tagGay MaleFirst Time Tied

First Time Tied


This is my second story. I hope it is as much fun to read as it was to write. Comments are very welcome.


I finally made it to college; a local college, but college just the same. I had recently rented a studio apartment above a garage trying to emphasize my "independence" while attending school. The cost was low but it was a very nice place. The owner lived in the adjoining house and he seemed like a great guy. I couldn't be happier. I was 19 years old, slim and tan, my name is Justin.

The owner of the house and studio was a single guy, maybe 35 years old. He was fit, intelligent and fun to be around, his name was Alec. Within the first month Alec and I became friends. He had this ready smile and he was very masculine with dark hair and eyes.

One evening I was kicking back, smoking a nice joint of "skunk". The smell must have drifted outside as there was a knock at the door; it was Alec. I hoped the weed wouldn't upset him. As I tried to hide the joint Alec entered and said, "Something smells good in here." I was relieved. I pulled out the joint and offered him a toke. He took the joint and inhaled deeply. "Thanks. It's been so long since I smoked. I don't even know where to buy it any more."

We smoked and talked for a while. He said, "I'll be right back." He left for a moment and returned with a six-pack of imported beer. "This will be my contribution." He was right; the flavorful dark beer went great with the strong weed. We both began to get relaxed and happy.

I still hadn't fully unpacked yet so several boxes were strewn about the studio. Alec didn't seem to mind, but he did take it all in. His eyes were drawn to a stack of magazines in one corner. They were my bondage magazines! He reached for one and began to read it. I was totally embarrassed, my face red. He said, "What are these about?"

I stammered, "Bondage. I guess its kind of my thing. I mean I've never really tried any of those things but I have many fantasies. Look, we really don't know each other very well, but you seem like a good guy, I hope you won't judge me. Its just a thing I fantasize about, but I've never been able to find a girl willing to do it, so I just read the magazines and well, take care of myself."

He laughed and said. "That's cool, I have tried it, it can be wonderful. I do have a question though: In your fantasies, are you the one being tied up?"

My heart was suddenly pounding. "Yes," I replied. How could he guess?

He smiled and continued, "I could help you realize your fantasies. It would be between you and me. It would not affect our friendship or your status. What do you think?"

I had never been with a man before, but my jack-off fantasies sometimes included a strong man using me as I was tied up. Here was my chance. Did I dare?

"I'm not sure." I stammered. "Let's smoke a bit more and let me think." We continued with the weed and beer, but the air was heavy with the question of whether things would happen. My heart was hammering, I couldn't think of anything but being helpless. I finally spoke out, "Yes, I want to try this."

"Good," he said. "I imagine you even have some good soft ropes 'just in case'." How could he know that?

"Yes I do. They have never been used, but sometimes I just feel the texture of the ropes as I masturbate."

"Get them," he stated.

I shakily got up and found the four strong white ropes. They were silk, about one-quarter inch in diameter. I handed the ropes to Alec. He smiled, stood up and said, "You will have to undress for this to work, are you ready for that?"

"Yes," I stood and began to undress. He watched me closely. I have a very nice body, slim with very smooth hairless skin. "Lie on the bed," he said.

I went to the bed and got on. He said, "On your back, spread-eagled." I did as he asked, my heart at full speed. He bent down and secured my wrists to the bedposts, next my ankles. He had done a good job; I was totally secured, but not uncomfortable.

I watch him undress. He had nice body with long muscles. He sat on the bed at my side and began to lightly stroke my cock, barely touching the head. I was going crazy. He watched my expressions as he stroked me. This went on for some time. He moved his hand to the shaft of my cock and continued with the light touching. It was maddening. The whole time he kept his gaze on my face.

Now he used the other hand to lightly drag his nails along my balls. I was in ecstasy. He brought one hand to my throat and began to lightly caress me there. He then bent down and gave me a deep kiss, full of longing. I kissed him back, the kiss going on for a very long time.

He straddled my chest, stroking his cock for me to see. He held the back of my head and pointed his cock at my mouth. "Open," he said. I complied and he pushed his beautiful cock deep into my throat. He face-fucked me, using me. He moved above me to enter my mouth deeper. I was helpless as he pushed even further into my depths. I began to gag and he eased back. "This is so good, I have very little experience with men and you are so young and beautiful. I am going to tie you up in many different ways and use your young body." He finished with another deep kiss.

He reached down and untied my ankles and opened my legs. Pushing my knees back, he bent down and licked my ass, cleaning it, loving it. I was actually seeing stars. My mind was circling, I was dizzy with lust. He continued to probe my asshole with his tongue until I cried out, "Put your fingers inside me."

He spit on his hand and eased first one, then two fingers into my young hole. With the other hand he began to stroke my cock. I couldn't believe how good this was. Next he knelt between my legs and spit on his cock. He placed the tip at my hole and asked, "Are you ready for this?"

"Yes, please fuck me." I groaned. He began to enter me, slowly but firmly. He pushed his way into me until I could feel his balls on my skin. He was entirely inside of me. I had never done anything even close to this, but it was wonderful. "Fuck me." I continued. He began to lengthen his strokes, fucking me deeply.

