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First Time Strip Tease


I have explored a lot of new sexual fantasies over the years with my hubby, but our latest adventure took us to new heights in exhibitionism.

Looking to have an exciting weekend away from home, hubby and I decided to spend a couple of nights in Reno, Nevada, at one of the city’s many casino resort hotels. After checking in to our hotel, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat before returning to our room to prepare for an evening of dancing and merriment.

Anticipating a night of pub hopping, I decided to wear a fashionable black jumpsuit. Hubby always loves it when I choose this outfit as the material is shear and tight-fitting, showing off my more than ample 41 year-old ass. The front of the outfit has a wrap-around style design with a plunging neckline. When standing upright and walking, only the cleavage from my 36c titties is visible. But if I don’t pay attention when bending over, or even when simply reclining in a cocktail lounge chair, anyone who cares to pay attention gets an eyeful.

After a couple of hours sampling the wine cellars of four area pubs, hubby and I returned to our hotel to relax in one of the casino lounges. A three-piece combo group kept up a steady mix of pop tunes, perfect for easy listening and dancing. As the night wore on, and the crowd thinned out to just three or four tables, hubby and I struck up a conversation with a group of five older guys at an adjacent table. I would guess the youngest guy to be in his mid fifties. The rest were easily in their early sixties.

After a while, and a few more glasses of wine, the conversation between the seven of us seemed to get grittier and grittier, with the dirty jokes and laughter flowing non-stop. The five guys were apparently in Reno attending a conference at the hotel. As I recall, they were all independent business types involved in cleaning supplies or something to that effect. The main thing I remember about the guys at that point, was their increased interest in my carelessness – repeatedly allowing my suit to gape open and expose my tits for their viewing pleasure.

Deciding to have a little fun with the oldest of the five, I jokingly acknowledged that I was aware of him starring at my boobs. I suggested to him that if he was that interested, he should take a picture. He was clearly embarrassed, and quickly shot a glance at hubby to see if he had been offended by his lack of tact. Instead, hubby grabbed for the camera out of my handbag and offered to take a picture.

After much laughter, and at the urging of his friends and my hubby, I crossed over to the old guy’s seat and plopped myself down on his lap. Just as hubby snapped off a picture, I pulled to top of my suit off to one side exposing my bare booby to the camera and the flush-faced of the old man. My antics, and the reaction from the old guy caused howls of laughter from the other guys, and calls for yet another round of drinks.

By now, I was really feeling loosened up. The wine was giving my face a rosy glow and I could sense that my inhibitions were clearly compromised. That’s when the younger of the five men jokingly asked me what I might charge for a private strip tease show up in one of their suites. I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not, but I decided to play the game a little. I told him that I had never done such a thing other than for my hubby, although I was not loath to the idea.

With this, the others chimed in, demanding to know what price they would have to pay to see me perform a private strip tease. I still didn’t believe that this would go any further than the usual barroom chatter of drunks, so I directed the question to my hubby. Always there with a definitive non-answer, hubby simply said he would support whatever I decided, adding that, whatever was agreed to, it had to be understood that he must remain with me at all times.

So the question was back to me again. With the five guys now begging for an answer, I decided to throw out a dollar amount that I felt would settle them back into their seats and into their cocktail glasses.

“I could not perform a private strip show for strangers for anything less than $100 each.” I told them.

I had barely finished my announcement when the youngest of the five announced he was “in”. To my astonishment, the other four quickly agreed to my price. I couldn’t believe it. By the expression on hubby’s face, neither could he.

Tossing back their drinks, the five men stood and beckoned hubby and I join them. The next ten minutes was kind of blurry for me. I remember following the guys to the hotel elevator, listening to the guys decide who’s room would be used, and ultimately entering a large three-room suite on an upper floor of the hotel.

At my request, I was handed a glass of white wine which I slowly sipped as I watched the guys busily rearrange the room to form a circle of seats. I thought to myself that they weren’t leaving much room for me to perform in the middle of all those chairs.

Half a glass of wine later, the guys were ready for my performance. Still not believing that they were willing to pay $500 to a 42 year-old redhead - one who has had two children and still retains the battle scars to prove it – I insisted on receiving payment in full before beginning the show. My ego was quickly boosted as there was no argument or hesitation from them in coughing up the cash.

As I stepped up to the “inner circle”, I suddenly realized that there was no music. As though shot from a cannon, one of the guys bolted from the room and down the hall, returning moments later with a CD and a small boom box. He said all he had to offer was a Beatles album. That’s better than nothing, I thought to myself.

