tagIncest/TabooFirst Time Stripper

First Time Stripper


Jon was in his second marriage. His first marriage ended in a bitter battle over custody for his son. One month before the final hearing for custody Jon remarried. He married a lovely woman who had three children. The oldest was Pat a girl from a relationship that didn’t end in marriage. The other two were boys, very close in age. Michael and Rob were both fathered by a man who deserted them after Rob was born.

The marriage started out with a ready made family, his son, her daughter and two sons. It was hard at first to pull the family together, but Jon worked at it. He and the boys bonded and develop into a normal American family. However, Pat remained somewhat detached and aloof.

Years later Pat was attending a local college while working evenings, making the gap between her and the three boys wider. They were too far beneath her, so she ignored them. The truth was, they didn’t like one another. She placed herself above them, and made it obvious that she thought she was better then them.

There was no common ground between them. She constantly complained about her privacy being violated. They (Mike, Michael, and Rob) complained about her just as loudly.

At their age screwing was the favorite subject of discussions. Many of their friends thought Pat was hot. They tried to catch her when she was the most vulnerable. Trying to get a look at her naked became a game to them.

Jon knew of their game and couldn’t help noticing Pat’s mature body either. He was amazingly excited by the aura of sexuality surrounding her. One of these days he thought, we’re going to get that naive snob set up for a gang fuck.

Jon knew his wife planned to spend the weekend with her mother.

Jon arrived home after work Friday to find the guy’s anxiously talking about getting hooked up with some hot piece.

He asked, “Pizza for dinner tonight”?

“Pizza was good,” all three replied.

As they waited for the pizza delivery Jon asked them how they felt about Pat.

He wanted them to realize they were over looking Pat. “I know you talk about girls and get all horny all the time, and yet there’s one within your grasp right here.”

He wasn’t surprised when they didn’t respond. “Come on talk to me, I want to hear how you feel.” Jon pleaded. “You can say whatever you want and I won’t get angry.”

Mike spoke first, “We all want to put a dick in her.” “She’s hot, but she isn’t going to give us any.”

“I believe girls like to play hard to get,” Jon replied. “If you could get some from her tonight, would you?” Jon asked.

“We’d bang her brains out,” Mike replied.

“We have all weekend,” Jon explained, “push the right button and I know she’ll fuck.”

“Tonight,” Jon continued, “when Pat gets home from work I’ll be waiting for her in the family room.” “The three of you hide in the living room with the lights out.” “We’ll get to fuck her tonight, just watch and listen to me.” “Pat will be ours.” “Got that?” “You’ll get to nail her ass tonight.” “Do you want to nail her?”

They enthusiastically shouted in agreement.

They talked about girls and ate pizza. “You mean we get to see her all naked and all that?” Rob innocently asked. “You got the general idea,” Mike replied.

The house was a split level. The family room was separated from the living room, kitchen, and dining room by a hallway. There was a doublewide opening from the family room into the hallway. Across the hall and to the right, two steps took you up into the living room, to the left was two steps leading up to the kitchen. Anyone standing in either area could see through the large entrance into that end of the family room.

By the time Pat arrived home, a little before midnight, they were hiding in the dark living room horny as hell. They had a good view into one end of the family room. Mike had his camcorder at the ready as they heard her come into the house.

Pat entered the family room unaware she was being watched, she felt strange, like there was something going on.

“Hi, what’s going on?” she asked somewhat nervously.

Jon looked her up and down. The look said something, never before did Jon look at her in this way. She was very attractively dressed. She was 5-2 and had a fantastic figure. Her breasts were high, firm, eye stoppers. Her short brown hair was professionally groomed. She was in heels, wearing a knee length skirt that accented her well formed stocking clad legs, and a conservative white blouse that buttoned down the front.

Jon looked at her. “How about turning around, let’s see you from the back?”

“Okay, I don’t see any harm in that,” Pat responded obviously concerned. She turned away, allowing him to view her from behind.

She stood there posing, when a camera flash went off. Pat spun around realizing that Jon had taken an up her skirt picture.

“Hey!” “What are you doing?” “I don’t want you taking my picture,” she angrily shouted, as he snapped another up her skirt picture. She looked at Jon for understanding, but didn’t get any.

Mike, Michael, and Rob watched in silence. Jon had said if they went along with him Pat would be theirs. They were going to get laid! They agreed that Mike would be first, Michael second, and Rob would go last.