He bent over and gave me another incredible kiss. I gripped the ropes tightly and was almost ready to cum, just from his motions. "Don't cum yet, we have more to try," he said.

He stood and untied my wrists. "Drink some water before we begin again." I went to the sink and hurriedly downed a full glass. "Come back to me." he demanded. He stood behind me and bound my wrists tightly together with one rope. He looped a second rope around my elbows, immobilizing my arms. "Get to your knees," he said. I dropped. "Open." I snapped my mouth open. He encircled my throat with his hands and rammed his hard cock into my throat. He fucked my face hard and deep, saliva dripping everywhere. "You are such a good, young bitch." His words made me mad with lust. He pulled his cock out and bent down to reward me with a kiss.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to the bed. He sat on the bed and put his back against the headboard, pulling my face to his crotch. As I knelt before him he guided his cock to my awaiting mouth, pushing almost the full length of it into me. I was gagging when I felt one of his hands explore my ass. His fingertips begin to enter my young hole, first one then two. He held me like that, his cock deep in my throat, his fingers up my ass. I couldn't move. With his other hand he smacked my ass very hard. "You are my bitch tonight." I gagged on his thick cock causing my asshole to spasm around his fingers. "Suck my cock, young whore." He was making me crazy.

I gagged too often and had to pull away. He stood and said, "That wasn't good. You need to be punished for not pleasing me." He tightly grabbed my hair with one hand and began to spank me with the other. One, two, three, four. Very, very hard slaps to my young ass. I could feel the heat of each slap. It aroused me like no other feeling.

"Let's try something new," he stated. He untied my hands and arms then retied my wrists in front of me. He looked up and smiled. He tossed a second rope around one of the exposed beams crossing the ceiling. He attached this second rope to my bounds wrists and pulled my hands high. When I was fully upright, my hands in the air, he tied off the rope. I was helpless, my cock responding to its full length.

He stood naked before me, just smiling. "This is an incredible night for me. I am glad you like it too." He approached me and held me strongly in his arms. This was followed by another one of his amazing kisses. He held his cock to mine, encircling both with his hand. The heat of the two organs was awesome. Next he moved behind me and reached around to stroke my cock. "I don't want you to cum," he stated. His stroking was getting me close. He could sense it as he repeated, "Do not cum." His stroking was maddening; I wanted to spew.

"Please, please let me cum," I begged.

"No, if you do, you will be punished. Is that what you want?" he said.

I pleaded, "I don't care if you punish me, just make me cum."

"Alright," his stroking increased. He placed his other hand in front of my cock. I arched my back and let out a cry, blasting my cum into his awaiting palm. "Too soon, much too soon," he said. "I will need to punish you."

He held the cum-covered palm before me, "Lick this clean," he demanded. I looked at my cum, but I couldn't comply. "No."

"Sure?" he said. I did not answer, so he took the cum covered hand and wiped it along my face. As I was still bound high, I had no choice but to accept his humiliation. My face was covered with my own cum and I was bound to the ceiling. I could actually feel my pulse hammer away in my veins. What was happening to me?

"I intentionally made you cum," he said. "I knew you couldn't stop and that you even wanted to be punished. Well, now is your time. " He looked at my cum covered face and smiled. Grasping me firmly by the hair, he reached up and slapped my face. First left, then right giving me my deserved punishment. My face was hot, and my passion was very high. "You are my bitch tonight, I will do what I want with you," he went on.

He then untied my wrists, my hands falling down, aching deeply. "Are you OK with this?" he strongly asked. "Yes, I want more," I answered.

"Amazing," he simply said.

He sat in one of my chairs and said, "Kneel, hands behind your back." I did as he said. He loosely looped a rope around my neck, almost like a soft leash. "Clean my feet," he said. I knelt forward and began my chore while he held the "leash". I picked up his left foot and began to clean his toes and foot. I wanted to do a good job, so I licked and cleaned away. His foot was soon covered with my saliva. He was moaning in ecstasy, "Now the other," as he changed feet. I cleaned the second foot, my lust increasing with each lap of my tongue.

After I finished, he stood, holding the leash. "Come with me." He led me to the bathroom. "I've got to relieve myself, hold my cock." I was his slave as he held the rope around my neck. I held his cock in my hand as he let loose his urine. It felt so natural just helping him like this. Some of his urine sprayed onto my hand. He had noticed and said, "Lick your fingers." I brought the soiled hand to my face and licked it clean. "Good boy, come with me." He led me back to the bedroom and undid my leash. As he sat on the bed he said, "Sit on my lap." I did as told and encircled his neck with my arms. We kissed for sometime. "You are an amazing boy and I'm very lucky to have you. Do you have any other fantasies you want to try?"

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I tried it with an older friend.. It was so erotic, I was on the point of cumming for most of the session , but he wouldn't allow me any pleasure until he was sated, I was almost screaming for releasemore...

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