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First Time Swap


After a long time, we had three days off from work. My wife Mira who is 28 & I at 32 were desperate to have an outing and managed to convince my colleague Pramod (31) and his wife Rina (29) to go with us to the Chandipur Beach in the state of Orissa.

This was a path breaking trip for us. When we left by road in a car, Pramod & I sat if the front driving in turns throughout the 300Km journey, but when we returned, we drove in turn with Rina sitting in the back with me when Pramod drove with Mira sitting in front; or with Mira sitting in the back with Pramod while I drove with Rina sitting in the front! Needless to say, we went back to the original seating arrangement for propriety's sake when we were 30Km from home!

We never imagined in our wildest of dreams that things would turn out this way. We were just normal couples having a ball of a time whenever we got together for dinner.

On these visits, Pramod & I would retire to another room and binge out on drinks & cigarettes while Mira & Rina had their own great time gossiping far away from the smoke. We did get quite familiar with each other, but none of our activities ever had a sexual undertone. I am not sure what ran through each of the other three's minds, but speaking for myself, I did fantasize about Rina off and on. On every visit to their place, I would excuse myself to the toilet for a leak knowing full well that Rina had this habit of leaving used clothes in a bucket for washing on the morrow. At these times, I would rummage through the pile of her used clothing and try to get a scent of Rina from select articles. If I was lucky, I would find her used panties which gave me a great thrill when I pushed the material at the crotch on my face and breathed in the unique aroma. At other times, I would make do with breathing in the scent of her arm-pits. At times I had to make do with just burying my face in the crotch portion of her clothes. I still believe this is a normal male urge and quite innocent at that; it wasn't as though I was consumed by thoughts of her all the time and the madness lasted only so long as I was in their bathroom.

Coming back to the trip, it took us 8 hours to get to our destination and everything was usual with us enjoying each other's company & the trip.

Once at the destination in the evening (we had started rather early to get there in time), we only managed to find a rather upscale hotel and decided to book only one large Deluxe room in an attempt to cut costs.

We were impatient to get to the famous beach in time to enjoy low-tied (the shoreline recedes about 1 Km during low-tide!

Hurriedly taking turns in the bathroom, we made our way to the beach. We had a ball of a time there. Rina & Mira, like most Indian women, chose to take a dip while still wearing their Salwar Khameez. Pramod & I of course stripped to our Bermudas and got into the water.

Mira is a foot shorter than me at 4'10" & built just right without excess fat. At 50Kg, the same weight as me (I am rather skinny), she has flaring hips & 32C Breasts that make her quite a sexy bundle. Rina on the other is 5'3" to Pramod's 5'11" and more amply built at 60 Kg with a 34C bust. Pramod is quite well filled up at 70Kg. Rina is the fairest of us with Pramod & Mira slightly darker. I am the darkest.

We spent quite some time at the beach and Rina & Mira looked only sexy enough as their drenched clothes would allow. The fact that the wet clothes plastered onto their bodies accentuated their shapes throwing their breasts into special focus. While we must have thrown a couple of interested glances at each other's wives, Pramod & I were quite content enjoying the thrill of being on the beach-front.

We returned tired to the room, showered in turns & went out to dinner. When we got back to the room, Pramod having consumed 5 pegs as he did on special occasions & me only 3 which was my limit, we were all rather exhausted & climbed onto the bed after taking turns in the bath room to change into night clothes. Pramod & I of course put on new Bermudas & left our upper torsos bare. Rina & Mira wore night gowns.

There was the usual awkwardness when we chose positions ending up with Rina & Pramod in the centre and Pramod & I on the outsides beside each of our wives. None of us wanted to sleep quickly and fell to discussing the day. Eventually, we settled into a lull and I was just ruing the fact that Mira & I could not have sex today.

"We have 2 full days & nights before leaving" said Pramod suddenly breaking the silence.

"Yeah, we have to pack in as much of the sights as we can before we leave" I said.

"I don't know about you all, but I think I am going to have one hell of a body ache tomorrow. I don't know how much I can do" said Rina.

"Me too" Mira piped up.

This was usually a signal for me to start off on a massage which Mira thinks I am very good at. But we generally had her remove her clothes to be in her bra & panties to do this; and it usually ended up in our having sex.

