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First Time Swingers



The first time my wife and I had group sex was with some friends-of-friends, who we'll call "Sara" and "Bill." My wife heard through the grapevine that Sara and Bill were interested in exploring polyamory, and somehow word had gotten to Sara that we were interested as well.

We had known Sara and Bill for a while, and we were interested to get to know them better. So when Sara asked my wife if we'd like to meet for drinks, just to talk about this new world of non-monogamy that we were exploring, we were intrigued. This would be our first time meeting with another couple like this, and even just talking about it "where to begin, how to proceed, where to look, what to do" was very exciting.

We met Sara and Bill at one of our favorite bars, at a private table in the back. It was a Tuesday night and the bar was quiet and dark, giving us the perfect atmosphere for conspiratorial conversations on sexy subjects. We had a few rounds of drinks, and the conversation got very exciting very soon. We found ourselves talking about what kind of porn we liked, what types of women we were all into, and who among our circle of friends we would most like to seduce.

Sara was strongly bisexual and sexually adventurous. She had enjoyed many past experiences with women and men, but was finding traditional marriage to be too limiting for her need to be with a woman. "I have all of these female friends, and we'll have these very intense, even slightly sexy conversations, but I feel like there is part of myself that I don't get to express with them," she said.

Bill said that he was open to being with another couple and having his wife involved with another lover (or two), but he wanted to be involved and present. "I just want to be there," he said. "I don't see the appeal of having one person go out on a date with someone else while the other one is home with the kids."

We all agreed on that front -- we wanted this to be an experience that we shared and went through together.

The drinks kept coming. I don't remember how it started, but we had a moment of realization that the four of us had chemistry. It must have started with something that Sara said to my wife, some compliment. I remember saying to Sara that even though I didn't know her well, I had really enjoyed meeting her and talking with her some months before at a party, and I felt a strong connection to her, that I liked her energy and her spirit.

I got up out of my chair and moved across the table to Sara's side, where I started kissing her on the neck. At the same time, Bill slid over to my wife's side and was kissing her on the mouth. Sara paused and glanced over my shoulder, saying, "Look at what our spouses are doing!"

I had been afraid that I would feel jealous of seeing my wife kissing another man, but now that it was happening it was exciting and even natural. I got to see my wife "in action" with another man, like I was watching her perform. And meanwhile, I was getting to kiss another woman who I had fantasized about.

We paid our checks and stumbled outside, agreeing to go to one more bar since the night was still young.

"I like kissing you, but I want to kiss your wife too," Sara said. "Don't you want to have your first kiss with another woman?"

And Bill and I watched as our wives embraced each other on a public street and kissed on the mouth, caressing each other's lips. My wife let out a low moan and almost shivered with delight.

The drive to the other bar was ten minutes of electric giddiness. "I can't believe this is happening," my wife said. "I had no idea this was going to happen tonight," I said.

We got to the other bar, a favorite haunt of mine. We bought martinis and sat together on a couch in a dark corner of the bar, and quickly found that we couldn't keep our hands off each other.

The ladies sat in the center of the couch with the two men at the ends. I kept kissing and touching Sara while my wife did the same with Bill. Then the women would break off the action with the men and have a go at each other, kissing and running their hands over each other's bodies. Sara was stroking me through my pants, feeling my erection.

"I want to feel your hard cock," she whispered, licking my ear. "I want to taste your wife's slit." The energy was amazing. I felt like I was ready and willing to have sex with Sara and my wife right there in public on this couch.

Unfortunately, one of the bartenders came over and told us to stop -- our public displays of affection were attracting unwanted attention. We were drunker than we'd realized, and even more amorous. Every kiss with this other woman, every time I watched my wife kiss this other man, every moment seeing the two women enjoying each other, just made me hungrier for more.

We whispered to Bill and Sara that we would have to try this again. "When are you free?" they said. "How about Saturday?"

Four more nights.

The next four days passed in a whirl of anticipation. I felt like a giddy teenager again, like when I was a freshman in college kissing a girl at a party for the first time, knowing that we would see each other again on the weekend. We got a Facebook message from Sara saying, "We look forward to picking up where we left off."

We made plans to book a hotel room, and got a babysitter for Saturday night. All week, Sara sent us sexy messages, like "My goal for this encounter is to help all of your fantasies come true."

"This is amazing," I said to my wife. "I feel like we've unlocked some secret code in the universe. It's like having the thrill of a new relationship again, but you can share it with your spouse."

"Did Tuesday night actually happen?" my wife said. "Was it all a dream?"

Finally, Saturday arrived. I checked in to the hotel at 3 p.m. and put a bottle of wine on ice. The hotel had mirrors built into the doors of the closet right at the side of the bed, allowing for a fully detailed view of the action. My wife sent along some miniature battery-powered tea light candles to provide ambience for the room.

We met our friends for dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant at 6 p.m. Sara looked so sexy, in a white and black dress. At one point, I accidentally dropped something on the floor, and Sara gestured to it by slightly spreading her legs for me under the table. She was so playful and open with us, flirtatious and honest and inviting. I don't think we could have chosen a better woman for our first encounter.