“I was just taking some shots up your skirt.” Jon casually explained.

Her face red with anger Pat said, “I don’t know what you’re trying to prove here, but I’m not part of it, I’m leaving.”

“No you’re not,” Jon said in a forceful tone. “You’re going to stay right here and put on a show for me.”

“Your crazy,” Pat started towards the door. Jon pulled her back into the room so that he was standing between her and the door. Pat looked frightened. She looked at him, her eyes pleading for help.

“I want to see what you look like without clothes on.” “So take them off and Mom won’t find out about these pictures.” “Come on give me a look, after all we’re family.” Jon urged.

Pat looked at Jon, their eyes locked in a battle of wills. She hesitated; would Mom believe him? Her mind was pushing her to give him what he wanted and get it over. Her eyes dropped, Jon knew, she was his, what a sweet victory.

Jon spoke firmly. “Ok Pat, make it easy on yourself no matter what I’m going to see what you got.”

“Now get your clothes off.” “You and I will be the only one’s to know, so get them off.”

“No!” “Please I just want to go to my room,” Pat pleaded.

The excitement level instantly jumped to a new high. Sobbing softly, she looked at him while pleading," Please Jon don’t make me do this.” Jon didn’t waver. He was intent on getting her naked; the only help she could expect from him would be getting naked.

Would she do it?

Pat looked at the floor. She had never taken her clothes off for a man before. She hesitated; finally she reached for the buttons on her blouse.

Yes! She’s going to do it!

The three young men were elated. Jon snapped pictures as she unbuttoned her blouse. Pat looked up and stopped for a second, Jon urged her to move around a little. She paused turned her head to the side and let her blouse slide down her arms then off.

The three were in shock. They couldn’t believe it would be this easy to get Pat to take her clothes off. They were impressed Jon really knew what he was talking about. She must want it bad if she stripped this easily.

Jon was busy snapping pictures. Pat stopped for a second before reaching back to unfasten her skirt. The only sound to be heard in the house was that of her zipper being pulled down and the rustle of her skirt rubbing against her stockings as she lowered her skirt to her ankles and kicked it away.

They were ecstatic. Pat was standing twenty feet away wearing a white bra, pink cotton bikini panties, and a white garter belt holding up thigh high stockings. They had seen her in a bathing suit before, but this was forbidden territory. Territory that they fantasized about but never viewed. The fact that she was unaware her actions were being recorded on a camcorder, made this a first time view that defied description.

The excitement heightened when Pat naively asked, “if he had seen enough.”

“No!” “Take the rest off.” “I want to see everything.” The strength in his voice was firm and confident.

Mike, Michael and Rob looked at one another and grinned. This was the payback they had waited for.

“You heard me,” Jon said, “take it all off.” “Show me what I want to see, and you can leave.”

Pat turned her head aside as she reached to unclasp her front closure bra. Her reluctance heightened the excitement. With tears in her eyes a sobbing Pat released her bra clasp.

To the flash of the camera the cups flew apart, her firm, soft ball sized breast popped into view. The sight of her full tits on display right in front of them made the boys hold their breath.

They didn’t breathe as she hooked her fingers in the side of her panties and slid them down her legs to the floor. She was standing a short distance from them clad only in her garter belt, stockings, and heels. She was stunning naked, clothes didn’t do her body justice. This was a scene to stimulating to ever forget. Jon continued to snap pictures from every angle.

Pat had a fantastic body. Her firm tits were capped with pert nipples, her dark pubic triangle was nakedly exposed.

Jon finally broke the spell. “I can’t see anything this way, show me your pussy?”

Pat was traumatized, but parted her legs, reached down, and parted her pussy lips revealing her hidden charms. The lips were full hiding the pink inter folds of her exciting cunt. This was the most exciting view Mike, Michael or Rob ever saw in their lives.

“I could see more if you lay on the floor,” Jon said, pushing her down to the floor. Her face red with shame she lay on her back her feet facing the living room. Unknown to her, her naked charms were being viewed and recorded by her three brothers, and her step father was taking pictures of her hidden charms.

Jon again spoke firmly. “Come on Pat lift your legs and spread them nice and wide.” “I want to see everything you got.” Reluctantly Pat lifted her legs and spread them.

