so Tom said. "Steve if you have your clubs I can play hooky tomorrow and we can go golfing?"

When Deloris overheard the men's conversation she jumped right in saying. "If there was only enough room in the car for me or his golf clubs, I wouldn't be here presently."

Everyone laughed at Deloris's comment.

Jamie, looking at Deloris, thinking how much his girlfriend and her mother look alike. "She has red hair like her daughter and is a little taller than her with large breasts; Mrs. Phillips is still gorgeous, even though she is in her forties or fifties. That is what Tammy will probably look like when she is older." Jamie thought, staring and smiling at her, when he realized she caught him looking at her.

"Jamie, what is that silly grin on your face for?" Deloris said smiling at the young man; knowing he was checking her out.

Stammering and turning red, Jamie said "I can't believe how much you and Tammy look alike. You could be sisters." Trying to get out of the situation he was in, the best he could.

Well Mrs. Phillips was delighted with Jamie's remark, but Tammy not so much.

"You mean to tell me Jamie, I look about forty years old? That is how old I would have to be for my mother and me to be sisters" Tammy teased her boyfriend making believe she was mad at him and he didn't want that, as the discussion they had a few days ago, is still fresh in his mind.

Jamie looked at Tammy thinking. "I better shut my mouth and go onto something else." The young man, directing his question at Steve, and feeling he would be on safer ground. "How was the trip down here Mr. Phillips?"

"It wasn't bad, as we left before the weekend traffic."

"I will show you where your room is, Deloris. Jamie can bring up the suitcases. Tammy can you come with us also, I need your help." Charlene said as she led the way to the extra bedroom.

Showing Deloris their room she then said. "Deloris the bathroom is adjoining Tammy's room you can lock one room out from the other from inside of the bathroom. Tammy can you come with me, while your mother goes down to have the bags brought up to the room ,so your parents can get settled?"

Charlene gave Tammy a one piece bathing suit that was very modest. "I think you should wear this suit swimming, so we will stay out of trouble. I have a few, so if you or your mother needs a suit, just come in here and get the ones you would like to wear, as I think both of you will fit into the suits I have."

"Thanks, I was wondering what I would do, as mom and dad like to swim and I only have the bikini to wear." Tammy said relieved she can go swimming with her parents.

The two families had a wonderful time together the first couple of days, but the Carter's could see, the Phillips family, are very conservative and Deloris is a very modest woman. Charlene and Tammy had to be very careful to dress conservatively. It was fun to have two other women help in the kitchen for the meals and clean up. All three women were very good cooks.

Saturday morning the two older couples went in one car to family day and the younger couple went in Jamie's car. They toured the campus all morning going to visit with Jamie's and Tammy's instructors and getting rave reviews from all the professors. Noon time arrived, and college had a catered meal cooked by the student chef's, for all the family members. Everyone was having a great time touring the campus. Steve and Deloris attended a community college, so they were amazed with the size of this campus.

After lunch, the group toured the Visual Arts complex. They were walking through all the media rooms when Deloris looked like she saw a ghost.

"Charlene, the woman in that photograph looks like you!" Deloris said, pointing to one of the photographs with Charlene kneeling down, with her back to the camera, her legs spread looking over her shoulder and smiling, she was totally exposed to the lens."

Steve, being ahead of his wife missed the photo Deloris stopped at. He stopped to look at a photo and his face turned red. "There's a red head young lady completely nude, who looks like Tammy? She is in a classic pose, which you would see in renascence works. She has an innocent look on her face, sitting with her hand covering her womanhood, but you could see that her pubic hair is cut into a heart" Her father stated, not believing his daughter has been posing nude.

Charlene, red with humiliation, she wanting to defend Tammy and herself, so she said. "We are posing for art photos, there is nothing wrong with that, and we get paid one hundred dollars an hour. I was out of work, and our son told me about the class needing models, so I applied." Trying to explain the reason she is modeling.

Tammy continued explaining why she is modeling. "Mom, Dad, when I signed the scholarship papers, I didn't realize, to keep my scholarship, I would have to model for figure studies, for the Visual Artist class. I am in the architectural program and I'm not taking any visual arts courses, but the scholarship is funded thorough the arts program." She didn't want to tell them about the upcoming erotic modeling she may have to pose for.

