tagLoving WivesFirst Time - Stud Seduces My Fiancé Ch. 02

First Time - Stud Seduces My Fiancé Ch. 02


Be sure and read part one first.


My head was spinning. The cool breeze off of the Atlantic carried a faint scent of fish, seaweed and salt water. Jill's warm body felt good above me on the lounge chair, her hips slowly gyrating against my stiff cock through my shorts as we kissed passionately. Her firm ass slowly rotated in my hands underneath the suede dress that she had worn to dinner.

Ahh yes, dinner. A tall, good looking, younger guy had watched her tease my crotch with her stocking clad foot under the table at dinner. Then later he boldly hit on her as she left the ladies room, and even slipped her a napkin with his number. And I being the perv that I am just told her to text him. Was I insane?

I mean on the one hand I had always had a deep desire to watch my lovely bride to be with another man. Sucking, and fucking, and cumming like a wanton slut, lost to everything except the pleasure she was feeling. Pushing her edges to the limit. Taking another mans hot cum in her mouth, or her pussy or wherever he wanted to shoot it.

On the other hand, now that it looked like it might actually happen, I was feeling jealous, and a bit possessive of my lover. For the past 4 years she had been mine exclusively, and I hers. Now suddenly it looked as if that might change.

Sure we had both had other lovers before we met. I knew that she wasn't some virginal princess waiting for me in her ivory tower. I suspect that I would be bored to tears in no time with someone like that. She was very open about her past both before her marriage, and since her divorce.

After keeping her virginity until she went away to college, she had gone a bit wild once she was out from under Daddy's watchful eye.

She said she was fucking multiple guys for a while, until she got pregnant and realized that the father could be any one of 5 guys. She had an abortion and calmed down a bit, until eventually meeting her now X Husband John.

They raised 3 great kids together, but in the end his depression and lack of sex drive drove her to divorce him. During those years Jill had been the perfect wife and mother. She never once strayed, although she suspected him of having a couple of flings.

After her divorce she had dated a lot of guys from internet dating sites. Most were not for her, but she would sometimes fuck them, or give them a blowjob anyway if she was horny.

She finally met a guy who swept her off her feet, but he turned out to be a narcissist and a liar, so by the time we met she was down to a couple of occasional fuck buddies. They were of course in love with her, but she made it plain that all she wanted from them was sex.

I loved hearing her talk about her past exploits. The narcissist had gotten her to do some pretty wild things by slipping her valium, but that's another story.

My mind was reeling as Jill broke the kiss, but she continued to slowly grind on my throbbing cock. She looked into my eyes for a long minute before saying, "Are you sure you want me to text him? If I do, after my touching his cock like I did, he is going to want to fuck me."

To be honest, I wasn't sure of anything. I knew it was dangerous, but wasn't that part of the appeal? To see her thoroughly fucked by a handsome younger stud, and in the end know that she was still mine. It sounds crazy in retrospect, but I guess my little head was doing the thinking.

"Yes I want you to text him," I said much more confidently than I was feeling. "We can all have a drink together, and see how it goes. If he is a dick, or disrespectful to either of us that will be it. We can say goodnight and go back to our room alone, and I will get to take advantage of that hot little excited pussy. If we like him, we can invite him to join us for a nightcap and see what develops."

"I don't want to do anything that could hurt our relationship baby, but I am really sexually attracted to Jason. No one could ever take your place! You know that I love only you, but if you really want to see someone fuck me, this is probably the best chance we will ever have. If you are sure that's what you want, I will text him."

With that she reached for her the napkin with his number and her phone.

"Last chance" she said. Then when I didn't stop her, she hit send.

My heart thumped in my ears as well as in my stiff cock. My adrenaline surged through my veins, and all of my senses were crisp and clear. Jill kissed me again before moving back to her lounger to wait for a reply. It didn't take long before I heard the distinct ping of an incoming text message. She read it, then replied without looking up, telling Jason where to find us.

I saw a tall figure rise from the Tiki Bar and head our way. As he approached, I got a better look at him. 6' 5" might have been a conservative guess. He was clean cut , without a beard or visible tats. Wide shoulders tapering to a slim waist and hips. The kind of guy that gets noticed in a crowd because of his size and his good looks.

