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First Time With A Couple


For those who have not followed my other stories on this website, here are the standard disclaimers. One, I do not care if you do not think the grammar is perfect. Not here for writing an english dissertation. Second, these are my true stories. I am 23 (this week), blonde, small petite girl. 5'3", 110, 32a, shaved.

I was 19 when I was approached by my manager (summer job) Linda about my sexual exploits. Since she was a cool gal, married et. al. I decided to share my single life with her. Linda would get all excited hearing my stories about previous nights and force me to share details. I did as I knew it made her excited. I even shared specific details around how I was fucked, how many times and how many times did we both cum. She loved the dirty details. I would tell her how much fun it is to be single and asked if she missed those days? She said no. I was curious why? She explained that she and her hubby were swingers and invited couples to have fun often. That allowed her to get her fair share of cocks even though she was married.

Linda back then was 24, 5'7" brunette 125 pounds, 34c sexy girl. I had not seen her hubby but Linda drew enough attention thanks to her low rising tops and jeans she wore to work often. We had also had a few drinks after work and she flirted like any other single girl would. During one of these drinks, she pulled out her phone and showed pictures of her hubby's cock. Wow! Her hubby had the biggest, thickest cock. His name was Jerry and Linda showed multiple naked pictures of him and asked me if I wanted to come with her and fuck her hubby?

I never said no for a good cock. We finished our drink in a hurry and left for her place. She called Jerry letting her know that I was coming. I was dressed plain. Jeans, T-shirt, Bra, Thong. Ordinary shoes but I was excited and knew that regardless if I dressed sexy or not, guys will never say no to fuck a young girl. Specially if she is 19 and the guy is 27.

We reached Linda's place and once in, we found wine ready for all of us. We grabbed our drink and made our way to the living room. Soft music played, candles etc. were present to create the mood. Linda went to the bedroom to change leaving me and Jerry alone. Jerry sat next to me, running his hands in my hair as we drank and he told me I was really petite and he will enjoy using me tonight. His naughty chat me so wet. Jerry ran his hands down the back, creating goose bumps. He leaned and kissed me and I returned the kiss. We both started to make out on the sofa when Linda walked in and said out loud that she does not want to be left out.

I turned to see Linda standing in nothing but a crotchless panty and high heels. Evidently Jerry's favorite. She looked fabulous. She walked to me, bent down and kissed me. She was not my first bi experience so I knew what to do. We kissed and Jerry ran his hands on my tits. Jerry asked that I slip out of my jeans and tops. I did. Linda pulled my bra off too. So here we were, both topless, both in panties and heels. I looked at Jerry and told him he was over dressed for the party. He stripped naked and I saw a good 7 inch thick cock, still not fully hard. I licked my lips and both of them laughed.

We had a few more sips of wine as we all cuddled and touched and played with each other on the sofa. Then Linda moved and stood on the sofa, legs around my body and lowered her pussy on my face. I started to eat her while she stood on my my face. I heard a loud smack on Linda's ass as Jerry enjoyed it. Then I felt my legs being opened and my panty slid to the side as Jerry started to play with my pussy. I opened my leg even more to give him better access. I loved how he pushed one, then two and then three fingers in my tight pussy. Linda on the other hand was grinding her pussy on my face. Soon I was cumming. Cumming hard on Jerry's finger. Hands on Linda's ass, I dug into her skin as I came.

Jerry pulled out and licked his finger clean of my juices. I was busy licking Linda who was close to cumming. I continued to tongue fuck her and soon she came. I licked her pussy juices. She soon collapsed next to me. Jerry stood with a semi hard on as we girls sat. He pulled both of us by the hair and asked us to suck his cock. We girls took turn sucking his cock. And soon he was a good 9 inch hard. Really thick. I knew he will hurt a little but I like a big cock. We both sucked him like the slutty girls we are. Jerry would also face fuck us a little as we took his cock in our mouth.

It was time to fuck, so he asked me to go doggy style on the sofa. I was so wet and ready and needed him. He got behind me and he was not tender as he forced his cock in me. I yelled in pain and pleasure. His whole cock slowly opened my pussy wide and shoved itself in. He hit the very depths of me. I was moaning loud as Jerry fucked me, slapped my tight ass and called me his slut. Linda was playing with my tits as Jerry fucked me. Then he asked Linda to go doggy style next to me. He then took turns fucking us both doggy style. He would fuck us long enough to get us close to cum, pull out and go to the other girl. He teased us for long. I soon put my finger in my clit as he fucked me and played with it till I came.

Jerry loved how we both were begging to be fucked. He then picked me up. Stood up and lowered me on his cock. I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me standing. Jerry was 240 pounds and had no problem fucking me like that. I loved it and was putty in his hand. Jerry told me he was going to cum in my pussy as he fucked me like this. I wanted to feel his cum so bad. Linda was on her knees playing with his balls, face close to my pussy watching it being fucked hard by her hubby. Soon Jerry was exploding in me, making me explode too. He had a lot of cum. A lot of cum. He squeezed every drop out. He then threw me down on the sofa as he collapsed in a hair. Linda immediately got between my legs, spread it open and started to taste his cum out of my pussy. the creampie made for great sucking by Linda.

Once she cleaned me up, she asked me to clean Jerry's cock. I got up, got down on my knees between Jerry's leg and started to clean his semi hard wet cock. He had my cum and his cum all over his cock. I sucked and stroked him as I cleaned him. Making him hard. Once he was hard, Linda walked over and sat on his cock and started to ride him. Her hands on his shoulder she fucked him good. They were good together and soon both were cumming. Jerry was impressive. He made both girls cum and still was only semi hard and not limp.

We took a break. Had more drinks and ate some food while still almost naked. Jerry would often kiss me, fondle me and touch me through dinner. Then after dinner while Linda was in the bathroom, he pulled my panty down, smelled it and told me he will keep it for remembrance. Then he put me on the kitchen island, my legs open resting on bar stools and he ate me as dessert. He was so good at using his tongue and had me cumming again on his face. Linda came in to see me being eaten. She took pictures on my phone as I requested being eaten.

Jerry pulled me down, took me to the sofa. He sat down with a hard rage on. I straddled him and lowered my pussy on his thick cock. The fullness was back. He grabbed my ass and started to make me ride his cock. I used his shoulders for support. He would bite my tits and make me ride hard. He fucked me real hard and long. Long enough till he came one more time in my pussy and left me hurting with a great fuck. I ended up leaving once I could feel my legs. We three fucked right through the summer while I worked there.

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