From their hiding place they had a great view of her open pussy. They were in heaven watching her spread her legs... Her plump pussy lips showed a hint of pink underneath. Never had they seen or experienced anything more exciting in their lives.

She gasped when Jon’s fingers parted her pussy lips exposing the entrance to her sexy body. The inner flesh was pink and wet looking. She sobbed as Jon ran his finger up and down her slit. He rubbed a small piece of flesh at the top of her slit. Pat squirmed as he rubbed it. He slid his finger lower and pushed it into her opening. Pat moaned and her pussy tightly clamped his finger.

“Don’t do that!” “I’m a virgin.” Pat pleaded, “Please don’t do this to me.”

Pat cried as Jon began to rub her clit again, “Tell you what Pat that was a great show you put on.” “Now I’m all hot and need some relief.” “Why don’t you give me a blow job and Mom will never hear of or see your pictures.”

Pat was stunned; it took a minute for her to regain her senses.

“I can’t, do that she stammered, it’s too repulsive.”

“If you don’t want Mom to see these photos, I strongly suggest you get on your knees and put your lips around my cock,” Jon said as he dropped his pants freeing his hard cock

Pat looked wide eyed at his hard cock, she felt trapped. She had complied now he wanted more. Again they watched in awl. Would she put his dick in her mouth?

“Just put it in your mouth Jon exclaimed.” “Do it good and I might let you get dressed?”

Pat wasn’t sure she knew what to do. She dropped to her knees and looked up at Jon.

Jon put a hand on her head, and pulled her face to his hard cock. Pat obediently opened her mouth and timidly took the first few inches into her warm mouth.

The boy’s were barely able to control their excitement, she was doing it! They watched Pat begin to bob her head up and down on Jon’s hard cock.

Jon put his hands on the sides of her head and pulled her head up and down his cock while thrusting deeper into her hot mouth. She tried to adjust swallowing and breathing to avoid gagging. Bubbles of spittle formed at the corners of her mouth as Jon rammed his cock against the back of her throat. Jon deep throated her for a few seconds then pushed his cock down her throat until her nose touched his groin. He held her with his cock buried in her throat for a few moments before pulling out. She gasped for air and gagged a few times but didn’t barf.

Jon clapped and said, “that was very good Pat.” “After that performance I need relief.”

“How about letting me slide my dick up and down on the outside of your cunt?”

"No way!” she responded “I’ve done enough. I just want to get dressed now.”

“You’ll do it if you don’t want your mother to see these pictures.”

Pat thought for a few minutes. “Okay, but you have to promise to stay on the outside.”

Jon positioned his self at her crotch. Pat’s knees were slightly bent, her legs spread wide.

The boy’s watched as he got between her legs. He placed his hard cock against her wet slit, and began sliding his cock up and down the sensitive inner folds of her slit. He knew it was a matter of time before she would relax, then he could slip his cock into her tight cunt.

She was so naïve she set herself up. He stroked his cock up and down her cunt from her clit hood to her hole. He worked his hard cock up and down her slit. She was getting wet, Jon finally took his opportunity. He slid his hard cock down her slit to her pussy hole and arched his back.

Before she knew what was happening he rammed his cock into her tight virgin hole. One push and his hard cock entered her. Pat squealed as her pussy was filled for the first time. In one push Jon popped her cherry and was buried balls deep in her tight virgin cunt. They heard her scream, her legs suddenly kicked out, and her head jerked up. She looked down towards her crotch as Jon pumped his ass in and out pushing his cock deeper into her tight cunt. With each jarring thrust her tits shook and jiggled up and down.

What an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction, she was groaning and beginning to cry as he fucked her hard and deep knowing this was just warming her up. He thrust his cock deep into her sweet fuck hole, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks.

There was no way to describe how good it felt to have his dick in her hot virgin cunt. He knew this would be the first of many times he would take pleasure from her lovely body. He had complete control now that his cock was buried in her tight hole.

“Oh god!” He moaned, “This is sweet pussy, hot, tight, and wet.” “Pat you’re a hot fuck.” Jon added, as he began thrusting into her.

Pat began to squeal as he thrust into her. He pushed his hard cock deeper into her. He felt her cunt sliding onto his invading cock. Within minutes she moaned, her cunt gripped his cock. She came for the first time. The fullness of a hard cock filling her cunt was undeniably pleasant.