I was just wondering what to do when Mira suddenly said, "I usually get Arman to give me a massage -and it works wonders, guess I'll have to pass this time."

"Why?" said Pramod, "I don't think we should waste an entire day – we have only 2 days you know."

"Yeah Mira, why don't you roll on to your stomach and let me give you a massage."

There was an uncomfortable silence as Mira gave me the stare, but I was getting rather enthusiastic now "Come on!, what's the difference, they are our friends you know...." "Ok" I said looking at her consternation "You can always keep your nighty on."

Both of us knew this did not work very well, but then I could try.

Pramod was getting into this idea now. "Hey Rina, come on, maybe I can learn something from Arman - you are always saying that I don't know how to give a massage."

Rina hesitated and seeing a chance, I said "Come on Bhabhi, its OK, Mira knows I am good at it and it would help for Pramod to learn some tricks."

Rina & Mira looked at each other and seemed to reluctantly decide to go ahead. I'm sure Mira was having second thoughts as the massage with clothes on just did not work much. In fact, we had brought along our special massage oil knowing that we would need it. But we had never planned on being with Pramod & Rina in the same room.

Mira turned around onto her stomach and Rina followed suit. I sat up and moving over her, straddled her thighs. Pramod did the same. Mira & Rina had their heads turned towards each other. Each sized up the other couple & for the first time, I felt that a sexual awareness entered the atmosphere.

"Well, Pramod, Just follow my lead" I said and proceeded to knead the base of Mira's neck.

"Mmmhhhh" Mira went as I had expected and soon Rina followed suit as Pramod did everything I was doing to Mira.

While our wives had their eyes closed and were murmuring their approval, I looked over at Rina spread below Pramod & wished I could see more. I looked at Pramod & saw him looking at Mira.

I was getting excited now and mad thoughts were running through my mind.

Even as I continued, a plan slowly formed in my mind. I deliberately changed my massage pattern to the one which requires oil with my palms sliding on bare skin. Pramod Followed suit watching my hands closely, and sure enough, Mira could not stand the abrasion of the cloth.

"Arman, its hurting man!, do it gently na" she said.

"Really! it felt good at first," said Rina "but as he moved down to my shoulder blades, my skin has begun to sting."

"Look Mira," I said, if we have to have fun tomorrow, we need to continue with the shoulder blades also, you know that. Can't you bear some discomfort?"

I knew very well she couldn't.

Rina was looking skeptical and Pramod looked enquiringly at me even as he faithfully followed my lead.

When Mira could not take it any longer, She asked us to stop.

"You know, we need to use the oil to get this muscle pain off Arman," This is not going to work"

"Oil?" said Pramod.

"Yeah, we have a special type of oil, it helps greatly with massaging muscles, but then we need to get the nighties off if we have to use that. Mira's right. I don't think we can get all the pain off without the oil"

Pramod looked at Rina and she back at him. I hoped Pramod would catch my thread and he didn't disappoint. " You guys are carrying this oil with you?" he asked.

"Pramod you don't know how important this oil is. Especially in the beach, Mira can enjoy and strain herself only because a massage will take off all the pain that may appear the next day"

"Is it that good?" asked Rina.

"Yeah! Its good, but we would have to take our nighties off Rina!" Mira said.

None of us said anything for some time. The air was getting very thick now. Rina & Mira looked at each other, Pramod & I looked at each other. Pramod seemed to understand and turning to Rina, he said,

"Rina, what difference is it going to make?" Pramod said. "Nobody else is here and really, I want to have fun tomorrow. In fact you & Mira should also give me & Arman a massage or else we'll be sore also"

Rina looked at Mira and then at me. It was clear that they were undecided.

I had to press the advantage, "Come on Mira , its only Rina & Pramod. So many people bathe in bikinis on the beach. A panty & bra is hardly any different!"

They were hesitating and I knew we had to push them. I looked at Pramod & there was understanding in his eyes.

"Here, take this off," I said and proceeded to pull up the hemline of Mira's nighty from behind me while still straddling her thighs.

Both Rina & Mira did not object as Pramod & I pulled up the nighties up to their thighs, from below us & off their hips. Mira & Rina had to move around a bit to allow the flowing gowns to be pulled up their torsos. As the clothes went up their chests & covered their faces, I looked over at Pramod & Rina and saw them in the same position. Pramod was looking at Mira & I took an eyeful of the milky skin of Rina exposed.

