tagLoving WivesFirst Time to a Swing Club

First Time to a Swing Club


When I placed a personal ad in the San Diego Reader ten years ago, I was looking for a wife. I was twenty-four and didn't know all of the things I wanted in a woman; however, just one date with Juliette was all it took for me to realize that I had found an amazing woman. Now, many years later, I'm still married to Juliette and our relationship grows richer and more interesting as the years pass.

We share many interests: the love of traveling, trying new restaurants, watching documentaries and foreign films, and browsing bookstores. If this was all we did together, I'd feel pretty lucky. Juliette's wild side, however, captured my heart. We have perused adult bookstores, tried new sex toys, gotten lap dances at topless clubs, and tried new sexual techniques and positions. Once Juliette turned thirty-five, she became even more willing to try new things and push me past boundaries I thought I'd never cross.

The only thing I've wanted to do that Juliette's been reluctant to try is attending a swinger's club. Not because she didn't think it would be fun having sex in front of other people, but because she was worried that the clubs would be unsafe or that there would be hard drugs and rough people.

2001 was a traumatic year for Juliette. Her mother died in August after a six-month fight with cancer, and then the attacks of September 11th... After these events, Juliette decided we should take advantage of the time we have together and try things we wouldn't ordinarily have considered. Around December, she began hinting that she was interested in going to a sex club if I'd take her. After some research online, I found a local club that had a Couple's Night once a month. Juliette and I looked over the Power Exchange's website and decided we'd attend one of their "couple's" events. I was ecstatic and had trouble concentrating at work.

On the drive up to the club, we talked about everything except where we were going. After parking in front of the club, I looked over to Juliette and noticed she was quiet and no longer smiling.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I'm not feeling comfortable about this. We can stay 20 minutes and I'm definitely not taking off any clothing." Knowing that arguing with her would only make her want to go home, I acknowledged that we'd leave whenever she wanted.

Juliette wore a tight pair of Diesel jeans that accentuated her shapely legs and her tight fitting black turtleneck showed off her firm breasts. I was very lucky to be out with a woman who I found so damned hot.

I paid the $40 admission fee and began wandering around. We started off in the main room where there was a man fucking a bored-looking brunette doggy-style. The buff and tan guy wore a Chippendale-style bow tie and was fucking the disinterested looking woman. The stud smiled and looked around the room and seemed to think he was something special, but we found him to be more of an interesting spectacle than arousing. Every few minutes he would take a break and stand up and stroke his cock to the music while the woman remained on all fours talking to a friend of hers who was standing near the stage. Instead of being horrified, Juliette found this couples antics amusing.

"Al, look at how he thrusts that dildo in her ass while he fucks her. Will you try that on me sometime?" It did look like that had potential to please as the brunette finally perked up a little bit when he began driving both his cock and the dildo into her. Her friend got on the stage and took over the dildo duty so that the guy could fuck her without a distraction.

We got up and wandered around again and made our way downstairs where we sat down and watched two men getting blowjobs from their girlfriends while a third woman kissed each of the other women's breasts. The hallway was dark and there were too many onlookers blocking our view of the action so Juliette sat down on my lap and began kissing me. After a while, we wandered back upstairs to the main room where the dude was still banging his girl for what had to have been more than 90 minutes. Juliette declared that the woman should get a medal for endurance.

"You know Hubby, this is a lot different than I expected; I'm actually getting kind of turned on watching these couples screw. I'm willing to give you a blowjob if you want. How about finding a room where you want it?"

The date was turning out better than I ever imagined. I grabbed my wife's hand and walked through both floors of the club trying to find a good spot for my blowjob.

After passing through the jail cells, dungeon chambers, USMC Recruiting room, and medieval banquet hall, I decided on the pool table in the main room as it was well lighted, lots of people around and not claustrophobic.

When we got to the main room, it was nearly deserted so I climbed on the pool table and removed my shirt, laying it out to provide some cushioning on the table as I knew I was going to be on it for a while. I couldn't help but think how lucky I was getting a blowjob from my sexy, redheaded wife.

Juliette got up on top of me and firmly pushed me down and began kissing me. She thrust her tongue into my mouth and sucked my lips into her mouth.

"Hubby, I'm getting so fucking wet. I can't wait to suck your cock," she told me as she pulled off my boxers and fondled my cock. With one hand, she cupped my balls while with the other, she rhythmically stroked my cock with light caresses. She teased me by alternating between rubbing my cock and then rubbing her hands up my chest. During all of this, she stared into my eyes with a look of love and lust; her green eyes never leaving my eyes. Juliette gave me another ear-to-ear smile before sucking my cock into her mouth. People started gathering around to see my expert cocksucker of a wife give me one of my most memorable blowjobs. With slow, deliberate movements, Juliette licked from the base of my cock to the tip, and then engulfed my entire cock in her mouth. Juliette continued this wonderful torment a few more times and then asked, "Do you want me to give you a blowjob with my shirt on or off?" This was more than I ever could have asked for. "Take your top off so that I can play with your tits". Juliette grinned and pulled off her turtleneck and unsnapped her bra. Now topless, she sucked my cock back into her mouth.