We stood as he approached and he offered me his hand, looking directly into my eyes as he introduced himself, before turning to Jill and giving her a warm hug and a peck on the lips. Respectful, I thought. At least he isn't shifty. Jill shivered as he pulled her close against him.

We chatted a bit, about him and where he came from, what he did for a living etc. He asked about us. Things like how long we had been together, what I did for a living... Honestly I wasn't really able to follow the conversation very well, due to all the horny thoughts running through my head.

Jill was sitting up in the lounge chair hugging her knees to her chest. I suddenly wondered if Jason could see her panties from where he stood leaning on the fence.

She offered him a seat in the empty space near her feet, so he sat sideways on the foot of the lounger very close to her.

There was an awkward moment of silence, then to my surprise Jill giggled and said that she was embarrassed when she realized that he saw what she was doing to me under the table with her foot.

A small thrill flowed through me like electricity as I realized that she was steering the conversation towards sex. At the same time doubts were creeping in, but I intentionally pushed them away.

Jason seemed very comfortable as he said "I enjoyed the show. There is nothing sexier than an attractive couple flirting openly like that. I couldn't help but stare, and wish that it was me sitting there."

Jill seemed to flush, looking down in embarrassment at the thought of rubbing his crotch with her silky stocking covered foot, like she had been doing to me. I saw her eyes dart towards his crotch as she blushed prettily.

Now that the subject of sex had been breached, the conversation became much more interesting. Jason admitted to being a bit of a voyeur, as well as an exhibitionist. He told us that he was very close friends with a couple back in Orlando, who used to like to share the wife with him before they moved away. He said that he was the "bull" for them, explaining that the husband got off on watching his wife being dominated by him.

Jill stared wide eyed as he spoke. Her breathing was becoming shallow as she squirmed slightly listening to his bold tale.

"He would join in some times, but he mostly liked watching me manhandle his wife. She liked being tossed around, blindfolded and tied, but mostly just being banged hard and fast."

He said the Husband would get extremely turned on watching them fuck and then then he liked "cleaning her up afterwards," before taking his turn. I was surprised that he would speak so openly to two complete strangers about doing something so taboo.

Jill had unconsciously let her legs drift apart as she squirmed. At least it seemed unconscious.

From his angle I was certain that Jason now had an unobstructed view of her panties, assuming that she was wearing panties of course. I remembered wondering, after not being able to spot any panty lines through her dress earlier whether she may be going commando tonight. It dawned on me that only she, and now Jason knew for sure, and I felt another thrill rush through my chest.

About that time I heard the bartender announce last call, so I offered to go get more drinks. They placed their orders and I headed around the pool through the fog to the tiki bar about 75 yards away, leaving them to have a little privacy.

The people at the bar had already placed their orders when I got there, so it took a few minutes for the bartender to get our drinks ready. As I waited, I looked back to where I had left Jill and Jason, but the fog was really beginning to roll in thick off of the Atlantic and I could only make out their outlines.

By the time I finally got our drinks a white cloud had completely engulfed the pool deck. I had to pay close attention my feet just to make sure I didn't trip over something. Suddenly I stopped short when I heard the familiar sound of Jill's excited yelps. I like to kid her that she sounds like Lassie.

I froze dead in my tracks, apparently still unnoticed by either of them. I could just make out their shapes from where I stood 15 feet away. Jason was now on his knees next to Jill's lounge chair. He was kissing her passionately as his long fingers probed beneath her skirt. Her legs were splayed wide as he brought her closer with his fingers. During a momentary thinning of the mist, I saw that she had indeed left her panties at home, or perhaps Jason had removed them after I left.

She seemed to be digging into his back with her nails, pulling him close as they kissed passionately. Her cries became louder as he worked her G spot with what looked like two thick fingers. She pulled away from his mouth, burying her head into his chest as a long wail escaped her lips, and she began to squirt all over his hand. Her legs came up and she seemed to be humping his fingers lewdly as her juices shot out around his fingers to soak the lounge chair.