Rina's Bottom was really awesome and the white panty she wore stretched across her buttocks accentuating the curves. As her Bra came into view, I had to gasp at the size of her breasts squashed under her weight. The milky lobes almost were bursting through the material of her white bra.

My heart was thudding now as we proceeded to take in the almost naked view of each other's wives. Seeing them in their underclothes was really a rush!

Once we had the nighties off them, Rina & Mira buried their faces into the pillows.

I got up to rummage through my luggage & carried back the oil. Straddling Mira's thighs again, I poured a good quantity of oil into my palm and handed over the bottle to Pramod.

He followed suit as I rubbed the oil between my palms and began to massage the base of Mira's neck. This time there were moans from both of them when Pramod & I got into the groove.

After paying some attention to her shoulder blades, I moved down to her exposed back and continued up to her waist. After the initial inhibitions, Rina & Mira were beginning to relax and moan in appreciation every time we got to their tensed muscles.

On the pretext of taking stock of how Pramod was doing on my instruction, I took in the full sight of Rina from her head to her toes. Her breasts were really a marvel and I was frustrated by the fact that they were covered beneath her body. Her Buttocks were fully exposed to my view and I couldn't keep from wondering how it would feel to squeeze her bottoms with my own hands.

When I looked up at her face, I found her looking at me and the blood rushed to my face as I read her expression. She knew I was ogling her exposed body. I guiltily looked up at Pramod & found him giving Mira's body the same ogling.

We were getting deep into this now and eventually, I shifted by concentration to Mira's legs and worked upwards. As I proceeded, I unabashedly kept my sights on Rina's body. I knew she was aware of me looking at her exposed body, but I was beyond caring. I watched as Pramod kneaded her buttocks.

At some point Pramod must have noticed me ogling his wife and he began to put on a show for me. He would squeeze her buttocks and part them as much as he could in the confines of her panty. He would part her thighs and give me a better view of her panty covered 'V'. Rina knew what he was doing and the three of us were now playing a dangerous game.

For a while, I did the same to my wife for Pramod to see and eventually decided to take things further if I could.

I moved up to her back and began to massage the muscles on either side of her spine. I have a special technique for this. Gently bunching a good portion of the muscles between my fingers, I slide my hands upwards right up to her neck.

This time however, her Bra would obstruct & I had to release and re-start again jumping over the bra-strap. Mira usually unhooked the strap at this time, but she had to be content now with what I was doing. I could see her frustration though.

Pramod was doing the same, but at one point when he reached Rina's bra strap, he paused and looked at me. My eyes must have been daring him and he looked at Rina who was looking at us both with her face turning pink.

Plunging in, Pramod reached for the bra strap and in one fluid movement, had it uncooked. Rina gasped and reached backwards to prevent him as he drew the straps apart, but Pramod would not relent.

"Come on Rina, what's the difference, its Ok" he said and to her consternation, he proceeded to pull at the bra and taking it off from beneath her, he tossed it aside.

Rina had to raise her chest for an instant and I got a good look at the massive breasts momentarily hanging downwards without the support. She lay back however before I could savor the sight.

Both of them looked at me & Mira and I jumped at the chance to oblige. I took off Mira's bra and settled down to massaging her back.

We seemed to have crossed another milestone now and we were all silent except for the occasional moans & murmurs from Mira & Rina .

Soon Pramod began to get a little daring and as he massaged Rina's shoulder-blades, he slid down his hands side-wards and let his fingers gently press on the globes of her breasts. Rina caught her breath audibly, but Pramod continued.

I had stopped and Mira & I were looking at the scene unfolding beside us.

Slowly, looking into Rina's eyes, Pramod slid his hands underneath her body just below her breasts & began to knead them, giving me & Mira occasional glimpses of her nipples. Eventually, he was not content exposing just that much and began to turn Rina over.

Rina resisted initially, but Pramod would not give up. Looking into his eyes, Rina slowly turned to her side exposing her breasts to me & Mira and turned over.

This was the first sight I got of Rina's full breasts with the dark pink areolas and the turgid pink nipples. She settled on to her back and continued to look at Pramod.

