tagFirst TimeFirst Time Was With Debbie

First Time Was With Debbie


I can remember back when I was in high school in the late 1969, there was a girl named Debbie, who I had the hots for. Fortunately she also had the hots for me and we were going steady. Even though we were both 18, neither of us had ever "been" with anyone, sexually, before. Late one afternoon, we made up for lost time.

I was at her house a couple of weeks after graduation. It was a warm summer afternoon, while her mom was at work. We watched TV and began necking as usual. This time I was a little more aggressive and began tickling her, all over her body. She was really getting turned on when I began to run my fingers along her cleavage.

Debbie sported a very large chest and, I was dying to get my hands on her breasts. When I got too daring though, she moved my hand away, but not very forcefully. After half an hour of trying, she finally got tired of the games. She asked if I really wanted to see her boobs. When I said yes, she sat up. Debbie undid her blouse buttons and told me to close my eyes.

I did as I was told. When she said to open them, she had removed the blouse and her bra. Her hands hid her boobs, but they could not completely cover them. Slowly, she lowered her hands, revealing the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen.

Her jugs were indeed large. Her dark tan lines, causing her bare white flesh to glow, outlined them. Her areolas were pale pink and her nipples were slightly darker. They were growing harder by the moment.

She asked me if I wanted to touch them, so I cautiously reached over to one and lightly brushed against it with my fingers. She said to go ahead and hold one, so I did, squeezing the soft flesh. A soft moan escaped her lips as my thumb slid across her rock hard nipple. I reached out for the other boob and again she sighed.

Then, she said that she wanted to see me. I stood up and she undid my jeans and pulled down my pants and underwear. I had a straining hard on and, she smiled when she saw it. Debbie reached out to touch it and softly ran her fingers up and down the shaft. Her fingers lightly crossed over the head of my cock and she was startled by the pre-cum flowing from the slit. She daringly tasted the fluid and said that she liked the taste. Her hand clamped onto my shaft and she began to stroke me. She used her other hand to feel and cup my hairy balls. She said that they felt interesting.

I told her that I wanted to see all of her and she said to sit back. Debbie stood up and rolled down her shorts and undies off her body. I'd never seen a real naked female before, except in pictures. I did not know that they had pussy hair. I reached out to her fur and ran my fingers through it. Debbie shivered and said to keep doing that. I kept my fingers in her fur and another hand on her jug.

Debbie said to suck on her nipples, so I moved my mouth to her breast and latched onto a luscious tasting nipple. Debbie's moaning grew louder and she moved her own hand to her pussy. She spread the fur and moved the hand over the flesh under it. Her sounds were even louder, now. She reached for one of my hands and placed it where hers had been.

I was touching my first pussy and it was all sticky and wet. Her love lips opened up and my finger slid into her body. Suddenly, Debbie let out a deep moan and my hand was soaking wet. I did not know it then, but she had just cum. Debbie sank to the floor and called for me to join her.

She began to stroke my cock with a steady movement. I still had my lips latched on her succulent boobs, but she told me to lie on my back. She kept jerking my dick and I felt a rumbling down deep inside my balls. When I told her that some thing was going to happen, she stepped up the pace.

Faster and faster she pumped my steel hard rod. Then, it began to throb and suddenly, sticky white goo exploded from the tip. Spunk ran down Debbie's hand and fingers as she continued to pump my dick.

She said that she had never seen anything like that before. She wanted me to do it again. I told her that she had to keep on jerking my rod and she did so. I was hard again, in an instant.

Debbie leaned over and rubbed her boobs on my dick. I told her that it felt wonderful. Debbie lay on her back and I positioned myself over her. I kept rubbing my dick on her boobs.

She began to try to lick my cock with her tongue and I moved it closer so that she could. She licked it like it was an ice cream cone. I nearly came again with pleasure as she lapped up and down the shaft. She licked off the clear goo oozing out my slit and commented on its taste. Then she inserted my rod into her mouth. Her tongue flicked at the head, then ran around the underside of it. I came instantly, flooding her mouth.

Debbie was surprised, but tried to swallow all of it. Some did run out her lips however. She said that she liked the taste after all and how my dick felt in her mouth when I came.

We began kissing and fondling each other more passionately. I had a hand working her pussy and my mouth was locked on one of her boobs. Debbie had her hand on my cock, trying to get it hard again. It did not take long for my rod to stiffen again.

We were not experienced with intercourse, but we were about to learn. She said to get between her legs while she lay on her back. I did so, still attached to her jugs. Debbie was wiggling and thrashing about under me and she tried to reach her pussy with her fingers. She told me to move up a little and let my cock "kiss," her opening.

I moved as she instructed and my dong was at the door of her pussy. Debbie reached down and moved my dick up and down along her opening. She was going wild with lust. Suddenly she shifted her hips and inserted my dick into her cunt. She let out a groan of contentment and began rocking her hips back and forth. I nearly came, but since I had cum twice already, I had a little bit of staying power.

Debbie said to get off of her and to lie on my back, so I did. She hovered over me, facing me with her beautiful tits. Slowly she lowered her self onto my cock. The feeling was incredible. She sank all the way down and then slowly rose up off my cock.

Debbie repeated the up and down movements and told me to maul her tits while she did so. She started bouncing up and down and her big tits were bouncing to the motion. It did not take long until my dick was ready to fire again. Before we knew it, I came with wave after wave of cum rushing out of my cock. She reached down and touched her clit and fired herself off, too.

Debbie crumpled onto my chest and told me she loved me. We kissed and cuddled while my cock deflated. Covered with cum and pussy juice it finally fell out of her pussy. Cum flowed out of her cunt and down her ass, so she got up and said it was time to clean up. We showered quickly and played again in the running water.

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