"I thought we brought you up better than that Tammy. You go away to college and you become a slut." Deloris, looking at Charlene with distain said. "Charlene you're a married woman and you have photos showing you womanhood and anus, you're disrespecting your marriage."

"First of all Deloris your daughter is not a slut, she is a very nice young woman and you should be proud of her. She wants a college education and doesn't want to burden you or her with loans. As far as my wife modeling, I wanted her to model and I am proud of her, as it takes a lot of courage for both women to model nude." Tom said, upset that Deloris called her daughter a slut and ostracized his wife for modeling, as Charlene modeled reluctantly and he doesn't want her to back out.

"Deloris, I agree with Tom, our daughter is doing what she can to get a college education with very little money expended. I am proud of you Tammy. Deloris I think the photos of our daughter and Charlene are art, and both are beautiful women. You should probably try it, before you call both woman names" Steve said; mad at Deloris for her monolog condemning Tammy and Charlene.

Jamie wanting to get his two cents in said. "I am proud of Tammy, she wants to be an architect and found a way to go to college to make her dreams a reality. My mom has been laid off, and she wants to contribute to the family finances by modeling, I am proud of her also."

Steve said, not wanting to have to find a hotel room. "I think we should drop this subject Deloris, Let's enjoy this vacation and the generous people who opened their home to our daughter and us. Deloris I think there is an apology in order from you."

Upset that her husband scolded her in front of everyone, but knowing he is right said. "I guess my conservative upbringing got the better of me. I am sorry for all that I said. Tammy the picture of you is beautiful, your are a very innocent nude, and Charlene your photo is beautiful also. Both of you have a lot of courage to put yourself out there showing the world everything. I hope you except my apology." Said Deloris with tears in her eyes, knowing she really upset everyone.

Tammy and Charlene went to Deloris and gave her a hug.

"I know it was probably a shock to you to see your daughter and me nude, to be honest when I auditioned I had to sign a contract for the day that the photos were the property of the college, but I didn't expect to see the photo exhibited."

"Mom, Dad, I didn't know my photo would be exhibited either, I don't know why they didn't use the photos of Tiffany." Tammy said, addressing all present.

"The reason they have your photos exhibited, is that my mom was willing to be photographed showing her mature beauty. Tammy is a very beautiful young woman that portrays innocence even when she is nude." Jamie said to put his viewpoint out there for the group to ponder.

The group went back to the Carter house; they had a barbeque, and went swimming. Finding they are having a good time together.

When it was time to turn in, Tammy went to her room and Jamie to his, frustrated they wouldn't be able to be together that night.

Deloris and Steve went to their room. Steve made the first move, going up in back of his wife and grabbing her breasts, pushing his manhood into her butt.

"I wish you would model nude. It would be so exciting to have photos of my sexy wife the way Charlene posed, and our daughter also." Steve moaned, as he gave his wife's breast a massage'.

Deloris loved the feeling he was giving her, they haven't been intimate in a while, both very busy. "You would want me to model nude? Don't you think it's immoral to be nude in front of someone other than your spouse?"

"Deloris that is all you're thinking, I would love to have my beautiful wife exposed to the camera, and other men. Knowing they can look at you, but you come home with me." Steve said as he started to undress his wife, he was surprised she didn't protest, as she usually does.

Pushing her panties to the floor, she stepped out of them and Steve picked them up, noticing the gusset of her panties were soaking wet. He has not seen this in a long time, continuing he reached between her legs, to find a dripping pussy. He picked her up, and gently laid her on the bed, with her legs still on the floor, he wanted to taste her, but he wasn't sure she would let him. He has been scolded by her many times, stating that is dirty. To her husband's surprise, she moaned and spread her legs, to give him better access to her pussy; she reaching between her legs with her fingers in her pussy on both sides of her lower lips. The mature woman opened her labia, so he could pleasure her womanhood. Smelling her arousal and tasting his wife for the first time, he had orgasmic spasms. Afraid he was going to blow his load in his pants. He started to undress, as he put a lip lock on his wife's pussy.

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