I was impatient for dinner to get over with -- I was so excited and nervous that I could hardly eat. I didn't even drink any wine or beer with dinner, just water. I wanted to be at my best for the evening to follow; I didn't want to be too drunk.

We paid for our meal and drove to the hotel, and took the elevator to our room on the ninth floor. And then there we were, all four of us, alone behind closed doors, in a private room, ready to enjoy the culmination of a shared fantasy.

It started, as these things do, with some wine. Sara offered to give my wife a massage, right there on the hotel bed -- I remember her rubbing my wife's feet, calf muscles and shoulders. I was still feeling nervous, not sure if this was all really going to happen. I kind of sidled up to Sara and awkwardly leaned into her -- like I was afraid to touch her; I thought it might be best for the women to initiate things. So I was relieved when Sara put her arm around me and kissed me -- as if to confirm that Tuesday night was really not a dream. It had all really happened.

And now we were going to take the excitement to a new level. Sara and I started kissing passionately. She pressed herself against me and led me over to the side of the bed, dragging me on top of her, wrapping her legs around my lower back. I loved kissing Sara. Every man's wife is such a mystery; you never know what a woman is like in someone else's marriage. You see your friends together, you have dinner parties, you watch your children grow up together, and you have an idea of what kinds of energy and motivations and values you share with people, but this was a new level of intimacy.

"Looks like Bill and your wife are catching up with us," said Sara, looking across the room at our spouses who were busy kissing and undressing. "It's not a race," I said, pressing my face at the nape of Sara's neck. "Of course it is," she said, sliding her dress up past her thighs, showing me her sheer blue panties.

Sara was fully shaved. I touched the folds of her labia through the fabric of her panties, feeling how swollen she was, already. I helped Sara out of her dress and enjoyed the full view of her body, in her matching bra and panties. I unhooked her bra, she eagerly raised her hips and peeled off her panties, and I hungrily lunged between her legs, taking my first taste of another man's wife, my first taste of her essence.

It was incredibly exciting, yet at the same time it all felt very comfortable and natural. After 8 years of only having sex with my wife, I loved experiencing the taste of another woman. Every woman is so different between the legs, the shape of the labia, the protuberance of the clitoris, the delicate folds and textures of this most intimate part of her, this place where all the lines of the female form converge.

Bill meanwhile had gotten my wife out of her dress, and we all admired the sexy underthings my wife had bought for tonight's occasion -- a black bra and panty set inspired by the classic "French maid" fetish. My wife undid her own bra, letting it drop to the floor, showing off her luscious breasts and her dark nipples. I helped remove her panties. Now my wife was naked in front of another man and his wife.

I have always been deeply proud of my wife's body. From the first time I saw my wife naked, I've felt like I knew her deeply on a physical and emotional level. I always tell her that she has the body of a Victoria's Secret model, and I think it's true. I love her curves, her thighs, her ass, her dark pubic triangle, the folds of her labia, the contrast of her brown skin and the pink flesh of her pussy. I love how she rubs coconut butter all over her body to make herself smooth for me. I love her heart-shaped ass and her elegant clavicle and her shoulders and neck, her long delicate hands and her strong lower back. She is my feminine ideal.

And now, as I was seeing her standing before us in her altogether, I didn't feel jealous or possessive or sad (as I feared), but only proud. I was honored that this was the woman who I get to share my life with, who I get to have as my lover for life. From then on, we went into a flurry of activity -- Sara was now on the floor, kneeling before me, unfastening my belt, yanking off my pants and underwear, taking me in her mouth.

"You have a nice cock," Sara said. On the other side of the bed, my wife was going to work on Bill's cock, sliding her head up and down in a rhythmic motion, wiggling slightly from side to side as she reached the base of his shaft.

Suddenly my wife saw what Sara was up to, and decided to join her, kneeling beside her, and the two women took turns sliding their wet mouths down the length of my erect manhood. They took turns licking the head of my cock, their tongues flicking over me and then touching each other. Then they kissed each other, like they were ravenous, eager conduits for my desire.

Two days earlier, my wife and I were having sex, and while going down on me, she had said, "Are you excited to feel another woman's mouth on you? To feel two women's mouths on you at the same time?" Now it was actually happening. Something I had fantasized about for so long, and seen in so many porn scenes, was actually happening in my own life.

So much happened, so fast. It all seemed like a blur, and yet there would be these powerful moments of clarity. I remember watching Sara going down on my wife -- the first time my wife had received oral pleasure from another woman.

After Sara finished going down on my wife, I looked at her hungrily, and she seemed to read my mind -- "Do you want to taste her, on me?" she said. I let out something between a grunt and whimper, and Sara and I kissed deeply, hungrily, licking each other's lips and tongues as I tasted my wife's juices on another woman's lips.

I remember my wife crawling up the bed to get between Sara's legs, saying shyly, "I don't know what to do!" Sara said, "Don't worry -- just do what you like to have done to you." And then I got to watch as my wife had her first experience tasting another woman. Sara moaned and writhed. "You're good at this," she whispered. "Especially for your first time!"

