tagBDSMFirst Time Tied

First Time Tied


You just got back from the gym. It was late. For you anyway. For just about everyone else it would be very early. Roughly around 4am. You put your stuff away, your little MP3 player watch, your hair ties, everything. Sitting down, you took off your shoes and neatly put them away. Maybe you were a neat freak, but you could not live in a mess. Even if it was perfectly clean to everyone else. You slowly stripped out of your sweaty clothes, stretching as you did so. You cursed yourself for having forgotten to stretch, again.

You placed your dirty, sweaty clothes in the laundry bag and stepped into the tiny little closet that passed for your bathroom. You quickly showered, shaving and preparing yourself. You had dropped enough hints to him to come visit you. You knew you needed to sleep, but since your lady time had ended the day before, you needed the feel of him inside you. But you weren't sure if he had gotten the hints. He wasn't stupid, but sometimes he could be a bit dense and miss the obvious.

He wasn't your usual attraction. Sure, he was attractive. That long hair just did things to you that few women could understand. But sexually, he was a bit vanilla for your usual tastes. He was great in bed but not as dominant as you usually preferred. But you were working on him. He was getting there. Why, just the last time that you two had been together, he even used a rope to bind your hands behind your back for the first time. You had broken his bondage cherry, even if it had barely counted.

You stepped into the room, drying yourself off. As you neared the bed, something seemed wrong. Suddenly you noticed the head posts of your bed had ropes on them. You struggled to remember if they had been there before but just could not recall. Then you felt a presence behind you. You started to turn but a strong had wrapped itself into your hair and stopped you. Your sleep mask was roughly pulled down over your eyes and a bandanna was pulled around into your mouth, acting as a gag. You were forced down onto the bed, face down.

You wanted to scream but couldn't not with the gag in your mouth. And you could not deny the sudden heat that had begun to build up between your legs. Thoughts began to fly in your mind. Was it him? Was he trying to surprise you? But this seemed far too forceful to be him. And there were all those rumors about that rape some time before. You decided that it had to be him. Who else would have known your door would be unlocked? It had to be him. Didn't it?

You struggled, you had to. Even if it was him you had to struggle some. But a sharp slap on your ass cheek silenced your struggle momentarily. You felt the hands of whoever this was begin to wrap the rope around your wrists. Before you knew it you were tied to the head board with only your legs free. You tried to struggle again. But you felt his weight, whoever he was, settle down on you, pinning you.

You felt his fingers probe your womanhood. You were sopping wet now. You tried to stop yourself from being turned on but it was nearly impossible. He slid a finger inside you, roughly massaging you from the inside. You moaned into the gag, half fear and half excitement. Suddenly his finger was extracted and replaced with something larger, thicker. Instantly you knew it was his cock.

You moaned as he pounded inside you. There was no warning, no hint of the foreplay you had gotten so used to lately. Just sheer animal hunger. You tried to control yourself. You managed to stave off several climaxes as they built up. But there was no relenting in this attack. No restraint. And you exploded. You screamed in sheer ecstasy into your gag, grateful that no one could hear you. And he kept going. He never slowed. He simply pistoned in and out until you were lost, delirious with orgasm after orgasm.

You panted into your gag as the latest climax wore down. Then he pulled out, as suddenly as he had entered you. Your moans were a mixture of relief and regret that it was over. A quiet thought floated into your mind. Had he come? Did he finish? You realized that you were not sure. Then something happened that told you he was not done by far. The pressure returned as he began to slide his cock into your back door. It was slow going. You were so tight back there from lack of attention.

You began to struggle again, trying to stop him. You were saving this. This was not for some stranger. This was for him, the man who should have been here. Another sharp slap resounded across your ass and you whimpered. You knew it would only get worse if you fought. So you gave in. And you felt the heat building again. Then he was in. The only sound he had made issued from his throat as a guttural grunt as he finally penetrated to the hilt.

You moaned as he began to slide in and out. Slow at first then he built up speed. Every few strokes he would slap your ass, nothing as hard as before, just enough to let you know he could. You heard his breathing change. His motions became more forceful, almost desperate. His breathing became ragged. Then, with one last hard push in and another loud grunt from him, you could feel him explode into you. He collapsed for a second, barely catching himself before landing on you. Then he rolled off and untied your hands and removed your mask.

You looked up into the loving eyes of the one you had hoped it would be. You lashed out and slapped him. Then you snatched him into a fierce hug and kissed him deeply. Pulling away, he smiled sheepishly and asked... "Did I do that right?"

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