Prolonging the blowjob and my pleasure, Juliette took frequent breaks from sucking my cock and would kiss me on the lips until she judged that I had come down from the edge of orgasm. I could tell she was getting very turned on as she continued grinding her pussy against my thigh. I didn't want to push my luck and pull down her pants, so I slid my hands under her jeans and massaged her ass. Juliette started sucking on my cock again and pushed a finger up against my asshole. I know she really wanted to finger my ass, but we'd forgotten to pick up the lube packets they had in a big bowl at the front desk. In any case, the pressure against the base of my balls and ass felt great and it wasn't going to take long for me to come in her mouth.

Every now and then I'd pull my focus from the world where Juliette was enthusiastically sucking my cock and would look around to see a crowd of people staring at us. At one point, I glanced up and looked at an attractive blonde woman less than a yard away who was smiling at me. It struck me that this was the first time anyone had seen Juliette or me doing something we had always considered so private.

"Juliette, I'm about to come!" I moaned as she quickened her pace. I came in her mouth as her saliva-slickened lips continued to glide smoothly over my cock. I was oblivious to what was going on around me as I arched my back in pleasure, my toes curling as my orgasm rolled through my body. Too soon, my orgasm came to an end and I relaxed and sunk back down to enjoy the feeling of Juliette's mouth tightly wrapped around my cock. Normally, Juliette is a spitter, but this time she swallowed all of my come and continued to suckle my cock. Then moving up to my mouth, she give me a salty, come-filled kiss and told me how much she loved me. It melts my heart when Juliette kisses me after a blowjob; I feel so intimate with her and love the feeling of her on top of me after giving me such pleasure. Her wet lips and talented tongue quickly got me hard again. Unfortunately, we weren't up for another round at 1am on a Friday evening.

Juliette grabbed her juice bottle and took what she humorously calls a "cum-chaser" and smiled at me while I slowly got up and got dressed. Juliette put her shirt back on, but not before I gave each nipple a little kiss. I realized that my amazing night out with my wife was coming to an end as we gathered our stuff together. On the drive home, Juliette joked that she was surprised that I could perform in front of so many people. "You are such a gifted cocksucker, how could I have failed to come?" I replied.

I smiled all the way home. Had we actually performed in front of a bunch of strangers? We were both somewhat giddy as this was definitely the wildest thing we had ever done.

Tired, but still exhilarated, we arrived home at 130am and quickly went to sleep. I had a wonderful evening and was thankful I had such a fun wife to share my life with.


I awoke around 8 AM and recalled with disbelief the previous night. I was so horny thinking about our evening at the Power Exchange that I was about to get out of bed, sneak into the guest room, and play with my cock as I imagined getting another one of Juliette's blowjob. Juliette is normally a late riser, but she began stirring and snuggled up against me and moved her hips in a way that I knew she was awake and turned on.

"I'm still sooo turned on from last night. I can't wait 'til we go back," she told me as she swung a leg over me, allowing me to feel her damp pussy against my thigh.

I wrapped my arms around her while she continued describing what we should do at our next visit to the club.

"Hubby, I'd love it if we can go back and make good use of the pool table. I want to get naked with you and 69 you on that table so bad."

While she was telling me this, I envisioned Juliette on top of me, her pussy inches from my face and her legs around my head as she sucked my cock. I love sixty-nine with her, as there are so many sensations to arouse me -- licking her clit and burying my face in her wet muff as she reaches forward and sucks my balls into her mouth. Not to mention the warm feeling of her breasts against my tummy as she wiggles her bottom all over my face.

Having Juliette's soft body pressed up against me while she told me how she wanted to be fucked in public quickly gave me a throbbing erection. I leaned over and gently swirled my tongue around each of her nipples.

"Al, do you remember what that Chippendale-wannabe was doing to that woman last night? Remember how he was playing with that toy in her ass? You can either ram a butt plug in my ass while fucking me doggy style or you can butt fuck me while shoving a dildo in my cunt. So which is it going to be?"

Such a dilemma: Invade her ass with a butt plug or my cock? After the exquisite blowjob she gave me at the club, I figured a suitable payback would be filling her pussy with my cock while pleasuring her ass with the butt plug.

I kissed my way down from her soft, pink nipples to her pussy and was delighted to feel and taste Juliette's wetness. My fingers slid easily into her slick pussy and I could feel her strong muscles as she clamped down on my fingers. She was so wet that I was able to slide several fingers into her cunt at once.

"Hubby, please kiss me."

"Kiss you where?" I replied, knowing full well what she wanted.

"You know where."

"Yes, but I want you to tell me"

"Kiss my pussy! Lick me and make me feel good", she finally asked.

I stuck my tongue in her opening and was rewarded with a taste of her tangy juices. I very much love licking Juliette to orgasm, but I was going to tease her a little since she was in a mood where she wanted to have an orgasm while I fucked her.