My friend now seemed to have a hang of how to massage and he began to massage her chest. Then slowly and deliberately, he moved his palms upwards to cup & squeeze her breasts.

At this point Rina turned to us to see both of us staring at her exposed breasts. She moaned in ecstasy as Pramod gently squeezed both orbs with circular motions.

I had to clear my stuck throat before I could say "God Rina, you have beautiful breasts. You know I have never seen another woman's breasts. They are so different from Mira's"

At this point, Pramod stopped suddenly and the three of us turned to look at Mira.

She was like a trapped rabbit now. But under the insistence from our eyes, she slowly turned over exposing herself to us while intently watching Pramod for his reaction.

We could hear Pramod draw in his breath as my wife's breasts came into view . She had C cup breasts & rather small dark areolas, but the large nipples proudly stood up looking all pinched up. She was aroused, I knew.

Pramod & I went back to caressing our wives' breasts while we looked at each other's wife. I was yearning to do to Rina's breasts what Pramod was doing.

By now, the thrill of the situation had got to us and we had reached a point where we knew things must go further.

"Mira, your breasts are beautiful you know, and your nipples so different from Rina's. Arman is a lucky guy."

All four of us looked at each other and held our breath. The suggestion was clear.

Clearing my throat, I said "Pramod do you want to feel Mira's breasts? I don't think we will get another opportunity."

"Arman!" it was my wife, but I was not having her destroy this chance.

Looking at Pramod, I slowly rose from Mira's Laps & Pramod did likewise. Like automatons, we switched places, not noticing that we now had bulges in our Bermudas.

As I slowly lowered myself on Rina's Lap, I looked into her eyes and she looked back not breaking the gaze.

When my thighs made contact with hers, I felt the heat shoot up my spine and I let myself sink on to her lap. I had to ensure that my hard on was not resting on her, but holding myself up was straining my waist. Letting go, I settled down with my hard on pressing into her thighs.

I held my breath as I extended my arms for the first touch of friend's wife's breasts. She moaned as I squeezed the magnificent orbs and I savored the pleasure . I was flushed now with the blood rushing to my head.

I slowly released her breasts & let my hands move all over her body & face just touching familiar parts of her that society does not allow of a man other than the husband's.

All the time, I kept looking at her, telling her with my eyes 'I'm touching your body'

Pramod was doing the same to Mira and I no longer cared even to look except for a quick glance.

We had crossed the final barrier now and I moved my hands down to my prize. As I hooked my fingers in Rina's panty, she gasped and grabbed at my hands restraining them as she looked at me with alarmed eyes.

But I continued to look at her without breaking her gaze. Time seemed to stop still. I was asking her to show me her pussy. I did not break our gaze and could slowly see the acceptance creeping into her eyes.

It may have been only seconds, but she seemed to have come to a decision and looked sideways at Pramod & Mira. they had stopped and were looking at the interplay between me & Rina.

Finally, looking at Pramod defiantly, Rina momentarily pushed at my hands, signaling her consent for me to pull her panties down & released my hands. She continued to look at Pramod as I lowered down the panty.

I could already smell her musky scent rising from her groins, but was desperate for the first sight of her pussy.

As I drew the material downwards, her rounded tummy tapering off downwards was exposed slowly, the dark hair at her crotch came into view. And as I held my breath, I got the first view of Rina's cunt. She had a pouted pussy with pink glistening lips shining from the midst of neatly trimmed black pubic hair.

It was a beautiful sight and the slightly pouted lips met at the top where just a little hint of her clitoris was visible. The warm aroma from her groins rose up to hit my face and I breathed in her smell. As I drank in the sight of Rina's pussy, I tried to commit her smell to memory. I was seeing & smelling my friend's wife's most private parts.

I drank in the forbidden sight and breathed in of the heavenly fragrance. I had to remember her like this and I looked up to her face. Rina was staring at me unblinkingly. The acceptance of the situation glowed on her face as she wantonly spread her knees to give me a full view of her cunt. The wet lips parted with almost a smack as the pink depths were revealed to me.

As is looked at the beautiful cunt, I lowered my head like an automaton breathing deeply of her smell. I was committing the sight of her cunt & smells to memory. I did not care any longer what the others were doing. I just had to kiss that beautiful slit.

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