The boys heard him groan. With a final push he thrust his erupting cock deep into her filling her womb with his egg seeking seed before he collapsed on top of her.

Pat was crying and sobbing, between sobs she said, “I could get pregnant.” “You promised to stay on the outside.”

She thought she heard a noise, and was instantly alert, and listening. “What was that?” She asked. A camera flashed, then she saw them standing in the doorway. She died a thousand deaths.

“I’m next,” Mike said.

Getting up, Jon looked at Pat and asked, “You ever hear of pulling a train Pat?”

“Well!” “Tonight in your room, in your bed, you’re pulling a train.”

“If you don’t know what pulling a train means, it means that we’re going to fuck you one after the other until we’re too tired to continue.”

Pat looked past Jon. Mike, Michael, and Rob had big grins on their faces. She felt helpless, this was so ironic her first time, and she had no choice but to put out. She couldn’t stand Mike, he was so creepy. She turned and reluctantly went to her room.

The sexually tantalizing scene the boy’s had watched unfold as Jon skillfully led the unsuspecting Pat to strip, suck, and fuck was so sexually stimulating nothing could deter them from sampling her wares. The boy’s were more then up to the task, from putting their dicks in her hot cunt, to face fucking her, or whatever, the action was just starting.

She lay down on her bed. Jon said, ”hold your head up and watch Mike put his dick in your cunt.”

Mike dropped his pants and positioned his body between her wide spread legs. He knew she hated him, and that made it more gratifying as he positioned his dick against her slit and slid his dick in her. He was amazed at how great it felt. The fact that he had his dick in a cunt made it exciting. Pat’s cunt made it a much more exciting first time experience. This was an experience so thrilling it could never be duplicated.

The exquisite feeling of her tight hot cunt wrapped around his cock as he pumped in and out of her made him cum quickly. His balls exploded shooting his load in a rush that was like waves of hot fluid gushing out of him and into her hot cunt.

This was so demeaning to her. She felt violated as Mike slid into her. For the first time she was feeling hard plunging cocks shooting waves of semen into her virgin cunt.

Pat again looked away as Mike pulled out and Michael took his place, quickly entering her again. It only took a few strokes for Michael to cum.

Jon watched as Rob assumed the position and thrust his dick in her wet cunt. She looked at the wall as Rob fucked her. Rob came as soon as his dick entered her.

Jon got excited watching them fuck her; he had to fuck her again. He looked at Rob lying on top of Pat. Her stocking clad legs were spread wide, and Rob’s dick was buried in her cunt. He had to have her again.

“Get on your knees Pat,” Jon directed her. “That’s it now spread your knees apart, spread them out as far as you can.” “That’s good, now put your forehead on the floor.” “That’s it, face down ass up.”

She presented them with an awesome view. She tried to detach herself. She didn’t look at them, she kept her head turned aside staring blankly as they took turns between her legs.

Jon rubbed his finger around her dripping cunt and anal opening getting his finger wet. Suddenly he pushed his finger into her anal cavity. She shrieked at the sudden intrusion.

“Pat!” “How would you like it if I used my dick instead of my finger?” In that instant he knew he had to do her ass tonight.

Jon lined his hard throbbing cock up behind her firm heart shaped ass. He placed his hands on her hips and entered her from behind. In one thrust he was in to the hilt, he had her undivided attention, his balls slapped against her quivering ass, and the head of his hard cock banged against her cervix. He began to thrust in and out of her tight cunt in long deep strokes. He enjoyed every ripple in her velvety hot cunt. She was getting fucked hard and deep doggie style. Her hanging tits shook and her ass quivered with each hard thrust.

Good fucking pussy getting a good fucking, one she would remember.

Pat felt betrayed by her body. Her cunt muscles squeezed the cock plunging in and out of her tight cunt, loving the feeling of hard cock filling her hole. Her spirit was broken she knew it was wrong to enjoy being repeatedly fucked, but!

She moaned, “Harder, fuck me harder!”

It was obvious from her demeanor they were giving her pleasure. It made it more exciting to pound the fuck out of her. She didn’t look at them but from her body language they knew she was aware of who was between her legs banging the fuck out of her.

The boy’s didn’t care if she looked at them or not. Their interest was in putting their dick’s in her cunt. One by one the boy’s finished fucking her doggie style. Jon was ready to go again. He was rock hard anticipating fucking her up the ass.

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