The next thing I knew, I was swaying to the sounds of the Beatles tune “Something”. As I began to get into the music, letting my hips gyrate to the beat, I realized that my sexy little jumpsuit was all I was wearing. No bra, no panties, just a one-piece suit and spikes. With $500 in the mix, I decided that I wasn’t taking anything off for the first song. Instead, I moved around the circle as sexy as I could, shifting my attention to one guy at a time. As the music played on, I approached one of the guys and leaned over his lap, sliding his face up and down my cleavage and squeezing his face between my titties. I made the same moves for each of the guys including hubby. I couldn’t help but notice ever one of them had a stiffy going.

Once the second song began, I decided it was time to shed the top of my jumpsuit. I slowly slipped the top of each sleeve off each shoulder, turned my back to the guys, then let the top drop to my waste. Cupping my breasts in my hands, I spun back around and danced for a few more moments using my hands to conceal what they were all waiting to see. When I finally removed my hands, I thought I could hear at least two of the guys cum in their pants.

Their reaction to seeing my tits was a huge boost to my ego, and I must admit, quite a turn on for me. I could feel the juices starting to flow from my pussy. I was actually getting totally turned on with all these old guys staring at my every move. I finished out the second song dancing topless, repeating the move I did earlier by giving the guys a chance to have their faces squeezed between my tits.

When the third song started, I new it was time to dump the rest of my jumpsuit. Waiting for the song to get past the intro, I started to slide the suit over my ass. I would bend over, showing my ass to the guys, and slowly slide the suit over my ass. Then, I would quickly stand up and pull the suit back to my waste. I was driving these guys nuts. After a few repeats, I finally pulled the suit all the way over my ass and let it drop to the floor. As it did, I grabbed my ankles, giving the guys a full view of my wet pussy lips.

Still with my back to the guys, I stepped out of the suit and quickly drew the suit up to shroud my front. Turning back to face the guys, I finished out the song using the suit to cover my tits and pussy while I danced on. By the end of the song, I was craving sex and an opportunity to dance completely naked for these guys. I cannot describe how sexy I felt at that moment.

After the fourth song started, I tossed my suit to one of the guys and just kept dancing as exotic and sexy as I could. The guys seemed to keep their eyes totally glued to my pussy. I know that some people prefer shaved, by I prefer to retain a solid bush of red hair. I keep the sides nicely trimmed, but I never “thin” my bush, leaving it thick and plush. The guys obviously seemed to like what they were looking at. For me, I was surprised that the juices weren’t actually dripping from my pussy. It certainly felt as though it was happening.

When the fifth song started, the younger of the five slid a rolled up $20 into his mouth. I danced over to his chair and stood him up. I think he thought that I would grab the $20 with my tits, but instead, I had him lie on the floor face up. Still gyrating to the tunes, I slowly lowered myself over his face. Using my fingers, I spread my pussy lips and eased that $20 into my pussy. I kept sliding down on the bill until I came to rest on the guy’s face. I am fairly certain that this guy came at that very moment – evidenced by the substantial wet stain on the front of his pants when he stood back up.

After I lifted the $20 out of the guy’s mouth, I reached down, removed the bill and tossed it to hubby, who by the way, looked like he was holding up a Bedouin desert tent with his erection.

By the time I turned back to the guys, they each had a $20 rolled up in their mouths. So, I repeated the same gesture for each guy, grinding my slippery pussy onto their face as I withdrew the cash from between their lips.

With the sixth or seventh song started (I lost track of songs), I decided a little lap dancing was in order. Starting with the oldest guy, I plopped down on each of their laps and spend some “quality time” grinding away on their stiff cocks. I don’t know for sure, but I think that every one of those guys stained their pants that night. As I would grind away on their laps, they finally felt courageous enough to play with my titties. Up until that point, they had kept their hands to themselves – surprising under the circumstances.

When the music finally stopped, I spent another twenty minutes or so just talking with the guys, polishing off another glass of wine in the process, and giving the guys a chance to casually chat with a naked woman. The guys all indicated that they were more than satisfied with their little entertainment investment.

Hubby and I departed for our room shortly thereafter, leaving the guys to finish their nightcaps and talk about their big Reno adventure. After we got back to our room, hubby told me that our adventure was one of the most sexually stimulating things that he had experienced with me. He said he was really surprised that I went through with the offer, but that he hoped that we could repeat the event in the future.

For me, I too must say that the strip tease party was excellent. I never would have guessed that having older guys watch me dance nude would be such a turn-on. Hubby and I spent the next few hours enjoying passionate sex, obviously stimulated by all that we had done on that Friday night in Reno.

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