I caught the unmistakable scent of her sexual arousal on the breeze. My cock was straining against my shorts, aching to be set free to slide into her juicy little pink hole. Instead I waited silently as she recovered her wits before approaching them. As I got close I noticed that she was rubbing what appeared to be a very large bulge in Jason's shorts. She saw me and gave me a dreamy eyed smile, but her hand never stopped slowly stroking his erection.

I handed them their drinks, and with a shaky voice I made a toast. "To pushing the edges," I said, and then we all took a long drink.

It was Jill who suggested that we head back to our room, looking first at me, then at Jason. I nodded as he rose and lifted her to her feet. In the fog he looked like some giant of old, towering above her.

Jill turned to me and gave me a deep sensual kiss. She looked questioningly into my eyes, before quietly asking if I was sure that this was what I wanted.

I managed a smile and nodded. "Yes baby, I am sure. As long as you want it too."

She gifted me with another kiss, this time much more passionate than sensual. Then she turned to Jason and taking his oversized hand led him towards our room, with me following close behind.

They wasted no time once we were inside. As I turned to close the drapes, Jill pulled her dress over her head. By the time I turned around she had her naked body pressed tightly against Jason. His shirt had already come off, and she wickedly teased his nipple with her tongue as her fingers fumbled with his belt. She had a hard time getting his shorts past his erection. Apparently Jason was going commando too. As his massive cock sprung free he stepped out of his shorts.

Jill dropped to her knees in front of him, staring longingly at it. In spite of it's size, Jason's cock angled slightly upwards as it bobbed inches from her pretty face. A drop of precum appeared from the tiny slit as she leaned in and licked the swollen head, then looked into my eyes as she opened wide and took it in her mouth. I knew well what Jason was feeling as a deep moan escaped his lips. She looked up at him as she began slowly sliding her lips down the shaft then back again, leaving it coated in a shiny trail of her saliva and his precum. She let it slip from her lips at one point as she said "I don't think I can take all of it inside me. It's too big. Promise you'll be gentle." Then she slid it back into her mouth still looking up at him.

Jill had always said that she doesn't like it when a guy grabs the back of her head and forces himself into her throat, yet she didn't seem to mind as Jason became more aggressive and started fucking her face. He pulled away long enough to toss her on the bed and arrange her on her back with her head hanging off of the bed. I felt an odd sense of pride as I watched as she opened her mouth for him. The big head made a slight lump in her throat as she swallowed it down.

Jason began to pump in and out then, his speed increasing as he went. She was making gurgling sounds as his cock forced it's way into her throat using her for his pleasure.

I'm no expert, but I would guess that he had a good 10" of cock and she was probably taking 2/3 of it down her throat. Her long blonde hair hung down on the carpet, and saliva coated her lips and chin as he fucked her mouth with abandon.

Suddenly Jason spun her around so that her she was laying lengthwise on the bed and buried his face in her soaked pussy. I noticed her juices still coating her inner thighs from her earlier orgasm by the pool. Jason was licking her from her taint, (the area between her asshole and pussy) all the way up to her swollen clit. Jill was beginning to moan and yelp as he flicked her clit mercilessly with his tongue before wrapping his lips around it and sucking it into his mouth. I could tell that she was approaching another huge orgasm as she grabbed his head and pulled him tight against her undulating slit.

At the last second Jason pulled free, much to her dismay, and kissed his way up her writhing body. He took his time stopping to lick each nipple as he held himself above her. His cock dangled inches from her juicy open pussy as he expertly licked and sucked each nipple. Impatient now, she pulled him up for a kiss. His lips were coated in her juices as they met hers, and her mouth opened hungrily, inviting his tongue to explore it's delights. As they kissed I noticed a long clear string of precum stretching between Jason's cock and her splayed lips. He was humping the air like a dog, bending his long muscled back to try and make contact with Jill's sex. It would contact the slick pink folds of her lips then slide past her clit, making her jump involuntarily, before sliding across her stomach leaving a snail trail of precum.

I saw her small hand reach down between them, and guide it to her wetness. He stopped the humping long enough for her to rub the swollen head up and down her wet slit a few times, smearing her juices and his precum all around. Then I saw him push forward, and the head disappeared into her. They both moaned in unison as he penetrated her, going a little deeper with each thrust.