Diving on Juliette's red-haired muff is a favorite way of pleasing my wife. I gradually ran my tongue from her opening to her clit and then pulled her clit up between my lips. After a few minutes of sucking on her clit, I began kissing the inside of her thighs, slowly working from the point behind her knee to almost her pussy and then brushing my face teasingly close across her muff to start kissing her other thigh where I would work my way back to the slick folds of her cunt.

Time passed quickly as I cuddled between my wife's legs and tried my hardest to please her. Juliette moved her hips around so that she could position herself where my tongue could do the most good. Every now and then, she would raise her hips up high so that my tongue gently grazed against her light pink anus. Sensing that she was beginning to get really aroused, I inserted my finger into her cunt and pressed and rubbed her spongy G-spot while rapidly tonguing her engorged clit.

"Fuck me now", she pleaded. Juliette rolled over and got on all fours at the edge of the bed, shamelessly wiggling her shapely ass. I got off the bed and stood behind her, savoring the view of my wife's creamy skin and aroused sex. I put my cock up to her slit and in a single stroke, slid my cock in until my stomach was pressed firmly against her ass. The pleasure was intense as I gently stroked my cock into my wife while I gently rubbed my hands over her soft bottom. Juliette gave me some extra thrills as she used her strong pussy to clamp down on my cock.

"Oh, you have such a hot body, Juliette"

"Please get the butt plug and fill me up like that woman on stage last night", she pleaded.

I quickly retrieved the butt plug from our toy drawer and ran back to my aroused wife to find her busy frigging her clit.

"Finger me. Finger me like you were doing before", she demanded.

Fingering her pussy as she asked, I began running my tongue gently around her asshole.

Every now and then when Juliette gives me a blowjob, she treats me to the wonderful sensations of a rimjob; alternating between sucking my cock and rimming my ass. Now it was my turn to return the favor as I spread the cheeks of her bottom and lightly licked around her tight hole. Her moans of pleasure became louder as I flicked my tongue around her ass while I fingered her pussy. As she got more turned on, I began working my tongue harder into her ass. She reached back and spread her cheeks for me so that I could lick and kiss her to my hearts content. As I rimmed her, I ground my cock into the sheets and was getting close to orgasm from just licking her. Not wanting to come, I got up and lubed the small, pink butt plug and gave her one last lick from her clit to the base of her spine before gently working the plug into her ass. Little by little I inserted it. I'd pull it out a bit, squirt more lube on it, and then move it deeper into her ass until it was fully inserted. Once her ass was filled, I thrust my cock into her pussy while slowly twisting and pulling at the butt plug.

"You sound like you really like the plug in your ass," I asked as I ground the plug into her ass.

"Oh that feels so damned good", she yelled. "Ram that dildo in my ass. Ram it hard. Oh that is so fucking good. I feel so full with you cock in my pussy and the plug filling my ass."

"Do you think that you need a bigger plug now that you're used to my fat cock in your ass?"

"Yes. Oh yes." came her excited response.

The dirty talk pushed both of us to orgasm. When she came, she fell forward on the bed and I tried to remain still for a minute to let her enjoy her orgasm and to recover so that she could continue for her second orgasm. After a few moments, we scooted forward in the bed so that she could stretch out and get ready for some more thrusting. I moved my legs to the outside of hers so that I was straddling her lower body while she got to squeeze her legs together making her pussy even tighter around my cock. Pumping my cock into her, I intentionally ground the butt plug into her ass with my pubic bone. Juliette started moaning again and I knew she was close to another orgasm. I too was close to coming -- the feeling her soft ass up against my tummy and the extraordinary feeling of my cock in her cunt was too much to contain.

"Juliette, you feel so good" I whispered into her ear as I felt the tightness of an approaching orgasm. Within minutes we both came -- Juliette yelling loud enough to wake our neighbors and me with a quiet, yet intense orgasm. We remained joined for another minute or two and then I reluctantly withdrew my cock and slowly pulled out the butt plug.

"Juliette, you are such an incredible fuck", I told her as I lay down next to her. "Al, I never thought getting fucked in the ass would feel so good." She looked at me and gave me a blissful look and kissed me and then said with a grin, "I'm getting that strap-on from Good Vibrations and I'm going to butt fuck you to show you how damned good it feels."

"You keep promising", I replied as Juliette has been promising this on and off for several years.

"Well, I'm going to suck you until you are hard. Get you in the missionary position and drive a large plastic cock in your ass while I use both of my hands to stroke your lubed up cock."

"And then what?" I asked, wanting to hear more of her sexy scenario.

"Oooh, I can see you are getting hard just thinking about it!" she told me as she began sliding her hand over my hardening cock.

"I'm getting really wet thinking about watching you spew your cum all over yourself while I fuck you and play with your cock. You aren't going to turn that down, now are you?"

"Juliette, anything you want," I replied. With her husky just-fucked voice, she made it sound good enough to try.

Juliette wants to go back to the Power Exchange soon, but this time we will do some serious 69'ing and fucking on that pool table.

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