At one point I got up to get a drink, and came back to the bed -- Sara was kneeling on the bed licking my wife between her legs while my wife reclined on the bed, while Bill knelt on the floor licking Sara from behind.

I was afraid I would come too soon, but somehow I held out. My first orgasm of the evening came with my wife. I slipped on a condom and started fucking her from behind while she went down on Bill. This was the first time my wife had ever been penetrated by two men at once, and I could tell from the low moaning sounds she was making in her throat that she enjoyed the sensation. I managed to last long enough to have my wife straddling me, riding me in cowgirl position, and we both shared an extended orgasm while Sara and Bill looked on.

The other thing I remember most about that first encounter is how tender it was. Of course, there was a lot of hot, hot sex and exciting first experiences, but we also just seemed to really enjoy each other and respect each other, all four of us. I spent a lot of time cuddling and kissing with the two women while we waited for my next erection. The entire night was like being drenched in endorphins. It was like appearing in porn, with your wife -- but private.

The only limitation that Bill and Sara had was that Bill didn't want Sara to have intercourse with me. But I told Bill that if he wanted to have sex with my wife, it was OK. So at one point, Sara and I held each other and kissed while watching Bill fuck my wife. It didn't bother me to see my wife being with another man. It wasn't my favorite part of the evening, but it was OK. I'm not a cuckold fetishist, but I'm enough of a voyeur that it was exciting to see my wife being tasted and fucked by another man, getting to see her experiencing pleasure and newness.

The evening went on. It was one of the few times in my recent life that time passed more slowly than I expected -- I kept checking the clock to see that it was "only" 8:45, or "only" 9:30. We had been having such a deeply pleasurable evening, and there was still time for more.

At one point, Bill and I ended up lying next to Sara (on opposite sides of her) as she stroked our cocks and we played with her nipples. My wife saw an opportunity and crawled onto the bed, placing her head between Sara's legs, and started another round of vigorous cunnilingus, stroking and licking Sara's pussy while Sara jerked and writhed and moaned. Sara was the focus of our attention, all three of us. "Mmmm -- it's salty now," said my wife, licking her lips -- she was tasting the semen that Bill had left inside of his wife from their prior sex session.

Finally Sara came, with deep, bucking sighs, and all four of us collapsed into a heap of caressing, kissing, sweating bodies. Before the night was over, I knew I needed Sara's mouth one more time. I couldn't fuck her, but I wanted her mouth. She had already stroked my cock back to fully erect, and I needed her to finish the job. Again, she seemed to be reading my mind. "You want to stick your cock in my mouth?" Again, I nodded "Yes."

Sara started deep throating me, faster and harder now, not to warm me up but to finish me off. Each motion of her face, tongue and throat was purposeful, like she was dedicating everything she'd learned from years of experience in pleasuring men into this one intimate act.

Even after all the stimulation of the night, I had no hope of lasting very long with Sara's highly focused efforts.

"I'm going to come," I said.

"Uhh-huh," Sara said, not taking her mouth off of me, sliding her lips over me even faster, farther now.

"Oh God....can I come in your mouth?" I whispered.

"Uhh-huh," Sara said.

I had watched Sara's husband fuck my wife, I had watched her lick my wife's pussy, now I wanted her to taste me. I wanted to come in her mouth. Even if I couldn't fuck Sara, I wanted to own just that one aspect of her.

I started to shudder and moan, my erection throbbing in a cascade of pleasure, ejaculating forcefully into Sara's mouth. She held still, placing her hand against my scrotum, I felt her swallow without taking her mouth off of me, leaving me clean.

"Oh God," I said, gasping for air.

"Are you OK?" she said. "I like swallowing your cum."

"I'm great," I said. "That was so...INTIMATE."

We finished the evening with a final glass of wine. I remember seeing my wife and Sara standing together naked while pouring wine for each other, and just this casual scene was incredibly sexy to me. I loved seeing my wife naked with another woman, naked in front of me and another man. I loved knowing that this other couple had gotten to experience part of what I loved best about this woman.

My wife and I got dressed to go home, and before we left we each had a final goodnight kiss from Sara, kneeling nude on the bed. I couldn't get enough of her lips, the taste of her mouth, her unique chemistry. My wife and I got on the elevator to leave the hotel, and we giggled, giving each other conspiratorial glances. We kissed deeply. "If everyone did this, no one would ever get divorced," I said.

Our experience with Sara and Bill ended up being a one-time thing, but it gave us a huge feeling of confidence and adventurousness that we can bring forward to our other relationships. Being polyamorous is very exciting to us, because my wife can explore her bisexuality with other women, I can enjoy watching her do that, while also enjoying other women, and enjoy the thrill of sharing my wife with others.

Swinging and polyamory may not be for everyone, but it's changed our lives and we're very glad to have discovered it. We're grateful to have a strong relationship, healthy bodies and minds. We want to enjoy our bodies and our sensual spirits for as long as we can.

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