I suddenly realized that I was still standing there fully clothed with a sticky mess of precum coating the inside of my underwear. Still, it was as if I was frozen in place, watching the horny scene that was playing out before my eyes.

Jason took his time, although I could see from the look on his face that it was a struggle. He worked it in a little further with each stroke, as Jill laid back with her eyes closed and her legs spread lewdly, feet sticking up in the air. I could see her juices coating his shaft each time he pulled back, before driving in a little deeper. Eventually I watched as his heavy balls made contact with her lower lips. There was still an inch or so that he couldn't get all the way in, but he was close. He held it there for a moment, no doubt savoring the warmth and slickness of my fiancé's depths, deeper than I had ever been.

Then he began to fuck her. Not tender lovemaking, like we sometimes did. Just pure animal lust and fucking. He started out kind of slow, pulling back until just the head of his huge cock was inside of her, then slamming it in with force. Slowly out and then hard and fast as he assaulted her soaked pussy. It bent as if it hit resistance an inch or so from the bottom. Jill grunted with each thrust, and I could see a look of pain and pleasure on her pretty face.

His pace picked up, and I noticed that Jill was now meeting his thrusts, tilting her hips upwards as he disappeared into her tight little cunt. I never called it that before, but at the moment that seemed an appropriate term. He was fucking her tight little cunt, and she was loving it. Her moans and yelps got louder and more high pitched the faster they fucked. It seemed that he had broken past that last barrier and his balls were now slapping against her with each thrust. She was taking the entire length deep into her belly. Jill was lost in one long continuous orgasm as he pumped her poor pussy with abandon. She wailed and moaned and rolled her head side to side, but Jason didn't let up. The smell of sex permeated the room as their sweating bodies melded together.

Suddenly he pulled back and flipped her over, lifting her onto her knees in the process. He lined up his swollen cock and plunged back in. She screamed as he hit bottom opening up her secret depths again with the head of his stiff dick. He grabbed her by her hips and started to pound her mercilessly as she wailed. She started talking dirty then, begging him to fuck her and use her little pussy for his pleasure.

Jason caught on, and answered her, "See you are taking it all you little slut. You love it don't you?"

I was afraid that he had gone too far by calling her a slut, but it didn't faze her.

"Yes!" she squealed. "I love that big dick I want you to keep fucking me until you can't hold it back, and then I want you to fill me with your hot cum you dirty bastard!" "Make me your slut!" she screamed.

She had her head down on the mattress and her ass in the air, legs spread wantonly to display her charms to this stranger as she begged him to fill her pussy with his cum.

He began to grunt as he held her hips in both hands and slammed into her depths. She was whimpering and begging, between screams of pleasure. His movements became jerky and uncoordinated as his balls drew up tightly against his body. He let out a roar that would make any giant proud, as he pulled her firm against him and emptied his hot cum directly into her womb. She was still cumming on his cock as she continued trying to hump him, milking every drop with her tightly contracting pussy muscles. "I love the way that feels", I thought jealously.

They collapsed side by side into a sweaty heap on the bed, still panting like animals. His cock was still inside of her from behind as they spooned. Slowly it began to shrink, and finally it slipped out, followed by a thick glob of his cum. It oozed from her open pussy and slid down her leg onto the comforter. I must have been in a state of shock, or awe or something. I just stood there staring as they began to slowly stir.

Jill had a look of contentment on her face as she looked at me for the first time since she put his cock in her naughty little mouth. She was a mess. Her long hair was tangled, her lips were red and swollen. Her pussy was swollen too, and cum still oozed from it's depths.

She looked a little scared, probably because it was dawning on her how out of control she had become with this young stud. I smiled reassuringly and her face visibly relaxed.

Jason had rolled over onto his back, and his semi erect dick was laying on his hard stomach. It was slimy with their combined juices, and I saw her lick her lips as she turned to face him. She got up on her knees with her ass towards me and started to gently lick his cock clean. Her pussy lips were coated in a thin layer of his sperm and there was a slow trickle running down her inner thigh.

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